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Taking Day By Day Quotes


"Let the results be a by-product of you taking impeccable steps day-in and day-out." - Brian Johnson

"I live day by day." - Gustavo Dudamel

"Philosophy changes day by day." - Sarah Brightman

"July 4th is Independence Day in the U.S., and it is celebrated in a truly American way by blowing things up and taking a day off from work." - Adam C. Engst

"Each day a day goes by." - Carlo Goldoni

"There was no possibility of taking a walk that day." - Charlotte Bronte

"Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day." - Nick Diaz

"Hour by hour, day by day, life becomes possible." - Sylvia Plath

"Do not let a day go by without taking some time for yourself - some time you spend in pure pleasure, as you see it." - Napoleon Hill

"When you're taking your one-thousandth selfie of the day that might be the moment you try to kill the person by lethal hugging!" - Andy Cohen

"Mandates are rarely won on election night. They are earned after Inauguration Day by leaders who spend their political capital wisely, taking advantage of events without overreaching." - Ron Fournier

"We're not even thinking about (the postseason) right now. We've been in a slump, so we're taking things day by day. We aren't looking to the future because we haven't addressed the present." - Cartier Martin

"But in the end, I suppose, we only have one life to lead, and the roads not taken would always outnumber and outshine the roads we end up taking, day by day, without plan." - Davy Rothbart

"If the right thing came along, I would absolutely direct something I did not write because I love the process so much, but we'll see. I'm taking it day by day." - Stephen Chbosky

"Day by day, what you do is who you become." - Heraclitus

"Day by day, tiny specks of us float away." - Roger Housden

"All but God is changing day by day." - Charles Kingsley

"Real success comes in small portions day by day." - Denis Waitley

"Murder will out, that see we day by day." - Geoffrey Chaucer

"Mordre wol out, that se we day by day." - Geoffrey Chaucer

"You live day by day. You can't build your life." - Bernardo Bertolucci

"Day by day, I'm kind of a bore." - Mary Roach

"Keep painting - day in - day out. Be absorbed by it." - Milton Avery

"The most important habit is solitude, quiet time. People who enter their day by taking 45 minutes or an hour for themselves - meditation, prayer, inspirational reading, taking a walk - before they go for it in the real world do best." - Ken Blanchard

"You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out." - Oscar Wilde

"My son's taking drum lessons, and my daughter's taking piano lessons. One day they're going to start a band." - Chris Daughtry

"Wellness is' about deprivation and it's not about perfection. It is about pointing yourself in the direction of growth, training yourself to get comfortable with your highest potential, and then taking small steps to support that shift. It's about showing up for yourself, day by day, and then one day finding that you"ve undergone a transformation." - Kathy Freston

"On day is pressed on by another." - Horace

"I'm getting more famouser by the day!" - Avril Lavigne

"I never saw Portsmouth by day." - Quentin Crisp

"Love life day by day, color by color, touch by touch." - Sylvia Plath

"Freedom is like taking a bath: You got to keep doing it every day." - Florynce Kennedy

"i'm taking pictures in my mind so i can save them for a rainy day..." - Taylor Swift

"Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well." - Judith Hanson Lasater

"I'm taking T.O., every day... He gives me the whole football field." - Michael Irvin

"Live by faith. Live out loud. And never stop believing God-day by day." - Beth Moore

"You must learn, day by day, year by year, to broaden your horizon." - Ethel Barrymore

"Suicide is a hasty unresolved death that slowly kills those close-by day by day." - Anthony Liccione

"The artist, day by day, by postulating the new realities of the future, accomplishes peaceful revolution." - L Ron Hubbard

"I was a radioman when I first went into the Navy, so I learned to type by taking Morse code. So I was using the typewriter from day one. My handwriting wasn't any good anyway." - Robert Stone

"One fine day as my mother was putting the bread in the oven, I went up to her and taking her by her flour-smeared elbow I said to her, Mama I want to be a painter." - Marc Chagall

"I recommend to you to take care of the minutes; for hours will take care of themselves. I am very sure, that many people lose two or three hours every day, by not taking care of the minutes." - Lord Chesterfield

"I had smoked pot and drank every day for two years. I was taking Vicodin by the handful. Valium, Xanax, Dilaudid, Lorcet, Lortab, Perocet, you name it. It's so easy. It's L.A., you know? You just get it from people." - Jack Osbourne

"Day by day, dear Lord, of thee three things I pray: to see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly, day by day." - Richard of Chichester

"Go on day by day fulfilling the task of the day, and leaving the results with God." - F.B. Meyer

"You don't get great at selling in a day. You get great at selling day by day." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"My day-to-day look is inspired by comfort, color and just how I'm feeling that day." - Victoria Justice

"What is fright by night is curiosity by day." - Victor Hugo

"I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I'm not looking for the secret to life... I just go on from day to day, taking what comes." - Frank Sinatra

"This sounds strange to many people, but I work out for exactly 16 minutes every day, and do so at maximum speed by running 2.5 miles. This keeps me healthy without taking up too much time so I can stay focused on other things. It's one of the most efficient things I do each day." - Luis Von Ahn

"I lost my faith in God when I lost my daughter to Cancer, the beast. I begged, I cried, I offered my life for hers, and day by day, I watched that beautiful little Angel slip off. So, excuse me for not taking my seat next to you on Sunday in Church, I feel too cheated to worship." - Vince Neil

"I tend to not speak up as much, so saying no is rather difficult for me. The biggest step of being an adult is saying, "This is what I do like. This is what I don't like." Being yourself means certain people aren't going to like that. I'm still figuring it out and taking things day by day." - Selena Gomez

"I want the government to provide the military so we don't get invaded by somebody and destroyed. I want the government to provide the roads so I can get from point A to B. In terms of taking care of my day to day needs, I want to do that myself. I want my community to do that." - Benjamin Carson

"Each day was a bad day, but he survived by kidding himself that each day was somehow unconnected to the day before." - Nick Hornby

"Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Evil must be attacked by. . . the day to day assault of the battering rams of justice." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Don`t promise me forever, just love me day by day." - Alexander Rybak

"Oh death, death, why do you never come to me thus summoned always day by day?" - Sophocles

"Every day is important for us because it is a day ordained by God." - Jerry Bridges

"Habit with its iron sinews, clasps us and leads us day by day." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Pale January lay In its cradle day by day Dead or living, hard to say." - Alfred Austin

"Trust must be built day by day. It calls for consistency." - John C Maxwell

"Within the silence, expansion, and sustained day by day concentration, I grow permeable." - Jane Hirshfield

"Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better" - Emile Coue

"Life's nurse, sent from heaven to create us anew day by day." - Charles Reade

"Day is pushed out by day, and each new moon hastens to its death." - Horace

"Pale January lay In its cradle day by day Dead or living, hard to say." - Alfred Austin

"The day that I die will be by far the most beautiful day I ever lived," - Catherine McNeil

"The laboring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day." - Henry David Thoreau

"People attain worth and dignity by the multitude of decisions they make from day to day." - Rollo May

"You make each day a special day. You know how, by just your being you." - Fred Rogers

"Pain is hard to bear.... But with patience, day by day, Even this shall pass away." - Theodore Tilton

"The key to ultimate succcess is the determination to progress day by day." - Edmar Mednis

"The true believer can no more live without prayer, than without food day by day." - George Whitefield

"I don't know what's going to happen. I take it day by day, playing my music." - Cheyenne Kimball

"Faith receives, day by day, what a loving Heavenly Father apportions..." - Elisabeth Elliot

"Stop allowing your day-to-day life to be clouded by busy nothingness." - Steve Maraboli

"Don t promise me forever, just love me day by day." - Alexander Rybak

"We build our character from the bricks of habit we pile up day by day." - Zig Ziglar

"I live my life day by day, and that's how I continue to live it." - Naomi Campbell

"Habit with it's iron sinews, clasps us and leads us day by day." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Keep up the old standards, and day by day raise them higher." - John Wanamaker

"Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself." - Antoine De Saintexupery

"I simply would like to live comfortably day by day, fish, swim, enjoy my declining years." - John Mcafee

"All my life, I've been a type 1 diabetic. I've always taken life day by day." - Bret Michaels

"It's very important, once you are a parent, that you educate your kid day by day." - Ana Tijoux

"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything's different." - Bill Watterson

"Every day that goes by puts us closer to the day when Christ will return." - Joyce Meyer

"Day by day and night by night we were together - all else has long been forgotten by me." - Walt Whitman

"Spiritual maturity is a lifelong pursuit. We grow in spiritual maturity moment by moment, day by day, year by year." - Jim George

"Poverty is taking your children to the hospital and spending the whole day waiting with no one even taking your name - and then coming back the next day, and the next, until they finally get around to you." - Janice Bradshaw

"We're given second chances every day of our life. We don't usually take them, but they're there for the taking." - Andrew Greeley

"The human race will begin solving its problems on the day that it ceases taking itself so seriously." - Malaclypse the Younger

"Imitate the habit of twilight,/Taking time to open the well of color/That fostered the brightness of day." - John O'Donohue

"I never really look back. I just approach life (taking) it one day at a time. I'm just really grateful." - Katie Holmes

"We've had a day of great drama and of humour too. The rumour mill is now taking over" - Andy Burnham

"Taking one step, doing one thing every day that will get you closer to your own financial dream." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?" - Bob Marley

"I'm taking my time. I feel much more confident, and every day I feel like I'm getting better." - Miguel Cabrera

"Move every day. Like taking a shower and brushing your teeth. Make it a part of your everyday life." - Randy Jackson

"My death, taking the light from my eyes, gives back to the day the purity which they soiled." - Jean Racine

"I'm taking memory power boost tablets to help me every day and doing the puzzles to help me stay focused." - Terry Bradshaw

"I felt like an impostor, taking all that money for reciting ten or twelve lines of nonsense a day." - Errol Flynn

"I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to come and witness my hanging." - George W Bush

"I would never complain about 'One Day' taking off, but it made me painfully self-conscious for a long time." - David Nicholls

"Some McDonald's restaurants are taking reservations on Valentine's Day. They are getting a lot of tables for one." - Conan O'Brien

"Celebrate Earth Day every day." - John Denver

"Every day is Earth Day." - Anonymous

"Let no day go by without counting your blessing." - John Templeton

"Bad taste makes the day go by faster." - Andy Warhol

"Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day." - Carl Jung

"Sum up at night what thou hast done by day." - George Herbert

"We waste our lights in vain, like lamps by day." - William Shakespeare

"You never judge a day by the weather!" - Zig Ziglar

"Grab this day by the neck and kiss it." - Bill Murray

"We should never judge a day by its weather." - Dick Van Dyke

"We celebrate Labor Day by not going to work?" - Carlos Mencia

"Try to be surprised by something every day." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

"One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying." - Anonymous

"The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day." - Henry Wadsworth Longfello

"I'm excited by challenging myself physically and mentally every day." - Emily Vancamp

"I'm disappointed by bands left and right, every day." - Henry Rollins

"The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"A day doesn't go by where I don't create something." - Patti Smith

"Every day I am inspired by what's possible." - Maynard Webb

"Oh, dear God, thank you, you are such a good God to us. A kind and gentle and accommodating God, and we thank You oh sweet, sweet Lord of hosts for the smorgasbord You have so aptly laid at our table this day, and each day, by day, day by day, by day oh dear Lord three things we pray to love Thee more dearly, to see Thee more clearly, to follow Thee more nearly, day, by day, by day. Amen." - Ben Stiller

"We will never make a journey of a thousand miles by fretting about how long it will take or how hard it will be. We make the journey by taking each day step by step and then repeating it again and again until we reach our destination." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"Sometimes we make the process more complicated than we need to. We will never make a journey of a thousand miles by fretting about how long it will take or how hard it will be. We make the journey by taking each day step by step and then repeating it again and again until we reach our destination." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"It is always wise to remember that others will survive even if we are not there taking care of them. I found out that I feel so much better when I take an hour a day, just to take care of me and love myself. It keeps me from feeling so put upon by everything and everybody and helps me get through the day. By taking my hour early in the morning, I feel like I get my love first and I get it when I am at my best." - Byllye Avery

"Obviously, your family life is the priority, but there's still other stuff you have to get done in a day. I think the way I make it work is by taking care of myself, and that includes fitness and eating right and all those things, but also by being very organized and punctual." - Cindy Crawford

"The less one remembers about the day before, the more the new day will be unfettered by triviality." - George Benson

"Happiness doesn't come from big pieces of great success, but from small advantages hammered out day by day." - Jim Rohn

"Nature lies, disheveled, pale, With her feverish lips apart,- Day by day the pulses fail, Nearer to her bounding heart." - Goodale Sisters

"We should lay in a store of food, but never of pleasures; these should be gathered day by day." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"I want to know if you are willing to live, day by day, with the consequence of love." - David Whyte

"The Revolution is made by man, but man must forge his revolutionary spirit from day to day." - Che Guevara

"The revolution is made through human beings, but individuals must forge their revolutionary spirit day by day" - Che Guevara

"Our own epoch is determining, day by day, its own style. Our eyes, unhappily, are unable yet to discern it." - Le Corbusier

"Sometimes, Chelsea, I wonder, how you get by from day to day. It's a good thing you're so voluptuous." - Chelsea Handler

"Knowing the truth has meaning only as a first step to living the truth day by day." - Nancy Pearcey

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different..." - C S Lewis

"Dance is an art, so day by day, it's growing and there are new things that can be done." - Stephen Boss

"Believe in yourself, believe in something higher than yourself, be selfless, exercise, have great expectations and execute day by day." - Eric Anthony

"The most important thing for me to succeed in is day by day becoming a better and more prepared person." - Luis Gerardo Mendez

"In the Trump language, words change their meaning day by day depending on his own political needs." - E. J. Dionne

"Pain is hard to bear, he cried, But with patience, day by day, Even this shall pass away." - Theodore Tilton

"Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day." - Proverbs

"Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods And day by day the dead leaves fall and melt." - William Allingham

"Let thy speech of God be renewed day by day, aye, rather than thy meat and drink." - Epictetus



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