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Taking Action Now Quotes


"Taking action births motivation." - Greg Smith

"Do it and do it now. Err on the side of taking action" - J. Willard Marriott

"Dear Procrastinator: Taking action in and of itself is not difficult, but is in fact satisfying and is usually followed by a sense of pride & accomplishment. However, it is THINKING about the action that you should be taking and NOT taking it that's difficult, as it leaves you feeling guilty and unsatisfied. THE SOLUTION: Stop thinking and take action NOW." - Hal Elrod

"Countries across the world are taking action now to help them track paedophiles and terrorists who abuse new technology to plot their horrific crimes." - Theresa May

"I am not taking legal action against any team-mate." - Saido Berahino

"When you start taking consistent action, you will see results." - Marie Forleo

"Making mistakes is a way of taking action." - Paulo Coelho

"Healing requires taking action-it is not a passive event." - Caroline Myss

"Service is taking action to create value for someone else." - Ron Kaufman

"This nation asks for action, and action now." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Creative and action are synonymous. You can't be creative. Without taking action." - Steve Fisher

"While some sit on the sidelines and fail to offer any practical solutions to address high gas prices now, the House is once again taking action to meet the energy needs of the American people." - Dave Reichert

"I have kept a steady focus on restoring public faith in our state government since taking office July 1. Now it is time to make even bigger and bolder gains through legislative action." - Jodi Rell

"The most important thing you learn as a sports photographer is anticipation - not where the action is taking place, but where it's going to take place. Not where the subject is now, but where they're going to be." - Lawrence Schiller

"I think that the American people should rest assured and be assured that every federal agency that has a role to play in this terrorism is working overtime now, taking every necessary action to protect our great citizens." - Hugh Shelton

"Take action now, because tomorrow never comes." - Marshall Sylver

"Draw your line in the sand. Make your decision now and start taking action to really live your dream. By not taking bold steps to live your dream, not only are you missing out on fully living, but the world is missing out on the greatness you have to offer. Be bold!" - Les Brown

"I do not support individual countries taking military action against another country because of its human rights record, or subsequently justifying taking such action on human rights grounds." - Mary Robinson

"Don't wait until you feel like taking positive action. Take the action and then you will feel like doing it." - Zig Ziglar

"By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of the healing." - Richard M. Nixon

"Worry is the facade of taking action when prayer really is." - Ann Voskamp

"Learning is not watching a video, learning is taking action and seeing what happens." - Seth Godin

"Without a standard there is no logical basis for making a decision or taking action." - Joseph M. Juran

"Give yourself a deadline to stop planning and to start taking action." - Andy Gilbert

"By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of the healing." - Richard Nixon

"Chi Wen Tzu always thought three times before taking action. Twice would have been quite enough." - Confucius

"We best avoid wars by taking even physical action to stop small ones." - Anthony Eden

"Taking action is hard, but know what? Enduring a bad situation can be its own hell." - Whoopi Goldberg

"Political action means taking on responsibility. This cannot happen without power. Power is to serve responsibility." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"A perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility." - Billie Jean King

"Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity." - Billie Jean King

"I realize now that taking drugs was like taking an aspirin without having a headache." - Paul Mccartney

"In the past decade, there have been a lot of friends or directors, either gossiping or telling me directly, "What you're doing now is the right thing, your main concern should be taking care of yourself, and not doing action at your age." Well, after first feeling angry, I'd think, to be honest, I really am older. So I thought, all right, but before I retire I'd like to make one last major action film, one good one." - Jackie Chan

"Top performers take action now, they move, they execute." - Tony Jeary

"People want to see realism in action now." - Akshay Kumar

"What is needed now is action, not hopelessness" - Margaret Cho

"Now is the time when your action is practice." - Dalai Lama

"Determine your future now by taking hold of every opportunity." - Debbye Turner

"Can I smoke now without someone taking my picture?" - Hank Aaron

"Art is obsolete now. New technologies are taking over." - Jeff Koons

"Never leave the site of a goal without first taking some form of positive action towards its attainment. Right now, take a moment to define the first steps you must take to achieve some goal. What can you do today to move forward?" - Tony Robbins

"Now is the time to divest and invest to let our world leaders know that we, as individuals and institutions, are taking action to address climate change, and we expect them to do their part this December in Paris at the U.N. climate talks." - Leonardo Dicaprio

"Taking bold climate action now has the potential to unleash the full power of business and at the same time lift millions of people out of poverty. We're the first generation to recognize this and the last generation that will have this opportunity." - Richard Branson

"Is fear preventing you from taking action? Acknowledge the fear, watch it, take your attention into it, be fully present with it. Doing so cuts the link between the fear and your thinking. Don't let the fear rise up into your mind. Use the power of the Now. Fear cannot prevail against it." - Eckhart Tolle

"Empathy makes you more aware of other people's suffering, but it's not clear it actually motivates you to take moral action or prevents you from taking immoral action." - David Brooks

"The world doesn't need another opinion, they need another person taking action. So I take action because I see the call and respond." - William

"The world does' need another opinion, they need another person taking action. So I take action because I see the call and respond." - William

"There are some long silences in Scandinavian and some Japanese films, when the audience knows action is taking place, but the audience hears no action." - John Henrik Clarke

"I find placebos uplifting and exhilarating. It means that taking action-no matter what the action is-might help you feel better." - A J Jacobs

"From the moment of birth we are immersed in action, and can only fitfully guide it by taking thought." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." - Max Carver

"Doing your best is taking the action because you love it, not because you're expecting a reward" - Miguel Angel Ruiz

"Letting go of your ego opens the door to taking a new and creative course of action." - Suzanne Mayo Frindt

"The executive art is nine-tenths inducing those who have authority to use it in taking pertinent action" - Chester Barnard

"I fear the future I wish for my children is at risk, so I'm taking action. Please join me..." - Madonna Ciccone

"The distance between taking social action and having the knowledge is as wide as the mouth of the Mississippi." - Mort Sahl

"It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action." - Al Batt

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." - Max Carver

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." - Max Carver

"I know as I'm taking my dying breath, the ambulance guy will ask me why they cancelled Action." - Illeana Douglas

"Those who are politically apathetic can only survive if they are supported by people who are capable of taking action." - Pericles

"It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action." - Honore De Balzac

"Football is multigenerational. It used to be about fathers taking their sons. Now we're taking our daughters, too." - Steve Tisch

"Saw you walking barefoot taking a long look at the new moon's eyelid later spread sleep-fallen, naked in your dark hair asleep but not oblivious of the unslept unsleeping elsewhere Tonight I think no poetry will serve Syntax of rendition: verb pilots the plane adverb modifies action verb force-feeds noun submerges the subject noun is choking verb disgraced goes on doing now diagram the sentence" - Adrienne Rich

"Look in your own heart. Unless I'm crazy, right now a still small voice is piping up, telling you as it has ten thousand times, the calling that is yours and yours alone. You know it. No one has to tell you. And unless I'm crazy, you're no closer to taking action on it than you were yesterday or will be tomorrow. You think Resistance isn't real? Resistance will bury you." - Steven Pressfield

"Identify the problem.") I love the late Japanese psychotherapist Shoma Morita's advice to stop trying to fix yourself and start living instead: "Give up on yourself. Begin taking action now, while being neurotic or imperfect, or a procrastinator, or unhealthy, or lazy, or any other label by which you inaccurately describe yourself. Go ahead and be the best imperfect person you can be and get started on those things you want to accomplish before you die." - Shoma Morita

"All of the action, and the Wild West West fun, crazy, HBO stuff is in there and it's all amazing, but what separates the show [ Westworld] is that it's an existential drama. It's an intellectual nightmare. It is all very much based in reality. A lot of the technologies that we're exploring is stuff that we're working at, right now. All of this is not that far away. It's taking a look at humanity and the state that we're in now and what would happen, if we kept on going the way that we're going and we created this artificial intelligence." - Evan Rachel Wood

"Happiness, in truth, may not be the fruit plucked by my action yet without action all fruit will die on the vine. I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. I will act now." - Og Mandino

"The time for action is past! Now is the time for senseless bickering!" - Ashleigh Brilliant

"Take the best action toward your most important goal right now." - David Viscott

"Action and blood now get the game. Disdain treads on the peaceful name." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"Enlightened social engineering is required to face situations that demand global action now." - John Goodlad

"Paint your vision, develop tasks, prioritize action steps and do it now." - Pat Croce

"The era of empty talk is over. Now is the time for action." - Donald Trump

"The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something." - Antoine De Saintexupery

"The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Trust me, if I were gay I'd be getting more action than I'm getting now." - Ryan Seacrest

"Now they're calling taking drugs an epidemic - that's cos white folks are doing it." - Richard Pryor

"We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

"Technology brought in the mass media and technology is now taking it away." - David Hockney

"If you can take photographs with language, I'm taking one right now." - Lewis Hine

"I like taking my time and seeing the things around me and appreciating the now." - Frank Iero

"We lived together as kids, and now we're taking care of each other as men." - Aaron Neville

"Strike is always a form of direct action. With the strike, too, you are not asking government to make things easier for you by passing legislation, you are taking a direct action against the employer." - Howard Zinn

"Let no one say that taking action is hard. Action is aided by courage, by the moment, by impulse, and the hardest thing in the world is making a decision." - Franz Grillparzer

"Every belief that you hold manifests itself in some manner by either causing you to take some form of action or by preventing you from taking action. If you don't believe something is possible, you won't even attempt it." - Chris Prentiss

"There are two kinds of idiots - those who don't take action because they have received a threat, and those who think they are taking action because they have issued a threat." - Paulo Coelho

"We commend President Obama and his administration for taking this strong action against Iceland and its barbaric whaling industry... and we urge the President to take similar action against Japan and Norway as well!" - Hayden Panettiere

"If Margaret Thatcher took climate change seriously and believed that we should take action to reduce global greenhouse emissions, then taking action and supporting and accepting the science can hardly be the mark of incipient Bolshevism." - Malcolm Turnbull

"I believe that worrying about the problems plaguing our planet without taking steps to confront them is absolutely irrelevant. The only thing that changes this world is taking action." - Jody Williams

"The president is being denounced for not taking the kind of pre-emptive action in Afghanistan that he has been so passionately denounced for taking in Iraq. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't." - Ferdinand Mount

"Be aware of the big difference between inspired action and activity. Activity comes from the brain-mind and is rooted in disbelief and lack of faith - you are taking action to "make" your desire happen. Inspired action is allowing the law to work through you and to move you. Activity feels hard. Inspired action feels wonderful." - Rhonda Byrne

"There is likely to be a lag between the need for action and government ["an individual's" or "a team's"] recognition of the need; a further lag between recognition of the need for action and the taking of action; and a still further lag between the action and its effects" - Milton Friedman

"The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world. Through this I know the advantage of taking no action." - Laozi

"What changes your life is not learning more. What changes your life is making decisions & using your personal power & taking action." - Tony Robbins

"The familiar childhood admonition of 'counting to 10' before taking action works because it emphasizes the two key elements of anger management - time and distraction." - Bill Vaughan

"That's what we do on 'Entourage.' We embed ourselves in legitimate authentic moments so wherever the action is happening, we're taking pieces from that red carpet." - Adrian Grenier

"Anything that prevents you from taking an action or actions that might reasonably dispel legitimate anxieties. Fear is what paralyzes you." - Keith Olbermann

"The entire customer or user experience-from raising awareness, to buying a product / taking action, to getting customer support-is going digital." - Colleen Jones

"Heroism is about taking an action which represents a breakthrough, and then assuming full responsiblity for it, even if it's a failure." - Noa Ben Artzi-Pelossof

"No one can be guaranteed success without failures along the way. But one thing that guarantees failure is never taking action." - Clifton Anderson

"Many people think passion is a fuzzy feeling that makes taking action effortless. In fact, it's the gritty courage and tenacity to forge onward..." - Martha Beck

"We do not need, and indeed never will have, all the answers before we act ... It is often through taking action that we can discover some of them." - Charlotte Bunch

"I believe that the most joyful and intrinsic motivation human beings have for taking any action is the desire to meet our needs and the needs of others." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Praise and reward create a system of extrinsic motivations for behavior. Children (and adults) end up taking action in order to receive the praise or rewards." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"How can we learn self-knowledge? Never by taking thought but rather by action. Try to do your duty and you'll soon discover what you're like." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"In the action business, when you don't want to say you ran like a mouse, you call it 'taking cover.' It's more heroic." - Jim Butcher

"Discipline is the habit of taking consistent action until one can perform with unconscious competence. Discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tons." - Jhoon Goo Rhee

"In government and out, there are vast realms of the bureaucracy dedicated to seeking more information, in perpetuity if need be, in order to avoid taking action." - Meg Greenfield

"The key to success is being in the right place at the right time, recognizing that you are there, and taking action!" - Ray Kroc

"Leadership is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential." - Warren G. Bennis

"A big part of honesty is self-discipline, personal resolve, and taking pride in who you are as a person and what each action means to your character." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"We cannot think first and act afterwards. From the moment of birth we are immersed in action and can only fitfully guide it by taking thought." - Alfred North Whitehead

""Going with the flow" is for some people an excuse for not taking action and it refers usually to one's life situation." - Eckhart Tolle

"The fact is that I like thrillers and action movies. But what really fulfills me is getting out of my comfort zone, taking chances." - Halle Berry

"Conventional wisdom tells us to avoid taking unalterable action while at a low point in life. I have never been conventional." - Therese Fowler

"You will not make a man wiser by taking freedom of action from him. A man can only learn when he is free to act." - Auberon Herbert

"3D is quite a lot more advanced in animated movies; for live-action movies we're just taking baby steps, we're just in the beginning." - Ang Lee

"Being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same. Many people keep busy to avoid taking action on things they're afraid to pursue." - Lauren Mackler

"Don't let your negative self beliefs haunt you out of taking action. You owe it to yourself to live the life that you desire." - Joel Brown

"The knowledge that we consider knowledge proves itself in action. What we now mean by knowledge is information in action, information focused on results." - Peter Drucker

"Action is the only way to make progress. Take action now; don't wait for a convenient time. It can't be overemphasized." - Mike Michalowicz

"Action is the only way to make progress. Take action now; do' wait for a convenient time. It ca' be overemphasized." - Mike Michalowicz

"Action is the only way to make progress. Take action now; don't wait for a convenient time. It can't be overemphasized." - Mike Michalowicz

"I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. With these words I can condition my mind to perform every action necessary for my success." - Og Mandino

"Don't have conversations taking place in empty space. Weave in background details of where the action (dialogue is a form of "action") is taking place. Don't have invisible people talking, either. Let the reader see them as they speak - their facial expressions and gestures. And by all means "cue" the speeches to the speakers." - Lee Wyndham

"'Alias' was very action-packed. 'G.I. Joe' and 'Conan' were very action-packed. It's been established that I can do action, which is great, but now I may just want to make out with a really hot guy." - Rachel Nichols

"Iran is taking over Iraq. They've been trying to for many, many decades. And now they're finally taking over Iraq. As we sit here, they're taking over Iraq. We get nothing." - Donald Trump

"One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is clinging to the excuse that the time isn't quite right to take action. Well, let me tell you something: In my experience, conditions are never right at the right time. The timing is always wrong. So if you're waiting for everything to be perfect before taking action, you have a foolproof excuse for never taking action." - Robert Ringer

"According to the Fogg Behavior Model, ability is the capacity to do a particular behavior. *** Fogg describes six 'elements of simplicity' - the factors that influence a task's difficulty.[lxi] These are: - Time - How long it takes to complete an action. - Money - The fiscal cost of taking an action. - Physical Effort - The amount of labor involved in taking the action. - Brain Cycles - The level of mental effort and focus required to take an action. - Social Deviance - How accepted the behavior is by others. - Non-Routine - According to Fogg, 'How much the action matches or disrupts existing routines.
" - Hooked

"Doing your best is taking the action because you love it, not because you're expecting a reward. Most people do the exact opposite: They only take action when they expect a reward, and they don't enjoy the action. And that's the reason why they don't do their best." - Miguel Angel Ruiz

"Wisdom always waits for the right time to act, while emotion always pushes for action right now!" - Joyce Meyer

"talk was cheap and useless. Action was what mattered. And me, I was moving. Now, again, always." - Sarah Dessen

"What we need now is heroes - millions of them. Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Paul Watson

"There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now." - Nicholas Stern

"Global climate change needs global action now. The alarm bells ought to be ringing in every capital of the world." - John Gummer

"There is hardly a facet of life that is now free of some sort of federal action." - Millicent Fenwick

"The proof of battle is action, proof of words, debate. No time for speeches now, it's time to fight." - Homer

"To wish for change will change nothing; To make the decision to take action right now will change everything." - Nick Vujicic

"The era of the Single Savior is over. What is needed now is joint action, combined effort, collective co-creation." - Neale Donald Walsch

"The action we take in the next few years will impact the Earth hundreds of millions of years from now." - Louie Psihoyos

"Evolution in action: First, God said, 'Let there be light.' Then, he created two nude models. Now we have photographers." - Bill Jay

"You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

"You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"I want to make films and write films, which will happen, I'm just taking a different route right now." - David Boreanaz

"We've had a day of great drama and of humour too. The rumour mill is now taking over" - Andy Burnham

"Lakers just been taking care of business for a long time now. It's easy to love them." - Akeem Ayers

"I used to fear that taking medication would change my personality; now I fear that it won't." - David Levy

"Right now I'm taking a break from hip-hop documentaries. But I would do it if things lined up." - Michael Rapaport

"I am taking belly dancing now. My hips are double-jointed, so I can do it really easily." - Alexa Vega



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