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Take Quotes


"Take stands, take risks, take responsibility." - Muriel Siebert

"People don't take trips . . . trips take people." - John Steinbeck

"Take yourself seriously but take yourself lightly." - Ken Blanchard

"Take advice, but don't take orders." - Jim Rohn

"You take romance - I'll take Jell-O." - Ella Fitzgerald

"I don't take drugs, I take books." - Ingeborg Bachmann

"Cameras don't take pictures, people take pictures." - Michael Lesy

"Don't 'take care', take a risk!" - Denis Waitley

"Take it easy, but take it." - Woody Guthrie

"Take calculated risks." - George S Patton

"Take pains. Be perfect." - William Shakespeare

"Take the gentle path." - George Herbert

"Be unfashionable. Take risks." - Paul Arden

"Youth doesn't take advice." - Thomas A Edison

"Champions take responsibility." - Billie Jean King

"Jesus, take the wheel." - Carrie Underwood

"Devil take the hindmost." - Proverbs

"Take my wife - please!" - Henny Youngman

"Lord take me home" - Ryan Adams

"Take my prostate, please!" - Bill Allred

"Bass solo, take one." - Cliff Burton

"Whatever happens, take responsibility." - Anthony Robbins

"Dreams take short cuts." - Ursula K Le Guin

"Whatever happens, take responsibility." - Tony Robbins

"Take my wife... Please!" - Henny Youngman

"I take vitamins." - Hillary Clinton

"I don't take vacations." - Naomi Judd

"I take notes like some people take drugs..." - Tim Ferriss

"Take your work seriously, but don't take yourself seriously" - Clint Eastwood

"Take away the motive, and you take away the sin." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Take me and my role seriously. Take my talent seriously." - Kevin Hart

"Offense is what people take when they can't take argument." - Richard Dawkins

"Take a look people, take a good look at greatness!" - Randy Orton

"Take it back, Ed. Take it all back." - Daniel Handler

"Things take the time they take. Don't worry." - Mary Oliver

"First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin" - Leonard Cohen

"If you don't know what color to take, take black....." - Pablo Picasso

"If you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Take up and read, take up and read." - Saint Augustine

"Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other." - Matthew Moy

"Some writers take to drink, others take to audiences." - Gore Vidal

"When you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Take your job seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously." - Alex Trebek

"You can't take no breaks." - Ray Lewis

"Take heed lest you stumble." - Horace

"Adulterers, take warning, never admit." - Samuel Beckett

"Don't take yourself so personally." - Ram Dass

"Take Time by the forelock." - Thales

"Take notes. Everything is copy." - Nora Ephron

"We take our endorsements seriously." - Lincoln Diaz-Balart

"Take time to be quiet." - Zig Ziglar

"Take care of each other." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Hush! Take no notice!" - Gandalf" - J R R Tolkien

"Books can take you places." - Sandra Boynton

"Never take yourself too seriously." - Ariana Grande

"Take care of this moment." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Take No as a question." - Mechai Viravaidya

"Never take candy from strangers." - Rita Rudner

"Take time for all things." - Benjamin Franklin

"Which Seat Should I Take?" - Rebecca Black

"Demon slayers take the subway?" - Cassandra Clare

"Don't take yourself too seriously." - Trina

"Always take the high road." - John C Maxwell

"Take charge of your environment." - Marshall Sylver

"Take the money and run." - Woody Allen

"Do' take yourself too seriously." - Trina

"Take charge of your thoughts!" - Charles R Swindoll

"Don't take life too seriously." - RuPaul

"Don't take it so seriously." - Lenny Kravitz

"You have to take chances." - Matt Sorum

"It's important to take risks." - George W Bush

"I take my faith seriously." - Zac Farro

"Nurses can take the pressure." - Anonymous

"Take a breath, Al.... Inhale." - Dan Quayle

"Kinquering congs their titles take." - William Spooner

"Take heed of loving me." - John Donne

"Take the road less travelled." - Robin S. Sharma

"Take no moment for granted." - Christina Applegate

"Don't take things for granted." - Allen Evangelista

"Take it and be thankful." - Robin Jones Gunn

"You have to take risks." - Perry Farrell

"Don't take things too seriously." - Bruce Oldfield

"Poets take themselves very seriously." - Grace Paley

"Nice dress. Take it off." - Janet Evanovich

"I take Epsom salt baths." - Aaron Carter

"I really take acting seriously." - John Corbett

"We take our endorsements seriously." - Lincoln Diazbalart

"I take on daunting tasks." - Elizabeth Emken

"People take reality for granted." - Teller

"I take my work seriously." - Daniel Craig

"I don't even take aspirin." - Eric Davis

"People take songs so literally." - Richard Marx

"Don't take too much advice." - Ben Silbermann

"I take things very seriously." - Anibal Cavaco Silva

"I take things too seriously." - Helen Slater

"I take friendship very seriously." - Wole Soyinka

"I take every possible side." - Tom Stoppard

"I love to take baths." - Rachel Weisz

"Never take anything for granted." - Benjamin Disraeli

"I don't take time off." - Wiz Khalifa

"False expectations take away joy." - Sandra Bullock

"Take pictures with your heart." - Ruth Gruber

"There it is. Take it." - William Mulholland

"Take advantage of educating yourself." - Nneka

"Our biggest moral debt is to the environment. Take-take-take, nothing given back." - Margaret Atwood

"Take me! Well, not quite take me, love me now, take me eventually" - Fay Weldon

"Take me seriously. Take me and my role seriously. Take my talent seriously." - Kevin Hart

"It is easy to take good pictures, difficult to take very good pictures, and almost impossible to take great pictures." - Constantine Manos

"Take bread away from me, if you wish, take air away, but do not take from me your laughter." - Pablo Neruda

"Don't take care of your career. Take care of your people. They will take care of your career." - James C Collins

"Some people take music too seriously, and some don't take it seriously enough, others take it just right..." - John Cage

"My best takes aren't necessarily take five or take six. My best takes are usually take two." - Dominic Monaghan

"Go slow. If you have the time for eight countries, take five. If you're rushed to take five, take three." - Kate Simon

"You can take somebody's job, you have to take their job, but you don't have to take their dignity." - Ben Horowitz

"I take my dog Tinkerbell seriously. I take my job seriously. But I don't take myself all that seriously." - Paris Hilton

"Knowledge and courage take turns at greatness." - Baltasar Gracian

"Take it from me, every vote counts." - Al Gore

"Take only memories, leave only footprints." - Chief Seattle

"How long does getting thin take?" - A A Milne

"Life is too important to take seriously." - Corky Siegel

"Trust your instincts, and take control." - John Houston

"Life is slippery. Here, take my hand." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Deformed persons commonly take revenge on nature." - Francis Bacon

"One must take what comes, with laughter." - Olivia De Havilland

"Take time for deliberation. Haste spoils everything." - Statius

"I will take responsibility for all operations." - Shunroku Hata

"Good shoes take you to good places" - Seohyun

"Waight and measure take away strife." - George Herbert

"...the haunted always take refuge in stillness." - Christina Dodd

"You cant take good health for granted." - Jack Osbourne

"Great towers take time to construct." - Herman Melville

"Every step I take is a blessing." - Rumi

"Disobey. Defy. Take your own time. Fly." - Anne Clark

"I take the opportunity each day offers." - Andy Goldsworthy

"Follow your dreams and take your risks." - Paulo Coelho

"You can never take the violence back." - Ozzy Osbourne

"Never give nor take an excuse." - Florence Nightingale

"I'm cycling to take cancer message worldwide." - Lance Armstrong

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself" - Christopher Hitchens

"Communication can only take place among equals." - Kenneth E. Boulding

"Poetry cannot take sides except with life." - Stephen Spender

"You won't take risk without courage." - Andy Stanley

"Never let anyone take away your dream" - Victoria Justice

"I don't take characters home with me." - Sissy Spacek

"Never take counsel of your fears." - Andrew Jackson

"Take delight in the simplest things." - Bo

"To take offense is to give offense." - Helen Schucman

"Learn to take pleasure in the search." - Bryan Kest

"If you the best, take the test!" - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"When in doubt, take the next step." - Regina Brett



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