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Take Me Away Quotes


"Take me away from all this Death." - Bram Stoker

"Take me ham away, take away my eggs, even my Chili, but leave me my newspaper." - Will Rogers

"You couldn't take football away from me, you couldn't take acting away from me." - Dougray Scott

"Take bread away from me, if you wish, take air away, but do not take from me your laughter." - Pablo Neruda

"No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity." - George Benson

"Between me and You, there is only me. Take away the me, so only You remain." - Mansur Al-Hallaj

"Oh Beloved, take me. Liberate my soul. Fill me with your love and release me from the two worlds. If I set my heart on anything but you let fire burn me from inside. Oh Beloved, take away what I want. Take away what I do. Take away what I need. Take away everything that takes me from you." - Rumi

"They can take everything away from me, but they can never take my pride, unless I somehow get some." - Joss Whedon

"I have no reason to suppose that he, who would take away my Liberty, would not when he had me in his Power, take away everything else." - John Locke

"Nobody can take those footsteps I made on the surface of the moon away from me." - Gene Cernan

"Music is what I love, take that away from me and I really got nothing." - Mac Miller

"If it were up to me, I'd take away the guns" - Cheryl Wheeler

"I'm drinking away the exam results that don't take me anywhere." - Steven Herrick

"Take away the In God We Trust, tell me what the hell is wrong with us." - R Kelly

"Somebody curse the light And take me far away from myself" - Rufus Wainwright

"Nobody can take those footsteps I made on the surface of the moon away from me." - Eugene Cernan

"I will only praise someone who can't take anything away from me." - Joan Rivers

"Nothing in the world can take my peace away from me." - Bikram Choudhury

"I want you to take away the hope because that's the thing that's killing me." - Denis Leary

"If you take my equipment away from me, I might as well retire." - John Okeefe

"The most difficult thing for me is to take pictures from far away." - Jacob Aue Sobol

"I have my gold forever and no one can ever take it away from me." - Picabo Street

"Take away the motive, and you take away the sin." - Miguel De Cervantes

"False expectations take away joy." - Sandra Bullock

"Cause there's a light in me that shines brightly. They can try, but they can't take that away from me." - Mariah Carey

"You take me in, no questions asked. You strip away the ugliness that surrounds me. Are you an angel?" - Sarah Mclachlan

"Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy, And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men" - Emily Dickinson

"Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy, And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men-." - Emily Dickinson

"Take me away from my sense. I need to go away now, because I'm in chaos - take me down deep. Hover over me, because I need grace. I say that a lot, many times a day." - Caroline Myss

"I love to not defend ever and to open my mind and take in what can always add to me, not take away from me." - Byron Katie

"There's no bigger atheist than me. Well, I take that back. I'm a cancer screening away from going agnostic and a biopsy away from full-fledged Christian." - Adam Carolla

"Carl Icahn told me to stay away from airlines. In good times, the unions take away the profits, and in bad times, the cost of oil kills you." - Mian Muhammad Mansha

"Angelus: Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends...No hope. Take all that away... and what's left? Buffy: Me." - Joss Whedon

"Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven't let her take away my will to somehow survive." - Dave Pelzer

"Please pass me the peace weed, and take some heed. Throw away all that mixed up speed." - Jimi Hendrix

"When Woman comes at me do I let her take the bridle, or turn away the head?" - John Carder Bush

"Mother can beat me all she wants, but I have' let her take away my will to somehow survive." - Dave Pelzer

"Nobody is going to take my kids away from me and I will fight to the death for that." - Peter Andre

"Whatever God would want me to do... love each other and help others. I want to add, not take away." - Donna Douglas

"A true fascist is anyone who wants to take away my air conditioning or force me to ride a bike." - David Harsanyi

"Being gay doesn't take your brain away or exclude me from having the same attributes as anyone else." - Don Lemon

"Me, as a human, I never want to take away another human being's choices or lifestyles or anything." - John Lydon

"My heroes, my dreams, and my future lay in Yankee Stadium. And they can't take that away from me." - Derek Jeter

"You can take away my wife, you can take away my children, you can strip me of my clothes and my freedom, but there is one thing no person can ever take away from me - and that is my freedom to choose how I will react to what happens to me!" - Viktor E Frankl

"Did you love well what you very soon left? Come home and take me in your arms and take away this stomach ache, headache, heartache." - Marilyn Hacker

"Music kept me off the streets and out of trouble and gave me something that was mine that no one could take away from me." - Eddie Van Halen

"Please, God. Help me. Take this pain away. Please fill this loneliness with your love. Help me, God, please, help me." - David

"I have a green card now, but they can take that away, yeah, they can take that away at any moment. So please don't; please let me keep it." - John Oliver

"I don't let any personal views about religion cause me to want to take away something that's offering the patient comfort. I never want to take away something when I don't have anything better to offer him in a way." - Irvin D Yalom

"What people tell me they take away from my books is that they can shape their lives, they can achieve their own dreams. And certainly that's what I want them to take away." - Tamora Pierce

"You can take my money from me; you can take my watch away; you can stripe me off my clothes; you may even can kill me. And yet, there is only a thing you will not be able to take away from me, no matter how hard you try: the fear I am feeling." - Pedro Munoz Seca

"Waight and measure take away strife." - George Herbert

"Never let anyone take away your dream" - Victoria Justice

"I take away something from every role." - Cary Elwes

"Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away." - Paul Simon

"Take away the Mass, destroy the Church." - Martin Luther

"The world can't take these smiles away." - John Reuben Zappin

"Take away that fool's bauble, the mace." - Oliver Cromwell

"Please," she whispered as she opened the book, "please get me out of here just for an hour or so, please take me far, far away" - Cornelia Funke

"I don't want someone to squeeze me, that might take away my life. Just want someone to hold me, and we'll rock through the night." - Tracy Chapman

"Nothing that ever happens in life can take away the fact that I am me. So I have to go on being me." - Monica Dickens

"I'm ready for another adventure now, take me far away please! Ok one more... But then you have to read to me!" - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"You are mine. Do you hear me? You are mine, Della Sloane. I will take care of you. Nothing is taking you away from me. Nothing." - Abbi Glines

"If you take away ideology, you are left with a case by case ethics which in practice ends up as me first, me only, and in rampant greed." - Richard A. Nelson

"Soon for me the Light of day Shall forever pass away; Then from sin and sorrow free, Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee." - George Washington Doane

"The one thing you can't take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me." - Viktor E Frankl

"The Steelers drafted guys who were bigger, stronger and faster than me, but they never found one who could take my job away from me." - Jack Lambert

"I wanted to imprint his touch, his taste, even the scent of him so solidly inside me that no one could take them away from me." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"When deciding what to do next, we can always ask: Does this thought, emotion, or behavior bring me closer to or take me further away from my center?" - Stephen Gilligan

"Soon for me the light of day Shall forever pass away; Then from sin and sorrow free, Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee." - William Croswell Doane

"That's part of the reason Rex drafted me, because I value this job. It's my life. If somebody wanted to take that away from me, it's personal." - Mark Sanchez

"The feeling of accomplishment welled up inside of me, three Olympic gold medals. I knew that was something nobody could ever take away from me, ever." - Wilma Rudolph

"In 2007, people tried to belittle me a little bit and sort of take the credit away from me and my team and what we achieved." - Casey Stoner

"Dear God, Please free me from false appetites and take away my pain. Take from me my addicted self, and show me who I am. Unchain my heart so I might live a freer life at last. Amen" - Marianne Williamson

"I could take back those moments that snatched you away from me or maybe just wipe away those ten minutes when you came to me for the first time and I looked into your eyes to realise what love is." - Faraaz Kazi

"Your trying to take them away from me, and I can't let you do that.I'm not ready to let go." "Exactly what am I taking away?" "My family." "Brenna..." She wouldn't let him continue. "You are trying to take them away, aren't you? And if you succeed, what will I have left?" "Me." - Julie Garwood

"No one can take away your pain, so don't let anyone take away your happiness." - Mariska Hargitay

"Nobody can take away your future. Nobody can take away something you don't have yet." - Dorothy B. Hughes

"Take away the miseries and you take away some folks' reason for living." - Toni Cade Bambara

"Life may take away happiness. But it can't take away having had it." - Ellen Glasgow

"If you take away the cross as an atoning act, you take away Christianity." - R C Sproul

"Take away wilderness and you take away the opportunity to be American." - Roderick Nash

"If you take the time away, you take the character away." - Jim Capaldi

"In Ronan's hand, the mask was as thin as a sheet of paper, still warm from Adam's gasped breaths. Orphan Girl buried her face in his side, her body shaking with sobs. Her tiny voice was muffled: "Tollerere me a hic, tollerere me a hic..." Take me away from here, take me away from here." - Maggie Stiefvater

"Take the life-lie away from the average man and straight away you take away his happiness." - Henrik Ibsen

"Everything just blows me away." - Haruki Murakami

"And as a Christian, I got something the world didn't give me, the world can't take away, so I find joy that can never be reduced to anything." - Cornel West

"The way you wear your hat, The way you sip your tea, The mem'ry of all that - No, no! They can't take that away from me!" - Ira Gershwin

"Peeta: You be nice to her, Finnick. Or I might try and take her away from you. Finnick: Oh, Peeta. Don't make me sorry I restarted your heart." - Suzanne Collins

"She waits for me, my lady Earth, Smiles and waits and sighs; I'll say her nay, and hide away, Then take her by surprise." - Mary Mapes Dodge

"I am on fire within. There comes no murmur of reply. What is it that will take away my sin, And save me lest I die?" - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"If thou would'st have me sing and play As once I play'd and sung, First take this time-worn lute away, And bring one freshly strung." - Charles Lamb

"I believe in myself. I believe in my vision, my life, my talent, my art. More than anyone. No one can take that away from me." - Sabrina Ward Harrison

"Take care. -If you do not speak- I shall claim you as my own in some presumptuous way. -Send me away at once, if I must go; -Margaret!-" - Elizabeth Gaskell

"I loved him so much, loved his fearlessness, his strength, even the ambition that would someday take him away from me." - Lisa Kleypas

"If thou would'st have me sing and play As once I play'd and sung, First take this time-worn lute away, And bring one freshly strung." - Thomas Moore

"When people try to take [smoking] away from me I say, 'hey, I stopped everything else.' But, I have to battle that one, too." - Matthew Perry

"The turn I made was not the one I planned. And I watched my social standing slip away from me, while I watched the bottle slowly take command." - Merle Haggard

"Not bombs nor my broken heart can take away from me walking barefoot with you in jasmine June through the Field of Mars." - Paullina Simons

"No one can take Jesus away from me.... There's no doubt there was a historical figure of tremendous importance, with enormous notions. Such as peace." - Peter O'Toole

"Those are the pictures you want from pre-season, so although we beat a Premiership side, I can take those away with me." - Phil Brown

"The way you wear your hat, The way you sip your tea, The mem'ry of all that - No, no! They can't take that away from me!" - Ira Gershwin

"The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on today I vetoed it" - George W Bush

"Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"If I stay alert, then I can challenge myself, and by challenging myself, that helps me to stay alive and to hopefully take something away from the experience." - Thomas Jane

"I can't turn your soul on. Leave me those feelings; and you can take away the voice and the face. They are not you." - George Bernard Shaw

"Losing me will hurt; it will be the kind of pain that won't feel real at first, and when it does, it will take her breath away." - Gayle Forman

"Let's just say I decided that while my son is young I don't want to do projects that would take me away for months." - Karen Allen

"At the end of the day, TV is supposed to be entertaining. But it's important for me that there's some take-away value from it." - Lisa Ling

"No one can ever take my job away from me. I can always draw as long as I have a piece of paper and a pencil or paints." - John Newman

"Music is my passion - it's what I love and it's in my blood. You can never take me away from my work." - Nicole Scherzinger

"I've always been in the middle of making my own movies, so taking acting jobs that take me away from that has been impossible." - Albert Brooks

"No one can take Jesus away from me. There's no doubt there was a historical figure of tremendous importance, with enormous notions. Such as peace." - Peter Otoole

"I thought, 'OK, I'm done here. I'll take responsibility and go away.' Little did I know I was going to be going away limping because someone cut my legs out from under me." - Terry Francona

"If you walk away I'll walk away first tell me which road you will take I don't want to risk our paths crossing someday so you walk that way I'll walk this way" - Conor Oberst

"What are they going to do to me that they haven't done already? They took away my entire past. They took away my entire future. What's left for them to take?" - Robert Blake

"The streets made me. They stay at me. There's nothing that's gonna take away from my legacy. I'm sorry. It is what it is. I'm dying this way. With the crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is. I am who I am. Bottom line." - Lil' Kim

"Lord take me home" - Ryan Adams

"I realized that they could take everything from me except my mind and my heart. They could not take those things. Those things I still had control over. And I decided not to give them away." - Nelson Mandela

"There's no, 'Oh my God, somebody else is gonna come back and take my spot.' I wanna have a spot that's my spot, that nobody can take away, because nobody else is me." - Dean Ambrose

"A nun I know once told me she kept begging God to take her character defects away from her. After years of this prayer, God finally got back to her: I'm not going to take anything away from you, you have to give it to Me." - Anne Lamott

"I don't think most people know how to meditate - they fall asleep and they call it meditation. I prefer a kind of sweet, deep, rich prayer in which a person goes in and says, Take me down deep into the reason you gave me life. Take me down deep. It silences the chaos in me. Take me away from my sense. I need to go away now, because I'm in chaos - take me down deep. Hover over me, because I need grace. I say that a lot, many times a day. So that's my practice." - Caroline Myss

"Away! Away! Tempt me no more insidious love." - Mark Akenside

"Take away the cause, and the effect ceases." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Poverty and affliction take away the fuel that feeds pride." - Richard Sibbes

"Never take a person away from the music they love." - Matthew Healy

"Take my advice. Stay away from all broken people." - Janet Fitch

"I take his weapons away from him. Both of them." - Frank Miller

"Take away leisure and Cupid's bow is broken" - Ovid

"A blunt a day will take the pain away." - Waka Flocka Flame

"No one can take it away from you." - B B King

"Take away love, and our earth is a tomb!" - Robert Browning

"Beware how you take away hope from any human being." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"Fortune can take away riches, but not courage...." - Seneca the Younger

"You don't take away my choices. You are my choice." - Colleen Houck

"Society gives legitimacy and society can take it away." - Willis Harman

"Take something away, and your habits become clear." - Jen Hatmaker

"Fortune can take away riches, but not courage." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"The plea of ignorance will never take away our responsibilities." - John Ruskin

"Lack of wealth cannot take away genuine contentment." - Adrian Rogers

"Take away what we love, wed all be Joe Paterno." - Joe Budden

"If you take away religion, you can't hire enough police." - Clayton Christensen

"I love you. They can't take it away." - Lauren Oliver

"Love leaves a memory nobody can take away from you." - Danielle Campbell

"Nothing can take away our memories or what we know." - Mel Daniels

"Christ came to take away our sins, not our minds." - William Sloane Coffin

"No one can take away the days that we conquered." - Melanie Chisholm

"That which Fortune has not given, she cannot take away." - Seneca the Younger

"Life is...the moments that take your breath away." - Will Smith

"I take a good feeling away from what football brings." - Jerry Jones



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