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Take Hold Quotes


"We take hold of Christ as his words take hold us." - Kevin Deyoung

"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you - be futurewise." - Patrick Dixon

"Take hold of your future or the future will take hold of you - be futurewise." - Patrick Dixon

"Slavery takes hold of few, but many take hold of slavery." - Seneca the Younger

"Slavery takes hold of few, but many take hold of slavery." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Can't nobody take my pride. Can't nobody hold me down." - Puff Daddy

"Always take hold of things by the smooth handle." - Thomas Jefferson

"Exercise your God-given power of trust. Look up! Salvation is provided, and nothing remains to be done. Take hold! Take hold! Do not wait!" - Edmund Storer Janes

"Is it possible that love should of a sudden take such a hold?" - William Shakespeare

"I can't live and hold the camera, someone gotta take this" - Drake

"For peace to take hold, one person must first stop fighting." - Ann Aguirre

"Let go of this world and take hold of God with both hands." - Adrian Rogers

"Don't hold onto anything so tightly that Jesus can't take it from you." - Corrie Ten Boom

"Take hold of your life and order yourself to be valiant." - Boyd K. Packer

"Seize the day, take hold of it, and make it whatever you want." - Jessica Sorensen

"When you need to hold onto something, you should. Whatever gets you through, take it." - David Levithan

"It will take a nation of millions to hold me back." - Tim Howard

"No one else can hold your hand or take this voyage of the soul for you." - Jim Harrison

"There is no magic method of beginning... Take hold of your nerves, and jump." - Arnold Bennett

"Take care that you hold not your priceless life so cheap as gold." - Mikhail Naimy

"For new behaviors to really take hold, they must occur often.
" - Hooked

"It is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul." - Ursula K Le Guin

"One had to take some action against fear when once it laid hold of one." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Just as the roots of trees take firmer hold when they are contending with the wind; so faith takes firmer hold when it struggles with adverse appearances." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"Let go of the old, take hold of the new and believe that 2013 will be your best year yet!" - Joel Osteen

"... my today's self perpetually slips out of any hold of it that I may try to take." - Gilbert Ryle

"Hold the door for an old man. Old ladies can take care of themselves; they've been doing it long enough." - Perry Brass

"I am a working woman. I take care of a home. I hold down a job. I am nuts." - Barbara Dale

"If you let fear take hold, if you let it own you, your life ceases to be your own." - Blake Crouch

"The consequences of our actions take hold of us, quite indifferent to our claim that meanwhile we have 'improved." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Learning to take hold of one's life is very difficult in a culture that values property over life." - Haki R. Madhubuti

"my love isn't a weapon, it's a lifeline, reach out and take hold, and don't let go!" - Francine Rivers

"Will gives us the ability to take an idea hold that idea and zero right in on something" - Bob Proctor

"Do not take hold of a past that no longer serves you, but embrace the stillness that is right now." - Michelle Cruz

"When you hold people up for ridicule, you have to take responsibility when other people act on it." - Jay Asher

"Nonviolence against humans cannot take firm hold in society as long as brutality and violence are practiced toward other animals." - Robert Thurman

"All you have to do is hold your goal before you and everything else will take care of itself." - Earl Nightingale

"Take ownership of every decision you make because you will be hold responsible for the film, whether good or bad." - David Fincher

"The blackest despair that can take hold of any society is the fear that living honestly is futile." - Corrado Alvaro

"I'm really happy to see Filipino cuisine starting to really take hold outside of the Pinoy community." - Anthony Bourdain

"Take hold lightly; let go lightly. This is one of the great secrets of felicity in love." - Proverbs

"We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold." - Hunter S Thompson

"The consequences of our actions take hold of us quite indifferent to our claim that meanwhile we have improved." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Learning to take hold of one's life is very difficult in a culture that values property over life." - Haki Madhubuti

"Take good hold of instruction and don't let her go, keep her for she is your life." - Bible

"We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold." - Hunter S Thompson

"The fact is that great musical pieces take and hold the stage because they provide great emotional experiences." - Sarah Caldwell

"There's no remaking reality... Just take it as it comes. Hold your ground and take it as it comes. There's no other way." - Philip Roth

"There's no remaking reality... Just take it as it comes. Hold your ground and take it as it comes. There's no other way." - Philip Roth

"If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it." - Erwin Rommel

"When God gives a promise, He always tries our faith. Just as the roots of trees take firmer hold when they are contending with the wind, so faith takes a firmer hold when it struggles with adverse appearances." - Robert E. Murray

"At the banquet table of nature, there are no reserved seats. You get what you can take, and you keep what you can hold. If you can't take anything, you won't get anything, and if you can't hold anything, you won't keep anything. And you can't take anything without organization." - A Philip Randolph

"When illness enters a home, not only does it take hold of a body. It also weaves a dark web between hearts, a web where hope is trapped." - Muriel Barbery

"Let the will embrace the highest ideals freely and with infinite strength, but let action first take hold of what lies closest." - Franz Grillparzer

"It is only by questioning what people take for granted, what people hold to be true, that we can break through the hypnosis of social conditioning." - Deepak Chopra

"Hold onto me baby. I'm going to take care of you." The raspy need in his voice only made me more desperate." - Abbi Glines

"A despot doesn't fear eloquent writers preaching freedom- he fears a drunken poet who may crack a joke that will take hold." - E B White

"The more quickly we loosen our grip on the things of the world the more firmly we can take hold of the things of eternity." - Neal A Maxwell

"I don't want someone to squeeze me, that might take away my life. Just want someone to hold me, and we'll rock through the night." - Tracy Chapman

"It was more fun trying to figure out I Want To Hold Your Hand than to take lessons. By this time I knew basic chords" - Tommy Shaw

"Whatever you are holding onto in this life, hold it loosely so it won't hurt when the Lord has to pry your fingers open to take it away." - Priscilla Shirer

"Every tomorrow has two handles. You can take hold of the handle of anxiety or the handle of enthusiasm. Upon your choice so will be the day." - Brian Tracy

"When I'm really, really angry, if I'm privileged enough to be next to someone who can hold my anger, I'll definitely take them up on holding the bucket." - Alanis Morissette

"Wherever there is sincerity & talent, people do recognize them. It may take some time but we should have some patience and hold on to our passion." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"Daphne felt something wild and wicked take hold. "Let's walk in the garden," she said softly. "We ca'." "We must." "We ca'." - Julia Quinn

"I'm sorry, Gemma. But we can't live in the light all of the time. You have to take whatever light you can hold into the dark with you." - Libba Bray

"The black-est des-pair that can take hold of any soci-ety is the fear that liv-ing hon-estly is futile." - Corrado Alvaro

"Just take me with you. Please. I cant. Please, Papa. I cant. I cant hold my son dead in my arms. I thought I could but I cant." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Look about you. Take hold of the things that are here. Let them talk to you. You learn to talk to them." - George Washington Carver

"We'll all be the first to hold up our hands and take it on the chin [can't all be the first Ash!]" - Ashley Giles

"Education in music is most sovereign because more than anything else rhythm and harmony find their way to the innermost soul and take strongest hold upon it" - Plato

"Oh you weak, beautiful people who give up with such grace. What you need is someone to take hold of you" - Tennessee Williams

"Fear is that passion which hath the greatest power over us, and by which God and His laws take the surest hold of us." - John Tillotson

"Jesus is knocking at your door. Take hold of the better life by letting him into your life. Make him the boss of your life. It'll change everything." - Rick Warren

"Always take hold of things by the smooth handle grateful that they are not worse rather than the rough handle, bitter that they are not better." - Thomas Jefferson

"If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born." - Wayne Pacelle

"Trust in God. Do your duty. Remember your prayers. Get faith in the Lord, and take hold and build up Zion. All will be right." - Wilford Woodruff

"You're so brutal to those who love you, Scarlett. You take their love and hold it over their heads like a whip." - Margaret Mitchell

"Daphne felt something wild and wicked take hold. "Let's walk in the garden," she said softly. "We can't." "We must." "We can't." - Julia Quinn

"Whatever you are holding onto in this life, hold it loosely so it wo' hurt when the Lord has to pry your fingers open to take it away." - Priscilla Shirer

"Even when you feel you've reached the end or edge of life, hold on. Life itself will ultimately take care of you." - Rod Mckuen

"Take [Stephane] Mallarme. I hold him to be the greatest of French poets, and I have taken some time to understand him !" - Jean-Paul Sartre

"It's exciting to kind of move forward and take hold of the opportunity that "Twilight's" afforded us, but it's also kind of sad." - Ashley Greene

"I know I can hold two, maybe even three belts. So I have business to take care of back in and around my weight class." - Conor Mcgregor

"India is a place where all stories are possible. You forget that the imagination can take hold of anything and contemplate it and love it and describe it." - Yann Martel

"He had almost yielded, but not quite. He had not consented. It is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul." - Ursula K Le Guin

"Would you touch a nettle without being stung by it? take hold of it stoutly. Do the same to other annoyances, and hardly will any thing annoy you." - Augustus Hare

"Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith." - Anonymous

"Can't nobody take my pride Uh-uh, uh-uh Can't nobody hold me down... oh no I got to keep on movin'." - Sean "Puffy" Combs

"Jesus isn't interested in negotiating. He knows that death, the surrendering of our immediate desires, is how we can take hold of an even greater joy." - Skye Jethani

"To say 'well done'to any bit of good work is to take hold of the powers which have made the effort and strengthen them beyond our knowledge." - Phillips Brooks

"The chances we take, knowing no better than to fall or to stand back and hold ourselves in... protecting our hearts with the tightest of grips." - Sarah Dessen

"I take no pride in hopeless longing; I wouldn't hold a stillborn aspiration. I'd want to have it, to make it, to live it." - Ayn Rand

"Life is unjust and this is what makes it so beautiful. Every day is a gift. Be brave and take hold of it." - Garrison Keillor

"Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Anything that's of any use, famous people get hold of it and take it for themselves and it gets a bad rap." - Noel Gallagher

"Happiness is something you lay siege to, it is a battle like a game of go. I will take hold of all the pain and snuff it out." - Shan Sa

"You're gonna have to learn to get out there in front of those cameras and hold your head up. Take charge when you're singing." - Patsy Cline

"A little learning is a dangerous thing, but we must take that risk because a little is as much as our biggest heads can hold." - George Bernard Shaw

"With my feelings, I hold a lot in, because I didn't always have boundaries and people would take advantage of situations because I'm a nice guy." - Kellan Lutz

"It was more fun trying to figure out I Want To Hold Your Hand than to take lessons. By this time I knew basic chords." - Tommy Shaw

"Don't hold your parents up to contempt. After all, you are their son, and it is just possible that you may take after them." - Evelyn Waugh

"If we take science as our sole guide, if we accept and hold fast that alone which is verifiable, the old theology must go." - John Burroughs

"To say, 'well done' to any bit of good work is to take hold of the powers which have made the effort and strengthen them beyond our knowledge." - Phillips Brooks

"I believe that reforms will not really take hold if they do not gradually come into the culture of the people." - Mario Monti

"I get this a lot: 'Oh, can you take a picture with my baby? Can you hold the baby?' I don't want to hold your baby! I'll hold my baby. I don't like holding someone else's baby. I'm serious! You never know what could happen. It's such an awkward position you're put in, and it's like, 'No, sorry.'" - Juan Pablo Montoya

"See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don't know how to hold the reservation and that's really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them." - Jerry Seinfeld

"These sites have torn down the geographical divide that once prevented long distance social relationships from forming, allowing instant communication and connections to take place and a virtual second life to take hold for its users." - Mike Fitzpatrick

"An artist's job is simply to take the mirror in front of your face and hold it there. It's not to give you any answers. It is simply to take that mirror and point it at you." - Aasif Mandvi

"As plants take hold, not for the sake of staying, but only that they may climb higher, so it is with men. By every part of our nature we clasp things above us, one after another, not for the sake of remaining where we take hold, but that we may go higher." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius." - Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon

"When men die, they die in fear", he said. "They take everything they need from you, and as a doctor it is your job to give it, to comfort them, to hold their hand. But children die how they have been living - in hope. They don't know what's happening, so they expect nothing, they don't ask you to hold their hand - but you end up needing them to hold yours. With children, you're on your own. Do you understand?" - Tea Obreht

"From Lehi's vision we learn that we must take hold of this safety railing-this iron rod, found alongside our individual straight and narrow path-and hold tight until we reach our ultimate goal of eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Nephi promises that those who hold fast to the iron rod"would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction"" - Ann M. Dibb

"Such a strange thing, to hold a six-year-old's hand. Especially a six-year-old you've only just met. A toddler will grab hold of your finger, and someone your own age will clasp on to your whole hand, but with six-year-olds it's something in between, this acknowledgment that they can't be the one to take hold, so you have to do all the holding, folding your hand around theirs, feeling so much bigger and responsible." - David Levithan

"Hold, or cut bowstrings." - William Shakespeare

"Basketballs dont hold grudges!" - Dave Bautista

"Will somebody hold me?" - Harry Styles

"Hold everybody accountable? Ridiculous!" - W Edwards Deming

"I don't hold grudges." - Ian Mcewan

"I didn't hold back." - Sarah Hughes

"You have to know what you want. And if it seems to take you off the track, don't hold back, because perhaps that is instinctively where you want to be. And if you hold back and try to be always where you have been before, you will go dry." - Gertrude Stein

"It does seem simple, doesn't it?' she said, with a final bitter attempt at flippancy, 'when you want to kill a take hold of it...then you wring its's only the chicken who does not find it quite so simple. Now you hold a knife at my throat, and a hostage for my obedience...You find it simple...I don't" - Baroness Orczy

"Bear in mind, if you are going to amount to anything, that your success does not depend upon the brilliance and the impetuosity with which you take hold, but upon the ever lasting and sanctified bull doggedness with which you hang on after you have taken hold." - Andrew B. Meldrum

"You'll have to learn to control your emotions. They're new, like achild's now, bursting with passion. Never let them fade, or part of you will die. But they cal also destroy you. Hold them dear, but don't let them take hold of you." - Ted Dekker

"Some moments supersaturate, take on almost more than one tiny fragment of time can hold. How...can you hold this sort of memory of someone and at the same time just try to seem normally, regularly, pleased when she comes back to visit for a few days every few years?" - Carol Anshaw

"In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry I cry and when you hurt I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the floods to tears and despair and make it through the potholed street of life" - Nicholas Sparks

"Well, then, Lord Jesus! I will creep if I cannot walk; I will take hold of Thy word. When I stumble, Thou wilt support me; when I fall, Thou wilt hold out Thy cross, and help me with it to rise again, until at length I reach the place where Thou art, and with all my weaknesses and wants, cast myself into Thy bosom." - Christian Scriver

"You take the pen, and the lines dance. You take the flute and the notes shimmer. You take the brush, and the colors sing. So all things have meaning and beauty in that space beyond time where you are. How, then, can I hold back anything from you?" - Dag Hammarskjold

"The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man's will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, eventually revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph." - Mao Zedong

"People understand contests. You take a bunch of kids throwing rocks at random and people look askance, but if you go and hold a rock-throwing contest - people understand that." - Don Murray

"In American Society today, we need to have volunteerism. I truly believe that it is the glue that will hold us together and it will be the energy that will take us into the 21st century." - Barbara Mikulski

"The Spirit must therefore first take hold of us before we can live in Christ, and when he doth so, then we are enabled to exert that vital act of faith, whereby we receive Christ." - John Flavel

"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again." - Nhat Hanh

"Why should a deserter take the trouble to light Rutupiae Beacon?" Aquila demanded, and his voice sounded rough in is own ears. "Maybe in farewell, maybe in defiance. Maybe to hold back the dark for one more night." - Rosemary Sutcliff

"An educational foundation is only part of the equation. In order for creativity to flourish and imagination to take hold, we also need to expose our children to the arts from a very young age." - Michelle Obama

"Phoebe Marks was a person who never lost her individuality. Silent and self-contained, she seemed to hold herself within herself, and take no colour from the outer world." - Mary Elizabeth Braddon

"No one can take less pains than to hold his tongue. Hear much, and speak little; for the tongue is the instrument of the greatest good and greatest evil that is done in the world." - Walter Raleigh

"Armed with the knowledge of our past, we can with confidence charter a course for our future. Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle. We must take hold of it and forge the future with the past." - Malcolm X

"We never can create a public sentiment strong enough to suppress the dram-shops until God's people take hold of the temperance reform as a part of their religion." - Theodore L. Cuyler

"I don't know if we ever have enough distance to "see" our own trajectory. We're in the muddled middle of it. Who knows what will last, what poems will take hold of the imaginations of the future." - Dorianne Laux

"If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends - you're safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue." - Alice Duer Miller

"Princess." He smiled up at me, but it was weak. "If i'd known that this is what it would take to get you to hold me, I would've collapsed a long time ago." - Amanda Hocking

"If I want more, I need to go and get it, demand it, take hold of it with all my might, and do the best I can with it." - Melina Marchetta

"Time wears all his locks before, Take thou hold upon his forehead; When he flies he turns no more, And behind his scalp is naked. Works adjourn'd have many stays, Long demurs breed new delays." - Robert Southwell

"Take courage, soul! Hold not thy strength in vain! With faith o'ercome the steeps Thy God hath set for thee. Beyond the Alpine summits of great pain Lieth thine Italy." - Rose Terry Cooke

"We Caskodens take great pride in our ancestry. Some persons, I know, hold all that to be totally un-Solomonlike and the height of vanity, but, they, usually, have no ancestors of whom to be proud." - Charles Major

"To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn't afraid of facing challenges." - Paulo Coelho

"I held her, he wanted to say, and if I knew for certain that all it would take to hold her again would be to die, then I couldn't raise the gun to my head fast enough." - Dennis Lehane

"I had rescued the moment by using my camera and in that way had found how to stop time and hold it. No one could take that image away from me because I owned it." - Alice Sebold



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