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Taiwan Strait Quotes


"Taiwan is democratic." - Annette Lu

"Taiwan is a major economy." - William C. Kirby

"A crooked log makes a strait fire." - George Herbert

"Secondly I would like to make continuous efforts of stabilising cross Strait relations, eventually reaching peace across the Taiwan strait and stability and security in the Asia Pacific region." - Chen Shui-bian

"Secondly I would like to make continuous efforts of stabilising cross Strait relations, eventually reaching peace across the Taiwan strait and stability and security in the Asia Pacific region." - Chen Shuibian

"A war in the Taiwan Strait would destroy China's international relations overnight. It would destroy Chinese - Japanese relations, not to mention Chinese - American relations." - William Kirby

"Such an arrangement would provide Taiwan and China with a forum for dialogue whereby they may forge closer ties based on mutual understanding and respect, leading to permanent peace in the Taiwan Strait." - Nick Lampson

"When I was in Taiwan, I was taught in school that Taiwan is part of China." - Alex Chiu

"I hope they bury me near a strait man" - Groucho Marx

"We ask them to remove the missiles deployed against Taiwan, give up their military threat, and instead let us together open the door to cross-Strait peaceful and stable dialogue and negotiations." - Chen Shui-bian

"We ask them to remove the missiles deployed against Taiwan, give up their military threat, and instead let us together open the door to cross-Strait peaceful and stable dialogue and negotiations." - Chen Shuibian

"We have always had diverse channels of communication across the strait. These include not just official communications but also people-to-people contacts. .&8201;.&8201;. There are differences between the positions of the two sides of the strait. In Taiwan, we have done our best to minimize that gap. I believe that the Chinese realize the goodwill we have put forth at the inauguration." - Tsai Ing-wen

"As Taiwan's friend and ally, I believe it is important for the United States to monitor the situation in the Taiwan Strait very carefully to help ensure Taiwan is not forced into a position which would endanger its freedom or its democracy." - Jim Costa

"Whatever it took to help Taiwan defend theirself." - George W Bush

"It's very important for Taiwan to maintain its international contact." - Ma Yingjeou

"It's very important for Taiwan to maintain its international contact." - Ma Ying-jeou

"My favorite thing about Taiwan is the food." - Jason Wu

"We will never allow anybody to separate Taiwan from China." - Hu Jintao

"The Strait of Hormuz is an international waterway, and it is not helpful for any nation to suggest that it would attempt to restrict traffic through the strait." - John C Stennis

"What we need is imagination, but imagination in a terrible strait-jacket." - Richard P Feynman

"Honor travels in a strait so narrow, Where one but goes abreast: keep then the path." - William Shakespeare

"In such a strait the wisest may well be perplexed, and the boldest staggered." - Edmund Burke

"Honour travels in a strait so narrow Where one but goes abreast." - William Shakespeare

"In such a strait the wisest may well be perplexed and the boldest staggered." - Edmund Burke

"Get that strait jacket that Heidenreich had and put it on Lita!" - Jerry Lawler

"Honour travels in a strait so narrow Where one but goes abreast." - William Shakespeare

"I am driven Into a desperate strait and cannot steer A middle course." - Philip Massinger

"The brook and road Were fellow-travellers in this gloomy strait." - William Wordsworth

"Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius." - William Blake

"For every second of time was the strait gate through which the Messiah might enter." - Walter Benjamin

"These two points are lies. UN Resolution 2758 does not say a word about the relationship between Taiwan and China, let alone say that the PRC represents Taiwan" - Annette Lu

"Many in Taiwan believe that Hu Jintao is much more sophisticated than his predecessors in understanding Taiwan. He represents a different generation of leaders, more pragmatic, less ideological." - Ma Yingjeou

"My affection for Taiwan... is witnessed by everyone. My wife is Taiwanese and I am a son-in-law of Taiwan. I am half Taiwanese." - Jackie Chan

"Taiwan matters because of its vital role in spreading democracy in East Asia. Taiwan matters because of its strategic importance to promote peace in the Pacific region." - Annette Lu

"Many in Taiwan believe that Hu Jintao is much more sophisticated than his predecessors in understanding Taiwan. He represents a different generation of leaders, more pragmatic, less ideological." - Ma Ying-jeou

"I think that Chairman Xi Jinping's courage tackling corruption is an important matter in the development of Chinese society. I also look forward to him showing a bit more flexibility in dealing with cross-strait relations. I hope that he can appreciate that Taiwan is a democratic society in which the leader has to follow the will of the people." - Tsai Ing-wen

"More and more of the Taiwanese economy is connected with the mainland. There are more and more exchanges taking place. There's no reason to doubt that over a period of ten years or so, or maybe more, the conditions of life on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will become more comparable, and the dialogue on the political level therefore easier." - Henry A Kissinger

"I simply said that I would do everything to help Taiwan to defend itself." - George W Bush

"I bought these shoes in Taiwan, and they said in the inside "made around the corner."" - Frank Carson

"With Taiwan, it took about 40 years to go from an authoritarian to a democratic society." - Ma Yingjeou

"In Taiwan, I'd be like Michael Jordan walking down the street." - Ang Lee

"I expect the ruling and opposition parties to work together for the future of Taiwan." - Chen Shui-bian

"In the hour of strait and need, we measure men's stature not by the body, but the soul!" - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"Take the instant way; For honor travels in a strait so narrow Where one but goes abreast." - William Shakespeare

"I sometimes think we must be all mad and that we shall wake to sanity in strait-waistcoats." - Bram Stoker

"Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." - Bible

"Everybody in America who didn't come over the Bering Strait ice bridge stole his land from somebody else." - P J Orourke

"In the 1999 resolution regarding Taiwan's future passed by the Democratic Progressive Party, it is stated very clearly that any change to the status quo of Taiwan must be decided by the people of Taiwan through referenda." - Chen Shui-bian

"Even if I were knocked down by one gunshot it wouldn't affect our democracy and I wasn't knocked down and I have great confidence in our democracy and in Taiwan and in the people of Taiwan." - Chen Shui-bian

"We stand with the people of Taiwan and their democratic ways, and I am proud to be a part of reaffirming the unwavering commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act by the United States Congress." - Eliot Engel

"I am a native of Taiwan, and I earned my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University. I received my master's and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville." - Min Kao

"I am an Asian designer. I was born in Taiwan. That is who I am. But I am a designer, like any designer of any race. Growing up in the '80s in Taiwan, the arts were not considered a career." - Jason Wu

"The greater concerns in China and Taiwan are on the political side, not on the economic side." - William C. Kirby

"There is no question that Taiwan is a state in any political science definition of a state." - William C. Kirby

"In Taiwan there's a saying: Raising a child is more important than giving birth. Raising a child is greater." - Chien-Ming Wang

"Britain cannot compete with China or Taiwan on price; we compete on skills, on arts and culture." - Sadiq Khan

"Taiwan is a budding democracy, and the people have participated in multi-party democratic elections since 1996." - Todd Akin

"Taiwan is a major economy." - William Kirby

"Ultimately, China may use force to push for unification with Taiwan, a scenario we all must work to prevent." - Michael K Simpson

"But if the Chinese mainland, the PRC, attacked Taiwan, we'd be obligated to come to their aid." - Fred Thompson

"I think that there is a relatively small number of people who are pushing for independence in Taiwan." - Fred Thompson

"I'm just so happy to see my friends and fans in Taiwan, 'cause that's where I'm from." - Yani Tseng

"We had Taiwan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Oman open their markets to our beef, and we're excited about that." - Mike Johanns

"Taiwan politics certainly is colorful." - Rebecca Mackinnon

"When I grew up, in Taiwan, the Korean War was seen as a good war, where America protected Asia. It was sort of an extension of World War II. And it was, of course, the peak of the Cold War. People in Taiwan were generally proAmerican. The Korean War made Japan. And then the Vietnam War made Taiwan. There is some truth to that." - Ang Lee

"Nothing's more dull and negligent Than an old, lazy government, That knows no interest of state, But such as serves a present strait." - Samuel Butler (poet)

"the next morning, fang and i broke up. now let me get this strait, i broke up with him. a split second after he broke up with me." - James Patterson

"Consider with due attention, for the path is very strait, even while it is more spacious than the heavens and the earth and what is between them." - Bab

"It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll; I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." - William Ernest Henley

"As far as heroes thorough the years, I'd say definitely Alabama and Randy Owen, Conway Twitty was a big influence of mine, George Strait, Lionel Richie." - Luke Bryan

"I just want people to respect the privacy of my relatives in Taiwan. ... They need to live their lives as well." - Jeremy Lin

"Taiwan is an independent sovereign country." - Chen Shui-bian

"Buddhists and Taoists of the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan share the same roots and instructions and have always maintained sound exchanges." - Jia Qinglin

"Statuettes of drunken sailors, velvet pictures of island maidens, plastic seashell lamps made in Taiwan. What contempt the people who think up souvenirs have for other people." - Diane Johnson

"It can be argued - and rightly - that Taiwan is not just another regional issue: after all, the Chinese regard it as part of China. But Taiwan is also a regional issue for three reasons. First, the overthrow or even the neutering of democracy in Taiwan, which is what Beijing effectively demands, would be a major setback for democracy in the region as a whole. Second, if the Chinese were able to get their way by force in Taiwan, they would undoubtedly be tempted to do the same in other disputes. And third, there is no lack of such disputes to provoke a quarrel." - Margaret Thatcher

"It's interesting that in those countries like Taiwan or Korea, where nuns are given equal opportunities for study and practice, they also develop great social awareness." - Tenzin Palmo

"I was in Taiwan recently and was completely amazed by the density of population. It makes New York look like no one is out on the streets." - Richard Meier

"Political activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan use Facebook as their primary tool to mobilize support for their causes and activities." - Rebecca Mackinnon

"Facebook is blocked in mainland China, but is used heavily by the rest of the Chinese-speaking world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan." - Rebecca Mackinnon

"Basically all the world's computer parts come from the same supply chain that runs from Korea, down through coastal China, over to Taiwan, and down to Malaysia." - Thomas Friedman

"Taiwan and China are related ethnically and close neighbors geographically. There's no reason to resent or to fight against each other." - Annette Lu

"As I've said many times and publicly, a war between China and Taiwan that involves the United States is a lose-lose-lose." - Dennis C Blair

"Self-ruled Taiwan cannot be expected to accept such an affront to the legitimacy of its government and the self-determination of the Taiwanese people." - Todd Akin

"Taiwan is an independent sovereign country." - Chen Shuibian

"Taiwan gives a lot of foreign aid to Costa Rica, so it looks like they are basically buying the right to fish, even though it's not legal." - Paul Watson

"The first time I went to Taiwan, there were cameras, paparazzi, TV stations outside my hotel twenty-four hours a day nonstop." - Jeremy Lin

"Belize pledges it continued support to the aspirations of the 23 million people of Taiwan to be full participants in all organs and agencies of the international community." - Said Musa

"Morality is always the product of terror; its chains and strait-waistcoats are fashioned by those who dare not trust others, because they dare not trust themselves, to walk in liberty." - Aldous Huxley

"The biggest teenage taboo is being strait-laced. It's easy to tell a researcher you went to a house party that turned into an orgy. It's less easy to say you like eating toast and watching QI." - Charlie Brooker

"There are countries in which it would be as absurd to establish popular governments as to abolish all the restraints in a school or to unite all the strait-waistcoats in a madhouse." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"Luckily for us, now that steam has narrowed the Atlantic to a strait, the nervous, rocky West is intruding a new and continental element into the national mind, as we shall yet have an American genius." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Close by a rock, or less enormous height, Breaks the wild waves, and forms a dangerous strait; Full on its crown, a fig's green branches rise, And shoot a leafy forest to the skies." - Homer

"I believe that this is not only the view of the people on both sides of the Strait. It is also the common expectation of the US, Japan and the international community." - Chen Shui-bian

"Of myself I must say this, I never was any greedy, scraping grasper, nor a strait fast-holding prince, nor yet a master; my heart was never set on worldly goods, but only for my subjects' good." - Elizabeth I

"Reconciliation will not work if it puts a higher value on symbolic gestures and overblown promises rather than the practical needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in areas like health, housing, education and employment." - Warren Mundine

"The reward in heaven is the perpetual bait, a bait that has caught man in an iron net, a strait-jacket which does not let him expand or grow." - Emma Goldman

"The first group started along the strait and narrow path, but they did not take hold of the iron rod that would keep them on the path, and they got lost in the mists of darkness" - Mary N. Cook

"For a good man to realize that it is better to be whole than to be good is to enter on a strait and narrow path compared to which his previous rectitude was flowery license." - John Middleton Murry

"What's a mediator you ask? Oh, a person who acts as a liason between the living and the dead. Hey, wait a minute...what're you doing with that strait jacket?-Suze Simon's imagination" - Meg Cabot

"We will not attain a state of perfection in this life, but we can and should press forward with faith in Christ along the strait and narrow path and make steady progress toward our eternal destiny." - David A Bednar

"I always wished I had a song like that George Strait song, 'The Chair', 'cause it's basically just a guy trying to pick up a girl at a bar." - Blake Shelton

"America is made up of people who came from someplace else. Even the Native Americans came over the Bering strait... America is what it is because people came from someplace else." - Isabel Wilkerson

"I went to L.A. to be Brad Pitt; now I just want to be Gene Hackman. I came to Nashville to be Kenny Chesney. I'd be very fortunate to be George Strait." - Christian Kane

"And it's difficult for the average American to understand why something like that could be so important and why a little small place like Taiwan would be so important to the PRC" - Fred Thompson

"My dad grew up basically in a hut in Taiwan without enough food to eat. And within one generation his son in America gets to do a comedy show about whatever he wants." - Aziz Ansari

"I have great confidence in the universal value and in basic human rights and I have great confidence that referenda will eventually take root and become part of our daily lives in Taiwan." - Chen Shui-bian

"Some non-communist parties and CPPCC members have, at CPPCC meetings or in their proposals, called for the enactment of a law against secession at the earliest date, to resolutely fight and curb 'Taiwan independence' activities in any forms." - Jia Qinglin

"I also combined the R&B feel with the pop music of Taiwan... I wanted to bring the R&B flavor and other Westernized sounds to my music, because that's the type of music I grew up listening to." - Coco Lee

"We must not fall into the mistake of thinking that it is America that trades with Taiwan or Europe that trades with Asia. The truth is that it is American companies that trade with Taiwanese companies." - Margaret Thatcher

"I was so happy when I found out I had been drafted by the Yankees. Growing up in Taiwan, I had heard so much about the Yankees but had never even seen them on TV." - Chien-Ming Wang

"I think from the business point of view, Taiwan and China tied together brings mutual benefit. And we don't see any reason for stopping that progress, unless they have a political reason." - Stan Shih

"The problem with representation in the media has very much to do with the conflicts between groups in the world. If you talk about Iraq, al Qaeda, Darfur, even Taiwan, representation is a part of that problem." - Arthur Dong

"What's my weirdest adventure? Yikes, there've been so very many. Perhaps the pig+vegetable+Taiwanese-army-guys boat ride to the island off the coast of Taiwan qualifies as the weirdest. Or at least the most seasick." - Kate Dicamillo

"I would love mainland Chinese to read my book. There is a Chinese translation which I worked on myself, published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Many copies have gone into China but it is still banned." - Jung Chang

"But now all of a sudden some idiots in Taiwan start to say that they are not Chinese. Their grand parents were Chinese. But for some reason, they feel they are not Chinese." - Alex Chiu

"Six months after that, I left Taiwan, first for Hong Kong and then for mainland China, where I spent another three months studying still more Chinese and generally kicking around the country." - Eric Allin Cornell

"Our policy for the last many years has been to deter the Chinese government in Beijing from ever coming into the position where they thought they had enough leverage over the U.S. to cross the Straits of Taiwan." - Bob Filner

"I find the stuff that is exciting to me are the films coming out of Taiwan and Iran and France. So I have the feeling I'm not making the films that American distributors want to make." - Ira Sachs

"People don't think that bread is part of Asian culture or Asian food culture, but it's quite prevalent in Northern China, and you see it throughout Japan and as you go to Taiwan." - David Chang

"Back in eighth grade, I'd seen nothing but small-town Georgia when I left the U.S. for the first time and went to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China." - Chandler Massey

"My wife is really sentimental. One Valentine's Day I gave her a ring and to this day she has never forgotten those three little words that were engraved inside Made in Taiwan!" - Leopold Fechtner

"We expect the Taiwan authorities publicly to correct the record and unambiguously affirm that the February 27 announcement did not abolish the National Unification Council, did not change the status quo, and that the assurances remain in effect." - Joseph Adam Ereli

"The election is over, and even though there are people who have different ideologies and beliefs, from now on we must all embrace each other, creating a harmonious and unified new Taiwan through our love and tolerance." - Chen Shui-bian

"I have spent time discussing the American political system and current events in Taiwan with the junior diplomats, and they have repeatedly expressed their country's desire to avoid confrontation with China." - Michael K Simpson

"We have global interests, potential threats from elsewhere, North Korea, Iran, Taiwan Straits and the like. We must be prepared for any future threat. That is why it is important that this be a transition year, 2006." - Ike Skelton

"You know golf is very lonely. When I'm in the States, I feel like if I just think about Taiwan, my friends, my fans, I won't feel like I'm alone." - Yani Tseng

"The election of the nationalist Chen Shui-bian as president in 2000 and his re-election in 2004 was a nadir in the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland." - Martin Jacques

"And it's difficult for the average American to understand why something like that could be so important and why a little small place like Taiwan would be so important to the PRC." - Fred Thompson

"All of us must walk the same strait and narrow path, know the same kind of experiences as those we would seek to lead and to serve. There is not one strait and narrow path for the officers-the chosen-and another for the enlisted men. We are all to experience life "according to the flesh"; there is no other way, for it is the way to immortality and eternal life. Given the resplendent riches of the promised kingdom, why would anyone wish to walk another path than the one that leads us back to our gracious and merciful Father in Heaven?" - Neal A Maxwell

"Oil is a tangible commodity, so there is a global market. The fact that we may need less may affect the global price because we're big consumers: we probably take about a quarter of global demand. But if suddenly, let's just use a crazy example, fighting in the Middle East led to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz and no oil could get out through the Strait of Hormuz, well that would affect China, India, Europe, it will affect the whole global economy. It will affect us, too, then." - Thomas Friedman

"He that will be knighted must kneel for it, and he that will enter in at the strait gate must crowd for it-a gate made so on purpose, narrow and hard in the entrance, yet, after we have entered, wide and glorious, that after our pain our joy may be the sweeter." - Thomas Adams

"I try to write like the writers I admire - I rip them off in form. It comes from George Strait and Merle Haggard records, and country music in general is really good at that, the twisted phrase... So Im always looking for that angle in my own work." - Brad Paisley

"One wants in a Prime Minister a good many things, but not very great things. He should be clever but need not be a genius; he should be conscientious but by no means strait-laced; he should be cautious but never timid, bold but never venturesome; he should have a good digestion, genial manners, and, above all, a thick skin." - Anthony Trollope

"Look into the world. How often do you behold a solid wretch, whose strait heart is open to man's affliction, taking shelter behind and appearance of piety, and putting on the grab of religion, which none but the merciful and compassionate have a title to wear!" - Laurence Sterne

"Is not the winding up witnesses, And nicking, more than half the bus'ness? For witnesses, like watches, go Just as they're set, too fast or slow; And where in Conscience they're strait-lac'd, 'Tis ten to one that side is cast." - Samuel Butler (poet)

"George Strait is the king and Kenny Chesney is about as big as it gets right now, though I wouldnt mind going back out on the road with him. Maybe I could go out on the road with some singers from other genres." - Dierks Bentley

"Strifes will arise through the period. Watch for them near the Davis Strait in the attempts there for the keeping of the life line to land open. Watch for them in Libya and in Egypt, in Ankara and in Syria, through the straits about those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf." - Edgar Cayce

"[On religion:] Wasn't it invented by man for a kind of solace? It's as though he had said, 'I'll make me a nice comfortable garment to shut out the heat and the cold,' and then it ends by becoming a strait-jacket." - Agnes Sligh Turnbull

"I think my brand of country music is that's been influenced by not just the rough-stock rodeo side or Ted Nugent's "let's get crazy style", but also the stand-up and sing style's like George Strait and Merle Haggard, and also the wild side of Chris Ledoux" - Cody Johnson

"I get asked all the time, "What is a George Strait song?" I know it when I hear it. I don't seek a specific tempo or lyric or melody. It just has to make sense. Maybe it is natural because I was given the gift to sing." - George Strait

"Musically, I actually grew up listening to country music as a kid, like George Strait, Alan Jackson... all those guys. So it was kind of weird crossing over from that to pop and R&B, but you know, I love Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Usher, R. Kelly, Drake, Boyz II Men." - Austin Mahone

"Most of us know someone who would say, 'If you want to be my friend, you'll have to accept my values.' A true friend doesn't ask us to choose between the gospel and his or her friendship. ... A true friend strengthens us to stay on the strait and narrow path." - Robert D. Hales

"None can less afford to delay than the aged sinner. Now is the time. Now or never. You have, as it were, one foot already in the grave. Your opportunities will soon be over. Strive, then, I entreat you, to enter in at the strait gate." - Archibald Alexander

"I try to write like the writers I admire - I rip them off in form. It comes from George Strait and Merle Haggard records, and country music in general is really good at that, the twisted phrase... So I'm always looking for that angle in my own work." - Brad Paisley

"We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country." - Kevin Rudd

"When I was a teenager, my biggest lessons came from Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley. I learned so much from opening up for those artists, and it also taught me how to treat your opening acts and make them feel like they're part of a family, not just a tour." - Taylor Swift

"At the time of Woodstock, I was just 13, but I used to see these exotic hippy creatures and I did look on with envy. How could you not? In an ideal world, I would have loved to have been a hippy - but I might have been a bit strait-laced. It was my fantasy." - Imelda Staunton

"Some artists will tell you that's all they want to do is write their own music, and that's great, but George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, they didn't write everything they recorded, and they've had major, major careers. I think it's all about the best song." - Jake Owen

"The majority of Taiwan people cannot accept Taiwan becoming a second Hong Kong, nor can we accept Taiwan becoming a local government of the People's Republic of China or a Special Administrative Region of China." - Chen Shuibian

"Mike Pence came out and said this was a courtesy call, then Donald Trump a few hours later went on Twitter, as is his wont, and essentially linked the call to Taiwan with a whole series of things he doesn't like about Chinese economic and foreign policies and implied that the U.S. views of the status of Taiwan are now up for negotiation, that he wants them to be part of a broader negotiation with China about a whole series of economic and foreign policy issues. So, we just don't really know what exactly they're planing to do with this." - Geoff Dyer



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