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Simple Boy Quotes


"The boy and girl going hand in hand through a meadow; the mother washing her baby; the sweet simple things in life. We have almost lost track of them." - Edward Steichen

"I'm just a simple Jewish boy from the Bronx." - Ed Koch

"I'm not a philosopher, I'm just a simple boy from East Ham." - David Bailey

"I have wrought my simple plan If I give one hour of joy To the boy who's half a man, Or the man who's half a boy." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"I have wrought my simple plan If I give one hour of joy To the boy who's half a man, Or the man who's half a boy." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"Simple design, intense content." - Edward Tufte

"The pure and simple truth Is rarely pure and never simple. What's a boy to do When lies and truth are both sinful?" - John Green

"What is more simple than to tell to a little boy, 'This is not the truth, it is a game?'" - Roberto Benigni

"Let the boy win his spurs." - Edward III of England

"Burn bread every day boy, no toaster" - Drake

"Every puppy should have a boy." - Erma Bombeck

"It is not at all simple to understand the simple." - Eric Hoffer

"With a simple shave of the razor Steve-o easily disguises himself in fooling the whale shark in thinking hes a harmless young boy." - Chris Pontius

"I like playing my Tamagotchi and Game Boy. They take me back to the old days when times were more simple." - Kreayshawn

"To ask the hard question is simple." - W H Auden

"In war, only the simple succeeds." - Paul Von Hindenburg

"Adaptability is the simple secret of survival." - Jessica Hagedorn

"War is simple, direct, and ruthless." - George S Patton

"This problem, once solved, will be simple." - Thomas A Edison

"Inside every working anarchy, there's an Old Boy Network.." - Mitchell Kapor

"You, boy, who owe everything to a name" - Mark Antony

"This lost boy got fly without Peter Pan" - Drake

"Being in the army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision." - Blake Clark

"But get it while you're here boy, cause all that hype don't feel the same next year boy." - Drake

"Life is not simple, and therefore history, which is past life, is not simple." - David Shannon

"In war everything is simple, but it's the simple things that are difficult." - Carl Von Clausewitz

"Football is simple but the hardest thing to do is play simple football." - Johan Cruijff

"Hey, are you a boy or a - never mind, can I have a push on the swing?" And some day, y"all, when we grow up, it's all gonna be that simple." - Andrea Gibson

"When I was 7 years old, my father asked me a simple question. He said, 'do you want to see someone fly?' What 7 year old boy is gonna say no to that?" - Matt Striker

"Hey, are you a boy or a - never mind, can I have a push on the swing?" And some day, y'all, when we grow up, it's all gonna be that simple." - Andrea Gibson

"When I'm choosing things, there's a level of intelligence I want to peel off, whether it's written in terribly simple sentences, whether it's from the point of view of a dog, or a 15-year-old boy." - Lynne Tillman

"He explained to me that he wanted a simple boy-meets-girl story with lyrics. This I felt was quite beyond my capabilities. I did not know any boys who met girls." - Quentin Crisp

"Myself, I'm just a simple country boy who spent time on the streets and developed a style of writing and rapping and a cool sound that people seem to enjoy." - Big Smo

"I almost stand in awe when I think of Joseph Smith. The angel appeared to him in 1823 - he said to this simple little boy, 'Your name should be known for good and evil throughout the entire world.'" - Gordon B Hinckley

"Must I shoot a simple-minded soldier boy who deserts, while I must not touch a hair of the wily agitator who induces him to desert? I think that in such a cse to silence the agitator and save the boy is not only constitutional but withal a great mercy." - Abraham Lincoln

"Dancing makes people feel good whether they're doing it or watching it. It's something I think everybody can relate to whether it's just a simple two-step or a B-boy watching another B-boy go crazy in a circle. It makes you smile and without you even knowing it and it makes you rock to the beat as well." - Stephen Boss

"Butcher boy, damn it, butcher boy." - Mickey Mantle

"A sailor's joys are as simple as a child's." - Bernard Moitessier

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." - John F Kennedy

"One simple rule: no amnesty, no special pathway to citizenship." - Mitt Romney

"Oh, for the simple life, For tents and starry skies!" - Israel Zangwill

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." - Dr. Seuss

"If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't." - David Zindell

"I'm a simple, simple man." - Jeremy Renner

"Lately I've been runnin' on faith. What else can a poor boy do?" - Jerry Lynn Williams

"When a teacher calls a boy by his entire name, it means trouble." - Mark Twain

"I never joined the Boy Scouts. I don't trust any organization that has a handbook." - George Carlin

"Give a small boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding." - Abraham Kaplan

"Truth and History. 21 Men. The Boy Bandit King - He Died As He Lived." - Billy the Kid

"Like a sprained ankle boy I aint nothin to play wit" - Drake

"Any American boy can be a basketball star if he grows up, up, up." - Bill Vaughan

"You can lead a boy to college, but you cannot make him think." - Elbert Hubbard

"got a little red line that tells you, boy where the razor's been." - Tori Amos

"Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble this football." - John Heisman

"The two-headed boy in the circus never had such a headache." - W C Fields

"Would the boy you were be proud of the man you are?" - Laurence J Peter

"EVE:bite me chillie boy" - Rachel Caine

"I'm a country boy." - Willard Scott

"I'm a city boy." - Ron Perlman

"I'm not Blockbuster Boy." - Johnny Depp

"I'm a mama's boy." - Tyler Hoechlin

"So began their love, the boy happy and amazed, she happy and not surprised at all (nothing happens by chance to girls). It was the love so long awaited by Cosimo and which had now inexplicably arrived, and so lovely that he could not imagine how he had even thought it lovely before. And the thing newest to him was that it was so simple, and the boy at that moment thought it must be like that always." - Italo Calvino

"In my acting, I have to identify with something in the character. The big tough boy on the side of right - that's me. Simple themes. Same me from the nuances. All I do is sell sincerity and I've been selling the hell out of that ever since I started." - John Wayne

"Everything I ever learnt as a small boy came from my father, and I never found anything he ever told me to be wrong or worthless. The simple lessons he taught me are as sharp and clear in my mind as if I had heard them only yesterday." - Irving Pichel

"He had' been her first lover or the first boy to give her an orgasm. He had' even been the first she"d loved. He"d been the first to turn her inside out with something as simple as a smile. The first to make her doubt herself. He"d taken her deeper than anyone ever had, and yet she had' drowned." - Megan Hart

"I was like you once, long time ago. I believed in the dignity of man. Decency. Humanity. But I was lucky. I found out the truth early, boy. And what is the truth, Stark? It's all very simple. There's no such thing as the dignity of man. Man is a base, pathetic and vulgar animal." - Charles Grandison Finney

"He hadn't been her first lover or the first boy to give her an orgasm. He hadn't even been the first she'd loved. He'd been the first to turn her inside out with something as simple as a smile. The first to make her doubt herself. He'd taken her deeper than anyone ever had, and yet she hadn't drowned." - Megan Hart

"I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say I do. I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition." - Steve Martin

"Sports biography at its best. Rich in period detail, anecdote, and fresh perspective, Strong Boy paints both the good and the bad sides of success, as America's growing celebrity culture turned a simple Irish American gladiator into a national, in fact international hero. A very human story with profound parallels for our sports-obsessed culture today!" - Nigel Hamilton

"Lobsters displays all three of the classic biological characteristics of an insect, namely: 1. It has way more legs than necessary. 2. There is no way you would ever pet it. 3. It does not respond to simple commands such as "Here, boy!"" - Dave Barry

"The thing about Moby Dick is that, at heart, it's a very simple plot - there's only one white whale in the ocean. When you're a boy growing up in a hostile home, you imagine it's unique: it's happening only to you." - Gavin Oconnor

"Obviously, the easiest recipes are the most successful when it comes to the home cook, because they're not intimidated by them. If I'm doing 'Boy Meets Grill,' and I do something very simple like grilled hamburgers or steaks or chicken, those are the most sought-after recipes." - Bobby Flay

"Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple stupid behavior." - Dee Hock

"A simple job for simple people." - Curly Howard

"For I am more selves than Neville thinks. We are not simple as our friends would have us to meet their needs. Yet love is simple." - Virginia Woolf

"Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots cause it's okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading cause you think being a girl is degrading" - Madonna Ciccone

"The problem is that your daughter has given her heart to a 15-year-old boy, and a 15-year-old boy does not yet qualify as a human being." - Bill Cosby

"There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy..." - Eden Ahbez

"I might get some more animals or something, but I'm done with the kids. I got a boy, I got a girl, and I got an older boy. I'm straight." - Jada Pinkett Smith

"I was so poor growing up...if I wasn't a boy...I'd have nothing to play with." - Rodney Dangerfield

"Fill in any figure you want for that boy (Mickey Mantle). Whatever the figure, it's a deal." - Branch Rickey

"I guess cause i'm black boy, I'm supposed to say 'peace', sing songs, and get capped on." - Tupac Shakur

"Don't forget I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." - Julia Roberts

"A toy has no gender and no idea of whether a girl or boy is playing with it." - Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"I know you want it, boy. I see you tryin. Just keep on pushin, I'm a let you slide in." - Nicki Minaj

"I'm busy gettin rich. I don't want trouble. I made enough for 2 niggas, boy, stunt double." - Drake

"It used to be a good hotel, but that proves nothing - I used to be a good boy." - Mark Twain

"For a mother the project of raising a boy is the most fulfilling project she can hope for." - Andrea Dworkin

"Smiling the boy fell dead." - Robert Browning

"Here is the boy, drowning." - Patrick Ness

"Whose little boy are you?" - James A Baldwin

"Boy Meets Girl, So What?" - Bertolt Brecht

"Wine, dear boy, and truth." - Alcaeus

"Boy, why are you crying?" - James M Barrie

"I'm a proper mummy's boy." - Shayne Ward

"I'm a typical California boy." - Gary Lockwood

"Boy, I loathe Persian luxury." - Horace

"I was a mother's boy." - Don Rickles

"I've been a lucky boy." - Dan Stevens

"I'm a lapsed altar boy." - Guillermo Del Toro

"I'm an amazing mama's boy." - Penn Jillette

"I'm a good Catholic boy." - Zakk Wylde

"'I don't need very much now,' said the boy, 'just a quiet place to sit and rest. I am very tired.' 'Well,' said the tree, straightening herself up as much as she could, "well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting. Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.'And the boy did. And the tree was happy." - Shel Silverstein

"Boy meets girl; girl gets boy into pickle; boy gets pickle into girl." - Jack Woodford

"I have deep faith that the principle of the universe will be beautiful and simple" - Albert Einstein

"The truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand it." - Walt Whitman

"A model should be as simple as it can be but no simpler" - Albert Einstein

"Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich." - Henry Ford

"Those who are firm, enduring, simple and unpretentious are the nearest to virtue." - Confucius

"The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration then more practice and more concentration." - Babe Didrikson Zaharias

"By simple common sense I don't believe in God, in none." - Charlie Chaplin

"To every complex question there is a simple answer and it is wrong..." - H L Mencken

"The basic fact is simple: life begins not at birth, but conception." - Ashley Montagu

"The answer is surprisingly simple. Just do right. Live an honorable life." - Lou Holtz

"Keep it simple, when you get too complex you forget the obvious." - Al Mcguire

"Travel like Ghandi, with simple clothes, open eyes and an uncluttered mind." - Rick Steves

"There is no vice so simple but assumes some mark of virtue on his outward parts." - William Shakespeare

"This is the highest point of philosophy, to be simple & wise; this is the angelic life." - Saint John Chrysostom

"Abundance is not a number or acquisition. It is the simple recognition of enoughness." - Alan Cohen

"Life holds so many simple blessings, each day bringing its own individual wonder." - John McLeod

"What is simple is false and what is not is useless." - Paul Valery

"A simple line painted with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness." - Joan Miro

"True faith, a simple life, a helping hand- the three things prized most in Heaven." - Frederick Buechner

"The simple willingness to improvise is more vital, in the long run, than research." - Rolf Potts

"It's simple arithmetic: "Your income can grow only to the extent you do."" - T Harv Eker

"Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition." - George S. Clason

"The essence of style is a simple way of saying something complex." - Giorgio Armani

"Make up your mind to be happy. Learn to find pleasure in simple things." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"My approach is neither of attachment nor of detachment, but of simple understanding." - Rajneesh

"Paul Newman is simple not an actor and possibly not even alive." - Dwight Macdonald

"Nothing is more complicated than sex. Nor anything so beautifully simple." - Iris Johansen

"Simple, like uncarved wood." - Laozi

"Simple, yet effective!" - Harry Styles

"Science is always simple and always profound. It is only the half-truths that are dangerous." - George Bernard Shaw

"Be simple and reliable" - Jan Koum

"Any idiot can be complicated. It takes a genius to be simple." - Pete Seeger

"I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me" - Louise Hay

"Singles are always simple." - Syd Barrett

"The demolition derby is, pure and simple, a form of gladiatorial combat for our times." - Tom Wolfe

"Keep it simple, stupid." - Saying

"Keep it simple." - Alfred Eisenstaedt

"I like things simple." - Valentino Garavani

"I like clothes that are simple and preferably cheap unless I'm being given it for free." - Ben Chaplin

"Our purpose is simple..." - Anthony D. Williams

"Time is just something we invented to make motion seem simple." - Albert Einstein

"Does not beauty confer a benefit upon us, even by the simple fact of being beautiful?" - Victor Hugo

"Love is so simple." - Jacques Prevert

"The taste of any simple tomato-based salad is dependent on the quality of the tomatoes." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"Guys are very simple." - Laura Schlessinger

"I'm really quite simple." - Donna Karan



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