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Shelf Life Quotes


"Potential has a shelf life." - Margaret Atwood

"The future has no shelf life" - Warren G. Bennis

"Good music shouldn't have a shelf life." - Jessie Ware

"Technology has the shelf life of a banana." - Scott Mcnealy

"You can't hoard fun. It has no shelf life." - Hunter S Thompson

"Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana." - Bill Gates

"Words people say not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape life." - Bob Goff

"The shelf life of the modern hardback writer is somewhere between the milk and the yoghurt." - Calvin Trillin

"Ideas have a shelf-life. Share yours, let others collaborate, and you'll get new ones." - Chris Brogan

"The shelf life of the modern hardback writer is somewhere between the milk and the yoghurt." - John Mortimer

"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life." - Frank Zappa

"I was a teen idol and that has a short shelf life." - Shaun Cassidy

"If it has a shelf life longer than you, don't eat it." - Kris Carr

"The shelf life of a movie actor or actress is so short, it's like milk." - Graydon Carter

"The shelf life of the average trade book is somewhere between milk and yogurt." - Calvin Trillin

"The shelf life of the modern hardback writer is somewhere between the milk and the yogurt." - John Mortimer

"Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date." - John C Maxwell

"I cannot live with you, It would be life, And life is over there Behind the shelf" - Emily Dickinson

"I cannot live with You - It would be Life - And Life is over there - Behind the Shelf." - Emily Dickinson

"High fashion has the shelf life of potato salad. And when past its prime, it is similarly deadly." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Somehow, stars have a lot of class if they are done right; they never have a shelf life." - Bella Freud

"Shelf-life for a regular video game usually is about three to five years, and that's it." - Don Bluth

"Online games for data-mining have a short virtual shelf life. People get bored, especially if the game seems stagnant." - Peter Diamandis

"... everyone has come to understand that unconditional love is a reality, but with as shelf life of about eight to ten seconds. [p. 110]" - Anne Lamott

"The average trade book has a shelf life of between milk and yogurt, except for books by any member of the Irving Wallace family - they have preservatives." - Calvin Trillin

"If you want to live a top shelf life then you need to stand on the books you have read. Never stop learning, never stop growing." - Jim Rohn

"Man what's the point of living if I'm living for myself Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf" - LeCrae

"With Donald Trump, you know, what I would tell you is that he`s got shelf life like I never would have guessed." - Melissa Harris-Perry

"The positive shelf life of a new stadium has shrunk considerably. The new parks in themselves can't be a long-term or mid-term panacea." - Bud Selig

"The shelf life of molecules is very short. Ninety-eight percent of all the atoms in my body are gone by next year." - Deepak Chopra

"The medium's gaze is brief, intense, and promiscuous. The shelf life of the moral causes it makes its own is brutally short." - Michael Ignatieff

"Today, among little girls especially, princesses and the romanticised ideal they represent - finding the man of your dreams - have a limited shelf life." - John Lasseter

"You've only got a short shelf-life as an actor, and I want to make the most of it while I can." - Sharon Horgan

"Comedians are innately programmed to pick up oddities like mispronounced words, upside-down books on a shelf, and generally undetectable mistakes in everyday life." - Bob Newhart

"Doctor Doctor what is wrong with me This supermarket life is getting long What is the heart life of a colour TV What is the shelf life of a teenage queen" - Roger Waters

"Suicidal terrorists may have short shelf lives." - John Mccarthy

"I don't think people realize the risks they face every time they create a text, or post on a social network. Unless you expressly make the effort, everything you do online, including texting, has a shelf life of forever." - Mark Cuban

"As part of my research for An Anthology of Authors' Atrocity Stories About Publishers, I conducted a study (employing my usual controls) that showed the average shelf life of a trade book to be somewhere between milk and yoghurt." - Calvin Trillin

"It was a lesson most people learned much earlier; that even friendship could have an undisclosed shelf life. That loyalty and affection, so consuming and powerful, could dissipate like fog." - Jennifer Haigh

"Life does not seem to present itself to me for my convenience, to box itself up nicely so I can write about it with wisdom and a point to make before putting it on a shelf somewhere." - Anne Lamott

"It (suicide) became a possibility like Maybe when I grow up, I will be dead. Life was a cake that looked good on the bakery shelf but turned to sawdust and salt when I ate it." - Maggie Stiefvater

"Everything from a lifetime's worth of collecting things. You know as we go through life, and something stays and ends up on your shelf and lives there until you die? Just those little things." - PJ Harvey

"Inspect the neighborhood of thy life; every shelf, every nook of thy abode; and, nestling in, quarter thyself in the farthest and most domestic winding of thy snail-house!" - Jean Paul

"I do think I'm lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas, the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen." - Catherine Zeta-Jones

"A book which is left on a shelf is a dead thing but it is also a chrysalis, an inanimate object packed with the potential to burst into new life." - Susan Hill

"Good ideas are a dime a dozen. What counts is completion. Look at your life and all the half finished projects sitting on your shelf. Commit to taking on one of these ideas and finishing what you started." - Yehuda Berg

"When you're asking about roles for men and women, men certainly have a longer shelf life. Men can play the sexy lead for 20 years longer than we can." - Jennifer Lawrence

"We are silent, considering shortfalls. There's not much time left, for us to become what we once intended. Jon had potential, but it's not a word that can be used comfortably any more. Potential has a shelf-life." - Margaret Atwood

"I fall in love with something and wear it every day until it's destroyed. My most treasured items have a very short shelf life because I love them too much." - Mackenzie Davis

"The packaging for a microwavable microwave dinner is programmed for a shelf life of maybe six months, a cook time of two minutes and a landfill dead-time of centuries." - David Wann

"Of all the people I have ever known, those who have pursued their dreams and failed have lived a much more fulfilling life than those who have put their dreams on a shelf for fear of failure." - Anonymous

"It's really clear to me that you can't hang onto something longer than its time. Ideas lose certain freshness, ideas have a shelf life, and sometimes they have to be replaced by other ideas." - Alan Alda

"I have grown up watching Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan and the likes. These are actors who have changed with time. They have no shelf-life. They have immortalised themselves because they have evolved with time." - Arjun Rampal

"I do think I'm lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas, the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen." - Catherine Zetajones

"I want to keep audiences off balance, so they don't know who I am or how to take me. If I duck and weave, as Frank Bruno might say, I'll have a longer shelf life." - Robert Carlyle

"An acting career usually has about a shelf life of ten years before people get sick of seeing you. It's a good thing to have a job to fall back on and I really do enjoy directing." - George Clooney

"In my office, I have the creative things that kids have made for me over the years. The nice thing about the physical side of life is that I can have them on my shelf." - Mitchel Resnick

"I'm very wary of doing political stuff for a lot of reasons. One of the big ones is that the shelf-life for them is not very long, and the joke becomes old news very quickly." - Tim Heidecker

"There's a difference between a caper and a prank. A prank is like playing Ding-Dong-Ditch, you know, you ring the doorbell and then run and hide in the ditch. That's a prank. It has no shelf life, like reassembling the principal's car up on the roof of the gym. It's cute and everything but there's no shelf-life, and it can actually be kind of destructive. But a caper is different. It's something where everybody has made it in." - Bob Goff

"A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition." - Henry Miller

"The dust and silence of the upper shelf." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"You are a shelf of books without the pages." - Gabrielle Aplin

"In a library, no empty shelf remains empty for long." - Alberto Manguel

"If you want to know who the oppressed minorities in America are, simply look at who gets their own shelf in the bookstore. A black shelf, a women's shelf, and a gay shelf." - Armistead Maupin

"My greatness does not extend to this shelf." - Victor Hugo

"It will soon be difficult to put up a shelf without a degree in shelf putting up." - Tom Hodgkinson

"You are being suffocated by tradition... Why don't you say, 'I am going to build a life for myself, for my time, and make it a work of art'? Your life isn't a work of art -it's a thirdhand Victorian whatnot shelf, complete with someone else's collection of seashells and hand-carved elephants." - Kurt Vonnegut

"In the NFL, you have a short shelf life. As a running back, if you're the first pick, and you're NFL life expectancy is only 3.5-6 years, your first big contract might not come until three years in - well, you might never get there. They need to get those signing bonuses up front because nothing is guaranteed." - Eric Dickerson

"Since I was trying so hard to make books lead my life, I didn't want to read them and then just put them back on the shelf and say, "good book," as if I was patting a good dog. I wanted books to change me, and I wanted to write books that would change others." - Jack Gantos

"Since I was trying so hard to make books lead my life, I did' want to read them and then just put them back on the shelf and say, "good book," as if I was patting a good dog. I wanted books to change me, and I wanted to write books that would change others." - Jack Gantos

"Alexia suspected Lord Maccon's handling was a tad more than was strictly called for under the circumstances, but she secretly enjoyed the sensation. After all, how often did a spinster of her shelf life get manhandled by an earl of Lord Maccon's peerage? She had better take advantage of the situation." - Gail Carriger

"Scot McKnight stirs the treasures of our Lord's life in an engaging fashion. He did so with The Jesus Creed, and does so again with 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed. Make sure this new guide for living is on your shelf." - Max Lucado

"To identify your own idols, ask questions like these: What things take the place of God in my life? Where do I find my significance and my confidence? What things make me really angry? Anger usually erupts when an idol gets knocked off the shelf." - Philip Graham Ryken

"For all the practical purposes of life, truth might as well be in a prison as in the folio of a schoolman; and those who release her from her cobwebbed shelf and teach her to live with men have the merit of liberating, if not of discovering, her." - Charles Caleb Colton

"People often wonder just what trainers give the sheepdog in exchange for its boundless willingness. Food treats and praise sit on the trainer's shelf, untouched, unused. The sheepdog is shown its possibilities, he learns what life is like for a good dog and is invited to walk in a rational world whose farthest boundaries are defined by grace." - Donald McCaig

"It's nice to always have a job and not be floating out in the ether waiting for whatever the next big thing is. So, in that way I hope there's no a shelf-life for great shows. On the other hand, you don't want to be working on something that's reached its peak and become irrelevant." - Mary Elizabeth Ellis

"In the world of computers and just devices in general, the lifespan, or the shelf life, is relatively short just because technology moves so fast and the costs drop so quickly and the power, whether it's computing power or memory rises very, very quickly." - Nicholas Negroponte

"What's the shelf life of a 1931 movie? If it still exists, there will always be film buffs and a niche audience who will want to see it. But in terms of people even understanding in common usage, some of the words we use to describe these movies, I don't know how long that's going to last." - Joe Dante

"I think one of the things that people tend to forget is that poets do write out of life. It isn't some set piece that then gets put up on the shelf, but that the impetus, the real instigation for poetry is everything that's happening around us." - Rita Dove

"Movies don't sit in the theaters for an entire summer like they did in 1982. Now you've got a two- or three-week shelf life so you need to have that awareness right off the bat. And in order to make a lot of people know about your movie, you need to be out there banging the drum and showing your stuff." - Joseph Kosinski

"In no way am I demeaning writing or any other form of art because it's popular. What I'm saying is that anything fed into the industrial machinery to comply with rules of size and length and shelf-life has a hard time surviving as art." - Alberto Manguel

"Sometimes you buy a book, powerfully drawn to it, but then it just sits on the shelf. Maybe you flick through it, the ghost of your original purpose at your elbow, but it's not so much rereading as re-dusting. Then one day you pick it up, take notice of the contents; your inner life realigns." - Hilary Mantel

"Every relationship comes with a shelf life; that duration could be a minute or even a lifetime. If, for whatever reasons, a relationship cannot last a lifetime, contrary to what the two people imagined, then both the individuals have to be communicative and have to understand and accept the reality." - Kabir Bedi

"I'm not a good Samaritan, I'm a businessman... The goal is to read and react. If we sign an artist that has potential for a shelf life way out in the distance, then we'll stay. But if not, then we won't." - La Reid

"People are scrambling to figure out how they can prolong the life of an album. But as long as the shelf space continues to shrink at retail, there's just no room for them anymore... which is fine with me! I would love to be the next person in country to just release digital singles, but I think we're probably a little ways from that." - Blake Shelton

"I've never had food in my fridge. All I have in my fridge is one shelf of Canada Dry ginger ale, Diet Cokes on the next shelf, and ZeroWater on the next shelf. That is it." - Brigid Berlin

"Life is like molten glass. It flows, it's flexible, it can be molded and shaped and...what do you say? Ah, yes. It holds vast potential. You have a number of uncertainties in your melt right now. But they will always be there in one form or another. Always. Unlike molten glass, life can't be fixed or frozen into a pretty vase and placed on a shelf to gather dust." - Maria V. Snyder

"Th' first thing to have in a libry is a shelf. Fr'm time to time this can be decorated with lithrachure. But th' shelf is th' main thing." - Finley Peter Dunne

"One of my 'Secrets of Adulthood' is: Somewhere, keep an empty shelf. I know where my empty shelf is, and I treasure it." - Gretchen Rubin

"I think, for the rest of my life, I shall refrain from looking up things. It is the most ravenous time-snatcher I know. You pull one book from the shelf, which carries a hint or a reference that sends you posthaste to another book, and that to successive others. It is incredible, the number of books you hopefully open and disappointedly close, only to take down another with the same result." - Carolyn Wells

"Mom is losing, no doubt, because our vegetables have come to lack two features of interest: nutrition and flavor. Storage and transport take predictable tolls on the volatile plant compounds that subtly add up to taste and food value. Breeding to increase shelf life also has tended to decrease palatability. Bizarre as it seems, we've accepted a tradeoff that amounts to: "Give me every vegetable in every season, even if it tastes like a cardboard picture of its former self."" - Barbara Kingsolver

"When I was little, my ambition was to grow up to be a book. Not a writer. People can be killed like ants. Writers are not hard to kill either. But not books: however systematically you try to destroy them, there is always a chance that a copy will survive and continue to enjoy a shelf-life in some corner on an out-of-the-way library somehwere in Reykjavik, Valladolid or Vancouver." - Amos Oz

"What's love? Something that lasts a week or a month and that's all you can except? Or is it just that some loves have a short shelf life? You know, like yogurt: after a week or two they go bad. And how do you recognize the other kind of love, the kind that isn't like yogurt? The kind that's more like... I don't know, like peanut butter, that lasts forever and always tastes good?" - Katherine Applegate

"You never know what your work is going to do, man, so really, you shouldn't worry about it. But pop stars have to worry about it, because that's their commerce. If you're not number one or selling units, you're not going to be able to make a record next year. For us, it's more like an indie-rock attitude. Put it out, work it, and see what happens. It'll have a shelf life." - Ishmael Butler

"Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf" - Emilia Clarke

"Write the book you've always wanted to read, but can't find on the shelf." - Maggie Stiefvater

"Editors never buy manuscripts that are left on the closet shelf at home." - John W. Campbell

"A ruling passion gives to a shelf of novels the unity of a system." - Graham Greene

"Larousse has a place of honor on every cookbook shelf in America." - Martha Stewart

"She stood there until something fell off the shelf inside her." - Zora Neale Hurston

"Let's put the jam on the lower shelf so the little people can reach it" - Ralph Yarborough

"Listen not to the critics who put their own dreams on the shelf." - Garth Brooks

"Went to the shelf and dusted off the AK, cops gotta get pealed." - Ice Cube

"One could get a first-class education from a shelf of books five feet long." - Charles William Eliot

"Put out as much as you can. It doesn't do anything sitting on a shelf." - Brian Eno

"She's a rare vase, out of a cat's reach, on its shelf." - Derek Walcott

"God wisheth none should wreck on a strange shelf: To him man's dearer than to himself." - Ben Jonson

"Penicillin sat on a shelf for ten years while I was called a quack." - Alexander Fleming

"My books standing there on the shelf do not know that I have written them." - Jorge Luis Borges

"Dead Babies can take care of themselves, dead Babies can't take things off the shelf..." - Alice Cooper

"The world of shelf space is a zero-sum game: One product displaces another." - Chris Anderson

"Broadly, the Long Tail is about abundance. Abundant shelf space, abundant distribution, abundant choice." - Chris Anderson

"There is space in the supermarket shelf for all of us." - Hugh Grant

"Most of my colleagues have research awards on the shelf. I have party invites." - Anita Elberse

"Don't ask me to put up a shelf, but I love engineering." - Bruce Dickinson

"To be in a couple, do you have to put your single self on a shelf?" - Sarah Jessica Parker

"I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my shelf." - Robert Bloch

"A self without a shelf remains cryptic; a home without books naked." - Leah Price

"Books are like imprisoned souls till someone takes them down from a shelf and frees them." - Samuel Butler

"You got me sitting on the shelf, while you're out bewitching someone else." - Jimi Hendrix

"Problem is, you can't accept that his relationship had a real short shelf life. You're like a dog at the dump, baby - you're just lickin' at the empty tin can, trying to get more nutrition out of it. And if you're not careful, that can's gonna get stuck on your snout forever and make your life miserable. So drop it." "But I love him." "So love him." "But I miss him." "So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Problem is, you ca' accept that his relationship had a real short shelf life. You're like a dog at the dump, baby - you're just lickin" at the empty tin can, trying to get more nutrition out of it. And if you're not careful, that can's gonna get stuck on your snout forever and make your life miserable. So drop it." "But I love him." "So love him." "But I miss him." "So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"I look at the books on my library shelves. They certainly seem dormant. But what if the characters are quietly rearranging themselves? What if Emma Woodhouse doesn't learn from her mistakes? What if Tom Jones descends into a sodden life of poaching and outlawry? What if Eve resists Satan, remembering God's injunction and Adam's loving advice? I imagine all the characters bustling to get back into their places as they feel me taking the book down from the shelf. Hurry, they say, he'll expect to find us exactly where he left us, never mind how much his life has changed in the meantime." - Verlyn Klinkenborg

"There are times when you felt especially important to another person, or cared about or loved or accepted. Well, loving relationships aren't something you can have like a precious little jewel you put in a box and then put on your shelf. It's something you walk towards. And there's always difficulties; there's always pain in relationships. But you can keep walking towards that beacon in the distance. That process, that journey, is called life. And if you're moving towards the things that you value, life is more vital, flowing; it's more empowering." - Steven C. Hayes

"Emily Dickinson calls previous poets her kinsmen of the shelf. You can always be consoled by your kinsmen of the shelf and you can participate in poetry by going to them and by trying to make something worthy of them." - Edward Hirsch

"It has long been my belief that everyone's library contains an Odd Shelf. On this shelf rests a small, mysterious completely unrelated to the rest of the library, yet which, upon closer inspection, reveals a good deal about its owner." - Anne Fadiman

"Life delights in life." - William Blake

"Life attracts life." - Paulo Coelho

"Technology is like a fish. The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes." - Andre Heller

"There's a Bible on that shelf there. But I keep it next to Voltaire - poison and antidote." - Bertrand Russell

"Everything in God's store is on the bottom have to get on your knees to get it." - Robert Collier

"People are best on records and books because you can turn them off or put them back on the shelf." - Henry Rollins

"Computers will never take the place of books. You can't stand on a floppy disk to reach a high shelf." - Sam Ewing

"The average food item on a U.S. grocery shelf has traveled farther than most families go on their annual vacations." - Barbara Kingsolver

"At the end of the day, it's all about what's on the shelf at the end of the year." - Steve Coppell

"Over the long haul, salespeople come and go, but having top-shelf management in place is the ultimate answer." - Jason Jordan

"I love the scrapbooks, I have a shelf of scrapbooks fans give me - they're so sweet, so detailed!" - Selena Gomez

"A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend." - Anonymous

"My grandfather's clock was too large for the shelf, So it stood ninety years on the floor." - Henry Clay Work

"Like a sea-beast crawled forth, that on a shelf Of rock or sand reposeth, there to sun itself." - William Wordsworth

"No one who can read, ever looks at a book, even unopened on a shelf, like one who cannot." - Charles Dickens

"Every generation tries to put its doctrine on a high shelf where the children can not reach it." - Walter Rauschenbusch

"It's easy for Americans to forget that the food they eat doesn't magically appear on a supermarket shelf." - Christopher Dodd

"Most people probably don't even know what toothpaste they buy; they just recognize the box on the shelf." - Charles Duhigg

"I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it's got my name on it." - Debbie Harry

"I'm not interested in creating a book that is read once and then placed on the shelf and forgotten." - Richard Scarry

"The best of merchandise will go back to the shelf unless handled by a conscientious, tactful salesman." - James Cash Penney

"People find ideas a bore because they do not distinguish between live ones and stuffed ones on a shelf." - Ezra Pound

"I dreamed of having a book of my own, of writing one that I could put on a shelf." - Patti Smith

"In America, we hurry-which is well; but when the day's work is done, we go on thinking of losses and gains, we plan for the morrow, we even carry our business cares to bed with us...we burn up our energies with these excitements, and either die early or drop into a lean and mean old age at a time of life which they call a man's prime in Europe...What a robust people, what a nation of thinkers we might be, if we would only lay ourselves on the shelf occasionally and renew our edges!" - Mark Twain



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