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Santa Barbara Quotes


"I stand with the Santa Barbara News-Press. How about you?" - Michelle Malkin

"I split my time between Santa Barbara and Aspen. I live on a pretty fast horse." - Kevin Costner

"Work takes me away from my wife, Sue, and my life in Santa Barbara." - Jeff Bridges

"Santa was a fake." - Stephen Lawrence

"Santa Barbara is my hood. I mean, it's not much of a hood, but it is definitely like my hood. I claim Santa Barbara like I claim my family. I'm going to be married and buried there." - Katy Perry

"Nobody shoots at Santa Claus." - Samuel Butler

"Here comes Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus! Right down Santa Claus Lane!" - Gene Autry

"I wasn't Santa in Santa Jr., but I was Santa in Cancel Christmas." - Judd Nelson

"President Reagan rushed home from Santa Barbara vacation, from the Reagan ranch when the Korean jetliner was shot out of the air by the Russians." - Kate Obenshain

"Santa Barbara people are conservative-not like in L.A., where everybody wears rhinestones on their glasses to show that they own an airplane factory." - S J Perelman

"My recent retirement from full-time teaching to the status of research professor at University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB) encouraged me to come out, so to speak." - Shirley Geok-lin Lim

"Santa Barbara people are conservative - not like in L.A., where everybody wears rhinestones on their glasses to show that they own an airplane factory." - S J Perelman

"I live in Santa Barbara. My wife's American, and she lived in England for 11 years and then told me she'd had enough." - Martin Gore

"Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus." - Francis Pharcellus Church

"The Santa Claus principle liquidates itself." - Ludwig Von Mises

"By the way, Santa just is white." - Megyn Kelly

"Be naughty - save Santa a trip." - Anonymous

"They'd boo Santa Claus, this mob." - Jack Gibson

"Barbara Eden is the most beautiful girl in the world." - Larry Hagman

"The greatest thing is not to believe in Santa Claus; it is to be Santa Claus." - Pat Boone

"I got to play Santa, too. It's really important to play Santa, you know." - Judd Nelson

"No viticultural region in America has demonstrated as much progress in quality and potential for greatness as... the Santa Barbara region, where the Burgundian varietals Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are planted in its cooler climates." - Robert M Parker Jr

"I grew up as a kid being able to attend concerts, go to art museums. Santa Barbara was a rich cultural community, and I had access to everything. I think that shaped me as an artist." - Floyd Norman

"Our unalienable right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, those rights were stripped from college kids in Blackburg and Santa Barbara, and from high schoolers at Columbine. And, and from first graders in Newtown, first graders." - Barack Obama

"Santa Barbara is a paradise; Disneyland is a paradise; the U.S. is a paradise. Paradise is just paradise. Mournful, monotonous, and superficial though it may be, it is paradise. There is no other." - Jean Baudrillard

"When I was in college, I wanted to be editor of 'Reason' when I grew up. It was an impractical ambition, especially since the magazine was located in Santa Barbara, way off any journalist's normal career path." - Virginia Postrel

"There are three stages of man: he believes in Santa Claus; he does not believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus." - Bob Phillips

"There are three stages of a man's life: He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus." - Anonymous

"I am very concerned about Barbara Streisand using the 'H' word - 'honkey.' That's what I am concerned about. I am worried about Barbara." - Paul Mooney

"God is a Republican, and Santa Claus is a Democrat." - H L Mencken

"It's like giving up a belief in Santa Claus." - Burton Malkiel

"I feel warm and reassured," I whispered. "He's like Santa." - Maureen Johnson

"I'm not going to make a present of Santa." - Sam Allardyce

"Like everyone in his right mind, I feared Santa Claus." - Annie Dillard

"Please be informed, there is a Santa Claus." - Jim Lovell

"Kids believe in Santa; adults believe in childhood." - Cate Kennedy

"The real Santa Claus is at the mall." - Daniel Handler

"I felt like I had just double-tapped Santa." - Jim Butcher

"I keep three hoes, But don't'call me Santa" - Nicki Minaj

"What kind of Christmas present would Jesus ask Santa for?" - Salman Rushdie

"Not everyone who sells Christmas trees believes in Santa Claus." - Matt Barr

"I'm the only one who still believes in Santa Claus!" - Edith Piaf

"Santa Jr. I was a cop. Yes, I was officially Santa. But a younger Santa. He goes young, clean-shaven, to how we imagine Santa with all the white hair and beard and "Ho ho ho." Kind of funny." - Judd Nelson

"Maybe Santa Claus is real. Here's the problem: reality." - David Remnick

"All the world is happy when Santa Claus comes." - Maud Lindsay

"Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip." - Gary Allan

"I joined the board of the Santa Fe Institute." - Esther Dyson

"I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12!" - Danielle De Niese

"I live in a cabin in Santa Cruz." - Nell Newman

"The role of Barbara, in Music for Millions, was literally a tonic for me" - June Allyson

"Do you remember Barbara Bush? I call her the silver douchebag." - George Carlin

"I have to say that after chemotherapy, Barbara Boxer just isn't that scary anymore." - Barbara Boxer

"If Barbara Walters was interviewing me, I'd figure her career was as dead as mine!" - Tom T Hall

"You won't see me on Barbara Walters; Oprah, that's not who I am." - David Fincher

"It is sad that it was necessary that Santa Barbara should be the example that had to bring it to the attention of the American people. What is involved is the use of our resources of the sea and of the land in a more effective way and with more concern for preserving the beauty and the natural resources that are so important to any kind of society that we want for the future. The Santa Barbara incident has frankly touched the conscience of the American people." - Richard M. Nixon

"After the week at the Fillmore we flew down to L.A. to hang out and pick up whatever gigs we could. We did a gig in Santa Barbara on July 1st and then the next night we opened for Sam & Dave at the Whisky..." - Mitch Mitchell

"Even with clothing naked animals, there were people who wanted to send in money. A woman in Santa Barbara, California, sent a $40,000 check. I fondled it for about five minutes and then sent it back. I told her I couldn't accept money from strangers." - Alan Abel

"I was a very lucky kid, because I grew up affluent Santa Barbara, California. My experience as a child was probably so different from people I met later who grew up in the rural South, where many doors were closed to them." - Floyd Norman

"I was lucky enough to realize my dream. When I was a little kid in Santa Barbara, sitting on the floor in my grandmother's house, dreaming of maybe one day working for Walt Disney, and to have that dream come true, I think that's pretty remarkable." - Floyd Norman

"Just as there are many more Californians now to be found in the temples of Kyoto or the villages of Bali or the mountains of the Himalayas than ever before, what is also exciting is that one can just go downtown Santa Barbara and find ayurvedic medicine, Thai restaurants, and Japanese cars in abundance." - Pico Iyer

"England never felt claustrophobic for me at all. I think it would feel more difficult for me if I lived in mainland Europe. America I think is really easy because Los Angeles has film stars everywhere and musicians and Santa Barbara a lot of people have homes there even if they don't live there. You are kind of inconsequential, no one cares." - Martin Gore

"I'm the youngest of five kids, and I wanted attention. And in Santa Barbara, there was lots of theater going on, so for that area, it was a little bit like playing Little League baseball. There were dance classes, theater classes, and I just loved it." - Anthony Edwards

"I don't trust Santa Barbara as far as I can spit. I am afraid that if I went back there, it's possible that I could be run through their system, their judicial system, and wind up in some county jail where I could be killed and I'm not gonna take that chance." - Randy Quaid

"There's one Baldessari work I genuinely love and would like to own, maybe because of my Midwestern roots and love of driving alone. 'The backs of all the trucks passed while driving from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, California, Sunday, 20 January 1963' consists of a grid of 32 small color photographs depicting just what the title says." - Jerry Saltz

"When I was 11 years old, my parents wanted me to do something besides get in trouble. So they enrolled me in sailing classes at the Sea Shell Association in Santa Barbara, Calif. From the moment I climbed into that 8-foot dinghy in 1952, I knew instinctively what to do and sensed I had done it before." - David Crosby

"When I work in San Francisco doing stand-up, I usually schedule it for July, and we'll drive up the coast and camp in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Big Sur, and we'll just camp our way up the coast, and then we'll get to San Francisco and hang out there for four days." - Greg Fitzsimmons

"I started singing in coffeehouses when I was still in high school, in Santa Barbara. I took a job washing dishes and busing tables in the coffeehouse, so I could be there, and would beg permission to sing harmony with the guy who was singing onstage. That was the first time I ever got on a stage in front of people." - David Crosby

"I'd go to the farmers' market in Santa Barbara, and I'd put out my guitar case, and I'd test out these little ditty songs that I would write, and I would get a couple of avocados, a bag of pistachios, and, like, fifteen bucks. That was a lot of money for me." - Katy Perry

"My parents moved to American Samoa when I was three or four years old. My dad was principal of a high school there. It was idyllic for a kid. I had a whole island for a backyard. I lived there until I was eight years old and we moved to Santa Barbara." - Eric Stoltz

"I love big shrimp, like Japanese botan shrimp and the meaty ones from Santa Barbara, Calif. In classic Japanese cooking, shrimp like these would be dropped into a broth or boiled as served with sushi. But I think boiling dilutes their great flavor, and they are better when stir-fried." - Nobu Matsuhisa

"Texas, to be respected must be polite. Santa Anna living, can be of incalculable benefit to Texas; Santa Anna dead, would just be another dead Mexican." - Sam Houston

"I learn the most from trial and error. I learn about what I'd like to be able to do from people like Barbara Mason. Saying I want to sing like Barbara Mason and doing it, it's two very different scenarios." - Mayer Hawthorne

"Well, she managed to - Barbara was capable of doing practically anything if she set her mind to it. In retrospect, I'm not surprised that Barbara managed to get collect calls through." - Ted Olson

"Barbara Parkins was so rude and petty all of the time. I just found her behavior to be so silly." - Lana Wood

"Barbara Jordan is one [of the political heroes]. Her 1976 speech in New York inspired me to get into politics." - Donna Brazile

"I don't want to be Oprah [Winfrey], I'm not trying to be Barbara Walters, but we can all do better." - Chelsea Handler

"I don't mean to be a diva, but some days you wake up and you're Barbara Streisand." - Courtney Love

"And besides, because of all she has accomplished, Barbara Jordan has always been a hero of mine." - Tom Selleck

"My wife, Barbara, is great. She arranges when I do work that I have a day off between performances." - Don Rickles

"I always feel as if I'm a disappointment: that people want a grand dame in furs like Barbara Taylor Bradford." - Sue Townsend

"A man of fifty looks as old as Santa Claus to a girl of twenty." - William Feather

"Santa will be showing up with Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer." - Conan O'Brien

"Being a superpower is like being a Santa Claus that everyone hates." - Jon Stewart

"I'm trying to get far away from [picturing God as] Gandalf or Santa Claus." - William P Young

"This Christmas, every Christmas, Santa Claus is everywhere and Jesus is nowhere to be found." - Paul Park

"Aren't we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa." - Matt Groening

"Besides, the mhis that surrounded the compound could scramble anything from GPS to Santa Claus." - J.R. Ward

"Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live." - Dennis Miller

"Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus." - Francis Pharcellus Church

"I seriously doubt that the Santa police do an underwear check." -Cora" - Sarah Dessen

"Santa cAme early this year! good things come to those who wait! ? rebelheart" - Madonna Ciccone

"Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!" - Francis Pharcellus Church

"If Mitt Romney was Santa Claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves." - Ted Strickland

"It's called the Santa Claus effect; the holiday period is traditionally a strong cycle." - Andrew Barrett

"Once you stop believing in Santa Claus, the whole world just goes downhill." - Tom Clancy

"Aren't we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa." - Matt Groening

"Santa cAme early this year! good things come to those who wait! rebelheart" - Madonna Ciccone

"Christians are like a thirteen year old kid who still believes in Santa." - Jim Jefferies

"Rumors that the sun is out at Santa Ynez are without foundation," the radio said." - John Brunner

"I'm going to North Pole to help out Santa this year." - Jimmy Fallon

"When I go home to Santa Cruz, I'm the same girl as when I grew up." - Marisa Miller

"I live in Santa Cruz. I moved here in 1974 and couldn't leave." - Ellen Bass

"I was born in Santa Monica but brought up abroad so I don't use English much." - Geraldine Chaplin

"You can't trick The Universe - it's like Santa Claus that way." - Tracy Mcmillan

"Santa Claus has the right idea - visit people only once a year." - Victor Borge

"More than Santa Claus, your sister knows when you've been bad and good." - Linda Sunshine

"A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus." - Herbert Hoover

"I use to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Tom Cruise too." - Barbara Bretton

"Dear Santa, I'm good at being naughty, I think that should count." - Unknown

"If you are clear where you are going and you take several steps in that direction every day, you eventually have to get there. If I head north out of Santa Barbara and take five steps a day, eventually I have to end up in San Francisco. So decide what you want, write it down, review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you toward those goals." - Jack Canfield

"I once asked Barbara Stanwyck the secret of acting. She said: 'Just be truthful - and if you can fake that, you've got it made'." - Fred MacMurray

"I get to cry to Barbara Walters, when things don't go my way. I'll get community service no matter which laws I break." - Brad Paisley

"I lost my wife Barbara to cancer few years ago. I would give whatever time I have left to spend one more day with her." - W P Kinsella

"In Scarlet town, where I was born, There was a fair maid dwellin', Made every youth cry Well-a-day! Her name was Barbara Allen." - Ballads

"I've always wanted to record a jazz record. I did one in the '70s with Barbara Carroll. It's been a journey." - Rita Coolidge

"I'd love to sit down with Barbara Walters. She's always asking people about their personal lives. I'd like to see how she likes it." - Susan Ford

"I will read anything by Laura Hillenbrand, Walter Isaacson, Barbara Kingsolver, John le Carre, John Grisham, Hilary Mantel, Toni Morrison, Anna Quindlen and Alice Walker." - Hillary Clinton

"Almost all first ladies have had tremendous power on personnel issues, whether the public realized it or not, whether it was Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan or whoever." - Dee Dee Myers

"My mother had a radio show - a Barbara Walters type of gal and was very successful for about 20-some years on a radio station." - Jonathan Winters

"Barbara Broccoli was a great friend of my late wife's and continues to be someone who is very gracious with me, my family, and our life." - Pierce Brosnan

"You remember when you were a kid growing up, and believed in Santa Claus? There's not much difference between Santa Claus and me today, you know. We're two overweight lovable guys that kids really enjoy." - Bobby Knight

"Well when I was a kid, I asked Santa Claus for some toys. Santa Claus wrote me a letter that he lost his bag. He said he'd get back to me next year." - Benicio Del Toro

"The gift from my Secret Santa wasn't anything special. That makes me sad. I bet you anything that Mary Elizabeth is my Secret Santa because only she would give me socks." - Stephen Chbosky

"We have confused God with Santa Claus. And we believe that prayer means making a list of everything you don't have but want and trying to persuade God you deserve it. Now I'm sorry, that's not God, that's Santa Claus." - Harold S. Kushner

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist." - Francis Pharcellus Church

"If SANTA CLAUS came down the chimney in a f**king jogging suit, you wouldn't even know it was him." - Wayne Coyne

"So I've started wearing sweatpants to bed because I really don't need Santa seeing me in my underwear." - Jeff Kinney

"When you think about it, Alaska is also near the North Pole, so she must also be friends with Santa." - Jon Stewart

"Because I am still a little girl who believes in Santa and the tooth fairy and you." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"Unwisely, Santa offered a teddy bear to James, unaware he had been mauled by a grizzly earlier this year." - Tim Burton

"God put Santa Claus on earth to remind us that Christmas is 'sposed to be a happy time." - Bil Keane

"I thought you were all-seeing." All-knowing, not all-seeing!" he snapped. "I'm a God, not Santa Claus!" - Kelley Armstrong

"Or why you are wearing a picture of Santa Clause on you shirts, but-" "It's Herman Melville." - Daniel Handler

"God? Nope." requel's smile told me she was joking around to make this easier for me "santa clause? No again." - Claudia Gray

"Or why you are wearing a picture of Santa Clause on you shirts, but-" "It's Herman Melville." - Daniel Handler

"A born terror, a rebel without a pause... Ain't never had a good Christmas, so who is Santa Claus?" - Shyheim

"My husband is so cheap. On Christmas Eve, he fires one shot and tells the kids Santa committed suicide." - Phyllis Diller

"We're not mad at God, just like atheists don't hate Santa or Unicorns, they're just not there!" - Hemant Mehta

"Like kids who only ever get socks for Christmas, but still believe with all their hearts in Santa." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Have you ever wanted to put on a Santa suit?" "I have always wanted to do that," said Carter gravely." - Richelle Mead

"Santa Fe is fun to visit, but property there will cost you an arm and a dillo." - Emo Philips

"You might be a redneck if Santa Claus refuses to let your kids sit in his lap." - Jeff Foxworthy

"If the Pilgrims had landed in Santa Monica Bay rather than Boston, we'd have six states out here!" - Kevin Starr

"I had always heard of Bad Santa one but I hadn't seen it, but it was sort of legendary." - Christina Hendricks

"I will show you the way To Africa comes Santa Claus and before Paris stands Mickey Mouse." - Till Lindemann

"The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants." - John Andrew Holmes

"Two Santa Clauses on the corner. How can you tell the Polish one? The one with the Easter basket." - Henny Youngman

"In the years since his murder, we have transformed King into a kind of innocuous black Santa Claus." - Timothy B. Tyson

"I put on weight like Santa Claus. I just get this belly that kind of extends out." - Christian Bale

"The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live." - George Carlin



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