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Salad Dressing Quotes


"call it chicken salad" - Sarah Dessen

"You cannot see the lettuce and the dressing without suspecting a salad." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"The embarrassing thing is that my salad dressing is out-grossing my films." - Paul Newman

"They call me Tater Salad" - Ron White

"You know how to make salad dressing when you're broke - mayonnaise and ketchup. You're used to it, every day." - Jamal Woolard

"Salad is roughage and a French idea." - M F K Fisher

"I'm pretty awesome at making salad dressings." - Lupita Nyong'o

"You don't win friends with salad." - Homer

"I'm anti-cheese in a salad." - Larry David

"Tabouli is the best salad, but still, you don't win friends with salad" - Richard Dreyfuss

"Salad, I can't bear salad. It grows while you're eating it, you know." - Alan Ayckbourn

"I eat a lot of chicken with salad or salmon with salad." - Jennifer Ellison

"If you're on a budget, Sweetgreen is a new chain of salad bars that are very good but inexpensive. You choose from a menu or customise your own, with some protein, a healthy salad and a great dressing." - Daniel Boulud

"Luc Robitaille is a great kid and good player, but ask anybody on the street and they'd probably think Luc Robitaille is a type of salad dressing." - Bruce McNall

"My perfect last meal would be: shrimp cocktail, lasagna, steak, creamed spinach, salad with bleu cheese dressing, onion rings, garlic bread, and a dessert of strawberry shortcake." - Joan Rivers

"I don't think America will have really made it until we have our own salad dressing. Until then we're stuck behind the French, Italians, Russians and Caesarians." - Pat McNelis

"I was in a supermarket and I saw Paul Newman's face on salad dressing and spaghetti sauce....I thought he was missing." - Bob Saget

"The joy of dressing is an art." - John Galliano

"Dressing well is an expression of manners." - Tom Ford

"Dressing down is a crime against humanity." - Simon Doonan

"I have nothing against glamorous dressing." - Dries Van Noten

"What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art." - Augustus Saint-Gaudens

"He toss my salad like his name Romaine" - Nicki Minaj

"My salad days, When I was green in judgment." - William Shakespeare

"I chop 'em into salad and my name ain't Caesar." - Black Thought

"Ambien might have mentally just tossed my salad. WITH CROUTONS." - Jen Lancaster

"Can't make chicken salad out of chicken noodle" - Mike Ditka

"My salad days, When I was green in judgment." - William Shakespeare

"Vulgarity is the garlic in the salad of charm." - Cyril Connolly

"In LA, I live on sushi or salad." - Denise Van Outen

"Dressing with style is akin to issuing a manifesto; dressing fashionably is like signing a petition." - Jani Allan

"We are beginning to wonder whether a servant girl hasn't the best of it after all. She knows how the salad tastes without the dressing, and she knows how life's lived before it gets to the parlor door." - Djuna Barnes

"No matter what it is you are cooking, buy the best ingredients you can afford. I don't care if it's a simple salad or Beef Wellington. A quality product stands alone and won't need any dressing up." - Joe Bastianich

"A juicy chicken breast can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic Caesar salad or a club sandwich. It's also easy to cook, and can be as simple as dressing it with a few spices and popping in the oven." - Marcus Samuelsson

"Puberty for me was graduating from Thousand Island salad dressing to Caesar salads. It was like going from hot dogs and hamburgers to beef stroganoff, or from ice cream in a cone to creme brulee." - Richard Simmons

"It's like a jar of salad dressing sitting on a shelf... most of the seasoning settles to the bottom of the bottle. But when you shake that bottle up, all the ingredients mix together and then the dressing can add flavor to a salad. In the same way, we can stir ourselves up and regain the reverence, respect and awe we once had for the Lord." - Joyce Meyer

"What do you do when you see a man masturbating at a salad baran actual salad shooterbut wait, I'm single, we're both at the salad bar, we have a lot in common. I like fresh produce, he likes to get fresh with produce. I like nuts on my salad, he likes to nut on his salad." - Alison Rosen

"Dressing well is a form of good manners." - Tom Ford

"Luxury is about pleasing yourself, not dressing for other people" - Marc Jacobs

"There are rumours of fractions within the Palace dressing room." - Shaun Derry

"Dressing is a pleasure; clothes are not a joke." - Jean Paul Gaultier

"Loud-dressing men and women have also loud characters." - Thomas Chandler Haliburton

"Fine dressing is a foule house swept before the doores." - George Herbert

"Good dressing is largely a question of detail and accessories." - Elsie de Wolfe

"Moral vices prosper by dressing themselves as virtues." - Kenneth Minogue

"We've got 12-year-old boys dressing up as transvestites." - David Walliams

"Dressing effectively is a kind of excellent manners." - Tom Ford

"So all my best is dressing old words new." - William Shakespeare

"Well, I think mostly we're dressing for men." - Jerry Hall

"Your dressing area should be your private space." - Kim Cattrall

"I fell in love with dressing myself up." - Fan Bingbing

"People are dressing like stars, which is kind of fantastic." - Philip Treacy

"I don't remember ever dressing up for Halloween but I must have. I do not like dressing up at all." - Rachel Zucker

"Im straight... But my girl a faggot... Potato on the barrel... Potato salad" - Lil Wayne

"Our Garrick 's a salad; for in him we see Oil, vinegar, sugar, and saltness agree!" - Oliver Goldsmith

"What do women really want? They eat green salad and drink human blood." - Saul Bellow

"Letitia! What a name. Halfway between a salad and a sneeze." - Terry Pratchett

"Salad is never more appetizing than when served in a large wooden bowl." - Dorothy Draper

"Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad." - Lyndon B Johnson

"Son, in politics you've got to learn that overnight chicken shit can turn to chicken salad." - Lyndon B Johnson

"Don't be a salad. Be the best god damn broccoli you can ever be." - Pewdiepie

"I think she ate a salad and some soup. And loneliness. She ate that, too." - Markus Zusak

"It's certain that fine women eat A crazy salad with their meat." - William Butler Yeats

"I'm known as a recruiter. Well you've got to have chicken to make chicken salad." - Bear Bryant

"A southerner would fry a salad if he could figure out how." - Joe Thompson

"My salad days, when I was green in judgement, cold in blood." - William Shakespeare

"A good salad may be the prologue to a bad supper." - Thomas Fuller

"Our Garrick's a salad; for in him we see Oil, vinegar, sugar, and saltness agree!" - Oliver Goldsmith

"Life would be fabric-softener, tuna-salad-on-white, PTA-meeting normal." - Augusten Burroughs

"I like to make pasta with puttanesca sauce and arugula salad." - Alanis Morissette

"The addition of nuts in salad... I always find to be beneficial." - Larry David

"You can't set a hen in one morning and have chicken salad for lunch." - George M Humphrey

"When the idea came up, (Newman's Own) I said, "Are you crazy? Stick my face on the label of salad dressing?" And then, of course, we got the whole idea of exploitation and how circular it is. Why not, really, go to the fullest length, and the silliest length, in exploiting yourself and turn the proceeds back to the community?" - Paul Newman

"Twenty-five years ago I couldn`t walk down the street without being recognized. Now I can put a cap on, walk anywhere and no one pays me any attention. They don`t ask me about my movies and they don`t ask me about my salad dressing because they don`t know who I am. Am I happy about this? You bet." - Paul Newman

"Twenty-five years ago I couldn't walk down the street without being recognized. Now I can put a cap on, walk anywhere and no one pays me any attention. They don't ask me about my movies and they don't ask me about my salad dressing because they don't know who I am. Am I happy about this? You bet." - Paul Newman

"It's never been an issue for me - I don't want to go on a diet, I don't want to eat a Caesar salad with no dressing, why would I do that? I ain't got time for this, just be happy and don't be stupid. If I've got a boyfriend and he loves my body then I'm not worried." - Adele

"In L.A., I get a meal delivery service called Diet Designs. I like a nice butter lettuce salad with some avocado, fresh grapefruit, shredded chicken breast and raw almond slices with a sesame vinaigrette dressing. I also love juicing and am kind of obsessed with it." - Fergie

"I take apart restaurant menus everywhere I go. I kind of tick off a lot of chefs in restaurants because I'll say, 'You can keep all of the sauce, keep all of that garbage - just give me that piece of fish. Forget the salad dressing, I don't need all of that extra stuff. Just give it to me straight up, and I'll eat it.'" - Montel Williams

"It is always wise to make too much potato salad. Even if you are cooking for two, make enough for five. Potato salad improves with age - that is, if you are lucky enough to have any left over." - Laurie Colwin

"The metaphor of the melting pot is unfortunate and misleading. A more accurate analogy would be a salad bowl, for, though the salad is an entity, the lettuce can still be distinguished from the chicory, the tomatoes from the cabbage." - Carl N. Degler

"I also like a great Caesar salad with anchovies, although I don't know why some places say 'with anchovies.' If you're making a proper Caesar salad, it's going to have anchovies." - Paula Poundstone

"I'm not going to have a tombstone. I'm going to be tossed in the air. Ashes, tossed like a salad." - William Shatner

"One uncongenial guest can ruin a dinner more easily than a poor salad, and that is saying a great deal." - Myrtle Reed

"Vimes stalked gloomily through the crowded streets, feeling like the only pickled onion in a fruit salad." - Terry Pratchett

"My salad days, When I was green in judgment, cold in blood, To say as I said then." - William Shakespeare

"Love, like a chicken salad a restaurant has, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor." - Helen Rowland

"I love good food. For me, that means lots of green juice, salad, and good dark chocolate." - Stephanie Ellis

""Subterranean Homesick Blues" [of Bob Dylan] captures, in word-salad format, life in an encroaching police state." - Bob Dylan

"I would say that's my normal thing, salad for lunch with chicken or some sort of protein and then pasta." - Devon Windsor

"Even when I go to a salad bar, I need to feel like I'm one of the first people there." - Dane Cook

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to use it in a fruit salad." - Brian O'Driscoll

"It's certain that fine women eat A crazy salad with their meat Whereby the Horn of plenty is undone." - William Butler Yeats

"Sport belongs in a news bulletin about as much as a mummified cat's head belongs in a Caesar salad." - Charlie Brooker

"I always thought the Bible was more of a salad thing, you know, but it isn't. It's a chocolate thing." - Donald Miller

"Catholicism has changed tremendously in recent years. Now when Communion is served there is also a salad bar." - Bill Maher

"When eating out while on tour, a great place to get vegetarian food is Thai restaurants, as they have lots of options. I absolutely adore salad and vegetables - I will eat salad until it's coming out of my ears. Although I think it's great in any form, my particular favourite has to be beetroot salad." - Kate Omara

"Next to dressing for a rout or ball, undressing is a woe." - Lord Byron

"People make things happen. All the rest is just window dressing" - Oprah Winfrey

"Just imagine dressing the two handsomest men in the world, and then getting this!" - Edith Head

"Just remember that, ultimately, dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confidence" - Kate Moss

"What exactly are the ingredients of Ranch dressing? Mayo and disappointment?" - Jim Gaffigan

"I love the return of sweetness and lace. Ladylike dressing is back and it's beautiful." - Glenda Bailey

"My dressing table was willed to me, with some of my furniture." - Alicia Markova

"Ah, Morganville. Where dressing to hide bloodstains was just good daily planning." - Rachel Caine

"I shoved on a dressing-gown, and flew downstairs like a mighty, rushing wind." - P G Wodehouse

"It's almost like putting armor on a woman. It's a very psychological way of dressing." - Alexander Mcqueen

"Let dull critics feed upon the carcases of plays; give me the taste and the dressing." - Lord Chesterfield

"English, however, is kinky. It has a predilection for dressing up like Welsh on lonely nights." - John H. McWhorter

"You make all the fashion statements just by dressing up your mind." - Jason Mraz

"Power dressing is combat gear for the trip to the top." - Valerie Steele

"I'd never been in play long enough for the flowers to die in the dressing room" - Mercedes Mccambridge

"If you can't stand the heat in the dressing-room, get out of the kitchen" - Terry Venables

"Dressing is a matter of taste, and I've met very few Republicans with good taste." - Willie Brown

"Fragrance is the first layer of dressing, a woman's invisible body suit." - Donna Karan

"Chris Lloyd came out of the dressing room like a pistol." - Virginia Wade

"Whatever you do kid, always serve it with a little dressing." - George M Cohan

"The man who enters his wife's dressing room is either a philosopher or a fool." - Honore De Balzac

"I love Halloween and dressing up. I usually have at least three costumes." - Audrina Patridge

"I don't kick dressing room doors, or the cat - or even journalists" - Arsene Wenger

"Writing good jokes requires effort. Think I'll just start dressing funnier." - Dov Davidoff

"No one else on the team in college was dressing up. They were wearing sweats." - Iman Shumpert

"Let dull critics feed upon the carcasses of plays; give me the taste and the dressing." - Lord Chesterfield

"Dressing up is like therapy; I feel better in myself when I've made an effort." - Paloma Faith

"Dressing up. People just don't do it anymore. We have to change that." - John Galliano

"There's room for the Gap, but the joy of dressing is an art." - John Galliano

"Theater dressing rooms are my home away from home - my second home, really." - Cheyenne Jackson

"I always found the road exciting. I liked stinking hotels and freezing dressing rooms." - Suzi Quatro

"I like dressing how I like to dress, and I look like a little art statement." - Kirsten Vangsness

"If you can't stand the heat in the dressing room, get out of the kitchen." - Terry Venables

"I really enjoy dressing up. I'm pretty much a girlie girl." - Joanne Froggatt

"The ladies of comedy now are comfortable dressing up. It's not forbidden anymore." - Tina Fey

"I am a kid in the dressing-up box at heart." - Dawn French

"I love dressing up, though I have to hide my rubbish hair in a hat." - Sophie Mcshera

"I love dressing up, although that doesn't mean necessarily on the school run." - Cate Blanchett

"I aim to be pretty - I gave up dressing to be sexy in the eighties." - Sara Blakely

"No choice maxims - we Stoics don't practice that kind of window dressing." - Seneca the Younger

"To me hair dressing means shape. It's very important that the foundations should be right." - Vidal Sassoon

"There are too many 50-year-olds dressing as 20-year-olds." - Carine Roitfeld

"Dressing for yourself and not a man is definitely something I advocate." - Rachel Roy

"Barbie has always been an inspiration. Dressing her was part of ever girl's dream." - Reem Acra

"You can't complain about your dressing room or you'll look like Celine Dion." - Adele

"There was a note on my dressing room table that said, Call Neil Young." - Carrie Snodgress

"I have a Maltese Shih Tzu. I'm notorious for dressing her up in sweaters." - Caroline Sunshine

"I always find the mirror in the dressing room is where the best artists are." - John Lydon

"I love dressing up." - Bat For Lashes

"I like dressing in all seasons. Every season has its own character and charm." - Pierce Brosnan

"Let dull critics feed upon the carcases of plays; give me the taste and the dressing." - Bill Vaughan

"Whoa!" he says with a smile. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes deepen. "Chicken salad a la George Orwell!" - Haruki Murakami

"It was a salad bar of phobias" - Augusten Burroughs

"Salad bars are like a restaurant's lungs. They soak up the impurities and bacteria in the environment, leaving you with much cleaner air to enjoy." - Doug Coupland



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