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Safe Journey Wishes Quotes


"My art's not safe, I don't want it to be safe, it's not meant to be safe, its controversial, it takes you into deep areas, it's a journey, its starts off in safe areas but it gets into deep waters." - Brian Froud

"If you don't require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world" - Seth Godin

" one who has passed through the storm has ever regretted the journey. No one stands here and wishes to go back to the other side." - Glenn Beck

"Our journey is not complete until all our children ... know that they are cared for and cherished and always safe from harm." - Barack Obama

"It is foolish to strive with what we cannot avoid; we are born subjects, and to obey God is perfect liberty; he that does this shall be free, safe and quiet; all his actions shall succeed to his wishes." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Happiness wishes everybody happy." - Victor Hugo

"Make philosophy thy journey, theology thy journey's end: philosophy is a pleasant way, but dangerous to him that either tires or retires; in this journey it is safe neither to loiter nor to rest, till thou hast attained thy journey's end; he that sits down a philosopher rises up an atheist." - Francis Quarles

"All of you are aware of the journey I've taken this past year and I just want to relay to all of the people that sent along their prayers and well wishes, my heartfelt thanks. It was truly overwhelming to me and my family the outpouring that we received from the Twin Cities community and from across the Midwest." - Fred Hoiberg

"Ah, sunflower, weary of time, Who countest the steps of the sun, Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the traveller's journey is done; Where the youth pined away with desire And the pale virgin shrouded in snow Arise from their graves, and aspire Where my sunflower wishes to go." - William Blake

"God wishes to be seen, wishes to be sought, wishes to be expected, and wishes to be trusted." - John Ortberg

"Sobriety is a journey." - E.V. Stankowski

"The name of the Lord (says the Scripture) is a strong tower; thither the righteous flee and are safe (Proverbs 18:10). Let us secure His favor and He will lead us through the journey of this life and at length receive us to a better." - Samuel Adams

"I knew that if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me." - Cheryl Strayed

"Have you ever been through a painful season in life and wished for something new, something fresh, or even something healing to come along? Take this journey with Robin Price, a widow and single mother with a big heart and passion for those closest to her as she wades through trying to live, let go, and love again. Wishing on Willows is a story of hope that will find you stepping up to the willow tree and daring to make wishes" - Jane Kirkpatrick

"Nothing is really 'safe'." - Bam Margera

"Babies aren't dishwasher-safe." - Daniel Tosh

"Better safe than exsanguinated." - Jim Butcher

"Dolls are safe companions." - Louisa May Alcott

"I find myself frequently placed where I dare give neither assent nor dissent to propositions that are submitted to me; for there is danger that any words I may speak shall be reported as something that the Lord has given me. It is not always safe for me to express my own judgment; for sometimes when someone wishes to carry out his own purpose, he will regard any favorable word I may speak as special light from the Lord" - Ellen G White

"All Wishes are not from HEART !!!" - Vinay Kumar

"If wishes had wings, sheep would fly." - Robert Jordan

"He wasted his wishes on wishing." - Shel Silverstein

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." - Joanne Harris

"Three wishes - no substitutes, exchanges or refunds" - Robin Williams

"But what are wishes, compared with longings?" - Sylvia Townsend Warner

"Religion is made up of unrestrained wishes." - Dorothee Solle

"Every season is a journey. Every journey is a lifetime." - Mike Krzyzewski

"The journey toward the heart is always a journey home." - Jennifer James

"Life's a journey. It's a journey about discovering limits." - Larry Ellison

"Perhaps the longest journey is the journey within." - Shirley Maclaine

"The journey is the destination." - Dan Eldon

"Every journey has an end." - Seneca the Younger

"The journey is the reward" - Steve Jobs

"Making art is a journey." - Meinrad Craighead

"Life is just a journey." - Diana, Princess of Wales

"The journey is the treasure." - Lloyd Alexander

"I tramp a perpetual journey." - Walt Whitman

"Our journey is just beginning." - Moses

"A journey is time suspended." - Louis L'Amour

"Not everyone is a debtor who wishes to be; not everyone who wishes makes creditors." - Francois Rabelais

"For glances beget ogles, ogles sighs, Sighs wishes, wishes words, and words a letter." - Lord Byron

"The lazy ox wishes for horse-trappings, and the steed wishes to plough." - Horace

"Unattainable wishes are often pious. This seems to indicate that only profane wishes are fulfilled." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"Unattainable wishes are often "pious." This seems to indicate that only profane wishes are fulfilled." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"The last safe place is safe no more." - Daniel Handler

"Is this thing safe?" "Safe as life," Gansey replied." - Maggie Stiefvater

"Experience is a safe guide." - William Penn

"Nobody's safe around a writer." - Lanford Wilson

"Freedom is never very safe." - Annie Hill

"The Wilds aren't safe anymore," - Lauren Oliver

"Playing safe is very risky." - Seth Godin

"Magicians guard an empty safe." - Jim Steinmeyer

"Death is perfectly safe. (55)" - Stephen Levine

"Our mythology tells us so much about fathers and sons. ... What do we know about mothers and daughters? ... Our power is so oblique, so hidden, so ethereal a matter, that we rarely struggle with our daughters over actual kingdoms or corporate shares. On the other hand, our attractiveness dries as theirs blooms, our journey shortens just as theirs begins. We too must be afraid and awed and amazed that we cannot live forever and that our replacements are eager for their turn, indifferent to our wishes, ready to leave us behind." - Anne Roiphe

"Who am I?" "What is the purpose of my life?" These questions arise spontaneously throughout our lives, either unbidden or through conscious intent. Anyone who wishes to live an authentic life must answer these questions, regardless of whether they believe in the existence of the soul or practice a religion. If these queries remain unanswered, life will more than likely remain superficial and empty, in spite of any material abundance. If you wish to make the soul's journey, then I suggest you ask yourself these questions relentlessly and ruthlessly, and listen carefully." - Ilchi Lee

"There are no safe rooms, no safe truths, no safe secrets to tell." - Veronica Roth

"Whatever the particular call is, the particular sacrifice God asks you to make, the particular cross He wishes you to embrace, whatever the particular path He wants you to tread, will you rise up, and say in your heart, "Yes, Lord, I accept it; I submit, I yield, I pledge myself to walk in that path, and to follow that Voice, and to trust Thee with the consequences"? Oh! but you say, "I don't know what He will want next." No, we none of us know that, but we know we shall be safe in His hands." - Catherine Booth

"Things don't change, but by and by our wishes change." - Marcel Proust

"If one wishes to become rich they must appear rich." - Oliver Goldsmith

"The signore...wishes her to begin at the beginning." - Philip Roth

"I am always for the man who wishes to work." - Abraham Lincoln

"Fulfilled life is possible in spite of unfulfilled wishes." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"He who wishes to be benevolent will not be rich." - Mencius

"Visualize, 'prayerize', 'actionize', and your wishes will come true." - Charles L Allen

"Those whom God wishes to destroy he drives mad." - Leo Tolstoy

"We must consult our means rather than our wishes." - George Washington

"He warned me the greediest wishes cause the greatest sorrows." - Rick Riordan

"Weep for the lives your wishes never led." - W H Auden

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes." - Fitzhugh Dodson

"If wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean" - Jim Ross

"Hell is full of good wishes or desires." - Bernard Of Clairvaux

"Here I am! Now what are your other two wishes" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"He who wishes to fight must first count the cost" - Sun Tzu

"Daryl shrugged. "If wishes were wardrobes, we'd be in Narnia." - Bryan Davis

"My only wish is that my wishes be at rest." - Anonymous

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes." - Anonymous

"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride." - Anonymous

"If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. (Dark-Hunter)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Beware of your wishes: They will probably come true." - Edward Abbey

"He is rich who wishes no more than he has." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Like dreams, farces show the disguised fulfillment of repressed wishes." - Eric Bentley

"Whom Fortune wishes to destroy she first makes mad." - Publilius Syrus

"Wishes, at least, are the easy pleasures of the poor." - Douglas William Jerrold

"Wishes are thoughts vibrant with life and eager for action." - Mary Martin

"Cinna wishes to seem poor, and is poor" - Marcus Aurelius

"Someone gave me wishes and I wished for an embrace." - Leonard Cohen

"But wishes are only granted in fairy tales." - Simone Elkeles

"All your secret wishes could right now be coming true." - Elliott Smith

"The angry man wishes the object of his anger to suffer in return; hatred wishes its object not to exist." - Aristotle

"The best friend is he that, when he wishes a person's good, wishes it for that person's own sake." - Aristotle

"Art is not difficult because it wishes to be difficult, but because it wishes to be art." - Donald Barthelme

"How seek the way which leadeth to our wishes? By renouncing our wishes. The crown of excellence is renunciation." - Hafez

"The bereaved had never any doubt about their dear ones' wishes and those wishes usually squared with their own inclinations." - Agatha Christie

"Every journey begins with a single step." - Maya Angelou

"Never judge a journey by the distance..." - Jacqueline Winspear

"A map is not a journey." - Phyllis A. Whitney

"In a long journey straw waighs." - George Herbert

"Playing guitar is a never-finished journey." - John Fogerty

"The journey is essential to the dream." - Francis Of Assisi

"Writing is a journey into the unknown." - Charlie Kaufman

"Happiness isn't a destination; its a journey." - Austin Carlile

"Continual improvement is an unending journey" - Lloyd Dobyns

"A journey once begun, has no end" - Kiran Desai

"Midway upon the journey of our life" - Dante Alighieri

"Happiness is a journey not a destination." - Ben Sweetland

"Sometimes a journey makes itself necessary." - Anne Carson

"Our real journey in life is interior." - Thomas Merton

"Art is a journey of discovery." - John Paul Caponigro

"A journey is a fragment of Hell." - Bruce Chatwin

"Memory is the basis of every journey." - Stephen King

"Love is a journey, not a destination" - Ramon Bautista

"The journey, Not the destination matters..." - T S Eliot

"Joy makes the longest journey too short." - John Wooden

"I love Journey and Fleetwood Mac." - Brendon Urie

"The mythic journey is always about selflessness." - Chris Pine

"A Grandmother is a safe haven." - Suzette Haden Elgin

"Outside our small safe place flies mystery." - A S Byatt

"Nothing matters if we aren't safe" - Marco Rubio

"England is safe, if true within itself." - William Shakespeare

"Pornography supplies the only really safe sex." - Mason Cooley

"Fear is choosing the safe course" - George Bernard Shaw

"No family is safe when I sashay," - Perfume Genius

"Safe is just another word for scared." - Sarah Addison Allen

"You'll always be safe with me." - Alyson Noel

"The. World. Is. Not. A. Safe. Place." - Jandy Nelson

"Movies that look safe are less interesting." - Guillermo Del Toro

"Highly reliable components are not necessarily safe. ." - Nancy Leveson

"Keeping you safe keeps me in shape." - Ilona Andrews

"Where Jack isn't safe, Tom's in danger." - George Eliot

"All are / naked, none is safe." - Marianne Moore

"A safe pleasure is a tame pleasure." - Ovid

"Real communication happens when people feel safe." - Ken Blanchard

"Fathers should make you feel safe." - Karen Cushman

"Cigars are no safe alternative act." - Ed Markey

" make the world safe for democracy." - Woodrow Wilson

"Better to be safe than sorry." - Samuel Lover

"Anything that's too safe is not action." - Elizabeth Streb

"In a way, I was safe writing" - Franz Kafka

"People get careless when they're feeling safe." - Sue Grafton

"Don't be ashamed to play safe." - Arnold Palmer

"Prayers and provender hinder no journey. [Prayers and provender hinder no man's journey.]" - George Herbert

"The longest journey you'll ever make is the journey from the head to the heart" - Lissa Rankin

"The journey of true success and lasting leaderships begins with the inward journey to the soul." - James Arthur Ray

"Every journey conceals another journey within its lines: the path not taken and the forgotten angle." - Jeanette Winterson

"Love is a hero's journey, and the hero's journey is a noble but difficult path." - Marianne Williamson

"For a morning raine leave not your journey. [For a morning rain leave not your journey.]" - George Herbert

"Love is the beginning of the journey, its end, and the journey itself." - Deepak Chopra

"At the last stages of the journey, there's no journey at all." - Jay Michaelson

"The dreams I chased took me on a journey,a journey more rewarding than the goals" - Shahrukh Khan

"The farther the outward journey takes you, the deeper the inward journey must be." - Henri Nouwen



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