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Sadness Quotes


"Farewell sadness Good-day sadness." - Paul Eluard

"Sadness was so claustrophobic." - Kiran Desai

"Sadness is so ungrateful." - Han Suyin

"The sadness will last forever." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Sadness diminishes a man's powers" - Baruch Spinoza

"Activity and sadness are incompatible." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Activity and sadness are incompatible." - Anonymous

"What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?" - William Shakespeare

"What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?" - William Shakespeare

"Depression is sadness gone wrong" - Lewis Wolpert

"Sadness isn't a natural response." - Byron Katie

"I had sadness for breakfast." - Andy Milonakis

"All sadness is a tantrum." - Byron Katie

"Sadness of love without release." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"SADNESSES OF THE INTELLECT: Sadness of being misunderstood [sic]; Humor sadness; Sadness of love wit[hou]t release; Sadne[ss of be]ing smart; Sadness of not knowing enough words to [express what you mean]; Sadness of having options; Sadness of wanting sadness; Sadness of confusion; Sadness of domes[tic]ated birds; Sadness of fini[shi]ng a book; Sadness of remembering; Sadness of forgetting; Anxiety sadness..." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"Sadness is a state of sin." - Andre Gide

"All pleasures contain an element of sadness." - Jonathan Eybeschutz

"Sadness was a very heavy thing." - Arthur Golden

"And happiness is always louder than sadness." - Deborah Harkness

"I tend to equate sadness with intelligence." - Chuck Klosterman

"Beauty and sadness always go together." - George Macdonald

"Do you understand the sadness of geography?" - Michael Ondaatje

"She seemed imprisoned in her sadness." - Sena Jeter Naslund

"Joy and sadness come by turns." - Walker Percy

"Sadness is twilight's kiss on earth." - Wole Soyinka

"Sadness is very close to hate." - Michael Ondaatje

"I can see that the sadness has returned. And it's not a beautiful sadness- beautiful sadness is a myth. Sadness turns our features to clay, not porcelain." - David Levithan

"All pleasures contain an element of sadness." - Jonathan Eibeschutz

"Sadness puts my heart in a prison." - Liane Holliday Willey

"Don't make everyone know about your sadness." - John Steinbeck

"Sadness is also a kind of defence." - Ivo Andric

"Red is the ultimate cure for sadness." - Bill Blass

"The easiest thing to feel is sadness." - Justin Vernon

"SADNESSES OF THE COVENANT: Sadness of God's love; Sadness of God's back ; Favorite-child sadness; Sadness of being sad in front of one's God; Sadness of the opposite of belief ; What if? Sadness; Sadness of God alone in heaven; Sadness of a God who would need people to pray to Him..." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"The sadness of the incomplete, the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art." - E M Forster

"I feel a sense of sadness and joy. Mostly sadness though about what I've experienced and sadness about what others have experienced in reference to the stroke." - Luther Vandross

"Intoxicated with madness, I'm in love with my sadness" - Sylvia Plath

"I disliked the unfamiliar happiness more than the familiar sadness" - Tablo

"The weight of sadness was in wonder lost." - William Wordsworth

"Sadness takes up the pen more readily than joy." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"Gaiety is the soul's health; sadness is its poison." - Stanislaw I Leszczynski

"Music expresses first of all sadness rather than joy." - Ignacy Jan Paderewski

"I think there is something beautiful in reveling in sadness" - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"People don't die from suicide, they die from sadness." - Timothy Long

"I leave with sadness, but also with pride," - Rahul Dravid

"She was experiencing the same odd happiness and odd sadness as then. The sadness meant: We are at the last station. The happiness meant: We are together. The sadness was form, the happiness content. Happiness filled the space of sadness." - Milan Kundera

"It was so gorgeous it almost felt like sadness." - Banana Yoshimoto

"Sadness is just another word for not enough coffee." - Scott Adams

"...the human body is mostly blood and mystery and sadness..." - Charles Bukowski

"Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue." - Andre Gide

"Self-pity" is just sadness, I think, in the pejorative." - Renata Adler

"Be open to your happiness and sadness as they arise." - John M. Thomas

"The only way to overcome sadness is to consume it." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"My country's main exports are stolen cars and sadness." - Aleksandar Hemon

"[The blues] is the antidote for sadness and depression." - Warren Haynes

"Our sadness is not sad, but our cheap joys." - Henry David Thoreau

"Family likeness has often a deep sadness in it." - George Eliot

"Life is too tragic for sadness: Let us rejoice." - Edward Abbey

"The ground of all great thoughts is sadness." - Philip James Bailey

"How often is immense sadness mistaken for courage?" - Anthony Marra

"We all harbour a great sadness in our soul" - Paulo Coelho

"May the angels protect you, and sadness forget you." - Madonna Ciccone

"What signifies sadness, sir; a man grows lean on it." - Henry Mackenzie

"This is my sadness for shooting my friend" - Zazie

"There would be no sequel to the sadness" - Salvador Plascencia

"The best cure for sadness is doing something." - Nancy E. Turner

"What is it about sadness that can be so fulfilling?" - Lori Lansens

"I immediately target sadness and conflict and disruption in life." - Rachael Yamagata

"Gaiety is the soul's health; sadness is its poison." - Stanislaw I Leszczynski

"Sadness is but a wall between two gardens." - Khalil Gibran

"Walt Disney was not a merchant of sadness." - James Macarthur

"Melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness." - Italo Calvino

"Even among the angels, there is the sadness of division." - Nicole Krauss

"I love sad. Sadness makes you feel more than anything." - Jeff Ament

"Sadness flies away on the wings of time." - Jean De La Fontaine

"One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness." - Jackie Kennedy

"Oh the gladness of their gladness when they're glad, And the sadness of their sadness when they're sad; But the gladness of their gladness, and the sadness of their sadness, Are as nothing to their badness when they're bad" - James M Barrie

"In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends." - Okakura Kakuzo

"Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire." - Patti Smith

"In deep sadness there is no place for sentimentality." - William S Burroughs

"Success will (, ameliorate all the years of your sadness." - Jon Jones

"Behind every crime is a story of sadness." - Enrique Pena Nieto

"But solitude is sadness.' 'Yes; it is sadness. Life, however, has worse than that. Deeper than melancholy lies heart-break." - Charlotte Bronte

"With each sadness a woman gets more beautiful. I wonder if with each sadness a man gets stronger." - Gackt

"The sadness you feel is not your own. It's his sadness you feel in your heart, Amy, for missing you." - Justin Cronin

"For a human being, sadness is as powerful as terror. Sadness makes a warrior shed tears of blood." - Carlos Castaneda

"Sadness is not always the worst feeling. Sometimes it's a really pleasurable thing to be overwhelmed with sadness." - Matt Berninger

"I'm trying to make sure that there's comedy as well as sadness. It makes the sadness more memorable." - Rick Moody

"Brod discovered 613 sadnesses, each perfectly unique, each a singular emotion, no more similar to any other sadness than to anger, ecstasy, guilt, or frustration. Mirror Sadness. Sadness of Domesticated Birds. Sadness of Being Sad in front of One's Parent. Humor Sadness. Sadness of Love Without Release." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"Once there had been joy, but now there was only sadness, and it was not, he knew, alone the sadness of an empty house; it was the sadness of all else, the sadness of the Earth, the sadness of the failures and the empty triumphs." - Clifford D Simak

"It's so difficult to describe depression to someone who's never been there, because it's not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it's that cold absence of feeling- that really hollowed-out feeling." - J K Rowling

"A good cry can be wonderful sometimes, and sadness is nothing more than love announced. Sadness and Unhappiness are not the same thing, and it is good to remember that. And there is this: sadness cleanses the heart." - Neale Donald Walsch

"It's so difficult to describe depression to someone who's never been there, because it's not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it's that cold absence of feeling- that really hollowed-out feeling." - J K Rowling

"When repeated difficulties do arise, our first spiritual approach is to acknowledge what is present, naming, softly saying 'sadness, sadness', or 'remembering, remembering', or whatever." - Jack Kornfield

"Bridget's anger evaporated and the sadness came back. The anger was easier. She owned and contolled it, whereas the sadness owned her." - Ann Brashares

" make art is to realize another's sadness within, realize the hidden sadness in other people's lives, to feel sad with and for a stranger." - Marianne Wiggins

"And even sadness was also something for rich people, for people who could afford it, for people who didn't have anything better to do. Sadness was a luxury." - Clarice Lispector

"If there was sadness in this creative world of mine, it was a pleasant sadness. If there were problems, they were humorous problems." - Norman Rockwell

"(His) sadness grew; it became a rock inside him, pulling him down. He carried the sadness everywhere, morning, noon, and night. It hurt to breathe." - Kevin Henkes

"It's sadness coming on like the old days, the vast seamless hopeless weight of sadness looking for a place to rest." - Tim Winton

"But now the joy is gone and the sadness is back, the sadness feels like something deserved, the price of some not-quite-forgotten betrayal." - Stephen King

"Your sadness is one of the things that makes you beautiful to me. Don't you see that? I understand it. It makes my own sadness less frightening." (Brigan)" - Kristin Cashore

"I think sadness prevails in Syria now. We don't feel anything else but sadness because we have this killing every day, whether with chemical or any other kind." - Bashar al-Assad

"Sadness is the matrix from which wit and irony spring; sadness is uncomfortable and creative, which is why consumer society cannot tolerate it." - Germaine Greer

"a joy that hurts with sadness a sadness that is pleasurable a pleasure full of terror a terror that excites an excitement that calms a calmness that frightens." - Aidan Chambers

"To me, sadness and humor aren't disrelated and humor is the best tool I've had against the sadness in my life." - Mike Mills

"There is a deep sadness to American poverty, greater than the sadness of any other kind. It's because America has such an ideology of success." - Will Self

"One's suffering disappears when one lets oneself go, when one yields - even to sadness." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning isn't so great" - Alyssa Milano

"Sadness is not necessarily something bad. Don't judge it as a bad or negative quality." - Rajneesh

"Together, we'll live with the sadness. I'll love you with all the madness in my soul." - Koushun Takami

"Recalling days of sadness, memories haunt me. Recalling days of happiness, I haunt my memories." - Robert Breault

"Be of good cheer, for sadness cannot heal the national wounds." - Dorothea Dix

"Even though sometimes you can control your anger, you can't control your sadness." - Barbara Park

"A person can't know what happiness is without experiencing sadness. And I think that's healthy." - Jai Courtney

"Happiness, sadness, loss and gain all pass away. What they do to us is what remains." - Yasmin Mogahed

"A tender sadness drops upon my soul, like the soft twilight dropping on the world." - Alexander Smith

"I know a cure for sadness: Let our hands touch something that makes your eyes smile." - Meera

"Tears are often a gift from God, and sadness is a healthy emotion." - Alan Loy McGinnis

"Our infinite sadness can only be cured by an infinite love." - Pope Francis

"So sadness is a place?' Giovanni asked. 'Sometimes people live there for years,'I said." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"One of the failures of cellular communication is that tiredness often comes across as sadness." - Rachel Cohn

"A wonderful book . . . Full of sadness, hope, and ultimately love. I found it very moving." - Esther Freud

"My mother's mild-eyed sadness looks at me from the eyes of those I love." - Mason Cooley

"Feel no sadness because of evil thoughts: it only strengthens them." - Nachman of Breslov

"Nothing can rightly compel a simple and brave man to a vulgar sadness." - Henry David Thoreau

"Sadness is an opportunity; a good opportunity to learn the real life!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"The word "happiness" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness." - Carl Jung

"The trouble with a great sadness is that it doesn't fit inside your body." - Manuel Rivas

"Sadness can find you anywhere, anytime, so you better have fun when you can." - Rebecca Wells

"If you don't enjoy your life, sorrow, sadness, suffering, fear, shame and guilt will." - Iyanla Vanzant

"Having a soul, they say, is like taking sadness and turning it into something beautiful." - Florence Welch

"Time heals many wounds but this loss becomes the defining sadness of your life." - Claire Cook

"I too have known joy and sadness, and, on the whole, I prefer joy." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"The big difference between human happiness and sadness? Thirty-seven freakin' vibrations." - Michael Tilson Thomas

"Experiencing deep sadness can, sometimes, heighten your ability to feel joy." - Marketa Irglova

"...sadness is a powerful foe, maybe harder to keep down than happiness..." - Katherine Hannigan

"There's a moment of profound sadness that can be dispelled only by summoning my anger." - Libba Bray

"Benvolio: What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours? Romeo: Not having that, which, having, makes them short." - William Shakespeare

"In an expression of true gratitude, sadness is conspicuous only by its absence" - Marcus Aurelius

"There's such a thing as too much happiness and sadness. What I'm after is contentment." - Ray Charles

"...too much sadness hath congealed your blood,And melancholy is the nurse of frenzy." - William Shakespeare

"Of course. My sadness has become a routine that no one notices anymore." - Paulo Coelho

"Hate is a place where a man who ca' stand sadness goes." - Kentaro Miura

"He thought about himself and to the young that always brings sadness." - Sherwood Anderson

"Maybe sadness was a kind of hunger, she thought. Maybe the two went together." - Margaret Atwood

"Melancholy held me hostage, and the bees built a hive of sadness in my soul." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"I oscillate between life and death, happiness and sadness, good and evil." - Alexander Mcqueen

"If my life was a hole, it would be deep, filled with melancholy and sadness." - James Dye

"Money, the root of all evil... but the cure for all sadness." - Mike Gill



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