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Sacred Teachings Quotes


"Everything is sacred and nothing is sacred." - Shailene Woodley

"Women are sacred." - Vin Diesel

"The tarot is sacred." - Alejandro Jodorowsky

"The seven sacred teachings: love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, truth. These are the seven virtues that lead to a full and healthy life. My mom espoused those teachings. That's how she lived her life. That's how she raised us." - Perry Bellegarde

"Life is sacred. Life is art. Life is sacred art." - Gabrielle Roth

"Pagans exalt sacred things, the Prophets extol sacred deeds." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Sacred cows make great hamburgers." - Robert Reisner

"All true work is sacred." - Thomas Carlyle

"Sage is cleansing and sacred." - Pink

"There's no way you can misunderstand the teachings of the Qur'an, there's no way you can misunderstand the teachings of the Bible, there's no way you can misunderstand the teachings of the Bhaghavad Gita, or of the Book of Mormon, or of the other sacred texts of many of those religions." - Neale Donald Walsch

"In every religion, there are those who would drape themselves in the mantle of belief and faith only to distort it's most sacred teachings - preaching intolerance and resorting to violence." - Hillary Clinton

"The Book of Mormon is in absolute harmony from start to finish with other sacred scriptures. There is not a doctrine taught in it that does not harmonize with the teachings of Jesus Christ." - Heber J Grant

"Religion is often politics made sacred." - Gloria Steinem

"Sacred cows make the best hamburger." - Mark Twain

"Sacred religion! mother of form and fear." - Samuel Daniel

"The sacred influence of light appears." - John Milton

"Celebrate the Sacred in the ordinary." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"Irreverence is our only sacred cow." - Paul Krassner

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift." - Albert Einstein

"To Americans religious freedom is sacred." - John Travolta

"Comments are free but facts are sacred." - C P Scott

"Sacred cows make the best hamburgers." - Mark Twain

"Comment is free, but facts are sacred." - C P Scott

"The fountains of sacred rivers flow upwards." - Euripides

"Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"I find most 'sacred music' pretty dismal." - Dick Cavett

"Work to me is a sacred thing." - Margaret Bourkewhite

"How sweet and sacred idleness is!" - Walter Savage Landor

"Nothing is sacred to a gamester." - Bernard Joseph Saurin

"I think laughter is a sacred act." - Tom Shadyac

"Committing yourself to one person is sacred." - Natalie Portman

"I've never considered musical equipment very sacred." - Kurt Cobain

"Politics itself is not sacred any more." - Donald Tusk

"The bandstand is a sacred place." - Wynton Marsalis

"Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger." - Abbie Hoffman

"I' been very partial to Malcolm X, particularly his self-help teachings." - Clarence Thomas

"If you hate the Jewish people, you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ." - Ted Cruz

"Evangelicals too often fall short in their actual teachings about Judaism." - Elliott Abrams

"I'd been very partial to Malcolm X, particularly his self-help teachings." - Clarence Thomas

"Nothing is sacred. And, more importantly...the 'nothing' you end up with is truly sacred." - Douglas Rushkoff

"Everything sacred, nothing sacred." - Bodhidharma

"The sacred truth of science is that there are no sacred truths." - Carl Sagan

"Laugh at what you hold sacred, and still hold it sacred." - Abraham Maslow

"I believe in nothing, everything is sacred. I believe in everything, nothing is sacred." - Tom Robbins

"The novelist's intuition for the sacred differs from the translator's interrogation of the sacred." - Cynthia Ozick

"The point is that most of what we currently hold sacred is not sacred for any reason other than that it was thought sacred yesterday." - Sam Harris

"When the Sacred Masculine is combined with the sacred feminine inside each of us, we create the 'sacred marriage' of compassion and passion in ourselves." - Matthew Fox

"Are the great spiritual teachings really advocating that we fight evil because we are on the side of light, the side of peace? Are they telling us to fight against that other 'undesirable' side, the bad and the black. That is a big question. If there is wisdom in the sacred teachings, there should not be any war. As long as a person is involved with warfare, trying to defend or attack, then his action is not sacred; it is mundane, dualistic, a battlefield situation." - Chogyam Trungpa

"Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbor." - Giotto Di Bondone

"My joy in friends, those sacred people, is my consolation." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When you consider Life as sacred,Nature waits on you" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"In appreciating our neighbor, we're participating in something truly sacred." - Fred Rogers

"Dissent is not sacred; the right of dissent is." - Thurman Arnold

"Love is sacred. Beauty is sacred. Flowers are sacred. Birds are sacred. And sacredness brings the perfume of love and compassion. Therefore love and compassion is the perfume of sacredness. It sounds rather poetic, but...God IS poetry." - Vasant Lad

"It doesn't have to be somber to be sacred." - David Wolpe

"The very flowers are sacred to the poor." - William Wordsworth

"To recognize another's inwardness is to have seen the sacred." - Peter Koestenbaum

"Everywhere is the center of the world. Everything is sacred." - Black Elk

"Every part of the earth is sacred to my people." - Chief Seattle

"Football is the last sacred ritual of our time." - Pier Paolo Pasolini

"Your self is sacred; be true to it." - Paul Brunton

"Opening to the sacred, we transform our vision of ourselves." - Stephanie Dowrick

"Story is a sacred visualization, a way of echoing experience." - Terry Tempest Williams

"Mantras are passwords that transform the mundane into the sacred." - Deva Premal

"The task of life is to face sacred moments." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Life isn't nearly as sacred as the appreciation of passion." - Kurt Cobain

"Happiness is all about milking the "sacred now"." - Robert Holden

"No facts to me are sacred; none are profane." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The clock is the most sacred thing in a hospital." - John Wyndham

"Love wins. Sleep is a healer. Loved ones are sacred." - Jennifer Nettles

"Mythology can be defined as the sacred history of humankind." - Gerald Hausman

"I have another duty equally sacred.... My duty to myself." - Henrik Ibsen

"Religion blushing, veils her sacred fires, And unawares Morality expires." - Alexander Pope

"Or ope the sacred source of sympathetic tears." - Thomas Gray

"Oh! may each youthful bosom, catch the sacred fire..." - Ann Plato

"Woman is sacred; the woman one loves is holy." - Alexandre Dumas

"Drawing and masturbation were the first sacred experiences I remember." - Carolee Schneemann

"The sacred exists only at the expense of the truth." - Mark Russell

"I have other duties equally sacred ... Duties to myself." - Henrik Ibsen

"Poetry and art and knowledge are sacred and pure." - George Eliot

"Sacrifice is nothing other than the production of sacred things." - Georges Bataille

"Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour." - Giotto Di Bondone

"No sacred fane requires us to submit to insult." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Sacred or not, sacrifice is an ugly business." - Mason Cooley

"The Bible is God's sacred Word of truth." - Joseph Franklin Rutherfor

"There's nothing more fun than making fun of what's sacred." - Adam Mckay

"Sacred spaces can be created in any environment." - Christy Turlington

"She was deeply passionate about the sacred feminine." - Dan Brown

"The road to the sacred leads through the secular." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"My teachings are my life." - Joyce Meyer

"I believe in the teachings of Christ. I think that's a good way to set your moral compass." - Margo Macdonald

"Thanksgiving is a season that is very much in accord with the themes and teachings of Jesus Christ." - John Clayton

"I have always worked with energy. Everything is energy. Buddhism. Christ teachings. These are foundation stones for a spiritual life." - Dave Davies

"There are two worlds: the world where nothing is sacred except money, an the other world, where everything is sacred." - Ron Kauk

"In every well-governed state, wealth is a sacred thing; in democracies it is the only sacred thing." - Anatole France

"We hereby declare the end to the wall dividing the sacred from the profane: from now on, all is sacred." - Paulo Coelho

"From the animist point of view, humans belong in a sacred place because they themselves are sacred. Not sacred in a special way, not more sacred than anything else, but merely as sacred as anything else - as sacred as bison or salmon or crows or crickets or bears or sunflowers." - Daniel Quinn

"You all have learned reliance On the sacred teachings of Science, So I hope, through life, you will never decline In spite of philistine Defiance To do what all good scientists do. Experiment. Make it your motto day and night. Experiment. And it will lead you to the light." - Cole Porter

"...the history of early-medieval Arabia is nearly all legend. Like Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and other founders of patriarchal religions, Mohammed lacks real verification. There is no reliable information about his life or teachings. Most stories about him are as apocryphal as the story that his coffin hangs forever in mid-air "between heaven and earth," like the bodies of ancient sacred kings." - Barbara G. Walker

"I feel like I'm kind of an obvious person. I like to keep some things in my life sacred, like keep the sacred, sacred. Apart from that part of my life, I'm a very open person." - Shailene Woodley

"Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning...because humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return." - Hiromu Arakawa

"The teachings of elegant sayings Should be collected when one can. For the supreme gift of words of wisdom, Any price will be paid." - Nagarjuna

"I will go about, from kingdom to kingdom, training many disciples. They - heedful, resolute doing my teachings - despite your wishes, will go where, having gone, there's no grief." - Buddha

"Within the context of listening and understanding and walking with people together, we discover anew what were the teachings of Jesus, what he presented to us." - Joseph Edward Kurtz

"The teachings of the New Testament are the most valuable guide to the best way to a civil and sustainable society the world has seen." - Andrew Forrest

"Awareness of the sacred in life is what holds our world together, and the lack of awareness of the sacred is what is tearing it apart." - Joan D. Chittister

"An authentic updating of sacred music can take place only in the lineage of the great tradition of the past, of Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"I could not write about a subject sacred to me because I would be too flippant. Fortunately, there are no subjects sacred to me." - Joseph Heller

"The song and the drumming were like this: Behold, a sacred voice is calling you; All over the sky a sacred voice is calling." - Black Elk

"The place where two friends first met is sacred to them all through their friendship, all the more sacred as their friendship deepens and grows old." - Phillips Brooks

"All wars are sacred to those who have to fight them. If the people who started wars didn't make them sacred, who would be foolish enough to fight?" - Margaret Mitchell

"Hold the period of youth sacred to education, and the period of maturity, when the physical forces begin to flag, equally sacred to ease and agreeable relaxation." - Edward Bellamy

"The Old Religion, as we call it, is closer in spirit to Native American traditions or to shamanism of the Arctic. It is not based on dogma or a set of beliefs, nor on scriptures or a sacred book revealed by a great man. Witchcraft takes it's teachings from nature, and reads inspiration in the movements of the sun, moon, and stars, the flight of birds, the slow growth of trees, and the cycles of the seasons." - Starhawk

"Would you say that any one sacred book is superior to all others in the world? ... I say the New Testament, after that, I should place the Koran , which in its moral teachings, is hardly more than a later edition of the New Testament. Then would follow according to my opinion the Old Testament, the Southern Buddhist Tripitaka , the Tao-te-king of Laotze , the Kings of Confucius , the Veda and the Avesta ." - Max Muller

"I accept the teachings of my own church in terms of how I live, how my wife and I live, what we teach our kids. But I don't think the teachings of my church are such that I should legislate that for everybody else." - Tim Kaine

"Golf is not sacred, and there is no use getting so gosh-darned solemn about it." - Don Herold

"To me, nature is sacred; trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"The sacred is found boring by many who find the uncanny fascinating." - Mason Cooley

"When you notice something clearly and see it vividly, it then becomes sacred." - Allen Ginsberg

"Whatever you do, do with deep alertness, then even small things become sacred." - Rajneesh

"If all the ancient sacred writings had been preserved, some would be found to be heretical." - Nachman of Breslov

"The miserable are sacred." - Seneca the Younger

"All over the sky a sacred voice is calling your name." - Black Elk

"We live, after all, in a world where illusions are sacred and truth profane." - Tariq Ali

"The protection of a man's person is more sacred than the protection of his property." - Thomas Paine

"There are times when silence is the most sacred of responses." - Eugene Kennedy

"The talents of an artist, small or large, are God-given... They are a sacred trust." - Paul Robeson

"IMBECILITY, n. A kind of divine inspiration, or sacred fire affecting censorious critics of this dictionary." - Ambrose Bierce

"Mining in BC's Sacred Headwaters is like drilling for oil in the Sistine Chapel" - Wade Davis

"The prophet's mantle, ere his flight began, Dropt on the world-a sacred gift to man." - Thomas Campbell

"I take the museum space also as sacred in a sense." - Tadao Ando

"I know of no more sacred duty than to rear and educate a child." - Ludwig Van Beethoven

"There is a seamless web to life.. all life is sacred.." - Nat Hentoff

"The only sacred cow is an organisation should be its basic philosophy of doing business." - Thomas Watson Jr

"Let the soul who is desirous of advancing in perfection hasten to My Sacred Heart." - Gertrude the Great

"Every child's life is sacred and it is long past time that we protect it." - Marian Wright Edelman

"To worship a sacred mystery was just to worship your own ignorance." - Eliezer Yudkowsky

"From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"There is no language of the holy. The sacred lies in the ordinary." - Deng Ming-Dao

"After love, the most sacred gift you can give is your labor." - Donn Alan Pennebaker

"The sacred Dove a quill did lend From her high-soaring wing." - Sir Francis Nethersole

"In days of yore [in ancient Greece] nothing was sacred but the beautiful." - Friedrich Schiller

"One word can charm all wrongs away, - The sacred name of Wife." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Proverbs like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Things sacred should not only be touched with the hands, but unviolated in thought." - Cicero

"The prophet's mantle, ere his flight began, Dropt on the world - a sacred gift to man." - Thomas Campbell

"Conscience is a sacred sanctuary where God alone may enter as judge." - Hugues Felicite Robert de Lamennais

"For friendship, of itself a holy tie, Is made more sacred by adversity." - John Dryden

"Now from the world, Sacred to sweet retirement, lovers steal, And pour their souls in transport." - James Thomson

"Marriage is a fine and sacred thing if you make it so." - William Lyon Phelps



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