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Sabrina Quotes


"Delightful as teenage witch-in-training Sabrina." - Melissa Joan Hart

"You sick, twisted monster," Sabrina seethed at Pinocchio." - Michael Buckley

"He turned into a rhinocerous," Ms. Smirt said. "He does that," Sabrina said." - Michael Buckley

"Sabrina ran for seven years with a different director every week." - Melissa Joan Hart

"The whole reason Sabrina came about was because we wanted something good for families to watch on TV." - Melissa Joan Hart

"My favorite thing before going to school was watching 'Full House,' 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch,' and 'Boy Meets World.'" - Sabrina Carpenter

"Girls, I need to tell you some things about our family," Sabrina said. "Have you ever heard of the Brothers Grimm?" - Michael Buckley

"Freaky monsters were trying to kill us," Sabrina said. "Should I have just died out there so you could keep your clubhouse secret?" "Absolutely!" the prince said." - Michael Buckley

"That's the coolest thing I've ever seen," Puck said. "How cool will it be when it kills us?" Sabrina asked. "Considerably less cool," Puck replied." - Michael Buckley

"Sabrina fair, Listen where thou art sitting Under the glassy, cool, translucent wave, In twisted braids of lilies knitting The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair." - John Milton

"This letter really touched my heart. Sabrina says when she lost all her hair during chemo, she wore the cap I gave her." - Justin Bieber

"My favorite Hepburn moment is in 'Sabrina,' when she steps off a boat in white shorts and a plaid shirt. Chic, classic, and unfussy." - Emilia Clarke

"Puck flapped up to the happy couple. "Wait a minute! You have to ask someone to marry you? No one told me that! I thought you just hit them with a club and dragged them back to your cave!" Henry put his arm around Sabrina. "You're officially grounded from ever getting married." "Thank you," Sabrina whispered sincerely." - Michael Buckley

"I didn't do it,' he insisted. 'Then why did you run?' Sabrina asked. 'And send rabbits to eat us! I'm a seven-year-old girl,' Daphne said. 'Do you know how important bunny rabbits are to me?" - Michael Buckley

"Maybe one of the monsters ate him," Daphne whimpered. "That would be awesome," Puck said. Sabrina flashed him an angry look. "Awesome in a terrible, heartbreakingly tragic way," Puck continued." - Michael Buckley

"I dont know what could possibly distract three pigs enough so that you can get away." Sabrina thought for a moment then grinned. "I know exactly what to do." - Michael Buckley

"There's no one I trust in show business more than Sabrina Wind. She's my eyes and ears when I can't be there. She weighs in on everything, from scripts to sets to advertising." - Marc Cherry

"You can over analyze anything. I constantly have to tell myself, 'Sabrina, stop thinking.' There are people who are just analytical. It's part of your gene makeup, or too much caffeine." - Sabrina Lloyd

"When my daughter Sabrina was 2 years old, the pediatrician told me it was time she quit using a pacifier because that could make her teeth crooked and even cause infections in her ears." - Thalia

"Puck stopped his drumming [on his belly] for a brief moment and grinned at Sabrina. I hear they have a lot of plastic surgeons in New York City. If I were you I'd make an appointment for that face as soon as you get there," he quipped. Sabrina scowled and shook a fist at him. "Keep it up, stinkpot, and you're going to need a plastic surgeon yourself." Puck winked. "No need to get all mushy on me, Grimm." - Michael Buckley

"Puck turned to Sabrina. "What is she doing down there?" Hiding, I guess." Puck leaned down and poked his head under the seat. "I found you." Ms. Smirt shrieked. Puck lifted himself up to his full height and laughed. "She's fun." He leaned back down and she screamed again. "I could do this all day. Can I keep her?" - Michael Buckley

"Driving to class with him. All I could think about was that it had been three days since I'd touched his face AND HE SEEMED so fine. I said, to him "you seem like you didn't miss a beat." He looked at me and said Sabrina, I've missed so many beats, I've MADE A RhytHM." - Sabrina Ward Harrison

"So Henry," Puck said as he kicked off his shoes and propped his smelly feet on the kitchen table. "I was wondering what you can tell me about puberty." Henry turned pale and stammered. Sabrina wanted to crawl under the table and die." - Michael Buckley

"Sabrina turned back to the house and saw the horrible truth- a pair of legs was sticking out from beneath it and they were wearing a pari of shiny silver shoes with a remarkable red tint to them. She suddenly realized they hadn't just entered a story. They had entered one of the most famous stories ever told. "Daphne, I don't think we're in Ferryport Landing anymore." - Michael Buckley

"I think the way the country has changed in part because of the presidency of Barack Obama, I think in part because of what we`ve - the violence that we have seen on our cell phones and our TV sets over the last couple of years. I think Black Lives Matter has helped to force these issues. Women like Sabrina Fulton. We`re having a different conversation in this country right now about race and what it means to really understand your experience is and my experience is." - Killer Mike

"Mom and I were walking onteh beach and I was explaining to her how I wantd to "GET OVER all my INSECURITIES" and "La La... La..".... and she looked at me and said "Sabrina, does anyone realy feel good about themselves for MORE than 5 minutes?" We both laughed. I was releaved to know she felt that way becuae she seems SO graceful, calm and beautiful, which she is.. but also full of so much more. Auestions, doubts + WONDER. I think that if we can aim for just five minutes a day of complete acceptance of ourselves, we are doing very well!" - Sabrina Ward Harrison