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Rural Areas Quotes


"I like rural areas." - Will Oldham

"Where people are using phones in rural areas their risk of brain cancer is higher than in urban areas." - Devra Davis

"Cities are judged by their richest inhabitants and rural areas are judged" - Sharyn McCrumb

"Poverty is considered quaint in the rural areas because it comes thatched." - John Gummer

"Nigerian nun Bernadette Duru says the African church hierarchy is indifferent to people in rural areas." - Sylvia Poggioli

"Democrats do best in urban centers, Republicans in outer suburbs and rural areas." - Thomas E Mann

"The use of methamphetamines has become pervasive in our country, and especially in rural areas." - Collin Peterson

"The use of methamphetamines has become pervasive in our country, and especially in rural areas." - Collin C Peterson

"We think all over this country we need to rebuild everything from transit, fiber optic broadband in our rural areas and urban areas." - Keith Ellison

"We cleared many of their towns and cities and rural areas of al-Qaida Iraq and other insurgents." - David Petraeus

"The Tories are now the party of rural areas and Labour essentially is in the big cities" - Vince Cable

"The poverty found in rural areas has some characteristics that are very different from the poverty found in inner cities." - Marco Rubio

"Strengthening local airports in Iowa is important for economic development and improving the quality of life our rural areas and urban communities" - Chuck Grassley

"Deployment of broadband may be hampered by market failures in rural and remote areas. In such cases, well targeted state aid may therefore be appropriate." - Neelie Kroes

"The rural areas have been deprived by the cities in the past. Development resources and energy should be directed where the people live." - Chinua Achebe

"I've been to Asia, but I'd love to go to Thailand. I'd love to go to some rural areas in China." - Masiela Lusha

"Let us never forget the greatest untapped market for American enterprise is right here in America, in the inner cities, in the rural areas." - William J Clinton

"Programs that pay farmers not to farm often devastate rural areas. The reductions hurt everyone from fertilizer companies to tractor salesmen." - Dick Armey

"Many health care providers, particularly physicians in rural and urban areas, are leaving the Government programs because of inadequate reimbursement rates." - Ron Wyden

"My father worked in agriculture, and I got to travel round remote rural areas with him and see a bit of the landscape and people." - Giles Foden

"Strengthen the rural areas and you will find less people migrating to urban areas. You give them opportunity, self respect & self confidence, they will never go to an urban slum." - Bunker Roy

"The premature migration of very large numbers of people from rural areas to urban areas can give rise to a lot of strains to the urban infrastructure, which can also create problems of crime - law-and-order problems." - Manmohan Singh

"Meth is a major problem not only in our urban areas, but in most of the rural areas of Colorado. No region has been immune from this scourge and it is getting larger." - Ken Salazar

"We must do all we can to reduce congestion in our urban areas and increase access and mobility in our rural areas, and this extra funding will help us get there." - John Warner

"Arsenal's width comes from wide areas" - Jamie Redknapp

"Individual transportation has become synonymous for freedom and liberty, so it would be difficult to actually get rid of individualized transport, and in rural areas that would be impossible." - Hermann E. Ott

"I represent nine sovereign Sioux tribes. In South Dakota, some of the tribes are in the most remote, rural areas of the country. They lack essential infrastructure. Some communities don't even have clean drinking water." - Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

"In rural areas the majority of the victims of violent crime know their assailants (indeed, are probably married to them); in cities, the killer and the mugger come out of the anonymous dark, their faces unrecognized, their motives obscure." - Jonathan Raban

"Smart people in rural areas, the handicapped, people looking for companionship, they love it. But you have to be highly motivated to get on and learn to use it." - Philip Rosedale

"I'm sure if one turned one's mind back from grandiose faults to what is happening to the average man or woman or child in the rural areas, we will probably find that's where the energy for development is." - Chinua Achebe

"In many rural areas of the world, local communities use kerosene for indoor lighting, which leads to asthma, poor quality of light, and the desperate cycle of oil-based products that continually degrade the environment." - Olafur Eliasson

"The Institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies is supposed to have subscribed to the Village Voice for six years in an attempt to find out about life in America's rural areas." - P. J. O'Rourke

"However, if we examine the Canadian scene closely enough, we can see signs of this physical and spiritual rot settling into a number of our Canadian urban centres with a troubling spill-over into many of our more rural areas." - Alex Campbell

"Low-income people, racial or ethnic minorities, pregnant women, seniors, people with special needs, people in rural areas - they all have a much harder time accessing a dentist than other groups of Americans." - Bernie Sanders

"We recognize that the majority of people who are food-insecure or hungry in the world live in rural areas. And most of them are small holder subsistence farmers." - Ertharin Cousin

"My district includes the two urban centers of Charlotte and Fayetteville, as well as large rural areas. Obviously, these diverse segments of North Carolina require different approaches to meeting current and future transportation demands." - Robin Hayes

"I represent nine sovereign Sioux tribes. In South Dakota, some of the tribes are in the most remote, rural areas of the country. They lack essential infrastructure. Some communities don't even have clean drinking water." - Stephanie Herseth

"In Pakistan, the right to go to school is not a given. In the more rural areas, a girl is born, married off as early as 9 years old, and basically lives life under the control of men." - Janine Di Giovanni

"Generally, Iowans are Iowans no matter where you go. There are some different issues in Des Moines than in the real rural areas. But I haven't seen any real difference outside of just local issues." - Tom Latham

"Taking the entire globe, if North America and Western Europe can be called the 'cities of the world', then Asia, Africa and Latin America constitute 'the rural areas of the world'." - Lin Biao

"Voting is a Constitutional right. Absent any evidence of fraud, all Americans have a protected right to vote, be they rich or poor, black, Hispanic or white, people who live in a big city or in remote rural areas." - Juan Williams

"I think the extent to which I have any balance at all, any mental balance, is because of being a farm kid and being raised in those isolated rural areas." - James Earl Jones

"When you hear that China is overcrowded, that's an understatement. I was shocked at the number of people. Even in the rural areas. I was also shocked at the poverty and at the living conditions." - Rosemary Mahoney

"Go walk the streets of Beijing. It's pretty hard to argue it isn't a modern city. Now, if you go outside [of Beijing], in the rural areas, that's true. But rural America, you can say the same thing, in Appalachia there's an awful lot of poverty and lack of education." - Michael Bloomberg

"I want to bring clean water to people who do not have it. What I'm trying to do now is think of ways to build a well-drilling machine that is low-cost so people in rural areas can afford it. People in rural places could use the water for irrigation or for drinking." - William Kamkwamba

"There is still a desperate need for investment and promotion of education in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. Official figures put Pakistan literacy rate over 45%, but in many rural areas we work it is about 10-15%, and for girls even lower." - Greg Mortenson

"Subprime lending is growing faster in black areas than in white areas." - Bill Dedman

"I think we have not done a good job of explaining to people in rural America what is actually happening, number one. And, number two, we're not expressing appreciation and acknowledging the contribution that rural America makes. Where does your food come from? Where does the water come from? Where does the energy feedstock come from? It all comes from rural areas. Where does your military come from? Nearly 35 to 40 percent of the military is from 15 percent of America's population living in rural America. It makes a tremendous contribution to this country. It just isn't recognized." - Tom Vilsack

"Those living in rural areas as well as those with a planning policy remit for those areas have an important responsibility to protect green belt agricultural land for the wider benefit of feeding the UK into the uncertain future that we all face" - Phil Harding

"If you look at sort of how politics has divided itself here in this country, the big divide right now is between urban areas, which have become increasingly Democratic, and rural or exurban areas that feel as if they're being ignored." - Barack Obama

"Once wealth and beauty are gone, there is always rural life." - Mason Cooley

"In rural Spain, at least, it is far better to arrive than to travel, however hopefully." - Honor Tracy

"The two divinest things this world has got, A lovely woman in a rural spot!" - Leigh Hunt

"I have a letter from a police inspector, retired after some 30 years in rural Derbyshire, alerting me to the potential impact of a total ban on hunting on relationships between the police and the community in rural areas - a particularly significant consideration in current circumstances. Is it, I ask myself, sensible to divert valuable police time to enforce a ban on hunting when they are under so much pressure from violent crime?" - Hazel Byford, Baroness Byford

"The level of dependence on government among rural populations is actually extraordinary. They suffer even more when that assistance is taken away because they don't have access to the economic dynamism of cities. So if there are ways to tell stories that help people in rural areas see their kind of mutual need for care, that to me is the kind of thing that I want HuffPost to try and do." - Lydia Polgreen

"I loved getting to investigate the grey areas of morality." - Emmy Rossum

"In Russia there are no roads - only areas." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Bankruptcies and addictions increase in areas with casinos" - John Warren Kindt

"I trust people, and I respect their areas of responsibility." - Harry West

"We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!" - Douglas Adams

"God's Kingdom isn't divided into areas of important people and areas of little people. In God's sight, everyone's needful." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"Each person begins life with a head start in some areas and a handicap in other areas." - Daniel Lapin

"I'm very humbled by the fact that grassroots efforts are rising up all over the country, but particularly in my home state of Ohio. I barely have words. To know that so many people across the state, from the rural areas to the urban areas, see something in my leadership and really believe I am someone for the people means a lot to me. That's how I want people to see me and my public service." - Nina Turner

"I think what is true is that there's been an underlying division in the United States. Some of it has to do with the fact that economic growth and recovery tends to be stronger in the cities and in urban areas. In some rural areas, particularly those that were reliant on manufacturing, there has been weaker growth, stagnation, people feeling as if their children won't do as well as they will." - Barack Obama

"Some foreign investors accuse us of being unfair to shareholders by using our resources for community development. Yes, this is money that could have made for dividend payouts, but it also is money that's uplifting and improving the quality of life of people in the rural areas where we operate and work. We owe them that." - Ratan Tata

"All fear of 'offensive' speech is bourgeois and reactionary. Historically, profane or bawdy language was common in both the upper and the lower classes, who lived together in rural areas amid the untidy facts of nature. Notions of propriety and decorum come to the fore in urbanized periods ruled by an expanding middle class, which is obsessed with cleanliness, respectability, and conformism." - Camille Paglia

"All over this country you have progressive communities like Madison and Burlington, but we've got to go well, well, well outside of those communities. We've got to go to the rural areas. We've got to go where a lot of working people are voting Republican." - Bernie Sanders

"I think a legitimate target is the enemy and [the] enemy is basically in uniform, but not all [are] in Uniform. For example in the rural areas, our judgement is that virtually the whole farming community is part of the South African Defence Force." - Joe Slovo

"American sex is generally straight. It happens at 11 o'clock Saturday night. In the rural areas, it happens at nine and it happens pretty fast. Got to get up the next morning, especially if there're kids. Can't make noise, either, wake the kids." - Mel Brooks

"The spirit of a country, if it is to be true to itself, needs continually to draw great breaths of inspiration from the simple realities of the country; from the smell of its soil, the pattern of its fields, the beauty of its scenery and from the men and women who dwell and toil in the rural areas" - George Stapledon

"In rural areas of America, there is a growing increase in poverty, homelessness and hunger. You cannot separate these factors from domestic violence ?- a mother with three kids and no financial security is going to stiffen her lip and take the abuse, because not only does she have nowhere else to go, she has three children depending on her for survival." - Blanche Lincoln

"Former brownfields, depressed urban areas, and hard-hit rural towns blossom as eco-industrial parks, green enterprise zones, and eco-villages. Farmers' markets, community co-ops, and mobile markets get fresh, organic produce to the people who can't afford to shop at health-food stores." - Van Jones

"Because they [Americans] want to be thought of as a rich nation, they are very ashamed of this place [Appalachia] that has come to represent poverty, even though poverty exists all over the country, and exists as much in urban areas as it does in rural, if not more." - Silas House

"The true mission of feminism today is not to carp about the woes of affluent Western career women but to turn the spotlight on life-and-death issues affecting women in the Third World, particularly in rural areas where they have little protection against exploitation and injustice." - Camille Paglia

"I don't believe in aliens. I don't think aliens or ghosts like black people. We never get abducted; our houses never get haunted. It always happens in rural areas, where no ethnic people live. The day I see somebody from South Central Los Angeles say, 'Man, I got abducted yesterday,' then I'll believe it." - Xzibit

"More than any single action by the government since the end of the war, this one would change the face of America with straightaways, cloverleaf turns, bridges, and elongated parkways. Its impact on the American economy-the jobs it would produce in manufacturing and construction, the rural areas it would open up-was beyond calculation." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"I think not just Nigeria but I think the whole of Africa has to turn back to the rural areas and that's where the majority of the citizens are and that's where the engine of of development has to be found." - Chinua Achebe

"I think President Barack Obama is going to be treated very, very well by history in terms of his ability to save the economy. And that's certainly true in rural areas. The unemployment rate is substantially reduced, the poverty rate is down, and in large part because of the investments that were made during the Recovery Act and thereafter, historic investments." - Tom Vilsack

"Trying to keep a society together, trying to keep the older and the younger people together, trying to keep those who live in rural areas together with those who live in cities is one of the most important and most noble tasks of politicians these days." - Angela Merkel

"Because of rampant inflation, living standards have been dropping for the great majority of the population. The people are poorer because standards of health and education have fallen. And conditions in the rural areas are worse off than they have ever been. So, you cannot equate the so-called open-market economy adopted by the SLORC with any real development that benefits people." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"I am Catholic but I want to say something to the Catholics. Thank you for some of the bishops who live in rural areas, and are still Catholic. These bishops of the Catholic churches still pray for the poor, and pray for their president who works for the poor, while the leaders of the Catholic Church only defend oligarchy." - Evo Morales

"I want to bring clean water to people who do not have it. What I'm trying to do now is think of ways to build a well-drilling machine that is low-cost so people in rural areas can afford it." - William Kamkwamba

"When I first started, it was really an innocent response to the needs of women in rural areas. When we started planting trees to meet their needs, there was nothing beyond that. I did not see all the issues that I have to come to deal with." - Wangari Maathai

"I think a couple things, I mean, you know, the tragic death of Matthew Shepard occurred in Wyoming. Colorado and Wyoming are very similar. We have some of the same, you know, backwards thinking in the kind of rural Western areas you see in, you know, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico." - John Hickenlooper

"As a kid I never had the impulse to climb anything. I think that most kids who live in small towns or rural areas outside of the city, that's what they do - climb walls, or trees, or whatever. To me, it was more dance classes and not being very boyish." - Jamie Bell

"There's no reason why children in inner cities or rural areas do not receive the same quality education or opportunities as those in suburbs or wealthy neighborhoods. If we truly believe in giving all citizens a chance to pursue happiness and pursue their goals, then we cannot continue to marginalize entire groups of people." - Al Sharpton

"One challenge is trying to extend access to more poorly served communities in rural areas and in the inner city. Sometimes you have kids who are suffering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and they have no way of getting access to the remedies that are available to them." - Scott Stossel

"Rather than squander the surplus on tax breaks for the rich, we should add a prescription drug benefit to the Medicare program, shore up Social Security, fortify our defense, provide a quality public education and offer economic assistance to rural areas." - Bennie Thompson

"Through the sequester'd vale of rural life The venerable patriarch guileless held The tenor of his way." - Beilby Porteus

"Life's a car ride...Sometimes it's cruise control down smooth highways. Other times it's potholes on rural roads." - Carolyn Mackler

"Through the sequester'd vale of rural life The venerable patriarch guileless held The tenor of his way." - Beilby Porteus

"An elegant Sufficiency, Content, Retirement, rural Quiet, Friendship, Books, Ease and alternate Labor, useful Life, Progressive Virtue, and approving Heaven!" - James Thomson

"I feel that there's a certain danger in always being in a lovely rural setting. You can lose touch." - Frederick Lenz

"Communities of every demographic (north, south, urban, rural, public animal control shelter, private shelter) have achieved No Kill success." - Nathan Winograd

"An elegant sufficiency, content, Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books, Ease and alternate labour, useful life, Progressive virtue, and approving Heaven!" - James Thomson

"Dentistry is more impressive in town - what the rural man calls cleaning the teeth is called prophylaxis in New York." - E B White

"My mother was an extremely creative woman, despite the fact that she lived the life of a rural housewife." - Pedro Almodovar

"Geographically, Ireland is a medium-sized rural island that is slowly but steadily being consumed by sheep." - Dave Barry

"People are important too, however, and what a terrible impact a total ban on hunting would have on the rural economy, which is still reeling from the after-effects of foot and mouth disease. With average net farm income having fallen to 5,200 per farm in England and 4,100 in Wales, it seems an act of spiteful vandalism to destroy literally thousands of jobs in deeply rural areas, when it is simply not necessary to do so and where no meaningful alternative employment exists." - Ann Winterton

"The key to branding, especially for smaller firms, is to focus on a limited number of issue areas and develop superb expertise in those areas." - Philip Kotler

"There are certain areas that you can move to on the earth that will empower you and there are certain areas that can drain you." - Frederick Lenz

"Wind is God's way of balancing heat. Wind is the way you shift heat from areas where it's hotter to areas where it's cooler. That's what wind is." - Joe Barton

"I think all documentaries leave out areas of people's lives. Which is good. There are areas that need not be explored." - Alice Walker

"Our society and our organizations have learned to value masculine, 'quick-fix' traits in leaders. In a primitive society, a rural society, or even the industrial society of the early 1990s, quick fixes worked out all right. But they are less likely to work in a complex society. We need to look at long-range outcomes now. Service and patience are what can keep things running effectively today and women can contribute a lot in both of these areas." - Estelle Ramey

"Rural America's not coming back. That idea was lost with the Industrial Revolution. And yet with more than 80 percent of Americans living in metropolitan areas, there are still demagogues who want to run down the idea of multiculturalism, of urbanity, being the only future we have. We either live or die based on how we live in cities, and our society is either going to be great or not based on how we perform as creatures of the city." - David Simon

"Terrorism really flourishes in areas of poverty, despair and hopelessness, where people see no future" - Colin Powell

"Ive done a variety of projects in different areas of the entertainment industry." - Jodi Benson

"There are always some areas world history does not reach, zones of silence and undisturbed ignorance." - Fernand Braudel

"An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most." - Robin S. Sharma

"Joy is connection... The more areas in your life you can make connection, the better," - George Vaillant

"God either rules as sovereign in interpretation over *all* areas of life or none." - Greg L. Bahnsen

"There are two areas where you can't stop people misbehaving: eating and sex" - John Travolta

"An enterprising person is one who sees opportunity in all areas of life." - Jim Rohn

"He dinna act like an Alpha." "He does in some areas." - Gail Carriger

"You cannot trust Jesus in areas in which you don't think him competent." - Dallas Willard

"You will learn and grow the least in your areas of weakness." - Marcus Buckingham

"As areas of knowledge grow, so too do the perimeters of ignorance." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"When women are economically empowered, the power balance changes in all areas of life." - Gloria Feldt

"There must be areas in which a particular character does not represent you." - Chinua Achebe

"I read a lot, but I read about the areas that I'm interested in." - Sanford Weill

"The total person is first disclosed... in areas of life that are lived frivolously." - Georges Bataille

"The total person is first disclosed ... in areas of life that are lived frivolously." - Georges Bataille

"Bogging down large armies in historically complex, dangerous areas ends in disaster." - Chuck Hagel

"Money has no grey areas. You either make it or you lose it." - Kevin Oleary

"In some areas I am more noted for reading then I am for cookies!" - Wally Amos

"We made a good start toward preserving recreational areas like the Chattahoochee River." - Roy Barnes

"I've done a variety of projects in different areas of the entertainment industry." - Jodi Benson

"I think my strongest suit is comedy. I certainly have limits in other areas." - Emma Caulfield

"Hamas, we know, embeds missiles, embeds command-and-control units in civilian areas." - Hillary Clinton

"I feel very lucky because I get to work in so many different areas of fashion." - Brad Goreski

"The Internet opens up a whole new range of possibilities in a wide range of areas." - Herbie Hancock

"The areas of consensus shift unbelievably fast; the bubbles of certainty are constantly exploding." - Rem Koolhaas

"Enterprise Washington is economic development in areas of high unemployment around the state of Washington." - Mike Lowry

"Drama class was one of the only areas at school I responded to." - Orlando Bloom

"Money has no grey areas. You either make it or you lose it." - Kevin O'Leary

"Old men do it better. We're not so sensitive in certain areas." - Robert Plant

"Life isn't black and white. It's a million gray areas, don't you find?" - Ridley Scott

"Yahoo is all about content. Deep reservoirs of important content in many, many strong areas." - Terry Semel

"And I certainly won't lay out areas of my life that I think are just private." - Kevin Spacey

"I have certain physical features that I favor over others. We all have our areas." - Christina Aguilera

"I just love the energy of going into different areas of New York." - Tory Burch

"There is a tone of morality throughout the rural districts of England, which is unhappily wanting in the large towns and the centres of particular manufactures" - Henry Mayhew

"For those who've never experienced a sunrise in the rural midwest, it's roughly as soft and romantic as someone's abruptly hitting the lights in a dark room." - David Foster Wallace

"What happiness the rural maid attends, In cheerful labour while each day she spends! She gratefully receives what Heav'n has sent, And, rich in poverty, enjoys content." - John Gay

"The noise that we can expect in the future will only increase and we'll be wishing for rural Portugal or something like that." - John Gimlette

"I want people to be excited about cooling towers and megasheds; they're as much part of our history as the rural barn." - Antony Gormley

"In rural parts of China, it's like stepping back into the era of my grandfather or great-grandfather - not much has changed." - Gary Locke

"I was raised in rural south Jersey, and there was no culture there. There was a small library, and that was it. There was nothing else." - Patti Smith

"Too much sparkle can detract from the focal point of the painting, so I blend some areas to tone down the look of the pastels in less important areas." - Paul Murray

"Two of the most powerful of these power places are located in the Boston and Los Angeles areas. Highly evolved souls tend to be drawn to these areas because it's easier for them to increase their awareness there." - Frederick Lenz



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