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Responsibility To Community Quotes


"Business has a responsibility to give back to the community." - Ben Cohen

"I was raised to believe that everybody has a responsibility to their community." - Mary Travers

"Remember you live in a community. You have a responsibility to be accountable to your family and your community as well as yourself." - Cherrie Moraga

"I was raised to believe that everybody has a responsibility to their community and I use the word very loosely. It's a big community. If I get recognized in the middle of the Sinai Desert I have a big community." - Mary Travers

"I have the students for six hours a day. The community has them for 18 hours, plus prenatal and early childhood. I don't believe the schools create (the achievement gap), but our responsibility is not to add to it. We won't eliminate the gap until the community makes education a priority, but the schools can't wait for the community to do its part." - Bill Vaughan

"In every instance when my administration sees a responsibility to help people, we will look first to faith-based institutions, to charities and to community groups that have shown their ability to save and change lives." - George W Bush

"Many business leaders today view their jobs as entailing responsibility for the welfare of the wider community. These individuals do not define themselves as profit-making machines whose only reason for existing is to satisfy escalating expectation for immediate gain." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

"At the heart of all that civilization has meant and developed is 'community' - the mutually cooperative and voluntary venture of man to assume a semblance of responsibility for his brother." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I have a responsibility to the worker, both blue-collar and white-collar. I have an equal responsibility to the community. It would have been unconscionable to put 3,000 people on the streets and deliver a deathblow to the cities of Lawrence and Methuen. Maybe on paper our company is worthless to Wall Street, but I can tell you it's worth more." - Aaron Feuerstein

"It is not more bigness that should be our goal. We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to...the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility...and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children's future." - Robert Kennedy

"By its very definition, civic responsibility means taking a healthy role in the life of one's community. That means that classroom lessons should be complemented by work outside the classroom. Service-learning does just that, tying community service to academic learning." - John Glenn

"Even in such a time of madness as the late twenties, a great many man in Wall Street remained quite sane. But they also remained very quiet. The sense of responsibility in the financial community for the community as a whole is not small. It is nearly nil. Perhaps this is inherent. In a community where the primary concern is making money, one of the necessary rules is to live and let live. To speak out against madness may be to ruin those who have succumbed to it. So the wise in Wall Street are nearly always silent. The foolish thus have the field to themselves. None rebukes them." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"What is clear is that the earth is mandating that the human community assume a responsibility never assigned to any previous generation...Our task at this critical moment is to awaken the energies needed to create the new world and to evoke a universal communion of all parts of life." - Thomas Berry

"Genuine politics - even politics worthy of the name - the only politics I am willing to devote myself to - is simply a matter of serving those around us: serving the community and serving those who will come after us. Its deepest roots are moral because it is a responsibility expressed through action, to and for the whole." - Vaclav Havel

"Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it is my responsibility to make it better. Interweave all these communities and you really have an America that is back on its feet again. I really think we are gonna have to reassess what constitutes a 'hero'." - Studs Terkel

"Great American power and responsibility are not unprecedented, and have been used with restraint and great benefit in the past. We have not assumed that super strength guarantees super wisdom, and we have consistently reached out to the international community to ensure that our own power and influence are tempered by the best common judgment." - Jimmy Carter

"We may be entering a new phase of history, a time when we begin to rediscover . . . the traditional teaching that power must entail restraint and responsibility, the ancient awareness that we are interdependent with all of nature and that our sense of community must take in the whole of creation." - Donald Worster

"Freedom or community, community or freedom. One must decide the way one wants to live. I chose community." - Lauren Groff

"A community is only a community when the majority of its members are making the transition from 'the community for myself' to 'myself for the community'." - Jean Vanier

"Those with visible responsibility for leadership are nearly always too visible to take responsibility for change..." - Harlan Cleveland

"Ben and I built Ben & Jerry's on the idea that business has a responsibility to the community and environment If you open up the mind, the opportunity to address both profits and social conditions are limitless. It's a process of innovation If we were going to have a business we were going to have one that was consistent with our values We measured our success not just by how much money we made, but by how much we contributed to the community. It was a two-part bottom line." - Jerry Greenfield

"Are we going to continue to yield personal liberties and community autonomy to the steady inexplicable centralization all political power or restore the Republic to Constitutional direction, regain our personal liberties and reassume the individual state's primary responsibility and authority in the conduct of local affairs? Are we going to permit a continuing decline in public and private morality or re-establish high ethical standards as the means of regaining a diminishing faith in the integrity of our public and private institutions?" - Douglas Macarthur

"The majority of people don't want to plan. They want to be free of the responsibility of planning. What they ask for is merely some assurance that they will be decently provided for. The rest is a day-to-day enjoyment of life. That's the explanation for your Father Divines; people naturally flock to anyone they can trust for the necessities of life... They are the backbone of a community-solid, trust-worthy, essential." - B F Skinner

"You never want to tie your responsibility to another's irresponsibility." - Bill Crawford

"I ask you to join in a re-United States. We need to empower our people so they can take more responsibility for their own lives in a world that is ever smaller, where everyone counts. We need a new spirit of community, a sense that we are all in this together, or the American Dream will continue to wither. Our destiny is bound up with the destiny of every other American." - Bill Clinton

"Companies have a responsibility to train and retrain their employees." - Gregory Balestrero

"Artists have the responsibility to serve humanity give people hope." - Dalai Lama

"The writer's only responsibility is to his art." - William Faulkner

"Politicians have responsibility to act if the public opinion changes." - David Titley

"We all have a responsibility to create a just society" - Bryan Stevenson

"The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits" - Milton Friedman

"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - This great and inspiring instrument was born of an increased sense of responsibility by the international community for the promotion and protection of man's basic rights and freedoms. The world has come to a clear realization of the fact that freedom, justice and world peace can only be assured through the international promotion and protection of these rights and freedoms." - U Thant

"I intend to have protections for the L.G.B.T. community in there. I'm not going to make choices between that community and the non-L.G.B.T. community." - Patrick Leahy

"It's always positive to hear how many people are willing to step up - whether it is the employment community, mental health community, or medical community." - Michelle Obama

"Benefit to the community precedes benefit to the individual" - Adolf Hitler

"I don't love the idea of the responsibility falling on the manager. That just adds to their in-game responsibility." - Cal Ripken Jr

"Blaming is so much easier than taking responsibility, because if you take responsibility ... then you might be to blame." - Jennifer O'Neill

"Dedication to quality, community, and originality without exception." - Zach Klein

"Leadership is influencing a community to follow Jesus." - Dan Kimball

"A community where everyone is a ruthless murderer, with handy access to death-dealing devices, is a very polite community." - Robert A Heinlein

"During the latency years, American children need experiences that promote academic talents, a sense of responsibility, and most important, a belief that they can attain the goals valued by self and community. They need reassurance that these goals are attainable." - Jerome Kagan

"There's no sense that you can knock on your neighbor's door or be part of a local community group, and that's part of your responsibility as a human being." - Rashida Jones

"You want to come in and prove yourself early. Obviously, it is a responsibility being drafted that high to come in and play well and to make an impact. If not, youre going to get cut. So you have to come in, make the team, have an impact and do something special. And I feel that, obviously, internally. I feel an obligation to myself to do that but obviously the organization, the fans, this community. I mean, they dont want to see a first-round draft pick be a bust, so I feel I have to come in and hopefully make an impact early." - A. J. Hawk

"In any civilized society, it is every citizen's responsibility to obey just laws. But at the same time, it is every citizen's responsibility to disobey unjust laws." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help His people in need." - Millard Fuller

"To be a real man is to be unattached - not from responsibility or justice - but from those dependencies that inhibit responsibility and justice." - Tarek Saab

"It's not the child's responsibility to teach the parent who they are. It's the parent's responsibility to learn who the child is." - Tig Notaro

"The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence." - Thomas Berry

"My destiny is to go to heaven, my responsibility is to bring heaven." - Bill Johnson

"Responsibility is something higher than my family, my country, my firm, my success. Responsibility to the order of Being, where, and only where, they will be properly judged." - Vaclav Havel

"The responsibility of the great states is to serve, and not to dominate, the world." - Harry S Truman

"Ours is the responsibility to keep our light bright for others to see and follow." - Thomas S Monson

"When you create wealth, it's your responsibility to return it to society." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Responsibility means being able to respond to whatever situation you may face in your life." - Jaggi Vasudev

"Once we know the Word of God, we have a responsibility to be obedient to it." - Joyce Meyer

"As an Italian-American, I have a special responsibility to be sensitive to ethnic stereotypes." - Al D'Amato

"I really need people to take responsibility for the kind of energy they bring to me." - Jill Bolte Taylor

"To have a child is to be impaled daily on the spike of responsibility." - Steve Toltz

"Everyone has a common, yet unique, responsibility to the future: to make the most of today." - William Arthur Ward

"Teachers must be celebrated for moving civilization from ignorance to enlightenment, from apathy to responsibility." - Sharon M. Draper

"All the shrewdness of 'man' seeks one thing: to be able to live without responsibility." - Soren Kierkegaard

"I only want the truth to be known, for everyone to take responsibility for their actions." - Jerome Kerviel

"When you create wealth, it's your responsibility to return it to society." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Since when do corporations not have responsibility to the community? Since when to the not have responsibility to their employees?" - Joe Biden

"Community is essential when it comes to successfully living out the Christian walk in a day-to-day context. So the math is simple: More community = More disciples." - Ed Stetzer

"I was surprised by how forces in the community could mobilize against a community changing. There were many examples of this. In St. George, members of the Latino community proposed having a "Dixie Fiesta." The resistance to that surprised me." - Richard Benjamin

"If the community is happy, then they support your business and if your business is doing well, then you can give back even more to the community." - Magic Johnson

"Having set one's family in consonance with the community, he should make his family prosperous to ensure the prosperity of the community." - Ramana Maharshi

"We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility." - Albert Einstein

"Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy." - Milton H. Erickson

"The problem for me with liberals is that we've abdicated our moral responsibility to the universe." - Sherman Alexie

"As young Americans, you have an important responsibility, which is to become good citizens." - George W Bush

"Good governance depends on ability to take responsibility by both administration as well as people." - Narendra Modi

"I ask everyone with political responsibility to remember two things: human dignity and the common good." - Pope Francis

"I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society." - Anthony S. Fauci

"It is the essence of responsibility to put the public good ahead of personal gain" - Robert Kennedy

"A power above all human responsibility ought to be above all human attainment." - Charles Caleb Colton

"To avoid taking responsibility, I become unresponsive but hang on until the other person leaves me." - Mason Cooley

"If I have the means, I have the responsibility to employ them." - Terry Brooks

"My responsibility as a poet, as an artist, is to not look away." - Nikky Finney

"I believe we all share a responsibility to build a healthier, more just and prosperous world." - Mandy Moore

"We become leaders when we accept the responsibility to protect those in our care." - Simon Sinek

"Each of us has the power and responsibility to become a rainbow in the clouds." - Maya Angelou

"Why did the Lord give use so much quickness unless it was to avoid responsibility?" - Ogden Nash

"I think in times of crisis it's the artists' responsibility to dig a little deeper." - Bruce Pavitt

"Evading responsibility can lead to a life long pattern of criminal behavior." - Hetty King

"Wealth and power don't go together. Power cannot be brokered. To me, power is responsibility." - Nita Ambani

"The time has come to accept in our hearts and minds that with freedom comes responsibility." - Nelson Mandela

"Our greatest responsibility is not to be pencils of the past." - Rod Serling

"Nature has come to a point where now, unless you take individual responsibility, you cannot grow." - Rajneesh

"We cannot defer this responsibility to posterity. Time will not wait." - Walter Cronkite

"I'm the youngest in a family where I didn't have to take responsibility for much." - Jennifer Lawrence

"Wealth and power do' go together. Power cannot be brokered. To me, power is responsibility." - Nita Ambani

"Art is no crime. It's every artist's responsibility to make art that is meaningful" - Shirin Neshat

"I'm willing to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for my actions." - Michael Vick

"Serving and attempting to inspire others is a responsibility, not a choice." - Bill Courtney

"God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to Him." - Charles Stanley

"It is the responsibility of the sender to make sure the receiver understands the message." - Joseph Batten

"Accepting responsibility for the actions of others contributes to your own greatness." - Edwin Louis Cole

"Whenever you make a promise, you have a responsibility to that promise." - Deion Sanders

"Every African has a responsibility to understand the system and work towards it's overthrow." - Walter Rodney

"We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility" - Thomas Szasz

"Supporters of capital punishment bear a special responsibility to ensure the fairness of this irreversible punishment." - William J Clinton

"Taking responsibility takes all the joy out of life, and drains a man to dust." - Robert Jordan

"It is a great privilege, as well as our responsibility, to pray for our government leaders." - Billy Graham

"You have GREATNESS within you, and responsibility to manifest that greatness!" - Les Brown

"You should never take responsibility for more children than you can give attention to." - James Redfield

"To the frustrated, freedom from responsibility is more attractive than freedom from restraint." - Eric Hoffer

"It is the responsibility of the living to make meaningful the sacrifices of the dead." - Stephen R Donaldson

"From my perspective, the state has to assume responsibility for the integrity of international communications." - Thomas de Maiziere

"Next to the assumption of power was the responsibility of relinquishing it." - Benjamin Disraeli

"I really feel a sense of responsibility first as a creation of a force that I call God, that's bigger than myself. And because I'm black, I feel the responsibility to that. I feel the responsibility to my womanness. But more importantly, I feel a responsibility to my humanness." - Oprah Winfrey

"To protect any community, we need intelligence and to nourish it we need humility." - Radhanath Swami

"A community of Jesus which seeks to hide itself has ceased to follow him." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"I want to be able to touch every part of our community with poetry." - Clinton D. Powell

"You don't buy luxury to enter a community, but to set yourself apart from others." - Francois-Henri Pinault

"We exist to serve our community. That's the most important mind-set to maintain." - Chris Brogan

"Art is to the community what the dream is to the individual." - Thomas Mann

"The intellectual tradition of the West is very individualistic. It's not community-based. The intellectual is often thought of as a person who is alone and cut off from the world. So I have had to practice being willing to leave the space of my study to be in community, to work in community, and to be changed by community." - Bell Hooks

"I have only one loyalty and that's to the immigrant community." - Luis Gutierrez

"There is much debate in the scientific community as to the precise sources of global warming." - Pat Toomey

"The love that makes community is the willingness to do someone else's dirty work." - Shane Claiborne

"The persistent appetite for human beings for community is what we should all be dedicated to." - Bob Maguire

"...we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow men." - Adolf Hitler

"I have to feel the audience. I enjoy that feeling of community." - Dave Gahan

"Every proprietor owes to the community a ground-rent for the land which he holds." - Thomas Paine

"Those services which the community will most readily pay for, it is most disagreeable to render." - Henry David Thoreau

"Turn to your community and the great earth for sustenance and knowledge." - Bryant H Mcgill

"The international community will not accept such threats to the political process." - Bernardino Leon

"I want to bring out the best in a community and contribute something of permanent value." - I. M. Pei

"Participatory culture shifts the focus of literacy from one of individual expression to community involvement." - Henry Jenkins

"Nonviolence is an imperative in order to bring about ultimate community." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"People are longing to rediscover true community. We have had enough of loneliness, independence and competition." - Jean Vanier

"Cinema has no boundaries...we all belong to the same artistic community." - Bruce Willis

"Our community with one another consists solely in what Christ has done to each of us." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"I'm smiling on the inside. I feel I have a responsibility to the fashion community." - Victoria Beckham

"I'm smiling on the inside. I feel I have a responsibility to the fashion community." - Victoria Beckham

"It is essential to view learning as a total community responsibility," - John Abbott

"I'm smiling on the inside. I feel I have a responsibility to the fashion community." - Victoria Beckham

"Power's twin is responsibility ..." - Willa Gibbs

"Life is moral responsibility." - Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward

"In dreams begin responsibility." - William Butler Yeats

"Crimes increase as education, opportunity, and property decrease. Whatever spreads ignorance, poverty and, discontent causes crime.... Criminals have their own responsibility, their own share of guilt, but they are merely the hand.... Whoever interferes with equal rights and equal opportunities is in somereal degree, responsible for the crimes committed in the community." - Rutherford B Hayes

"While in some cases the damage already done may well be irreversible, in many other cases it can still be halted. It is necessary, however, that the entire human community - individuals, States and international bodies - take seriously the responsibility that is theirs." - Pope John Paul Ii

""We have a responsibility and an obligation to do everything we can to try to make this work."" - John Hickenlooper

"It's a huge responsibility to have influence and to steward it in a way that leads to God-honoring leadership." - Bill Hybels

"To be born free is an accident; To live free a responsibility; To die free is an obligation." - Mrs Hubbard Davis

"The only responsibility I feel is to deliver something that's new or at least to attempt that. The real responsibility is to entertain and to try and make people laugh." - Johnny Depp

"I have to adjust. I have to be nice to all the people. Because of the people I have become a famous person. My responsibility is to fulfill my responsibility as a famous person." - Manny Pacquiao

"It is a very heavy responsibility [to be a prime-minister] to make, but someone has to make it for our country and I am thrilled and honoured to have that opportunity and that responsibility." - Tony Abbott



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