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Rare Events Quotes


"Consult duty not events." - Walter Savage Landor

"The central idea in The Black Swan is that: rare events cannot be estimated from empirical observation since they are rare." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"O woman! in ordinary cases so mere a mortal, how, in the great and rare events of life, dost thou swell into the angel!" - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

"Great men are rare, poets are rarer, but the great man who is a poet, transfiguring his greatness, is the rarest of all events." - John Drinkwater

"So the world is much more correlated than we give credit to. And so we see more of what Nassim Taleb calls "black swan events" - rare events happen more often than they should because the world is more correlated." - Richard Thaler

"Your responses to the events of life are more important than the events themselves." - Virginia Satir

"In the most commonplace, tiresome, ridiculous, malicious, coarse, crude, or even crooked people or events I had to seek out rare things, good things, comic things, and I did so." - William Saroyan

"I try to make money infrequently, as infrequently as possible simply because I believe that rare events are not fairly valued, and that the rarer the event, the more undervalued it will be in price." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"The real tragedy of human existence is not that we are nasty by nature, but that a cruel structural asymmetry grants to rare events of meanness such power to shape our history." - Stephen Jay Gould

"A black dress is beautiful! It's a good choice. It could be the wrong choice at certain events or situations, but it's very rare that you see a girl who looks bad in a black dress." - Olivier Theyskens

"The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable." - Seneca the Younger

"Journalism has become the art of "intelligent anticipation of events."" - Mahatma Gandhi

"Heroism often results as a response to extreme events." - James Geary

"The future is about emotion: reactions to events are usually far more important than the events themselves." - Patrick Dixon

"Moral courage is more a rare commodity than bravery in a battle or great intelligence." - John F Kennedy

"April's rare capricious loveliness." - Julia Caroline Dorr

"True beauty is rare, and seldom recognized by the one who possesses it." - Francine Rivers

"Excellent things are rare." - Plato

"White ravens are rare." - Halldór Laxness

"Star people are rare." - Jerry Spinelli

"Occasionally if you do something extraordinary, the crew responds with spontaneous applause, but that's very rare." - Claudia Christian

"The rare few, who, early in life have rid themselves of the friendship of the many." - James Whistler

"Events become feelings, feelings become events" - Jerry Spinelli

"A novel makes it possible to understand not just events, but the people who control the events; not only their choices, but also their motives." - David Frum

"Events don't happen because I write a speech. I am allowed to write a speech because events are going to happen." - David Frum

"Adamson feels that drug developers are unreasonably concerned about rare events. The reality is children tolerate phase I therapy new agents being tested to find the best dosage and possible side-effects as well as or better than adults, ... Once the initial studies are done that is, phase I trials in adults study should begin in children." - Peter Adamson

"I often think of that rare fulfilling joy, when I am in the presence of some wonderful alignment of events. Where the light, the colour, the shapes and the balance all interlock so beautifully that I feel truly overwhelmed by the wonder of it." - Charlie Waite

"It's rare that I actually have a story in my head. I have events or 'what's the next move?' Like, Maggie, 'where's she going to go in this story, where's she going to end up?' Then the story has to fill in the in-between, and that comes as I'm starting it." - Jaime Hernandez

"The Antichrist will be the infernal prince again for the third and last time... so many evils shall be committed by the means of Satan, the infernal Prince, that almost the entire world shall be found undone and desolate. Before these events happen, many rare birds will cry in the air, 'Now! Now!' and sometime later will vanish." - Nostradamus

"Human beings are accustomed to think of intellect as the power of having and controlling ideas and of ability to learn as synonymous with ability to have ideas. But learning by having ideas is really one of the rare and isolated events in nature." - Edward Thorndike

"Events, time, forms, all propel the inner plot within each of us." - Vanna Bonta

"The moralist must praise heroism and condemn cruelty; but the moralist does not explain events." - Georges Lefebvre

"I'm not someone who dwells upon past events, taking the view that life is too short" - Charles Kennedy

"Superstition is just fantasy with attitude; it's a way of erroneously trying to control events." - Joy Browne

"Neither current events nor history show that the majority rules, or ever did rule." - Jefferson Davis

"Many of the good things would never have happened if the bad events hadn't happened first." - Suze Orman

"Places remember events." - James Joyce

"Sadness, disappointment, and severe challenge are events in life, not life itself." - Richard G Scott

"There are several multiple-witnessed events where humans have been taken on board spacecraft." - Steven M. Greer

"I am personally saddened and stunned by the tragic events that took place in Red Lake." - Collin Peterson

"Over events, we may have some control, but over the law of life's progress none." - John William Draper

"Anatomy is to physiology as geography is to history; it describes the theatre of events." - Jean Fernel

"Goals are a preview of future events and experiences in your life." - Mark Victor Hansen

"I don't remember the hotel rooms or the airports but I always remember the events." - Chuck Palahniuk

"You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home." - Og Mandino

"I open events for museums and I do charity work and photography." - Bill Wyman

"A proper family diary with everyone's events and parties in it really helps organise the household." - Anthea Turner

"The reporting of news has to be understood as propaganda for commodities, and events by images." - Christopher Lasch

"It is rare to find learned men who are clean, do not stink and have a sense of humour." - Baron de Montesquieu

"Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer." - Ed Cunningham

"This isn't one of those rare diseases that we don't have the solution for. We know how to fix hunger." - Josette Sheeran

"Happiness is a rare cosmetic." - George Whyte-Melville

"Excellence resides in quality, not in quantity. The best is always few and rare; much lowers value." - Baltasar Gracian

"Quotation lovers love rare words." - Willis Regier

"It's very, very rare in this business [moviemaking] where a script lands on your lap ready to go." - Leonardo Dicaprio

"Rare indulgence produces greater pleasure." - Juvenal

"Completeness is rare in history ..." - Barbara Tuchman

"Quotation lovers love rare words." - Willis Goth Regier

"A rare theorist turned experimentalist." - Willis Lamb

"In the immediate postwar era, financial crises in advanced countries were rare events, and before 1970 did not happen at all. Since then they have occurred more often, and 2008 was the most damaging of them all to date. If we have moved back to a regime of regular financial crises - like the one we had from the 1870s to the 1930s - then our economic future will be very different from our recent past." - Alan M. Taylor

"Out of politics comes more uproar than progress. It is indeed surprising how little, comparatively, this noisy department of human affairs contributes to the world's prosperity. Political commotions upon the grandest scale, political events of astounding suddenness, political characters of the greatest ability, abound, but still, permanent results are rare, and we look in vain for a measure of public good corresponding in extent to the hideous rout which ushers it in. Progress but turns upon its pillow, and goes to sleep again." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"The best predictor of future events is probably past events." - Andre Agassi

"All the events said to have been witnessed by John alone are omitted by John alone. This fact seems fatal either to the reality of the events in question or to the genuineness of the Fourth Gospel." - William Rathbone Greg

"People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning." - Scarlett Thomas

"I'm interested in the way major events don't necessarily announce themselves as major events. They're often little things - the drip, drip of life that changes people or affects people." - Noah Baumbach

"Our specious present as such is very short. We do, however, experience passing events; part of the process of the passage of events is directly there in our experience, including some of the past and some of the future." - George Herbert Mead

"A president either is constantly on top of events or, if he hesitates, events will soon be on top of him. I never felt that I could let up for a moment." - Harry S Truman

"I'll write maybe one long paragraph describing the events, then a page or two breaking the events into chapters, and then reams of pages delving into my characters. After that, I'm ready to begin." - Anne Tyler

"No one is immune from the larger events of his or her time - the Depression, World War II, civil rights, Vietnam, the spring of 1989 in China. These events intrude upon our lives and radically affect our directions." - Paul Tsongas

"Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. Someone sober will worry about events going badly. Let the lover be." - Rumi

"Oh, how I wish that Orwell were still alive, so that I could read his comments on contemporary events!" - W H Auden

"Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Turn where we may, within, around, the voice of great events is proclaiming to us, Reform, that you may preserve!" - Thomas B. Macaulay

"Events occur. Dramas are manufactured." - Alan Robert Neal

"Keeping records enhances the pleasure of the search and the chance of finding order and meaning in these events." - Aldo Leopold

"Claim the events of your life! When you posses all you have been and done, you are fierce with reality." - Florida Scott-Maxwell

"Other people's children's birthday parties are the most joyful events you will ever resent having to attend." - Jim Gaffigan

"Every man expects some miracle - either from his mind or from his body or from someone else or from events." - Paul Valery

"As you get older you start to see these events and leaders, and movements of the pendulum swinging back." - Brian K Vaughan

"How often events, by chance, and quite unexpectedly, come to pass, which you had not dared even to hope for!" - Terence

"There weren't many unusual events to clutter up her memory, so she hung on to the ones she had." - Dorothy Uhnak

"Relationships are never chance events." - Keith Ablow

"The decathlon includes ten separate events and they all matter. You can't work on just one of them." - Dan Obrien

"I don't admire one particular style, but for evening events, I always look to Grace Kelly for inspiration." - Kylie Bax

"The events in the square, of course, made a deep impression on me and many other parents." - Vaclav Klaus

"On any occasion when one can discover the cause of events, one should not resort to the gods." - Polybius

"History is the study of lies, anyway, because no witness ever recalls events with total accuracy, not even eyewitnesses." - Nancy Pickard

"The sixth sense is at the core of our experiences. It is what makes experiences out of events." - Henry Reed

"It's difficult to be at events with a room full of women who weigh half as much as you do." - Lindsey Vonn

"Certain signs precede certain events." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Upon your shattered ruins where This vine will flourish still, as rare, As fresh, as fragrant as of old. Love will not crumble." - Eleanor Farjeon

"The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing." - Joseph Wood Krutch

"Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Readers are plentiful; thinkers are rare." - Harriet Martineau

"Full stories are as rare as honesty." - Zadie Smith

"Evil is relatively rare. Ignorance is epidemic." - Jon Stewart

"Skills are common. Talent is rare." - Colin Clark

"Light-leaved acacias, by the door, Stood up in balmy air, Clusters of blossomed moonlight bore, And breathed a perfume rare." - George Macdonald

"Nothing is thought rare Which is not new, and follow'd; yet we know That what was worn some twenty years ago Comes into grace again." - Francis Beaumont

"Who have riot saved some trifling thing More prized than jewels rare, A faded flower, a broken ring, A tress of golden hair." - Ellen Clementine Howarth

"Common sense is as rare as genius." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The gift without the giver is rare." - James Russell Lowell

"Christians are rare people on earth." - Martin Luther

"Rare is he who will concede genius." - Juana Ines de la Cruz

"Simplicity, very rare in our age." - Ovid

"Rare benevolence, the minister of God." - Thomas Carlyle

"Time itself made all things rare." - Lionel Shriver

"Self-acquainta nce is a rare condition." - Robert Henri

"Constancy in a man is rare." - Catherine Cookson

"I hate losing laughs; they're rare things." - Terry Gilliam

"Considering how pervasive interracial marriage is, certainly in American society, it is rare we get to see it depicted on film." - David Oyelowo

"It's very, very rare to find five roles in one piece where we'd all jump at the chance to play any of them." - Nicole Kidman

"From what little was known about the subject, insincerity itself was regarded as another form of psychosis but one which was exceedingly rare." - Raymond Smullyan

"Beauty and wisdom make a rare conjunction." - Petronius

"Genuine and true love is so rare that when you encounter it in any form, it's a wonderful thing, to be utterly cherished in whatever form it takes." - Gwendoline Christie

"God smiled on me in every sense. I was born a tenor, and you know what that means. Tenors are a rare commodity." - Marcello Giordani

"We can thank our lucky stars when once in a blue moon we find rare and kindred souls along the pathways of our lives." - Laurel Burch

"Absolute and entire ugliness is rare." - John Ruskin

"Ideas are everywhere, but knowledge is rare." - Thomas Sowell

"Iberico de Bellota is best when cooked medium rare with a nice, pink center to allow the delicious acorn-infused flavor to come through." - Jose Andres Puerta

"Good writers are of necessity rare." - George Henry Lewes

"Readers are plentiful: thinkers are rare." - Anthony Burgess

"Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished." - Elizabeth Barrett Brownin

"The prospect of penury in age is so gloomy and terrifying that every man who looks before him must resolve to avoid it; and it must be avoided generally by the science of sparing. For, though in every age there are some who, by bold adventures, or by favorable accidents, rise suddenly to riches, yet it is dangerous to indulge hopes of such rare events; and the bulk of mankind must owe their affluence to small and gradual profits, below which their expense must be resolutely reduced." - Lyndon B Johnson

"'re a rare rare find A troubled cure For a troubled mind" - Nick Drake

"When the rare chance comes, seize it To do the rare deed." - Thiruvalluvar

"It's rare - too rare, I have to say - for botanists to become doctors." - Andrew Weil

"The telling of stories, like singing and praying, would seem to be an almost ceremonial act, an ancient and necessary mode of speech that tends the earthly rootedness of human language. For narrated events always happen somewhere. And for an oral culture, that location is never merely incidental to those occurrences. The events belong, as it were, to the place, and to tell the story of those events is to let the place itself speak through the telling." - David Abram

"The qualifying system helps the top guys like Sergio Garcia, who play most of their golf in the U.S. They can rely on the world rankings and just play their four extra events [with the four majors and three World Golf Championship events counting as seven European events]. But for the other guys it's tough, and I don't know if that can be changed. It is a tricky situation." - Luke Donald

"Great and glorious events which dazzle the beholder are represented by politicians as the outcome of grand designs whereas they are usually products of temperaments and passions." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. Its your restlessness that causes chaos." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"To the believer Marxism presents, first, a system of ultimate ends that embody the meaning of life and are absolute standards by which to judge events and actions..." - Joseph A Schumpeter

"The dearest events are summer-rain." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Life is a continual flow of events, streaming in from the universal stream of consciousness in such a way that it exactly matches our own stream of consciousness." - Neale Donald Walsch

"Future events cast their shadow before them." - Tim Lahaye

"The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma." - Judith Lewis Herman

"Memories contain hidden editorials on current events." - Mason Cooley

"How strange are the tricks of memory, which, often hazy as a dream about the most important events of a man's life, religiously preserve the merest trifles." - Richard Francis Burton

"The fancies of wine are authentic events." - Italo Svevo

"It is human choices that move events." - George W Bush

"Everything went smoothly at the sailing events today, except for the British team. They forgot to bring limes and they all got scurvy." - Craig Ferguson

"I've always held the song in high regard because songs have got me through so many sinks of dishes and so many humiliating courting events." - Leonard Cohen

"Statements about climate trends must be based on, er, trends. Not individual events or occurrences. Weather is not climate, and anecdotes are not statistics." - Chris Mooney

"Duty is ours and events are God's." - Angelina Grimke

"Events need their invitation, dissolutions their start." - James Salter

"What a strange turn of events." - Delta Goodrem

"You cannot penetrate events with reportage." - Michelangelo Antonioni

"The symbolism in any kind of dance allows for recall, reenactment, and reexperience of events for purposes of resisting, reducing, transforming, and escaping stress." - Judith Lynne Hanna

"If white privilege is a thing, why are people working so hard to be black? All of the award shows and cultural events favor black culture." - Milo Yiannopoulos

"But isn't that hazardous-messing with events?" - Stephen R. Lawhead



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