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Rapped Quotes


"In high school, everybody rapped. You just pounded on the table." - Boots Riley

"I had a lot of jobs. I worked over 50 jobs before I rapped for a living." - Joseph Bruce

"This, my children," Alistair said proudly, "was barbecue pork." Dan rapped his fingers against the latch. "Been out in the sun for a long time." - Peter Lerangis

"As far as the work I did with Timbaland, it was his sound and I just kinda floated in his direction. I just rapped over his traditional beats." - Bubba Sparxxx

"I don't want a perfectly safe weapon. I want a dangerous weapon that hurts people." He took the stick from her, rapped it against her head. She howled and he nodded. "See? It hurts people." - Derek Landy

"Manual Lynn? Find out what that is. He wrote every single word in the play, and then everyone just rapped their parts. Imagine if like, Eminem wrote a play, that's what it sounded like to me." - Ryan Montgomery

"I'm not saying my teachers should have rapped my lessons or anything, but I feel if I had made more of a connection to them I would have gotten more out of school." - Ryan Montgomery

"I do' want a perfectly safe weapon. I want a dangerous weapon that hurts people." He took the stick from her, rapped it against her head. She howled and he nodded. "See? It hurts people." - Derek Landy

"There's been people who've rapped and produced - like Kanye - but I don't feel like on the rapping side there's ever been a producer who can rap as good as I think I can rap." - J Cole

"I came from a crew, and to me, all the guys I rapped with were better than me, so I was surprised when I was the breakout one. It was definitely a cool thing." - Queen Latifah

"We not only grew up on Be-Bop; Be-Bop raised us. For my generation, Be-Bop came on like a light bulb going flash behind the eyes.For us, it was not only an intellectual movement, but a way of life. We walked, dressed, and rapped Be-Bop." - Ishmael Reed

"The honest truth is that it was just traumatizing with the piano, with the authority of the piano teacher, getting rapped across the knuckles, and so whenever you put a piece of music in front of me, there's a Pavlovian reaction where it starts off." - Hans Zimmer

"I expressed just now my mistrust of what is called Spiritualism - ... I owe it a trifle for a message said to come from Voltaire's Ghost. It was asked, Are you not now convinced of another world? and rapped out, There is no other world - Death is only an incident in Life." - William De Morgan

"Jay was intimidating to the point where I was totally intimidated before I even got to the booth. But I was like, this is going to be a test of my mettle. In the South, I'm regarded as the guy who, quote unquote, out-rapped Jay-Z." - Bun B

"When I was first introduced to the music business, I learned how to make beats. All my friends rapped, but nobody made beats. So since I didn't do either at the time, I thought it would make more sense and I would be more valuable to the team as the in house producer." - Kid Ink

"I'm one of those artists that people take my music without my consent. People love to snatch my music and do things on their own. You got people that put me on beats I never rapped on. I just feel that it's a bad thing." - Kool Keith

"I always knew I could rap, and in a sense I always rapped. And [I've] always behaved like a rapper. But I started to take it seriously when I recorded with the people of Brick when I started to receive some money." - Young Thug

"Mike and Heather and I rapped once or twice in New York and then we all wound up on a train together on the way out to Maryland. I think it was about a month and a half from the time we got cast until the time we shot the thing." - Joshua Leonard

"There is no excuse for a billion dollar industry to have somebody who's pushing papers on an administrative level - which is still very important in terms of getting projects done - it's imbalanced and completely illogical and example of how badly this art form has been rapped... for them niggas to have health care benefits but for themselves to share in no part to that? It's very telling about the climate of the music industry." - Immortal Technique

"Americans, too many of them, take themselves too seriously. You're going to get rapped - by the viewers, by the sponsors and by the network brass - if you joke about doctors, lawyers, dentists, scientists, bus drivers, I don't care who. You can't make a joke about Catholics, Negroes, Jews, Italians, politicians, dogs or cats. In fact, politicians, dogs and cats are the most sacred institutions in America." - Johnny Carson

"From the very beginning, all of my films have divided the critics. Some have thought them wonderful, and others have found very little good to say. But subsequent critical opinion has always resulted in a very remarkable shift to the favorable. In one instance, the same critic who originally rapped the film has several years later put it on an all-time best list. But of course, the lasting and ultimately most important reputation of a film is not based on reviews, but on what, if anything, people say about it over the years, and on how much affection for it they have." - Stanley Kubrick