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Rap Quotes


"I love rap." - Rick James

"I love rap music." - Chumlee

"Rap was my drug." - Eminem

"I gotta learn to rap." - Scott Disick

"I'm not really into rap." - Magnus Carlsen

"Rap helps me connect emotionally." - Ben Horowitz

"Rap is stress, but it pays great." - Drake

"Don't rap if you do not practice." - Hopsin

"Rap-so many words, so little said." - Keith Richards

"The U.S government hates rap music" - Chris Rock

"Started from the trap, now I rap" - 2 Chainz

"I hate rap! Can I say that?" - Chris Kaman

"I've always been a fan of rap." - Ryan Hemsworth

"I don't even really like rap music." - Angel Haze

"'Gangsta rap' is a derogatory label." - Coolio

"Nobody wants to hear me rap." - Joe Mauer

"Rap is definitely a youthful expression." - Mekhi Phifer

"No, I can't do rap music!" - Dolly Parton

"Single guys get a bad rap." - David Spade

"Rap is just to me very annoying." - James Hetfield

"Who gave it that title, gangsta rap? It's reality rap. It's about what's really going on." - Eazye

"I don't really listen to rap; I just like to rap." - Tyler The Creator

"I don't even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in." - Kanye West

"I can't stand rap....people who can't sing do can sing rebellion as well as talk it....Hitler would have been in a rap band." - John Entwistle

"I always do my rap from the outside looking in. Like I do my rap as if I'm looking at me rap." - Lil Wayne

"Ego is my career. Rap music is all ego." - Earl Sweatshirt

"I'm pretty sure JAY Z don't wanna rap right now." - Young Thug

"Mark my words, my rap career [is] on the rise." - Nicole Richie

"I rap for listeners, blunt heads, fly ladies and prisoners" - Nas

"Gangsta rappers can't fight, so they rap about guns." - Sean Price

"Commercial rap get the gun clap, day after day." - Buckshot

"Somehow the rap game remind me of the crack game" - Nas

"Rap music is really good when you're traumatized," - Kim Gordon

"Without me, rap is just a bunch of orphans." - Drake

"Rap music is really good when you're traumatized," - Kim Gordon

"Everybody could write, deejay, rap. Everybody could do it all." - Talib Kweli

"I grew up in the Bronx. I'm into rap music." - Abel Ferrara

"I'll rap as long as people want to hear it." - Snoop Dogg

"Nothing has more words and performance than rap music." - Chuck D

"Battle rap is a culture. That's boxing, it's like boxing." - Ab-Soul

"This is the industry that wants [music], the rap industry." - Young Thug

"I've never been into alternative, hipster rap music." - Harmony Korine

"Rap will never be the same as before" - Eminem

"The bar is so low in rap - mediocrity is king!" - Jay Electronica

"I'm not crazy about the rap thing. Or house music." - Wolfman Jack

"I think that rap is narrative, when it's done right." - Ajay Naidu

"I haven't done rap... I can't do that too well." - Dee Dee Ramone

"I could never rap, personally. I can't even wrap presents." - Chris Colfer

"Moms in fiction and memoir get a bad rap." - Kelly Corrigan

"Rap actually comes out of punk rock, not black music." - Stanley Crouch

"I'm huge into '90s rap. It's my jam." - Danielle Fishel

"I'll dance to anything: Bob Marley or rap." - Francesca Annis

"Rap music is really good when you're traumatized." - Kim Gordon

"I think, British food, it's had a bad rap." - April Bloomfield

"I'll always love rap, no matter what's going on." - Nas

"Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. Gangsta rap didnt exist." - Alicia Keys

"Rap is still an art, and no-one's from the Old School Cuz rap is still a brand-new tool" - KRS-One

"When you talk about rap you have to understand that rap is part of the Hip-Hop culture." - Afrika Bambaataa

"This is hip-hop. If you've got something you want to rap about, just rap about it, man." - Yelawolf

"Rap is only one end of a whole spectrum of verbal play and virtuosity. Rap is geared for aural pleasure." - Rita Dove

"I never liked socially conscious rap. I like rap that's physical, that's about a beat and bass and repetition." - Harmony Korine

"I mean I'll be retired from rap, so what I'll be doin' in rap will be for fun." - Tone Loc

"The average rap life is two or three albums. You're lucky to get to your second album in rap!" - Jay-Z

"If I have a rap album I'm dropping, then I want it to be the best rap album." - Lil Wayne

"I want the feuds to come back - there aren't enough rap feuds anymore. I want a serious rap-off." - Phoebe Tonkin

"The average rap life is two or three albums. You're lucky to get to your second album in rap!" - Jayz

"The big stars in rap, they were too big, so when my rap generation started, it was about bringing you inside my apartment. It wasn't about being a rap star; it was about anything other than." - Nas

"There are rap groups that have a positive outlook in their art. These groups should be shown as an alternative to gangsta rap." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"The first rap album I bought was Eminem's The Slim Shady LP so I wasn't even based on West Coast rap like that." - Tyga

"There has been an effect of business rap on the output of today's rap music. But I don't think that's the modern day rapper's fault." - Mia

"When people say to me, 'What do you think of rap music?', my answer is, 'There's no such thing. There's rap, and there's music.'" - Jack Jones

"I don't think I would change really anything about rap. Rap don't have no limits to it, and I like it like that." - Meek Mill

"I wish I could rap! I wish I could rap like Azealia Banks or Lil Wayne or someone like that... Twista. He's super fast." - Charli Xcx

"I love my life more than rap. I'm not trying to take a shot for rap. I don't want to take no shot, brotha." - Jamal Woolard

"When people say to me 'what do you think of rap music?' my answer is there's no such thing. There's rap and there's music." - Irwin Thomas

"I've been called everything. Gangsta rap. I've been called conscious rap. You know, everything. Whoever feels like calling it whatever they want to call it, that's on them." - Nas

"Usually people who attack the rap are people who aren't even fans." - Ice Cube

"There's no controversy in my way. There's nobody telling me to rap like this or anything." - Jayceon Terrell Taylor

"A digital sound sample in angry rap doesn't correspond to the graffiti but the wall." - Jaron Lanier

"Call me the rap assassinator / rhymes rugged and built like Schwarzenegger" - Raekwon

"Rap has been a path between cultures in the best tradition of popular music." - Jay-Z

"Rap, rap! upon the well-worn stone, How falls the polished hammer! Rap, rap! the measured sound has grown A quick and merry clamor. Now shape the sole! how deftly curl The glassy vamp around it, And bless the while the bright-eyed girl Whose gentle fingers bound it!" - John Greenleaf Whittier

"My game is like a cross between karaoke and rap: crap." - Nick Faldo

"There's two elements to rap: having the thoughts, and then being a great rapper." - Drake

"Rap music... sounds like somebody feeding a rhyming dictionary to a popcorn popper." - Tom Robbins

"They said I rap like a robot, so call me rapbot." - Eminem

"Ain't nothin' but a whole lot of suckin' goin' on in rap." - Eminem

"What's the point of rap if you can't be yourself, huh?" - Donald Glover

"Yo, you 14-carat gold slum computer wizard, Tappin' inside my rap vein causes blizzards!" - Ghostface Killah

"Rap is not pop. If you call it that, then stop." - Q-Tip

"At least be a nice lesbian or you're going to give the rest a bad rap." - Terry Mcmillan

"Rap is something you do Hip Hop is something you live" - KRS-One

"My music is pretty honest. I can't rap on science fiction. Punk is from the street." - Rick James

"I have no interest in emo. I'm all about rap metal." - Rivers Cuomo

"As long as there's a demand for gangsta rap, it will be supplied." - Ti

"Rap and dance is pretty much what I want to be known for." - James Corden

"I don't have any sympathy for the subject matter, [but] I have great respect for rap artists. In fact, not for the rap artists, but the people who make the music over which they rap. Rap music - the music itself is incredible - but [the people that make the music] are hardly ever credited." - Stewart Copeland

"I believe gangsta rap, as such, in its foundation is simply anti-systemic and transgressive." - Bocafloja

"You never want to look like an old fart doing young rap music." - DJ Quik

"I don't know where I fit in the spectrum of rap yet..." - Nicki Minaj

"I wish I could end every rap song I didn't like with a buzzer." - Drew Carey

"If you will not hear Reason, she will surely rap your knuckles." - Benjamin Franklin

"I always did poetry, and [rap music is] pretty much hip-hop melody with poems." - Tiffany Foxx

"The first rap record came out in '79, but hip-hop began in '69." - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

"Clearly, everybody knows I can rap; I can freestyle all day." - Nick Cannon

"Maybe my records might make the next Ja Rule or Jay-Z want to rap." - Mic Geronimo

"I can rap; that's what I was originally really good at." - James Paxton

"I don't want to do rap that makes people feel bad." - Kanye West

"We loved that form of music. We're all huge rap fans, so we just incorporated it." - Charlie Benante

"I don't try to rap about or emulate the life of another person." - Lazarus of Bethany

"Rap is just a movement within the larger culture of hip-hop." - Cornel West

"Rap is a fortress protected by twin moats of talk and technology." - Mark Costello and David Foster Wallace

"There is no better education than rap battling in terms of performance. It makes you fearless." - Doc Brown

"I think that's what made rap such a stable footprint in culture, that it's so honest." - Russell Simmons

"It's not the man, it's the plan. It's not the rap, it's the map." - Ossie Davis

"But I still rap like I'm on my Pharoahe Monch grind" - Eminem

"I listen to music for emotion and I get zero emotion from rap." - Sebastian Bach

"By the late '80s, I was already giving up on rap music." - Chuck Eddy

"I don't like the fact that there are so few women in rap." - Cheryl James

"Rap is rhythm and poetry. Hip-hop is storytelling and poetry as well." - Ajay Naidu

"I love pop and rap. Bringing those two worlds together is always fun." - Tony Oller

"A lot of the music, and especially rap, I don't understand." - Patti Page

"My brother's been producing rap music and hip-hop for maybe 10 years." - Tina Yothers

"I don't like rap that you can't understand. The youth is so quick and alert." - Roy Ayers

"I think America has a bad rap right now... and hopefully Obama will change that." - Joan Cusack

"RZA is one of the most unique individuals and rap artists that I have worked with." - El Debarge

"I think L.A. gets a bad rap. L.A. is the same as everywhere else." - Max Greenfield

"When I first got into the rap game, I had an early dream of unifying rappers." - Ice T

"I want to be able to say that a rap career could be ten albums." - Ice T

"I've been thinking of trying my hand at rap. I've been recording snippets on my BlackBerry." - Rufus Wainwright

"A lot of rap songs don't usually have a lot of melody per se." - Al Yankovic

"I still wanna rap better than everybody else, and I wanna say important things." - J Cole

"Rap is just somebody getting something off his chest. That's all it is." - Ice Cube

"I don't rap like nobody, I don't try to sound like nobody." - Mos Def

"I would say that I'm more moved by melody, even though I love to rap." - Drake

"Nobody's going to tell me to rap in an American accent." - Estelle

"Rap has so many possibilities that need to be explored. There are different factions of rap, but some are in a rut. Rap doesn't have to be about boosting egos and grabbing your crotch and dissing women. There's a way to make political and social issues interesting and entertaining to the young rap audience." - Michael Franti

"I still to this day get the most inspiration from rap lyrics." - Ezra Koenig

"I always felt that rap didn't cause crime; it just reflected it." - John Legend

"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the hip-hop, the culture." - Method Man

"Rap is poetry set to music. But to me it's like a jackhammer." - Bette Midler

"I don't want to rap about my car. How generic is that? Be creative." - Andy Milonakis

"It's difficult to wear such high Louboutins and also freestyle rap." - Blake Lively

"My fans will tell you all day that I can rap. That's all I need." - Kid Cudi

"Rap is poetry to music, like beatniks without beards and bongos." - David Lee Roth

"My take on rap is driven by straightforward American southern rock and blues." - Kid Rock

"It would be pretty funny to see a Beverly Hills white girl with mad rap skills." - Tori Spelling

"Rap music is the only vital form of music introduced since punk rock." - Kurt Cobain

"Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism." - Eminem

"I am looking to get into the grime rap U.K. scene." - Tom Felton



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