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Rampart Quotes


"Music my rampart, and my only one." - Edna St Vincent Millay

"Fortify courage with the true rampart of patience." - Philip Sidney

"There is no rampart that will hold out against malice." - Moliere

"He glutted black ravens on the rampart of the stronghold, though he was no Arthur." - Aneirin

"It looked like a pagan banner planted on a Christian rampart." - Douglas Reed

"Our shipping and sea service is our best and safest defence as being the only fortification and rampart of England." - Walter Raleigh

"Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, As his corse to the rampart we hurried." - Charles Wolfe

"In battle it is the cowards who run the most risk; bravery is a rampart of defense." - Sallust

"I rarely ever put my head above the rampart and see where this big lumbering behemoth called 'global literature' is going." - David Mitchell

"It was the rampart of God's house That she was standing on; By God built over the sheer depth, The which is Space begun; So high, that looking downward thence, She scarce could see the sun." - Christina Rossetti

"You can do a movie and hope it may be great, but until you have seen it, you don't know. I loved 'Rampart.' I love that one called 'The Hi-Low Country' that Steven Frears shot." - Woody Harrelson

"If we wish to fight, the enemy can be forced to an engagement even though he be sheltered behind a high rampart and a deep ditch. All we need do is attack some other place that he will be obliged to relieve." - Sun Tzu

"To hope for safety in flight, when you have turned away from the enemy the arms by which the body is defended, is indeed madness. In battle those who are most afraid are always in most danger; but courage is equivalent to rampart." - Sallust

"O cool glad pasture; living tree, tall corn, Great cliff, or languid sloping sand, cold sea, Waves: river curving; you, eternal flowers, Give me content, while I can think of you: Give me your living breath! Back to your rampart, Death!" - Harold Monro

"For in the night, unseen, a single warrior, In sombre harness mailed, Dreaded of man, and surnamed the Destroyer, The rampart wall has scaled. He passed into the chamber of the sleeper, The dark and silent room, And as he entered, darker grew, and deeper, The silence and the gloom." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"If I'm in Maui, I play soccer and tennis and go kite-surfing. I prefer doing a sport as opposed to going to a gym. I'm not big on gyms. When I did 'Rampart,' I lost 30 pounds because I felt it was better for the character. I worked out constantly, maybe twice a day, and minimized caloric intake." - Woody Harrelson

"In the past I've been very into the falling part, very into the swimming in the dark, deep emotional water. 'Rampart' I really went into it and it took me three times as long to get out of that depression as it did to just do the scenes. I had to learn to give it my all and then go home and laugh." - Brie Larson

"On 'The Messenger,' just imagining playing the part of a soldier in that movie was kind of hard for me. And in 'Rampart,' the idea of playing a cop was even harder. It was hard to imagine myself as a cop." - Woody Harrelson

"With 'Rampart,' I read it and I'm like, 'That's the best role I've ever been offered. Phenomenal.' But, I was daunted, you know? Like the concept of trying to be a cop. It's just bizarre, man. Bizarre to even think about." - Woody Harrelson

"A professor is not one who knows, but one who professes to know, and [thus] is constantly in the position of inviting challenge. . . . He professes publicly where everyone is invited to come and challenge, [and] at any time he must be willing and able to defend it openly against all comers. The degree is originally a chivalric device-a gauntlet of defiance to all rivals-and not a safe rampart or dug-out for a scholar to hide behind in safe immunity from any challenge." - Hugh Nibley