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Ramp Quotes


"The play takes place on a ramp, hanging from a ramp, below a ramp, and to the sides of a ramp." - Rosalyn Drexler

"I love being photographed, I love the ramp." - Nafisa Joseph

"I don't live in the fast lane I live on the off ramp." - Fred Shero

"Ramp up my genius, be not retrograde, But boldly nominate a spade a spade." - Ben Jonson

"The best things happen at the exit ramp of your comfort zone." - Karen Salmansohn

"I think some people ramp a side of themselves up for performance purposes." - Jo Brand

"Ramp skating has become the most popular televised form of skating because they can constrain it. They can judge it based on what's happening within this box of a ramp." - Jeffrey Deitch

"No amount of smiling at a flight of stairs has ever made it turn into a ramp," - Stella Young

"The international community should treat this as a window of opportunity to ramp up preparedness and response." - Margaret Chan

"Snapchat's ramp reminded us of another mobile app Benchmark had the good fortune to back at an early stage: Instagram." - Mitch Lasky

"We also know that China and India, as their economies ramp up, are using more and more energy." - Gale Norton

"My dream went all the way back to the beginning. The rain rose into the clouds, and the animals descended the ramp." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"A homeless man standing at the off-ramp: the question in these moments isn't whether Jesus is in Him, but in me." - Mark Hart

"I dropped to the lowest point when I allowed my children to go down that ramp into the water without me" - Susan Smith

"The real leadership of the opposition is never, ever gonna do anything but continue to ramp up efforts to stop [Donald] Trump or destroy Trump." - Rush Limbaugh

"Social media has allowed people to ramp up their personal attacks on people in the public eye - because there is a sense they can do it anonymously." - Gretchen Carlson

"I dropped to the lowest point when I allowed my children to go down that ramp into the water without me." - Susan Smith

"When you're a short actor you stand on apple boxes, you walk on a ramp. When you're a short star everybody else walks in a ditch." - Michael J Fox

"In ramp skating, theres this guy Alex Perelson whos really coming into his own and doing some amazing new stuff we havent seen before. Just different types of spin." - Tony Hawk

"As a matter of fact I could beat you two with both my arms and my legs tied. I'll roll down this ramp and score myself a 7-10 idiot split!" - Chris Jericho

"While our team managed the manufacturing ramp better than ever before, we could have sold many more iPhones with greater supply and we are working hard to fill orders as quickly as possible." - Tim Cook

"A wave isn't like a skate ramp or mountain; everything's moving around, and you have to time how to move along with it. That's easier with a slow wave." - Kelly Slater

"Better ramp up your virtual relationships. Companies think omni channel is the correct answer. This is not enough. The information explosion for consumers makes 24/7 and full and complete engagement possible." - Michael J. Silverstein

"Deviant (definition): A person who wanders from the One True Path and is caught urinating somewhere in the midst of the unthinkable. A person taking any exit ramp off the freeway of self-righteousness." - Richard Summerbell

"When I was a kid, I would do stupid things on my bike. I'd jump any ramp, I'd jump over people, I'd jump over things - always crashing, never hurting myself badly but always wanting to take physical risks." - Eric Bana

"I have an airplane hangar with 17 cars in it. That's no joke. I have a 'half pipe' in there, too - you know, like a big ramp, where I skateboard. It's awesome. It's the ultimate fantasy." - Paul Walker

"How many times have you been on the freeway and had someone fly by you at 100 mph then end up two cars ahead of you at the off ramp? What's the point?" - Mark Harmon

"A lot of the biking sequences in the beginning, like going down the steps and over the ramp, I of course didn't do any of that stuff. I wish I could have but I didn't." - Alex D Linz

"A wave isn't like a skate ramp or mountain; everything's moving around and you have to time how to move along with it. That's easier with a slow wave." - Kelly Slater

"In ramp skating, there's this guy Alex Perelson who's really coming into his own and doing some amazing new stuff we haven't seen before. Just different types of spin." - Tony Hawk

"The second show [Judas Priest] there was a point where I stood back. We had a 40-foot ramp that went out into the crowd. Rob came out on the bike. It was raining. He drove the bike to the end of the ramp. I'm standing there looking at him. Rain coming down. Lights flashing. Blue smoke everywhere from the bike. He's on the bike with his metal horns in the air, and there were 30,000 people in front of him screaming. I remember thinking, "This is real."" - Richie Faulkner

"For the past several years, I've been harboring a fantasy, a last political crusade for the baby-boom generation. We, who started on the path of righteousness, marching for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam, need to find an appropriately high-minded approach to life's exit ramp." - Joe Klein

"People didn't always see a person with a disability who had to use a ramp or elevator as people who have been given unnecessary privileges. But I run into that often now. People are saying, 'Why do we have to go to great expense for these people?" - Major Owens

"Here in Miami, on weekends, amusement-seekers will come to the marina, set up folding chairs, and spend a highly entertaining day watching boat owners perform comical maneuvers such as forgetting to set their parking brakes and having their cars roll down the ramp and disappear, burbling gaily, below the surface." - Dave Barry

"I can pinpoint that as the single happiest moment of my life, because I realized then that Mom would always have my back. It made me feel giant. I raced back down the concrete ramp, faster than I ever had before, so fast I should have fallen, but I didn't fall, because Mom was in the world." - Maria Semple

"Best hope for what, Catman? Death? Bankruptcy? You know, my life was going along...well, rather crappily, to be honest, but at least no one was trying to kill me and no one was dying around me. Since I met you, my life has taken the high road to Shitsville, with no off-ramp in sight. (Susan)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"We've been spending this kind of ramp up time from the time we started the company to now with a lot of different projects in development. What we aren't doing is saying, "We have to do this, this and this." Because the "this, this and this" might not be ready and you don't want to go and make something that's not ready." - Susan Downey

"Even when you go up ramp, and you think about [Franklin D. Roosevelt] wheeling himself up, you know, got a little cigarette holder in his mouth, and it, that, that awe that you feel, that reverence that you feel for the place never entirely leaves." - Barack Obama

"As president, I will ramp up enforcement of trade rules by appointing a new chief trade prosecutor and tripling the number of enforcement officers. We will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment new good paying jobs since World War II." - Hillary Clinton

"Ramp hawkers were peddling methods, low priced sure-fire theories guaranteed to predict bottle twitches and beat the whole Minimax game. The hawkers were ignored by the hurrying throngs of people; anybody with a genuine system of prediction would be using it, not selling it." - Philip K Dick

"There's so many problems in our world, so much negativity. Don't worry about the darkness - turn on the light and the darkness automatically goes. Ramp up the light of unity within - help do that for yourself, help do that for the world and then we're really doing something, we're doing something that brings that light of unity." - David Lynch

"Switching over to a hybrid car is one of those right things, but, unfairly or not, it still has a reputation among car enthusiasts as something you have to pedal really fast when you're on the ramp merging into traffic on the 401." - Linwood Barclay

"Force drift refers to a kind of tendency in soldiers that when they have a prisoner - in their control, and I should add it's totally in their control - the person is helpless, that when you try to get information outta them, there's a kind of natural tendency when they don't give you that information, to kinda ramp up the violence, to get tougher." - Alex Gibney

"Quite frankly, I think if a man or a woman likes their American job, wherever they were born, they should be able to keep that job. We need a clear path to citizenship for workers who are already here and a fair and efficient on-ramp for those who want to come here." - Aaron Schock

"I don't think I was a good model. I think I was born to emote and act. I would walk down the ramp and smile and they used to say, 'Give us a blank look.' It was really difficult not to smile." - Anushka Sharma

"When I walk for a designer, I walk the ramp as Vijender Singh, the boxer. I believe that by doing so, boxing will at least, in some way, get promoted in our entertainment industry. Plus, if cricketers can, why can't I?" - Vijender Singh

"I wanted to end my life so bad and was in my car ready to go down that ramp into the water, and I did go part way, but I stopped. I went again and stopped. I then got out of the car and stood by the car a nervous wreck." - Susan Smith

"I believe that if you want to be president of the United States, you run for president. You don't run for president with some eject button in the cockpit that allows you to go on an exit ramp if it doesn't work out." - Marco Rubio

"Now that our kids are getting older, they need their space. We dug out the basement so they will have a place to go crazy in the wintertime. My son is already talking about how he's going to make a skateboard ramp. It's just a mosh pit down there, so they can do whatever they want. We're not even going to finish it." - Candice Olson

"People didn't always see a person with a disability who had to use a ramp or elevator as people who have been given unnecessary privileges. But I run into that often now. People are saying, 'Why do we have to go to great expense for these people?'" - Major Owens

"The press box at Wrigley Field in Chicago is an extended narrow shed, two rows deep, that is precariously bolted to the iron rafters just underneath the park's second deck. To gain access, one must climb a steeply angled ramp and clamber down a little starboard companionway, guarded at its foot by a uniformed minion and then proceed giddily along a catwalk that hangs directly above the tiered, circling rows of seats and spectators behind home plate." - Roger Angell

"We'd done a couple of road trips with my big chair, and it was such a hassle if we didn't have the van with the foldout ramp. I figured: There's got to be some option that I can use on the go. Now I can go anywhere with my friends, which is a big, life-changing thing. I can sit on it for as long as I need to." - Zach Anner

"Pity is for this life, pity is the worm inside the meat, pity is the meat, pity is the shaking pencil, pity is the shaking voice- not enough money, not enough love-pity for all of us-it is our grace, walking down the ramp or on the moving sidewalk, sitting in a chair, reading the paper, pity, turning a leaf to the light, arranging a thorn." - Jane Austen

"Up here in Alaska we're sitting on billions of barrels of oil. We're sitting on hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of natural gas onshore and offshore. And it seems to be only the Republicans who understand that companies should be competing for the right to tap those resources, and get that energy source flowing into these hungry markets so that we will be less reliant on foreign sources of energy. In a volatile world, relying on foreign regimes that are not friendly to Americans, asking them to ramp up resource production for our benefit, that's nonsensical." - Sarah Palin

"Come on," Alec said, already stomping down the ramp. "Let's find us a squirrel." He swept the weapon back and forth as he walked, looking for any interlopers. "Or better yet, one of the crazies who might've strayed over here. Too bad these things have to be charged or we could get rid of this virus problem in a jiffy. Sweep these old neighborhoods nice and clean." Mark joined him on the ground below the Berg, wary that someone might be watching from the ruined homes surrounding them or from the burnt woods beyond those. "Your value of human life brings tears to my eyes," he muttered." - James Dashner

"I built a leprechaun trap that was made to look like a tiny hotel. There was a ramp where the leprechaun could walk into the hotel, see a Lego pot of gold on the other side, try to reach it, fall through a trap door, go through a tube, wind up in a biscuit tin, and be trapped. My mom, encouraging my madness, told me that the leprechaun might escape and that I needed a shot glass of whiskey down there to keep him occupied while he was in there." - Alex Hirsch

"I take things very seriously, and I give myself time to come down and to ramp up, and it's an inside spiritual journey for me. I feel like acting is a way of feeling your personality, and it's really special. Special to have this kind of effect on people. You can only have that effect if you're really outside of yourself. You can't look at yourself and do what I do at the same time. I have done it that way in the past, but it doesn't really work. I can only soar within the parameters of time, and I use music analogies." - Giancarlo Esposito

"This particular one was very, very heartwarming and is the relationship of an older man and a young boy that are essentially on the run. And so yeah, as I say, Barry Crump wrote a lot of books and this one got into the hands of Taika Watiti who then writing the screenplay decided to really vamp up if that's the word, or ramp up and modernize certain phrases - getting in the humor. So he added a lot of a real comedy perspective onto it which is what I think the story needed anyway, especially for it to turn into a film. And it worked." - Rhys Darby