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Raging Bull Quotes


"I grew up watching 'Raging Bull." - Vincent Cassel

"I grew up watching 'Raging Bull.'" - Vincent Cassel

"I watched 'Rocky' and 'Raging Bull' and 'Taxi Driver' over and over again. They spoke to you, man." - Paddy Considine

"I am not a hesitant bull, I'm a Pamplona bull." - Jim Cramer

"I wanted Raging Bull. I wanted Casino. I got Rocky and Bullwinkle. But that's OK, because I still get to tell people I've worked with Robert DeNiro." - Rene Russo

"Of course, De Niro has had a long history of memorable performances. Everyone knows 'Taxi Driver' and 'Raging Bull,' but 'Awakenings' really did something for me." - Adriane Lenox

"Don't confuse brains with a bull market." - Humphrey B. Neill

"There will always be bull markets followed by bear markets followed by bull markets" - John Templeton

"Revenge is the raging fire that consumes the arsonist." - Max Lucado

"When the end comes, I will meet it raging." - George R R Martin

"Fires of suffering and strife are raging around the world." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"To me, comedies are usually the least funny movies. Movies that are actually a comedy are usually not all that funny. To me Goodfellas and Raging Bull are two of the funniest movies I ever saw." - Louis C K

"I don't follow anybody in particular. When people talk about Laurence Olivier or something, I go, Fuck, man, once you've had De Niro with Raging Bull, that's where you begin." - Russell Crowe

"I always wanted to play a boxer because some of my favorite films, as a boy, were those great boxing movies, like 'Raging Bull', 'Rocky', 'The Set Up', 'Fat City and Hard Times'. I just loved those films." - Holt Mccallany

"[Donald Trump] is a horrible human being, but he ain't worse than Bull Connor. Fannie Lou loved Bull Connor and beat Bull Connor because she loved him." - Van Jones

"I shop like a bull - I charge everything!" - Jerry Smith

"The bull is stronger, but the matador is smarter." - Muhammad Ali

"I am kind of majoring in bull shitting." - Kate Voegele

"You can't have a good bullfight without a good bull." - Julian Schnabel

"I feel as fit as a bull moose." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Investment success does not require glamour stocks or bull markets." - John Neff

"My mother says happy ever after's a bunch of bull." - Nora Roberts

"I couldn't hit an elephant's ass with a bull fiddle." - Babe Zaharias

"Dog, ounce, bear, and bull, Wolfe, lion, horse." - Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

"You ought to take the bull between the teeth." - Samuel Goldwyn

"Edward Bull The curate; he was fatter than his cure." - Alfred Tennyson

"Happiness is the china shop; love is the bull." - H L Mencken

"In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke." - William Shakespeare

"I never rode a bull - I'm not that stupid." - James Caan

"Bulls do not win bull fights. People do." - Norman Ralph Augustine

"I have a pit bull. He's a rescue. He's adorable." - Ira Glass

"In fact my son subscribes to Pro Bull Rider magazine." - Chris Ledoux

"When you're young, it's so easy to get bull-dozed." - Christina Aguilera

"I don't like any sport except boxing and bull fighting." - David Bailey

"The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull: At some point, a pit bull does stop whining." - Bill Maher

"I am a raging alcoholic and a raging addict and I didn't want to see my kids do the same thing." - Ozzy Osbourne

"And where two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury." - William Shakespeare

"And where two raging fires meet together They do consume the thing that feeds their fury." - William Shakespeare

"The love of arms and the mad wickedness of war are raging." - Virgil

"At heart, we're all violent raging wolves, but in our actions we can be pacifists." - Polly Horvath

"Through effort you will cross any raging flood, through energy you will pass any sorrow." - Gautama Buddha

"Women are affected by lunar tides only once a month; men have raging hormones every day." - Maureen Dowd

"Relationships that begin in passion's raging fire often end in the coldest ashes." - Deepak Chopra

"Global warming is the most prominent form of mass hysteria raging across the world today." - Doug Casey

"I'll meet the raging of the skies, but not an angry father." - Thomas Campbell

"The battle outside raging will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls." - Bob Dylan

"Once you've got a bull terrier, you never want another dog. I've got six bull terriers, a rottweiler and a bulldog." - Julian Dicks

"In fighting a bull you're always aware of a paradox concerning your perceptions of the bull. On the one hand it's your perceptions of the bull that give you the upper hand. You read the bull, you learn to read the bull more and more accurately, and this reading of the bull is how you deploy your intelligence against the bull's intelligence. Your accuracy in reading the bull is a weapon, maybe your most important weapon, against all the bull's weapons. On the other hand, you're human, you have the human tendency to read into the bull things which may not actually be there." - Bette Ford

"A Spaniard will seek to persuade you that the bull-ring is an institution got up chiefly for the benefit of the bull." - Jerome K Jerome

"I think we're in the beginning of a bull market. When a bull market begins, nine months later the economy turns around." - Sumner Redstone

"I'm a De Niro fan. I went eleven years without seeing a movie; the last one before that, February 1980, was De Niro and Scorsese in 'Raging Bull,' and when I went back, it was 'Cape Fear,' with De Niro and Scorsese. I picked up right where I left off at." - August Wilson

"A bull market is like sex. It feels best just before it ends." - Warren Buffett

"I like myself, but I won't say I'm as handsome as the bull that kidnapped Europa." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Dead men hear no tales; posthumous fame is an Irish bull." - Israel Zangwill

"A bull in just about any shop is gonna be a mess." - Sarah Silverman

"The bull-fighter has merely demonstrated that he is a butcher with balletic tendencies." - Brigid Brophy

"They were always on the move.But in truth said bull we are all going nowhere" - Kate Dicamillo

"It's not worth getting into the bullshit to see what the bull ate." - Don Van Vliet

"If I cry, it means I'm too weak to compete in this sport. That's bull." - Shawna Robinson

"This oiled and curled Assyrian bull, Smelling of musk and of insolence." - Alfred Tennyson

"Bull-markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria." - John Templeton

"Bull markets and Bear markets can obscure mathematical laws, they cannot repeal them." - Warren Buffett

"Timidity prompted by past failures causes investors to miss the most important bull markets." - Walter Schloss

"Red Bull doesn't give you wings, it just makes ya sick." - Niall Horan

"When you take the bull by the horns...what happens is a toss-up." - William Pett Ridge

"Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns." - Paul Gleason

"[Garry Winogrand] was a bull of a man and the world his china shop." - Lee Friedlander

"I never took pleasure in seeing a bull die. Relief, but certainly not pleasure." - Bette Ford

"John Bull was beat at Waterloo! They'll swear to that in France." - Winthrop Mackworth Praed

"That jewelled mass of millinery, That oiled and curled Assyrian Bull." - Alfred Tennyson

"Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters." - Ernest Hemingway

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull." - W C Fields

"They're feeding the people a line of bull, and they are spinning and people are dying." - Ray Nagin

"I admire bull riders for their passion and the uniqueness each one of them has." - Chris Ledoux

"A pit bull is like a fighter. Every so often it needs to taste blood." - Barry Mcguigan

"Being attached to America these days is like being in a pen with a wounded bull." - Rick Mercer

"I'm strictly a sugar-free Red Bull guy. I'd rather enjoy my sugar intake elsewhere." - Seth Meyers

"Right before Mag Seven I did a movie called The Bull Rider." - Michael Biehn

"Historically, there has been a bull market in commodities every 20 or 30 years." - Jim Rogers

"I'm a Taurus, you know. A bull. I belong in a field." - Matt Roper

"I never thought my face would be on the cover of a Red Bull Six Pack." - Lindsey Vonn

"I hate the taste of alcohol. When I'm drinking, I'm drinking Red Bull." - Paris Hilton

"It would have been fun to have played Tim Robbins' role in Bull Durham." - Garth Brooks

"Bull riding is probably the most dangerous sport in the world in terms of head injuries." - Jonathan Gottschall

"Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall." - Sheng-yen

"I'm just so honored that the universe chose me to be the spark that has set off a raging inferno" - Cindy Sheehan

"Grief tears his heart, and drives him to and fro, In all the raging impotence of woe." - Homer

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives." - Mel Brooks

"Independence can only be obtained and secured by a nation that has its spirit raging with determination: independence or death!" - Sukarno

"Every time you answer the phone, someone is crying, someone is raging, someone is begging you to solve their problems." - Aryn Kyle

"If not exactly raging against the dying of the light, I was at least a little cross with it." - Mark Gatiss

"There is a law in each well-ordered nation To curb those raging appetites that are Most disobedient and refractory." - William Shakespeare

"A baby was sleeping, Its mother was weeping, For her husband was far on the wild-raging sea." - Samuel Lover

"The garden is a raging sea, The hurricane is snarling; Oh, happy you and happy me! Isn't the lightning darling?" - Ogden Nash

"That's the miracle of babies, their ability to lay bare the tender, beating hearts of raging assholes." - Heather Armstrong

"Each lost soul will be a hell unto itself, the boundless fire raging in its very vitals." - James Joyce

"The artist is the compass which, through the raging of the storm, points steadily to the north." - Romain Rolland

"He had high hopes for society, and though his hopes were too often dashed, he remained a raging optimist." - Randy Pausch

"I like period drama because everyone is so restrained, but they have all these emotions raging underneath." - Jennalouise Coleman

"I like period drama because everyone is so restrained, but they have all these emotions raging underneath." - Jenna Coleman

"I'm just so honored that the universe chose me to be the spark that has set off a raging inferno." - Cindy Sheehan

"I was watching an interview with Martin Scorcese concerning Raging Bull, which is one of my favorite films, and he was talking about how he'd worked with a lot of guys who weren't quote-unquote "actors," like Joe Pesce and Frank Vincent. Scorcese was very smart in the way that he cast, because you don't know where you're going to find the right person who can carry a role and summon that emotion you're looking for." - Lenny Kravitz

"Remember that guy who got gored by a bull and the bull pulled his underwear off and he had to run around the ring naked? If that footage comes out, I'll run that." - Jon Stewart

"After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him... The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut." - Will Rogers

"I'm not against (bull fighting). Some nations like to see blood, and some like to see their victims suffer from speculation... They kill the bull very quick. Wall Street lets you live and suffer." - Will Rogers

"I am a Pit Bull mixed with a Great Dane, mixed with a Rottweiler, mixed with a Bull Terrier, mixed with everything. That's what kind of dog I am." - Brandon Rios

"The Civil Rights movement should thank God for Bull Connor. He's helped it as much as Abraham Lincoln." - John F Kennedy

"The Bible is like a bull fiddle, you can play almost any tune you want on it." - Tommy Douglas

"He will not let you come barging in to his world like the proverbial bull in the china shop." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Did you see Howard Dean ranting and raving? Here's a little tip Howard - cut back on the Red Bull." - David Letterman

"Most people, whether bull or bear, when they are right, are right for the wrong reason, in my opinion." - Jesse Lauriston Livermore

"Not only the bull attacks his enemies with curved horn, but also the sheep, when harmed fights back." - Propertius

"Red Bull is for pussies!" - Pittacus Lore

"An American diplomat is sometimes like a bull who carries his own china shop around with him." - Winston Churchill

"Not only does the bull attack its foe with its crooked horns, but the injured sheep will fight its assailant." - Sextus Propertius

"Bessie?" I looked down at the bull serpent. "But... he's too cute. He couldn't destroy the world." -Percy Jackson" - Rick Riordan

"My dog is half pit bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip!" - Craig Shoemaker

"Have you ever, looking up, seen a cloud like to a Centaur, a Part, or a Wolf, or a Bull?" - Aristophanes

"It'd be the thrill of anyone's bull riding career to ride Red Rock. Like when Freckles Brown rode Tornado." - Lane Frost

"If you feel tired midway through, give Neil Patrick Harris a Red Bull and throw some sheet music at him." - Steve Martin

"He'll take some pleasure from that, Brian Carey. He and Steve Bull have been having it off all afternoon." - Ron Atkinson

"In one era the majority puts its faith and sympathy with the bullfighter, in another with the bull." - Bette Ford

"Political speeches are like steer horns. A point here, a point there, and a lot of bull in between." - Alfred E. Neuman

"In Reno [Nevada], there is always a bull market, never a bear market for the stocks and bonds of happiness." - Virgilia Peterson

"But without a need, even the finest piece of beef is merely a piece of dead bull is it not?" - Chris Murray

"I tried to steer the student newspaper toward more pertinent information instead of the usual gossip and bull." - Tom Bergeron

"I'd go at anyone. I took all of my brothers' bull. It made me who I am." - Rob Gronkowski

"Our seniors' retirement should never rely on the bull of political promises or the bear of the market." - Barbara Mikulski

"It's like night and day... to do business, in Europe, there is no bull, they are pretty straightforward." - Caprice Bourret

"I can find only one bull market, in 1935, that didn't have some material indigestion within its first 12 months." - Kenneth Fisher

"Not only the bull attacks his enemies with curved horn, but also the sheep, when harmed fights back." - Sextus Propertius

"The best public poems aren't necessarily those that go at the subject like a bull at a gate." - Andrew Motion

"I am a comic writer, which means I get to slay the dragons, and shoot the bull." - Rita Mae Brown

"If a queen bee were crossed with a Friesian bull, would not the land flow with milk and honey?" - Oliver St John

"All dogs can become aggressive, but the difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the pit bull can do more damage. That's why it's important to make sure you are a hundred percent ready for the responsibility if you own a 'power' breed, like a pit bull, German shepherd, or Rottweiler." - Cesar Millan

"Baseball is the very symbol, the outward and visible expression of the drive and push and rush and struggle of the raging, tearing, booming nineteenth century." - Mark Twain

"You see something scary, you should stand up and step toward it, not away from it. Instinctively, reflexively, in a raging fury." - Lee Child

"I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that." - Kelly Osbourne

"Waking love suffereth no sleepe: Say, that raging love dothe appall the weake stomacke: Say, that lamenting love marreth the musicall." - Edmund Spenser

"You when the storm is raging - how do you face despair? It is you that the world discovers, whatever the clothes you wear." - Edgar Guest

"Perhaps it's not that I'm frigid- it's that once I decide I like a guy, I turn into a raging idiot, unfit for public appearances." - Rachel Cohn

"Sometimes I would see them not as mementos of the blissful hours but as the tangible precious debris of the storm raging in my soul." - Orhan Pamuk

"Tell him what? Kat's a raging nymphomaniac. (Kytara) Tara! (Kat) Oh, all right. She's so bland she makes plain toast look spicy. (Kytara)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"The view of the Earth from the Moon fascinated me - a small disk, 240,000 miles away. . . . Raging nationalistic interests, famines, wars, pestilence, don't show from that distance." - Frank Borman

"The mob gets out of hand, runs wild, worse than raging fire, while the man who stands apart is called a coward." - Euripides

"Whitecaps in profusion all around me, but somehow in your eyes I found the strength to sail upon that raging sea." - Gordon Lightfoot

"You need to be prepared to move." "Why?" I sat up and looked out the windshield, straight into a raging sandstorm. "Oh..." - Rick Riordan

"People will give themselves to prayer for numerous reasons, but at the core of it all is a God, raging with zealous desire." - Mike Bickle

"Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary storm.. No matter how raging the billows are today, remind yourself: "This too shall pass!"" - T D Jakes

"When a politician says the debate is over, you can be sure of two things; the debate is raging; and he's losing it." - George Will



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