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Radioactive Waste Quotes


"Ketchup left overnight on dinner plates has a longer half-life than radioactive waste." - Wes Smith

"If radioactive waste were dissolved as water soluble compounds and then widely dispersed in the oceans, no health or other environmental risks would ever occur." - Arthur B. Robinson

"Fang: "Have you guys been playing in the toxic waste again? Been bitten by a radioactive spider? Struck by lightning? Drink a super-soldier serum?" - James Patterson

"My holy grail is fusion energy. Nuclear fusion has little to no radioactive waste. It's clean. It's very abundant. The fuels are everywhere. There are problems with fusion." - Taylor Wilson

"Waste is only waste if we waste it." - William

"There are many different kinds of radioactive waste and each has its own half-life so, just to be on the safe side and to simplify matters, I base my calculations on the worst one and that's plutonium." - David R Brower

"If Yucca Mountain had not been designated as a dumpsite for radioactive waste in 1987, it might easily have become a scenic overlook on the long drive between Tonopah and Las Vegas." - Wil S Hylton

"I don't have a thyroid anymore. I had radioactive iodine treatment, which destroyed my thyroid. I take medication every day." - Gail Devers

"Don't waste the opportunity." - Horace

"Waste today, want tomorrow..." - Lauren Oliver

"Never waste a crisis." - Paul Romer

"Don't waste the pretty" - Greg Behrendt

"Eternity - waste of time." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"Don't waste your sufferings." - Warren W. Wiersbe

"Don't waste your sorrows" - Alexander MacLaren

"Don't waste your crazy!" - Fiona Apple

"Waste not, want not." - Proverbs

"All organizations are at least 50 percent waste - waste people, waste effort, waste space, and waste time." - Robert Townsend

"What is it that you contain? The dead. Time. Light patterns of millennia opening in your gut. Every minute, in each of you, a few million potassium atoms succumb to radioactive decay. The energy that powers these tiny atomic events has been locked inside potassium atoms ever since a star-sized bomb exploded nothing into being. Potassium, like uranium and radium, is a long-lived radioactive nuclear waste of the supernova bang that accounts for you. Your first parent was a star." - Jeanette Winterson

"We cannot waste time. We can only waste ourselves." - George Madison Adams

"You waste life when you waste good food." - Katherine Anne Porter

"We cannot waste time. We can only waste ourselves." - George Matthew Adams

"Eat plenty, wisely, without waste." - Herbert Hoover

"A wanton waste of projectiles." - Mark Twain

"Never waste a good crisis." - Hillary Clinton

"Willful waste brings woeful want." - Thomas Fuller

"Do radioactive cats have eighteen half-lives?" - Steven Wright

"The international community must do a better job of controlling the risks of nuclear proliferation. Sensitive parts of the nuclear fuel cycle - the production of new fuel, the processing of weapon-usable material, the disposal of spent fuel and radioactive waste - would be less vulnerable to proliferation if brought under multinational control." - Mohamed Elbaradei

"For 50 years, nuclear power stations have produced three products which only a lunatic could want: bomb-explosive plutonium, lethal radioactive waste and electricity so dear it has to be heavily subsidised. They leave to future generations the task, and most of the cost, of making safe sites that have been polluted half-way to eternity." - James Buchan

"Uranium mining in northern Canada has left over 120 million tons of radioactive waste. This amount represents enough material to cover the Trans-Canada Highway two meters deep across the country. Present production of uranium waste from Saskatchewan alone occurs at the rate of over 1 million tons annually. Since 1975, hospitalization for cancer, birth defects and circulatory illnesses in that area have increased dramatically - between 123 and 600 percent in that region." - Winona Laduke

"Cats are a waste of fur." - Rita Rudner

"Worry is a waste of emotional reserve"." - Ayn Rand

"Worry is a waste of imagination." - Walt Disney

"Vegetables....a waste of good plate space" - Mark Hoppus

"Don't waste your one beautiful life." - Ann Hood

"Don't waste hate on pink geranium." - Elizabeth Goudge

"You must write for the waste basket." - Johnny Mercer

"Why waste a sentence saying nothing?" - Seth Godin

"I adore extravagance but I abhor waste." - Aaron Copland

"Never let a crisis go to waste" - Saul Alinsky

"I never waste time looking back." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Regret is an appalling waste of time." - Katherine Mansfield

"Don't waste your life believing you can't." - Jack Canfield

"Life is too short to waste." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Eternity: what a waste of time." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"I love all waste and solitary places." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Pessimism is a waste of time." - Norman Cousins

"Don't waste your time on jealousy..." - Mary Schmich

"A waste land lit by holy candles." - Sean O'Casey

"It's a vast waste of space." - Prince Philip

"No one should waste a day." - Winston Churchill

"The child, unhampered, does not waste time." - Caroline Pratt

"Don't waste your youth growing up." - Pablo Picasso

"I don't waste time being depressed." - Marc Andreessen

"If it doesn't add value, it's waste." - Henry Ford

"Chess is a sad waste of brains." - Walter Scott

"Chaos is a terrible thing to waste." - Rush Limbaugh

"My life has been a total waste." - Mike Tyson

"Envy is a waste of time." - Anonymous

"Don't waste any time mourning-organize!" - Joe Hill

"If you waste water, you die." - Terry Tempest Williams

"Old ocean's gray and melancholy waste." - William Cullen Bryant

"Words in haste do friendships waste." - Mark Twain

"Waste not fresh tears over old griefs." - Euripides

"Don't waste your time on life." - Jeffrey Eugenides

"Time is a waste of money." - Oscar Wilde

"We cannot afford idleness, waste or inefficiency." - Eamon De Valera

"I don't waste time being depressed." - Marc Andreessen

"Sleep is a waste of time." - Vint Cerf

"Insecurity is a waste of time." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"Diplomats were invented simply to waste time." - David Lloyd George

"Waste brings woe, and sorrow hates despair." - Robert Greene

"Old ocean's gray and melancholy waste." - William C Bryant

"Expensive clothes are a waste of money." - Meryl Streep

"Love with no feelings is a waste." - Jon Jones

"Have you guys been playing in toxic waste again?" Fang asked severely, putting his hands on his hips. Nudge giggled. "No." "Been bitten by a radioactive spider?" Fang went on. "Struck by lightning? Drink a super-soldier serum?" "No, no, no," said Iggy. He started reaching for things around the table, and his hand landed on Total. "You're black." "I prefer canine-American." said Total. "When's that pie coming? I'm starving." - James Patterson

"Connection between life and radioactive nuclei is straightforward. No life without tectonic activity, without volcanic activity. And we know very well that geothermal energy is mostly produced by decay of uranium, thorium, and potassium." - Garik Israelian

"The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize." - Shigeo Shingo

"Time is life. To waste your time is to waste your life." - Douglas Merrill

"Don't waste talent. No matter what you do, don't waste talent." - Ray Lewis

"If you've got time to waste, you might as well waste it listening to people." - Martin Mcdonagh

"Don't waste talent. No matter what you do, don't waste talent." - Ray Lewis

"Never, never waste a minute on regret. It's a waste of time." - Harry S Truman

"Do' waste talent. No matter what you do, do' waste talent." - Ray Lewis

"The waste of money cures itself, for soon there is no more to waste." - M.W. Harrison

"Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage." - Henry Ford

"I'm not gonna waste your time, so I wouldn't expect you to waste my time." - Terrell Owens

"He's so small, he's a waste of skin." - Fred Allen

"I cannot afford to waste my time making money" - Louis Agassiz

"Waste no tears over the griefs of yesterday." - Euripides

"Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"WWW? Nice toy, but what a waste of time." - Bill Gates

"This loving person is a person who abhors waste-waste of time, waste of human potential. How much time we waste. As if we were going to live forever." - Leo Buscaglia

"For intellect is a mansion where waste is without drain...." - Allen Tate

"Spend and be free, but make no waste." - John Ray

"Don't waste time on excuses. Just get it done." - Ralph Marston

"A life is not a waste of time" - Nalini Singh

"Never waste a prayer on something that isn't important." - Oscar Goodman

"Human lives are too short to waste in trivialities." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Don't waste your death on a half assed life" - Nikki Sixx

"I didn't waste my time on things I didn't love." - Patti Smith

"If I want my time wasted, I'll waste it myself." - Mason Cooley

"Youth, what a pity to waste it on the young." - George Bernard Shaw

"When we waste our time, our time wastes us" - Robin S. Sharma

"Many people in management are being paid to produce waste." - W Edwards Deming

"A mime is a terrible thing to waste." - Marcel Marceau

"I dont think we have any time to waste." - Henry Cisneros

"Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping." - Henry David Thoreau

"Zombies can't believe the energy we waste on nonfood pursuits." - Patton Oswalt

"Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it." - William Shakespeare

"I generally find subtlety a waste of time." - Cindy Gerard

"I waste at least an hour every day lying in bed. Then I waste time pacing. I waste time thinking. I waste time being quiet and not saying anything because I'm afraid I'll stutter." - Ned Vizzini

"Preserve your energy - do not waste it on mediocre activity." - Stuart Wilde

"Getting lost is not a waste of time," - Jack Johnson

"I'll never waste my dreams by falling asleep. Never again." - Eugene Ionesco

"Please waste time just playing with your kids!" - Pope Francis

"We waste time, so you don't have to." - Stephen Hawking

"Nothing is a waste that makes a memory." - Ned Rorem

"Computers and games don't waste time - people do." - Bill Gates

"Expose widespread waste and duplication in federal spending." - Tom Coburn

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" - Winston Churchill

"Never waste any time you can spend sleeping." - Frank Knight

"Draw, Antonio; draw, Antonio; draw and do' waste time." - Michelangelo

"Regret is just a waste of time for fools." - Kazuya Minekura

"Have you been playing in toxic waste lately?" - James Patterson

"Again, I lay awake, and I cried because of waste." - Steven Morrissey

"Innovation without imitation is a complete waste of time." - Mike Rowe

"It is folly to waste labour about trifles." - Martial

"To waste one's breath; to pump into a sieve." - Plautus

"If you love a waist, you waste a love." - Jane Yolen

"Second guessing a decision is a waste of time." - Jack O'Neill

"A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." - Shaun Donovan

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." - Dan Quayle

"Life is short ... so why waste it doing something dumb?" - Aaron Swartz

"We waste our lights in vain, like lamps by day." - William Shakespeare

"Obsessing about weight is a big old waste of time" - Anne Hathaway

"Anything less than extraordinary is a waste of my time." - Ione Skye

"Dying is such a waste of good health." - James Coco

"Nor waste their sweetness in the desert air." - Charles Churchill

"Chess is beautiful enough to waste your life for." - Hans Ree

"Such a human waste, your eyes without a face." - Billy Idol

"What's the good of reaching 90, if you waste 89?" - Elvis Presley

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." - Rahm Emanuel

"Don't waste your pain; use it to help others." - Rick Warren

"Life is already too short to waste on speed." - Edward Abbey

"The clock upbraids me with the waste of time." - William Shakespeare

"Years of expensive Zen training gone to waste" - Zentatsu Richard Baker

"The hours that ordinary people waste, extraordinary people leverage." - Robin S. Sharma

"Prayer without heart is a waste to time." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"Whatever is produced in haste goes hastily to waste." - Saadi



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