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Radio Music Quotes


"You make music to change the radio, not make music for the radio." - Nayvadius Cash

"Composers are influenced by all the important music in their lives - and I suppose that since radio started playing popular music, that's as likely to be The Beatles or Aphex Twin as it is to be Verdi or Ravel." - Jonny Greenwood

"I look at radio as gone ... Piracy is the new radio, that's how music gets around." - Neil Young

"I look at radio as gone ... Piracy is the new radio, that's how music gets around." - Neil Young

"I still love the radio. I think the radio is still an important thing in music." - Caleb Shomo

"Every day FM radio ran out of hours, not music." - Bob Guccione, Jr.

"Radio... force-feeds us music... everywhere and all the time... sewage-water music in which music is dying." - Milan Kundera

"I think there's good music out there. I just think that radio stations don't play it." - Robert Glasper

"Surround yourself with music. Just be sure to turn the radio on." - Lisa M

"I listen to mostly-classical music, but mostly by radio - I'm not an audiophile." - Dennis Ritchie

"Even in independent music, people push towards radio. It is very political." - Dawn Angelique

"I mean, if you turn on the radio, love is 90 percent of the music." - Enrique Iglesias

"I never watch TV. I'm a Radio Four addict. I love listening to music too." - Louise Jameson

"My first gig was at Radio City Music Hall when I was 13." - Questlove

"My friends are mostly familiar with music that plays on the mainstream radio." - Jessica Sanchez

"I'm a country girl; I like country music. That's what my car radio is on." - Kim Dickens

"With the advent of radio and recording, music became an industry rather than just a tradition." - Arlo Guthrie

"And music was a very important part of our lives. The radio was on all day." - Ruben Blades

"I don't listen to a lot of radio today. It's not really music to me." - Bernie Worrell

"A lot of the music I listen to is indie rock. It's not on the radio." - Laura Bell Bundy

"As a black artist in America, you know, it is so segregated as far as the radio goes and how they position music on the radio." - Kelis

"Radio continues to be the very best advertising music performers have. No one who ever grabbed a Grammy got there without radio." - Gordon Smith

"Public radio is the last oasis of free and independent music. For satellite radio channels, you have to subscribe; commercial stations are as corporate as basic cable." - Nellie Mckay

"I myself grew up when radio was very important. I'd come home from school and turn on the radio. There were funny comedians and wonderful music, and there were plays. I used to pass time with radio." - Kurt Vonnegut

"I also spend a lot of time on political blogs, and music blogs getting things for my radio show." - Marc Edwards

"Rock music had become my religion. Radio my church. And these DJs my priests, rabbis and gurus." - Steven Van Zandt

"I loved radio for the music, concerts, parties and to think you could get paid for it." - Laura Davies

"Your music sounds better on the radio, for some reason. It's an amazing feeling. I hope it never goes away." - Brandon Boyd

"Some people believe in God. I believe in music. Some people pray. I turn up the radio." - Jared Leto

"I also spend a lot of time on political blogs, and music blogs getting things for my radio show." - Mark Edwards

"This is a business built on promotion. We've been giving music away to radio stations for 30 years." - Hilary Rosen

"It was hard to work and work and work and not get your music played on the radio." - Shelby Lynne

"I have a real issue with radio these days. I just am not into the current music." - Carnie Wilson

"The first choral music I remember hearing was Handel's 'Messiah' when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast it over the radio." - Dave Brubeck

"When I was growing up, music was music and there were no genres. We didn't look at it as country music. Popular music in Tuskegee was country music. So I didn't know it in categories. It was the radio." - Lionel Richie

"Internet is radio for a lot of people. It's a place to get music and hear music, and no amount of clamping down will change that." - Jeff Tweedy

"If you took any of my radio shows and you took the music out of them, they wouldn't be remotely the same thing. Music is really important." - Joe Frank

"I don't think that the real enemy of the music industry is illegal downloading; I think the real enemy of the music industry is radio." - Perez Hilton

"I don't think radio has to be sectioned off where you listen to the music for your generation and your son listens to the music for his generation." - Donnie Simpson

"You know, I never did music for money. I did music to hear myself in the club, and to hear my creation on the radio." - Swizz Beatz

"Most of the music you hear on the radio today is developed for making money. It doesn't feel true or honest. You can feel it in the music." - Iris Dement

"I got to where I couldn't listen to country radio. Country music is supposed to have steel and fiddle. When I hear country music, it should be country." - Gretchen Wilson

"It doesn't affect me because I look at the internet as the new radio. I look at the radio as gone. [...] Piracy is the new radio. That's how music gets around. [...] That's the radio. If you really want to hear it, let's make it available, let them hear it, let them hear the 95 percent of it." - Neil Young

"When radio stations started playing music the record companies started suing radio stations. They thought now that people could listen to music for free, who would want to buy a record in a record shop? But I think we all agree that radio stations are good stuff." - Niklas Zennstrom

"Radio wasn't outside our lives. It coincided with and helped to shape our childhood and adolescence. As we slogged toward maturity, it also grew up and turned into television, leaving behind, like dead skin, transistorized talk-radio and nonstop music. . . ." - Vincent Canby

"Radio wasn't outside our lives. It coincided with and helped to shape our childhood and adolescence. As we slogged toward maturity, it also grew up and turned into television, leaving behind, like dead skin, transistorized talk-radio and nonstop music..." - Vincent Canby

"My access to music when I was growing up was through pirate radio, you know, transistor radio under the pillow, listening to one more and then 'just one more' until your favourite track comes on." - Robert Palmer

"The world I live in is benefiting from things like satellite radio. Jazz and blues fests are everywhere now, and Americana is going strong on college radio. What I'm hearing is an appreciation of real music." - Bonnie Raitt

"Radio is not a partner in the industry. I think that the music industry has continued to depend upon radio, but has ended up pandering to a medium that doesn't care." - Don Rose

"The music industry is saying, This is the format, and if you'll fit into this format, you can be on radio, and if radio will play you, MTV will expose you, and MTV will expose you, we'll sell records." - Nikki Sixx

"Growing up, there was only classical music on BBC Radio. We had to listen to the American Forces Network in Germany, which played pop songs, or the pirate radio boats off the coast." - Michael Caine

"In the digital age we're in now, with satellite radio and Pandora and stuff like that, it's not about, "I listen to this kind of music." It's about, "I listen to good music and bad music."" - Eric Church

"When music is crashing around us, when you hear the same five songs on the radio that aren't really saying much, we can always go back to great music. Great music always lives on." - Robert Glasper

"Super casual music listeners. That's most of the people in the world. And you have to understand, that's why Top 40 radio exists. It's not there for people who seek out music and who love music." - Michael Stipe

"I'll always be fascinated with radio. Radio allows you to have a one-to-one relationship with the person sharing the music with you. You can also do very many things if you're listening to the radio, things you can't so if you're watching TV or watching a phone." - David Rodigan

"I was really amazed when I started hearing 'Songbird' on the radio. I couldn't believe that the record company promotion department had actually convinced radio music directors to play it -because there wasn't anything like it on the radio at the time." - Kenny G

"Jazz and blues fests are everywhere now, and Americana is going strong on college radio. What I'm hearing is an appreciation of real music." - Bonnie Raitt

"They'd played "Sweet Home, Alabama" so many times I wanted to crash the party, kill the radio, and knife whoever was selecting the music." - Jennifer Estep

"Music itself was color-blind but the media and the radio stations segregate it based on their perceptions of the artists." - Anthony Kiedis

"I wouldn't even think of playing music if I was born in these times. I wouldn't even listen to the radio." - Bob Dylan

"Spread the word about good music. Don't just listen to what's on the radio. If you put in a little effort, you can find some truly wonderful stuff." - Nikka Costa

"Life is' a music player where you choose whats being played, it is a radio where you have to enjoy whats being played." - Zayn Malik

"They"d played "Sweet Home, Alabama" so many times I wanted to crash the party, kill the radio, and knife whoever was selecting the music." - Jennifer Estep

"Life isn't a music player where you choose whats being played, it is a radio where you have to enjoy whats being played." - Zayn Malik

"[Commercial] radio is absolutely the enemy of music. They are my sworn and mortal enemy, and I will have nothing to do with them." - Elvis Costello

"There's definitely privilege in the upper classes, but as a whole, music can be enjoyed by anybody who can gather around a radio." - Geoff Rickly

"[Frank] Sinatra, to everyone, even Tony Bennett, was such a huge influence because he had mastered not only music, but film and radio." - Robert Davi

"It's just these moments in hip-hop where you feel invincible. It felt good hearing the music on the radio and in cars, skating rinks, and clubs." - Swizz Beatz

"I usually draw in silence, but listen to music or public radio when I'm painting, after all the important decisions have been made." - Sophie Blackall

"The Internet made the world smaller, so it's easier for people to hear your music. You don't necessarily need a radio record." - Nas

"We're a gumbo of American music, and aren't ashamed to play pop or soul or rock because we all grew up on radio." - Jonathan Cain

"I love Nashville. It's such a great town, and I'm a huge country music fan. That's what I listen to on the radio in the car." - Joanna Garcia

"When I listen to Radio 1 and hear five different tracks in a row using old disco samples, well that's plagiarism, that's taking other people's music." - Jay Kay

"I grew up singing ballads, but what I really wanted to get into was the mainstream music on the radio because I really love the beats and everything." - Jessica Sanchez

"The music that is played on the radio all the time or written about in magazines has nothing to do with musicianship." - Dweezil Zappa

"When you go to the Opry for a show or hear it on the radio, you get the whole circle of country music." - Dierks Bentley

"I'm gonna be honest. I don't care about much. I care about people liking my music. I made it very far without nothing being on radio." - Action Bronson

"When it comes to the video channels and the programs, the radio stations, the music is geared towards kids, and it's made by kids." - Prince

"I still tune in to the radio and listen to pop music and enjoy it as much as I ever have." - Kim Wilde

"But why is it that in music, anything more than 5 years old - apart from a few hits - is never played on radio to the young public?" - Bill Wyman

"I love music, particularly Radiohead, TV on the Radio, The XX and Tribes - they're a great new band from Camden and well worth a look at." - Luke Treadaway

"We live in a connected world now. Some find that frightening. If people are downloading our music, they're listening to it. The internet is like radio for us." - Jeff Tweedy

"My parents played the radio, but music was never an obsession or something that I thought I could call a career." - Abigail Washburn

"I like so many different kinds of music just because all I did was listen to the radio as a kid." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"Have you listened to the radio lately? Have you heard the canned, frozen and processed product being dished up to the world as American popular music today?" - Billy Joel

"It was amazing to me that, all of a sudden, I was hearing my music on the radio and coming out of cars." - Lenny Kravitz

"My first transistor radio was the heart of my gadget love today. It fit in my hand and brought me a world of music 24 / 7." - Steve Wozniak

"That can definitely mess with your music - if you overthink. 'What's radio going to think?' or 'What are these people going to think?'" - Ashley Monroe

"I don't think my record collection or musical knowledge is vast. I just listen to the radio all the time - I'm a pop music enthusiast." - Girl Talk

"Fuck Radio Ethiopia man, I'm Radio Brooklyn!" - Lou Reed

"Worst music ever sells millions. The worst music with the shittiest lyrics. The fact is that they pay radio stations to put it on the radio, then you've heard it a million times when you're driving from your shitty job to your shitty house. It's indoctrination, it's sad." - Sia Furler

"I have four older siblings and one younger, and all three of my brothers are in the music industry. My dad was really involved in music, too, with the disco, and he also started Radio Caroline and was the one who invented pirate radio, if you like, off on a coast in England on a boat." - Liberty Ross

"During the time that my recording career seemed to be in a slump a music called disco came on the scene and literally took over radio stations as well as having radio stations created to play it which sort of negated my music as well as that of some of my peers." - Dionne Warwick

"[Commercial radio] is owned by one or two corporations now, and they're not in the music business. They're in the advertising business.... So let's not kid ourselves. If you want to hear music, go buy a guitar." - Elvis Costello

"Writing is not work. In fact, theres nothing better. Writing is something that if the music business went completely away tomorrow - radio stations quit existing and music quit being popular and it was old hat - I would still write songs." - Toby Keith

"I'm a businesswoman. I am a music lover. I like for people to like my music. When you listen to top 40 radio, you hear pop stuff. You hear rock stuff. You hear all these different influences" - Lee Ann Womack

"Folk music has a sort of a bubbling-under quality. The stream runs through the cultural consciousness, and whether or not it's on the radio is not the issue. Folk music is always there." - Mary Travers

"I turn on the radio now and I don't have anything against a lot of sequenced and programmed and electronic music, a lot of it is dope and it's the future. It's what popular music has evolved to." - Eric Benet

"I make my music at night when there's no noise... Just me, my headphones and the silence. But I'm always making music in my head. It's like a non-stop radio!" - Marilou

"I don't tend to listen to music in training, except maybe the radio in the gym. I do use music prior to racing though; it helps to fire me up plus it's good for blocking out the distractions around me." - Chris Hoy

"I'm a B-boy at heart. I still like rhyming. It's just the radio game is like Chinese arithmetic. It's hard to know what nuts to crack. But I still love music, been dropping music. Never stopped, really." - Ice Cube

"Writing is not work. In fact, there's nothing better. Writing is something that if the music business went completely away tomorrow - radio stations quit existing and music quit being popular and it was old hat - I would still write songs." - Toby Keith

"I love heavy music, but you see, I had fallen in love with a radio station in Vegas that played nothing but Eighties music. That had a real profound impact on me." - Dave Keuning

"It's really hard in this day and age, with radio and MTV being so consolidated, to get new music out there. I think we've become a really legitimate, viable avenue for getting new music out there." - Josh Schwartz

"There was this mountain village in Russia where my music was getting in on some German radio station. I remember this because music used to get up to Saskatchewan from Texas. Late at night after the local station closed down." - Joni Mitchell

"I've never really been a traditional country kind of guy. I wanted my music to sound more like the end of the '90s and to have the kind of great music, pop or whatever, that radio will embrace." - Bryan White

"I'm a businesswoman. I am a music lover. I like for people to like my music. When you listen to top 40 radio, you hear pop stuff. You hear rock stuff. You hear all these different influences." - Lee Ann Womack

"The whole world has changed much since the '80's. In the united States, rap music and country music dominate radio and that certainly wasn't the case in the early '80's." - Sheena Easton

"To have your music used on television and in movies, that's our way of getting it across to people. We're not on the radio all the time. It's the only way to get your music heard." - Daniel Taylor

"I wrote 'Turn Your Radio On' in 1937, and it was published in 1938. At this time radio was relatively new to the rural people, especially gospel music programs. I had become alert to the necessity of creating song titles, themes, and plots, and frequently people would call me and say, 'Turn your radio on, Albert, they're singing one of your songs on such-and-such a station.' It finally dawned on me to use their quote, 'Turn your radio on,' as a theme for a religious originated song, and this was the beginning of 'Turn Your Radio On' as we know it." - Albert E. Brumley

"Radio is for driving." - Ira Glass

"Radio is immediate." - Wink Martindale

"I'd always loved radio." - Harry Shearer

"You have to get past the idea that music has to be one thing. To be alive in America is to hear all kinds of music constantly: radio, records, churches, cats on the street, everywhere music. And with records, the whole history of music is open to everyone who wants to hear it." - Jerry Garcia

"Early on, before rock 'n' roll, I listened to big band music - anything that came over the radio - and music played by bands in hotels that our parents could dance to. We had a big radio that looked like a jukebox, with a record player on the top. The radio/record player played 78rpm records. When we moved to that house, there was a record on there, with a red label. It was Bill Monroe, or maybe it was the Stanley Brothers. I'd never heard anything like that before. Ever. And it moved me away from all the conventional music that I was hearing." - Bob Dylan

"The lowest stress environment is the radio show. I am not on camera and I can let the music do the talking. The rest is more highly pressurized or in the case of writing, time intensive task. I say yes to all of it and like all of it but the radio show, by nature of what it is, is the least hassle." - Henry Rollins

"All the things I used to count on to get my music out there - record companies, they're all gone. And radio stations, they're gone - they're completely controlled by the government. If they're not controlled by the government, they're controlled by a programmer who's controlled by the government. Mainstream radio is suspect. You can't trust it." - Neil Young

"The composer must bear in mind that the radio listener does not hear music directly. He hears it only after the sound has passed through a microphone, amplifiers, transmission lines, radio transmitter, receiving set, and, finally, the loud speaker apparatus itself." - Raymond Scott

"The first time I started choreographing was in the dark, in my living room, with the lights completely out, to some popular music on the radio. I put the radio on full blast and I started moving. I didn't know what it looked like. I didn't want to see it... I had to start in the dark." - Judith Jamison

"My family's still loves my music. Every time they hear me on the radio they call my phone - my grandma even called me: "I hear you on the radio!" I'm like, "Grandma, you listen to that and you be in church?"" - Young Chop

"You know, the radio never wanted you to speak about anything, so the music is kinda influenced by the hands of the radio which wants to homogenize it and dilute it and sanitize it. And for the most part, nobody's takin' the time to seek out the cats that are still tryin' to talk, so they have a difficult time being heard." - Ice T

"I grew up in New York City in the '80s, and it was the epicenter of hip-hop. There was no Internet. Cable television wasn't as broad. I would listen to the radio, hear cars pass by playing a song, or tape songs off of the radio. At that time, there was such an excitement around hip-hop music." - Michael Rapaport

"Record labels collude with some of the radio stations, and the radio stations have their play lists, dependent upon what they call the, quote, 'hits.' What's commercially viable gets recycled, endlessly repeated, and as a result of that, the progressive music can't break in." - Michael Eric Dyson

"I strongly encourage listening to the radio to hear something you haven't heard before. It's a very healthy thing to do. It's strange: unless you reload your iPods every couple of weeks, you're listening to and recycling the same music all of the time. I'm serious. Listen to your radio station." - Alvin Lee

"You put music in categories because you need to define a sound, but when you don't play it on your so-called radio stations that claim to be R&B or jazz or whatever... All music is dance music. But when people think of dance music, they think of techno or just house. Anything you can dance to is dance music. I don't care if it's classical, funk, salsa, reggae, calypso; it's all dance music." - Afrika Bambaataa

"Music chooses her musicians." - Patricia Barber

"Music is everybody's possession." - John Lennon

"Music is an addiction." - Miles Davis

"Architecture is crystallized music." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Music is inarticulate poesy." - John Dryden

"I was working for Alan Lomax in the Library of Congress folk song archive, and starting to realize what a wealth of different kinds of music there was in this country that you never heard on the radio." - Pete Seeger

"I listen to older music a lot more than new singers. I listen to whatever's on the radio, but when I want to listen to something that moves me I put on a Stevie Wonder record." - Mariah Carey

"...and then of course the music sprang up, lousy rock as bold and dull as a giant potato. "Love this song," Todd said, like it was unusually brave to like what was number one on the radio..." - Daniel Handler

"I remember people would talk about Country Music like it was this sexist, lame thing. Well, no, because Dolly Parton is writing songs and playing her guitar and producing. She's doing it all and she's got hits on the radio." - Neko Case

"I write right off the typer. I call it my "machinegun." I hit it hard, usually late at night while drinking wine and listening to classical music on the radio and smoking mangalore ganesh beedies." - Charles Bukowski

"I think of hip hop as a mass media, radio, MTV thing. It's been extremely relevant over the last 10 years and rock music is just not anymore-a tear rolls down my cheek as I say that." - Win Butler

"Gene Autry was a pioneering star in the early days of music, radio, film, television and rodeo performances. I am proud to posthumously honor such an inspiring role model" - Adam Schiff

"Digital technology has eaten classic radio as we know it. Independent stations with disc jockeys who chose their own music have all gone; it's these huge parent companies that own a hundred stations and then decide what we should hear." - Joe Walsh

"When I'm riding in a car, I don't really listen to music. I turn the radio off and just be thinking, brainstorming. I'm one of these people that just like to brainstorm." - Chamillionaire

"When I get home and turn on the radio, I hear songs that are new to me, but to everybody else they're old. I try to keep the music fresh in my head." - Chamillionaire

"We thought everybody read comics. We didn't know we were weird. We didn't know people that collected comics were strange. It was as normal as listening to rock music on the radio." - Gilberto Hernandez

"I don't care if I ever hit radio, and I don't care if I ever get any bigger than this. I just wanna stand up for artistry because that's what really matters in music" - Christofer Drew

"I listen to the radio and I like all kinds of music, you know, but I like to hear from people who have been there. Hank Williams has been there." - Leonard Cohen

"RADIO IS DEAD. The once-bright star that was public broadcasting has been destroyed by greed and corproate muscle to the point that even the music that is completely repugnant is positioned to be popular." - Corey Taylor

"We're living at a time when attention is the new currency: With hundreds of TV channels, billions of Web sites, podcasts, radio shows, music downloads and social networking, our attention is more fragmented than ever before." - Pete Cashmore

"I think there's a weird self-affirmation thing that happens in popular music in general. It seems like every song I hear on the radio is like, "Listen to me roar!" or "This is my fight song!"" - Conor Oberst

"Now, what of the entertainment that is available to our young people today? Are you being undermined right in your homes through your television, radio, slick magazines, and rock music records?" - Ezra Taft Benson

"Our blessed radio. It gives us eyes and ears out into the world. We listen to the German station only for good music. And we listen to the BBC for hope." - Anne Frank

"Unfortunately, as far as the music is concerned, what defines relevance is whether you are on the radio or whether you are on the cover of a magazine or whether you're winning MTV awards, and so on and so forth." - Larry Mullen, Jr.

"Well, the good news is that there's quite a lot of cynicism about major labels within radio and the press. I think they have been largely disillusioned by the manner in which the record companies have developed music." - Mick Hucknall



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