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Radical Grace Quotes


"... be radical about grace and relentless about truth and resolute about holiness..." - Ann Voskamp

"Change won't happen through 'trying harder' but only through encountering the radical grace of God." - Timothy Keller

"Change wo' happen through "trying harder" but only through encountering the radical grace of God." - Timothy Keller

"Even those of us who have tasted the radical saving grace of God find it intuitively difficult not to put conditions on grace." - Tullian Tchividjian

"I'm not a liberal, I'm a radical!" - Mort Sahl

"You don't fight radical conservatism with not-quite-so radical conservatism." - Salman Rushdie

"Exhilarating. Radical Grace moved me to tears with its portrayal of good people putting their beliefs into action in ways that transcend all ideological boundaries." - Roger Ebert

"Grace tried is better than grace, and more than grace; it is glory in its infancy." - Samuel Rutherford

"I have had the advantage of a radical Christian upbringing" - Tony Benn

"A radical is one who speaks the truth." - Charles August Lindbergh

"Hats are radical; only people that wear hats understand that." - Philip Treacy

"Cheap grace is the idea that "grace" did it all for me so I do not need to change my lifestyle. The believer who accepts the idea of "cheap grace" thinks he can continue to live like the rest of the world. Instead of following Christ in a radical way, the Christian lost in cheap grace thinks he can simply enjoy the consolations of his grace." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Knowledge is folly unless grace guide it." - George Herbert

"Prayer is the thermometer of grace." - Charles Spurgeon

"There's no end to amazing grace." - Crowder

"still loved but deprived of grace" - Flann O'Brien

"Grace is power, not just pardon." - John Piper

"Preach 90% Law and 10% grace." - John Wesley

"It is a good life, Hazel Grace." - John Green

"What does it matter, all is grace." - Georges Bernanos

"Grace imitates modesty, as politeness imitates kindness." - Joseph Joubert

"Chastity, like piety, is a uniform grace." - Samuel Richardson

"Gardening is an instrument of grace." - May Sarton

"Grace is free, but it's not cheap." - Kevin Deyoung

"... learning humility is a prerequisite for grace." - Philip Yancey

"Without grace beauty is an unbaited hook." - Proverbs

"God gives enabling grace to go on." - Johnny Hunt

"My ultimate style icon is Grace Jones." - Nick Rhodes

"For me, every hour is grace." - Elie Wiesel

"God's capacity to forgive is greater than our capacity to sin; while our sin reaches far, God's grace reaches farther. It's a message revealing the radical contrast between the sinful heart of mankind and the gracious heart of mankind's Creator." - Tullian Tchividjian

"Enhancing long term national security requires that we have a clear-eyed view of radical Islamic terrorism without ascribing radical Islamic terrorist views to all Muslims." - Jeff Flake

"I guess grace doesn't have to [be] logical. If it did, it wouldn't be grace." - Max Lucado

"He is complete in feature and in mind With all good grace to grace a gentlemen." - William Shakespeare

"If you have a story of grace, then you have a story of grace to tell." - Louie Giglio

"If I'm not showing grace . . . have I forgotten the grace I've been shown?" - John F. MacArthur

"Grace only sticks to our imperfections. Those who can't accept their imperfections can't accept grace either." - Donald Miller

"Banish the faceless reward your grace Banish the faceless reward your grace." - Nico

"A radical is a man with both feet firmly planted-in the air." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Radical transformation of society requires personal and spiritual change first or at least simultaneously" - Sulak Sivaraksa

"They [the establishment] will allow radical Islamic terrorists to enter our country by the thousands." - Donald Trump

"I am going to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country." - Donald Trump

"Oil companies are radical because they're willing to alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere." - Bill Mckibben

"There's a lot of active radical thought today but not much action." - Lynne Stewart

"We must fight to carry out his radical and bold vision for America." - Bernie Sanders

"The intersection of spiritual, dark music and radical ecology is quite natural." - Kristoffer Rygg

"I thought I was really a radical, political person, which of course I am not." - Lena Dunham

"What I do isn't radical. It's just distinct in small ways." - Annabelle Selldorf

"The radical right is so homophobic that they're blaming global warming on the AIDS quilt." - Dennis Miller

"I am much more radical in my beliefs than my products represent me to be." - Isabella Rossellini

"I grew up in a culturally radical home, where strong emotions were forbidden." - Lars Von Trier

"I am still radical!" - Alejandro Jodorowsky

"I'm not radical." - Jack Kevorkian

"He who does not see things in their depth should not call himself a radical." - Jose Marti

"I am a radical." - Carter G Woodson

"Grace and gratitude belong together like heaven and earth. Gratitude evokes grace like the voice and echo. Gratitude follows grace as thunder follows lightning." - Karl Barth

"Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle; I am no traitor's uncle, and that word "grace" In an ungracious mouth is but profane." - William Shakespeare

"Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears reliev'd; How precious did that grace appear, The hour I first believ'd!" - John Newton

"Thus all below is strength, and all above is grace." - John Dryden

"Be not proud of race, face, place, or grace." - Charles Spurgeon

"There but for the grace of God, goes God." - Winston Churchill

"May my living be grace to those behind me." - N.D. Wilson

"You only need a heart full of grace" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I give grace because I so desperately need it." - Lysa TerKeurst

"Faith is a living, daring, confidence in God's grace." - Martin Luther

"We do not live by justice, but by grace." - Henry David Thoreau

"Where there is no truth there is no grace." - Nachman of Breslov

"I welcome all creatures of the world with grace." - Hildegard of Bingen

"I am one imperfect man saved by God's grace," - Mark Sanford

"Grace / to be born and live as variously as possible" - Frank O'Hara

"Without justification salvation is not of grace, but of works." - William Carey

"It is a sure mark of grace to desire more." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"Grace saved my life; it can revolutionize yours." - Jay Bakker

"Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving." - B. B. Warfield

"All writing comes by the grace of God." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What will happen can't be stopped. Aim for Grace." - Ann Beattie

"Lord Bacon makes beauty to consist of grace and motion." - Mary Wortley Montagu

"True goodness is an inward grace, not an outward necessity." - Ellen Glasgow

"the mad have a grace all their own" - Kim Harrison

"Grace is the only thing that is ever enough." - Ann Voskamp

"Knowledge is but folly unless it is guided by grace." - George Herbert

"Grace flows most refreshingly through the faucet of brokenness." - Tullian Tchividjian

"We respond to healing grace by giving it away." - Philip Yancey

"Sin can read sin, but dimly scans high grace." - John Henry Newman

"Patience cometh by the grace of the Soul." - Pythagoras

"People received, affirmed and experienced grace in many different forms." - Rob Bell

"I think that grace and love always rattle people." - Rob Bell

"Delicacy is to love what grace is to beauty." - Francoise d'Aubigne de Maintenon

"I would say my sense of adventure outweighs my grace." - Kathy Ireland

"Politics is about putting yourself in a state of grace." - Paddy Ashdown

"Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Grace in women has more effect than beauty." - William Hazlitt

"The more grace we have, the less we shall think of ourselves, for grace, like light, reveals our impurity." - Charles Spurgeon

"Faith is the champion of Grace, and Love the nurse; but Humility is the beauty of Grace." - Thomas Brooks

"All good things come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy." - Norman Maclean

"Grace is always given freely by God, but grace received should always issue in a joyous delight in Him." - Max Anders

"No sinner has the right to say with impunity, 'God you owe me grace.' If grace is owed, it is not grace. The very essence of grace is its voluntary character. God reserves to himself the sovereign, absolute right to give grace to some and withhold that grace from others." - R C Sproul

"You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"We must recognize that we can't solve our problems now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power.... a radical restructuring of the architecture of American society." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I am a very radical person - as radical now as I was when I was younger. So my books all have in common my search for understanding of the terrible world we are living in and ways to change it." - Henning Mankell

"Be as radical as Reality." - Vladimir Lenin

"Martin Luther King was a radical democrat, by which I mean someone who is a foe of wealth inequality." - Cornel West

"You can do something really radical, which is turn your phone off and reclaim your private life." - Devra Davis

"Democracy is still a radical idea in a world where we often confuse images with realities, words with actions." - Hillary Clinton

"And Jesus, the heart of the Christian faith is the wildest, most radical guy you'd ever come across." - Bear Grylls

"There was no censorship of the press: in general, the War Measures Act could have been made even more radical." - Robert Bourassa

"Since the founding of quantum mechanics in the 1920s, theoretical physics had nurtured an extremely radical tradition." - David Gross

"I never dared to be radical when young for fear it would make me conservative when old." - Robert Frost

"We weren't radical chic. Jane Fonda embarrassed me. We belonged to no political parties. Basically, we were vaudevillians." - Tom Smothers

"Radical surgery is never fun." - Brent Spiner

"The problem is that it takes physicians so long to accept a radical change. And the lag is unacceptable." - Eric Topol

"I think the American people pretty well understand that radical Islam has an agenda that includes us." - Lindsey Graham

"Radical Muslims fly planes into buildings. Radical Christians kill abortion doctors. Radical Atheists write books." - Hemant Mehta

"I think it's important not to view Martin Luther King Jr. in a narrow political manner. His fundamental commitment is to a radical love of humanity, and especially of poor and working people. And that radical love leads him to a radical analysis of power, domination and oppression. What's difficult is to situate him ideologically under a particular category." - Cornel West

"I think I have quite traditional views on original sin, grace, and the real but difficult nature of we humans being able to learn something true about being human that we didn't know before. And yet the consequences of this traditional view are really quite radical." - James Alison

"Grace stands in direct opposition to any supposed worthiness on our part. To say it another way: Grace and works are mutually exclusive. As Paul said in Romans 11:6, "And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace." Our relationship with God is based on either works or grace. There is never a works-plus-grace relationship with Him." - Jerry Bridges

"Love without truth is sentimentality; it supports and affirms us but keeps us in denial about our flaws. Truth without love is harshness; it gives us information but in such a way that we cannot really hear it. God's saving love in Christ, however, is marked by both radical truthfulness about who we are and yet also radical, unconditional commitment to us. The merciful commitment strengthens us to see the truth about ourselves and repent. The conviction and repentance moves us to cling to and rest in God's mercy and grace." - Timothy Keller

"Any concept of grace that makes us feel more comfortable sinning is not biblical grace. God's grace never encourages us to live in sin, on the contrary, it empowers us to say no to sin and yes to truth." - Randy Alcorn

"Every day of our Christian experience should be a day of relating to God on the basis of His grace alone. We are not only saved by grace, but we also live by grace every day." - Jerry Bridges

"Do' cry for me, Grace. I'm not worth it. (Julian) Yes you are! (Grace) You are my saving Grace. Without you, I would never have known love. And I would never have known me again. (Julian)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Because I have no boobs. My ears stand out, and I have freckles all over me. (Grace) Boobs? (Julian) Breasts. (Grace) You have very nice breasts. (Julian) Thanks. What about you? (Grace) I have no breasts. (Julian)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Don't cry for me, Grace. I'm not worth it. (Julian) Yes you are! (Grace) You are my saving Grace. Without you, I would never have known love. And I would never have known me again. (Julian)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of Grace. The gift of Grace increases as the struggle increases." - Rose of Lima

"If Christians cannot extend grace through faithful presence within the body of believers, they will not be able to extend grace to those outside." - James Davison Hunter

"I think both nature and grace live within everyone, and I always strive to be in a world of grace and compassion." - Jessica Chastain

"I am sure that no man asks mercy and grace with true meaning, but if mercy and grace have first been given him." - Anya Seton

"Cheap grace is grace without discipleship." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Youth, large, lusty, loving - Youth, full of grace, force, fascination. Do you know that Old Age may come after you with equal grace, force, fascination?" - Walt Whitman

"The grace of God is infinite and beyond our ability to measure. His grace has no beginning and therefore no end." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"Only by God?s grace have I made it to see today and only by God?s grace will I ever see tomorrow." - Jesse Owens

"The church is, above all, a place to receive grace: it brings forgiven people together with the aim of equipping us to dispense grace to others." - Philip Yancey

"Thro' many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; 'Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home." - John Newton

"'Amazing Grace' is about the man who wrote 'Amazing Grace,' John Newton. It's a really great show - I have been workshopping it for a while now, actually." - Josh Young

"The past has passed; the time for grace is now! Let's respond to the grace of this moment with the gifts of the Spirit active in our lives..." - Kimberly Hahn

"Whatever we are waiting for - peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance - it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. Gratitude arises in that in-between space where the inner and outer worlds meet and touch and encompass each other. Authentic spirituality, genuine politics, and good economics arise from a spirit of radical gratitude." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"Artists are the radical voice of civilization." - Paul Robeson

"The key to success is radical generosity." - Agapi Stassinopoulos

"Yoga is the practice of radical transformation" - Georg Feuerstein

"Martin Luther King was not a Marxist or a communist, but his radical love leads him to put poor and working people at the center." - Cornel West

"It's important to remember that some of our best sources in the war against radical Islamic terrorism are Muslims, both in America and overseas." - Mitch Mcconnell

"Loving your enemy is a radical concept." - Tavis Smiley

"The responsibility for change...lies within us. We must begin with ourselves, teaching ourselves not to close our minds prematurely to the novel, the surprising, the seemingly radical." - Alvin Toffler

"Something as radical as a war can only be understood (if at all) through the collaboration of journalists, academia, artists and, of course, people." - Sasa Stanisic

"We Need a Radical Left, The Nation" - Ellen Willis

"Whenever folks say radical Christianity is "a phase" of youth, I tell them they need to meet our 80-year-old nun or my friend Tony Campolo." - Shane Claiborne

"The gift of loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one's people that has not previously been taken into account." - Alice Walker

"It really is a strange time we're living in, when saying 'Don't kill people' is considered a radical point of view." - Michael Franti

"The psyche of the individual is commensurate with the totality of creative energy. This requires a most radical revision of Western psychology." - Stanislav Grof

"Pollock looks unusual and radical even now." - Donald Judd

"There are too many people sympathetic to radical Islam. We should be looking at them more carefully and finding out how we can infiltrate them." - Peter T King

"For me, a really radical position for journalism to take is to stop being cynical. Cynicism is what passes for insight among the mediocre." - Joe Klein



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