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Radical Feminism Quotes


"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." - Cheris Kramarae

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings" - Cheris Kramarae

"feminism is for everybody" - Bell Hooks

"In the end there is nothing more unattractive to men than radical feminism." - Helen Fielding

"The cornerstone of the political correctness that dominates campus culture is radical feminism." - Phyllis Schlafly

"Spinsterhood is Nature's Own Feminism." - Florence King

"Young girls getting into feminism." - Kathleen Hanna

"I'm not radical." - Jack Kevorkian

"Be as radical as Reality." - Vladimir Lenin

"Radical surgery is never fun." - Brent Spiner

"Modern feminism cannot survive without victims." - Katie Pavlich

"feminism is about ultimate, limitless reality ..." - Jane Fonda

"Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism." - Julian Assange

"Radical Muslims fly planes into buildings. Radical Christians kill abortion doctors. Radical Atheists write books." - Hemant Mehta

"I think that feminism is in cycle. Feminism rotates between backlash and interest." - Kathleen Hanna

"I'm sure a few marriages broke up because of feminism; it doesn't make feminism a cult." - Stefan Molyneux

"Artists are the radical voice of civilization." - Paul Robeson

"The key to success is radical generosity." - Agapi Stassinopoulos

"Yoga is the practice of radical transformation" - Georg Feuerstein

"I don't think I'm a flaming radical." - Jeanne Phillips

"Radical politics tend to be simple minded." - Israel Horovitz

"Does my new feminism make me look fat?" - Libba Bray

"Feminism means revolution and I am a revolutionist." - Frances Perkins

"Why is there even a conversation about feminism?" - Lily Allen

"Feminism is about friends and sisters and community." - Gloria Steinem

"Feminism was a dirty word for a while." - Miranda Richardson

"If feminism wasn't powerful, if feminism wasn't influential, people wouldn't spend so much time putting it down." - Jessica Valenti

"One of the basic tenets of radical feminism is that any woman in the world has more in common with any other woman regardless of class, race, age, ethnic group, nationality - than any woman has with any man." - Sonia Johnson

"Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession... The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn't be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that" - Vivian Gornick

"Radical feminism, male lesbians, transsexuals, musical condoms with suspenders, and lotsa drummers drumming are all manifestations of a political agenda with roots in the 1960s. This is all fruit we are reaping from the sexual revolution." - Rush Limbaugh

"Most of these feminists are radical, frustrated lesbians, many of them, and man-haters, and failures in their relationships with men, and who have declared war on the male gender. The biblical condemnation of feminism has to do with its radical philosophy and goals. That's the bottom line." - Jerry Falwell

"I have had the advantage of a radical Christian upbringing" - Tony Benn

"A radical is one who speaks the truth." - Charles August Lindbergh

"Radical simply means "grasping things at the root." - Angela Davis

"The depressed person is a radical, sullen atheist." - Julia Kristeva

"It's not radical Islam that worries the US - it's independence" - Noam Chomsky

"The Obama administration will never say 'radical Islam.' Never." - Dennis Prager

"Tantra involves radical change, a change in states of awareness." - Frederick Lenz

"We need radical thinking, creative ideas, and imagination." - Mairead Corrigan

"We have a master who deserves radical sacrifice." - David Platt

"I'm more into Neil Young and radical honesty." - Bradford Cox

"Psychology ought certainly to give the teacher radical help." - William James

"Shannon's most radical insight was that meaning was irrelevant." - William Poundstone

"Empathy is the most radical of human emotions." - Gloria Steinem

"To be radical is to grasp things by the root." - Karl Marx

"I'm a radical, and I always have been." - Mort Sahl

"Radical Islam has been the foe of Christendom for centuries." - Tom Tancredo

"We must make a radical turn, at 360 degrees." - Todor Zhivkov

"Radical simply means 'grasping things at the root.'" - Angela Davis

"The radical elements in Islam are very dangerous." - Brent Scowcroft

"Hats are radical; only people that wear hats understand that." - Philip Treacy

"Radical Christianity is not going on a missions trip or a big conference. Radical Christianity is staying steady for decades." - Mike Bickle

"For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept. Whenever people bring up feminism, I'm like, god. I'm just not really that interested." - Lana Del Rey

"A Smith & Wesson does more for empowering women than Feminism ever could" - Greg Gutfeld

"There are lots of kinds of feminism, but ultimately it's about letting people be human beings" - Bonnie Greer

"Mainstream feminism might remember that the war on women always starts with the war on whores." - Molly Crabapple

"My informal writing style is a political choice, because I want feminism to be more accessible." - Jessica Valenti

"Feminism is not a rulebook, but a discussion, a conversation, a process." - Tavi Gevinson

"I've always felt that feminism was just an excuse for ugly women to march." - Larry Flynt

"Feminism in nonnegotiable." - Margaret Cho

"The fact is, feminism is not what it used to be." - Janine Di Giovanni

"The left ask people to believe that there is no conflict between feminism and the family." - Christopher Lasch

"In truth, I don't care about making feminism more accessible to anyone." - Roxane Gay

"Real feminism is spinsterhood." - Florence King

"Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women's issues." - Charlotte Bunch

"Radical feminist theorists do not seek to make gender a bit more flexible, but to eliminate it. They are gender abolitionists, and understand gender to provide the framework and rationale for male dominance. In the radical feminist approach, masculinity is the behaviour of the male ruling class and femininity is the behaviour of the subordinate class of women. Thus gender can have no place in the egalitarian future that feminism aims to create." - Sheila Jeffreys

"We have to be careful in this era of radical feminism, not to emphasize an equality of the sexes that leads women to imitate men to prove their equality. To be equal does not mean you have to be the same." - Eva Burrows

"At the demonstration of sixty feminists against the Miss America Pageant in 1968, when the women filled a trash can with bras, girdles, curlers and spike-heeled shoes, the bra-burning myth was launched by the media and, in spite of its inaccuracy and spiteful intent, put radical feminism on the map." - Hilda Scott

"Radical feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come down to us from the Sixties. This is a revolutionary, not a reformist, movement, and it is meeting with considerable success. Totalitarian in spirit, it is deeply antagonistic to traditional Western culture and proposes the complete restructuring of society, morality, and human nature." - Robert Bork

"It's true that this is one of the problems which often arises among my radical, revolutionary feminist friends: Do you have to join the system or not? On the one hand, if you don't, you risk being ineffectual. But if you do, from that moment on, you place your feminism at the service of a system which you want to take apart." - Simone De Beauvoir

"My political views have definitely changed over the years. Maybe a better way of saying it is that I have grown into my convictions; the values and ideas of radical feminism that I started to articulate in my late teens feel more internalized or "second nature."" - Kathleen Hanna

"My mother saw nothing inconsistent in her traditional desire to look after her husband and children and her radical politics. She began her civil rights work before most people had ever heard the word 'feminism,'and in those early years, she was focused on racial justice." - Ezekiel Emanuel

"My mother saw nothing inconsistent in her traditional desire to look after her husband and children and her radical politics. She began her civil rights work before most people had ever heard the word 'feminism,' and in those early years, she was focused on racial justice." - Ezekiel Emanuel

"Have you ever thought that radical ideas threaten institutions, then become institutions, and in turn reject radical ideas which threaten institutions?" - Saul Bass

"Enhancing long term national security requires that we have a clear-eyed view of radical Islamic terrorism without ascribing radical Islamic terrorist views to all Muslims." - Jeff Flake

"Whether you call it radical jihadism or radical Islamism, I think they mean the same thing. I'm happy to say either." - Hillary Clinton

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them." - Mark Twain

"Likewise 'radical'. I'm only radical because the architectural profession has got lost. Architects are such a dull lot - and they're so convinced that they matter." - Cedric Price

"The Communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional property relations; no wonder that its development involves the most radical rupture with traditional ideas." - Karl Marx

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopt." - Mark Twain

"I think I am a radical. I have never deviated from that. By radical, I mean someone trying to go to the root of things." - Bill Ayers

"By the end, everybody had a label - pig, liberal, radical, revolutionary... If you had everything but a gun, you were a radical but not a revolutionary." - Jerry Rubin

"Radical constructivism, thus, is radical because it breaks with convention and develops a theory of knowledge in which knowledge does not reflect an 'objective' ontological reality." - Paul Watzlawick

"Feminism is a way of understanding reality, not just a series of things to do. Feminism challenges our predilection for one right answer, one right God, one size fits all." - Phyllis Chesler

"Anyone who hates something feels threatened by it. A guy who says he hates feminism (a) doesn't understand or know feminism, and (b) is scared of powerful women. Most attacks come from fear." - Neil Strauss

"Feminism doesn't need re-branding. It names a problem and it is an uncomfortable truth for many" - Caroline Criado-Perez

"I got more and more politically active and just followed the course of feminism and sexual liberation" - Susie Bright

"Abortion-centered feminism is dead," - Marjorie Dannenfelser

"before feminism was, Paglia was!" - Camille Paglia

"Feminism as a political movement has to specifically address the needs of men in their struggle to revolutionize their consciousness." - Bell Hooks

"Words like feminism or democracy scare me. They are words with barnacles on them, and you can't see what's underneath." - William Collins

"I think it was really entering my 30s that I began to embrace feminism and call myself a feminist." - Roxane Gay

"Flyaway, problem hair is the enemy of feminism, and was probably invented by the Man to crush Susan Sontag." - Caitlin Moran

"Let's admit that feminism came from liberalism and it was very positive. But then it went dark. Feminism replaced biology with social construct. Like you didn't achieve what you could get because it was your fault. They denied traits that are applied across all cultures. And that's where feminism went wrong is it denied biology and makes them look foolish." - Greg Gutfeld

"I get very frustrated when I hear women saying, "Oh, feminism is passe," because I think feminism means empowerment. Men can be feminists, too! Many men are feminists. We need feminism. It's not against men; it's about the empowerment of women. It's the respect of women - giving women equal rights, the same opportunities." - Annie Lennox

"A radical is a man with both feet firmly planted-in the air." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Radical transformation of society requires personal and spiritual change first or at least simultaneously" - Sulak Sivaraksa

"Palestinian ideology has become a lethal cocktail of radical nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism." - Jacob T. Schwartz

"There is a radical dualism between the empirical nature of man and its moral nature." - African Spir

"Christianity is an extreme call to a radical life following a revolutionary leader." - Steve Saint

"The most radical thing I ever did was to stay put." - Grace Lee Boggs

"... be radical about grace and relentless about truth and resolute about holiness..." - Ann Voskamp

"The reform [of the civil service] should be thorough, radical, and complete." - Rutherford B Hayes

"Your muscles cannot get "longer" without some rather radical orthopedic surgery." - Mark Rippetoe

"One of the most radical things that you can do is really listen to someone." - Katrina vanden Heuvel

"If you want to say something radical, you should dress conservative." - Steven Biko

"Narrative is radical, creating us at the very moment it is being created." - Toni Morrison

"Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha." - Tara Brach

"It is radical to have 'giver eyes' instead of 'give-me eyes.'" - Patti Thor

"Perhaps the most radical act we can commit is to stay home." - Terry Tempest Williams

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next." - Mark Twain

"He thinks like a Tory, and talks like a Radical, and that's so important nowadays." - Oscar Wilde

"Our enemies are a radical network of terrorists - and every government that supports them." - George W Bush

"Change won't happen through 'trying harder' but only through encountering the radical grace of God." - Timothy Keller

"Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America" - Rosie O'Donnell

"We need radical curiosity and reverent pranks, voracious listening and ferocious thanks." - Rob Brezsny

"Living radical isn't about where you live - it's about how you love." - Ann Voskamp

"The cure for the greatest part of human miseries is not radical, but palliative." - Samuel Johnson

"Prayer for revival will prevail when it is accompanied by radical amendment of life; not before." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"It is a radical act to believe in and like yourself." - Claudia Black

"Small, seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference" - Darren Hardy

"It's quite amazingly radical, what their [the Kochs] vision of America would be." - Jane Mayer

"A.J. [Muste] was a - as he likes to say, a radical pacifist." - Nat Hentoff

"That's what I mean by radical truth. I mean accepting reality." - Ray Dalio

"Brexit and Trump's election are forcing countries to come up with new radical ideas." - Mariana Mazzucato

"If I seem like a radical it's because I have seen things that others have not." - Sylvia Earle

"I'm not a communist, a socialist or a radical. But these issues have to be addressed." - Edward Snowden

"Beliefs have become unimportant to me. Faith as radical trust became even more important to me." - Barbara Brown Taylor

"No radical change on the plane of history is possible without crime." - Hermann Keyserling

"The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them." - Mark Twain

"The Six Faces of the FUTURE are: Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical and Ethical" - Patrick Dixon

"Radical obedience always gives priority to what God has said over what He hasn't said." - Bill Johnson

"Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical." - Victor Papanek

"Practice radical humility." He (or she)who masters the art of humility cannot be humiliated..." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I wouldn't call it radical; I would call it enthusiasm for progress." - John Templeton

"The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution." - Hannah Arendt

"Obliging elected Democrats willingly pander to the radical lefties who elevated them to their throne." - Bob Beauprez

"Because the world is radically new, the ideal encyclopedia should be radical, too." - Charles Van Doren

"The conservative who resists change is as valuable as the radical who proposes it." - Ariel Durant

"I am a radical in thought (and principle) and a conservative in method (and conduct)." - Rutherford B Hayes

"Universal suffrage is sound in principle. The radical element is right." - Rutherford B Hayes

"President Obama is in no danger of being judged by history as an eco-radical." - Jeff Goodell

"It's not just parliament that requires radical modernisation. It's our democratic processes." - David Blunkett

"I want to be radical on the inside, but not on the outside." - Jeremy Piven

"What I do isn't radical. It's just distinct in small ways." - Annabelle Selldorf

"The radical right is so homophobic that they're blaming global warming on the AIDS quilt." - Dennis Miller

"I grew up in a culturally radical home, where strong emotions were forbidden." - Lars Von Trier

"I am still radical!" - Alejandro Jodorowsky

"He who does not see things in their depth should not call himself a radical." - Jose Marti

"I am a radical." - Carter G Woodson



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