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Race Quotes


"Patience wins the race." - Bernard Barton

"Actors are a race." - Mads Mikkelsen

"Plodding wins the race." - Aesop

"We must shift the arms race into a 'peace race'." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Culture is not race and race is not culture." - Jaune Quick–to–See Smith

"There is only one race, the human race." - Robert Sobukwe

"I believe there is only one race - the human race." - Rosa Parks

"Is the Jewish race thriftier than the Arab race?" - Ta-Nehisi Coates

"You don't race cars, you race the rule book" - Smokey Yunick

"The human race has improved everything, but the human race." - Adlai Stevenson

"Culture is not race and race is not culture." - Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

"I've never been to a race car race before." - Christina Ricci

"The human race has improved everything, but the human race." - Adlai E Stevenson

"We will finish the race." - Barack Obama

"Ants are a curious race" - Robert Frost

"Heroes are a mischievous race." - Jeremy Collier

"Politics: a Trojan horse race." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

"Politics: a Trojan horse race" - Stanislaw Lec

"I race kind of sparingly." - Ryan Hall

"Everyone runs their own race." - Tony Romo

"Every race is totally different." - Bill Rodgers

"America is racial. America was founded on race. Race is America. The code name for America is 'race.'" - Paul Mooney

"Poetry fettered fetters the human race." - William Blake

"Race prejudice is the devil unchained." - Charles W Chesnutt

"Race ain't nothing but a number." - Carson Cistulli

"Life is a race; desire the goal." - Andrew Michael Ramsay

"The Germans, a race eager for war." - Seneca the Younger

"Race designation is a political designation." - Jesse Jackson

"Artists are the antennae of the race." - Ezra Pound

"Life isn't a race. It's a relay." - Dick Gregory

"Race, redemption and healing - thats my thing." - Bebe Moore Campbell

"SEO is a race, not a sprint." - Neil Patel

"Human race cannot coexist with nuclear weapons" - Iccho Itoh

"Remember, slow and steady wins the race." - Ieyasu Tokugawa

"A race is a work of art." - Steve Prefontaine

"Values matters well in a race." - George W Bush

"Maybe next season we can race." - Jose Mourinho

"You know who talks about race? Racists!" - Jon Stewart

"I race to win. That's the point." - Dathan Ritzenhein

"A race of altruists is necessarily a race of slaves. A race of free men is necessarily a race of egoists." - Max Stirner

"Gamsters and race-horses never last long." - George Herbert

"Brundle is driving an absolutely pluperfect race." - Murray Walker

"Race remains a significant challenge in America." - Hillary Clinton

"A race isn't won until it's over." - Niki Lauda

"Slow and steady wins the race." - Aesop

"Mr. Jefferson meant the white race." - Andrew Johnson

"There is nothing like race, is there?" - Oscar Wilde

"The street is no place to race." - Mick Doohan

"Race is a very sensitive subject." - Regina King

"Slow but steady wins the race." - Aesop

"Race, redemption and healing - that's my thing." - Bebe Moore Campbell

"I've got to win every race." - Dale Earnhardt

"That's our race. That's our playoffs." - Tim Salmon

"Beating John Landy was my defining race." - Roger Bannister

"A race cannot be purified from without." - Anna Julia Cooper

"Is the human race a universal constructor?" - David Deutsch

"Everybody puts on airs, regardless of race." - Keeganmichael Key

"Slow and steady wins the race." - Robert Lloyd

"Looks like a pretty serious race unfolding." - Wolf Blitzer

"Everybody puts on airs, regardless of race." - Keegan-Michael Key

"Race differences show up early in life." - J Philippe Rushton

"The Indian race are waiting and praying." - Chief Joseph

"I know that my race must change." - Chief Joseph

"The race needs workers, not leaders." - Carter G Woodson

"The Jews, a headstrong, moody, murmuring race." - John Dryden

"I never though much about race." - Thelonious Monk

"The civility of no race can be perfect whilst another race is degraded." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Choose the human race over the nuclear race. Bury the weapons and don't burn the people." - Jesse Jackson

"If you join the rat race - you're in the race of rats." - Bertolt Brecht

"I write about race in America in hopes of undermining the notion of race in America." - Richard Rodriguez

"In a race for limited resources, it is the energy efficient that will win the race" - David Cameron

"Every time I race, I will race so fiercely my legs cry." - Jens Voigt

"Why I oppose the nuclear-arms race: I prefer the human race." - Edward Abbey

"Joe Louis is a credit to his race - the human race." - Jimmy Cannon

"The marathon never ceases to be a race of joy, a race of wonder." - Hal Higdon

"Life is not about winning the race. Life is about finishing the race." - Marc Mero

"Race totally matters. Race totally changes your point of view. It's a different experience." - Bryan Fuller

"While skin and race are often synonymous, skin cleansing is good, race cleansing is bad." - Stephen Colbert

"The arms race is a race between nuclear weapons and ourselves." - Martin Amis

"It so happens that I never talk about race. I do not know what race is." - Enoch Powell

"I save the race for the race and I don't let it all out in practice." - Tyson Gay

"When you're in a race car, you're going through so many different emotions throughout that race." - Jeff Gordon

"I own a Ferrari race team, and we race all over North America." - Robert Herjavec

"Race hate isn't human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature." - Orson Welles

"With half the race gone, there is half the race still to go." - Murray Walker

"Try not to turn your life into a race, least of all an obstacle race." - Jose Bergamin

"The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race." - Don Marquis

"I've never seen a NASCAR race; I've seen an Indianapolis 500 race." - Cheech Marin

"Civilization is not a spontaneous generation with any race or nation known to history, but the torch to be handed from race to race from age to age." - Kelly Miller

"I belong to this race, and when it is down I belong to a down race; when it is up I belong to a risen race." - Frances Harper

"I do not believe in race as such. Race is a fraud. All modern people are the conglomeration of so many ethnic mixtures that no pure race remains." - Albert Einstein

"We must come to the point where we realize the concept of race is a false one. There is only one race, the human race." - Dan Aykroyd

"The monkey is an organized sarcasm upon the human race." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Be not proud of race, face, place, or grace." - Charles Spurgeon

"A race track is a place where windows clean people." - Danny Thomas

"The artist is the antenna of the race." - Ezra Pound

"Scribblers are a self-conceited and self-worshipping race." - Horace

"History is the zoology of the human race." - Franz Grillparzer

"It's the risk takers that move the human race forward." - Brian Tracy

"We belong to the race that knows Joseph" - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"The only reason race matters is because of racism." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"Books are the curse of the human race." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Beginnings are easy, the thing is to finish the race" - Vitor Belfort

"I was born to race and to win." - Lewis Hamilton

"The race isn't to the swift, it's to the thoughtful." - Terence Mckenna

"No particular race is the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy." - George Lopez

"There is only one race ... and it is human!" - William P Young

"Cities are the sinks of the human race." - Henri Rousseau

"Labels applied to people of any race are inherently offensive." - Edward Brooke

"Conventional history completely ignores half the human race." - Barbara Mertz

"Race and temperament go for much in influencing opinion." - Sydney, Lady Morgan

"Travelers are like poets. They are mostly an angry race." - Richard Francis Burton

"It's important for me to think I'm mixed-race." - Dan O'Brien

"How can you help the human race progress?" - Simon Sinek

"A great library contains the diary of the human race." - Geraldine Dawson

"The race to win turns us all into losers." - Alfie Kohn

"Marketing is a race without a finishing line" - Philip Kotler

"If Honda does not race, there is no Honda." - Soichiro Honda

"The race of life is a marathon, not a sprint." - Tony Robbins

"The human race is one big dysfunctional family." - Robert Barron

"TV is the rat race of the century." - Groucho Marx

"If the race is good, so is the place." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I'm not investigating race as much as I'm investigating intimacy." - Claudia Rankine

"No horse named Morbid ever won a race." - Ernest Hemingway

"The English as a race are not worth saving!" - Jack Straw

"Reality is something the human race doesn't handle very well." - Gore Vidal

"Swift was the race, but short the time to run." - John Dryden

"Race is a lazy mind's tool for identifying culture." - Eric Parslow

"Race has no place in American life or law." - John F Kennedy

"The most detestable race of enemies are flatterers." - Tacitus

"Yet it seems that a final race struggle is unavoidable" - Moses

"There isn't any way to libel the human race." - Mark Twain

"Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to the race." - Margaret Sanger

"Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." - Margaret Sanger

"Lights of the world, and stars of human race." - William Cowper

"Folly is perennial, yet the human race has survived." - Bertrand Russell

"Race determines everything in the criminal justice system" - Mark Geragos

"All is race - there is no other truth." - Benjamin Disraeli

"The white race is the cancer of human history." - Susan Sontag

"Dealing with race is about educating white folks." - Howard Dean

"To Contemplation's sober eye. / Such is the race of Man." - Thomas Gray

"I'm a tired runner in the human race." - Huey Lewis

"My place, your place, slapped face, rat race." - Roger Daltrey

"Race and class are the easiest divisions. It's very stupid" - Lynda Barry

"In the human race today, you came last." - Spike Milligan

"I want to run every race with a big heart." - Ryan Hall

"Race prejudice decreases values, both real estate and human." - W E B Du Bois

"Pride of race is the antidote to prejudice." - Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

"Women are an alien race set down among us." - John Updike

"The race that does not value trained intelligence is doomed." - Alfred North Whitehead



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