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Race Equality Quotes


"Love either finds equality or makes it." - John Dryden

"The equality of play was a surprise-it was the most competitive race in the seven-year history of MLS." - Lamar Hunt

"The United Nations stands for the freedom and equality of all peoples, irrespective of race, religion, or ideology." - Ralph Bunche

"Nothing, however, is as ill founded as the assertion of the alleged equality of all members of the human race." - Ludwig Von Mises

"True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity - or political ideology." - Monica Crowley

"Nations will rise and fall, but equality remains the ideal. The univeral aim is to achieve respect for the entire human race, not for the dominant few." - Carlos P. Romulo

"An America where every person, no matter their race, their disability or their sexual orientation realizes the full promise of equality that is our birthright as Americans." - Bernie Sanders

"Ethical and cultural desegregation. It is a contradiction in terms to scream race pride and equality while at the same time spurning Negro teachers and self-association." - Zora Neale Hurston

"From this observed behavior a major psychological truth about this race of forked destroyers may be deduced: that, just as nature abhors a vacuum, "mankind abhors equality."" - Soseki Natsume

"Although the doctrine of innate equality of the race has been proclaimed, yet so far as woman is concerned it has been a standing falsehood." - Amelia Bloomer

"There shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin." - Harry S Truman

"My work is heavily influenced by critiques that many critical intellectual traditions, especially Critical Race Theory, have made of reform projects focused on legal equality." - Dean Spade

"To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow." - William Faulkner

"Choose equality." - Matthew Arnold

"We must shift the arms race into a 'peace race'." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"You don't race cars, you race the rule book" - Smokey Yunick

"I've never been to a race car race before." - Christina Ricci

"Heroes are a mischievous race." - Jeremy Collier

"But there is no equality of opportunity under existing laws and customs. In the race for wealth, which the economist seems as unable to define as to guide, the toiler is most heavily handicapped in the very start." - Joshua K. Ingalls

"For love of domination we must substitute equality; for love of victory we must substitute justice; for brutality we must substitute intelligence; for competition we must substitute cooperation. We must learn to think of the human race as one family." - Bertrand Russell

"Dreams from 1991 are becoming reality. We will build good relations between nations and people. We will strive towards mutual respect and equality of every individual, sex, race and national or any other minority." - Janez Drnovsek

"Justice is Equality...but equality of what?" - Aristotle

"All men are created equal and all women are created equal as well, but [equality] seems much clearer when it comes to race issues. In the realms of man/woman, man/man, woman/woman love, it seems all up for grabs now. We are exploring so much, but I think we gotta go for the fight for all equality first." - Carly Simon

"The liberals of the eighteenth century, guided by the ideas of natural law and of the Enlightenment, demanded for everyone equality of political and civil rights... Nothing, however, is as ill-founded as the assertion of the alleged equality of all members of the human race." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Racists violate the principle of equality by giving greater weight to the interests of members of their own race when there is a clash between their interests and the interests of those of another race. Sexists violate the principle of equality by favoring the interests of their own sex. Similarly, speciesists allow the interests of their own species to override the greater interests of members of other species. The pattern is identical in each case." - Peter Singer

"Poetry fettered fetters the human race." - William Blake

"Life isn't a race. It's a relay." - Dick Gregory

"Maybe next season we can race." - Jose Mourinho

"There is nothing like race, is there?" - Oscar Wilde

"The street is no place to race." - Mick Doohan

"I've got to win every race." - Dale Earnhardt

"That's our race. That's our playoffs." - Tim Salmon

"The race needs workers, not leaders." - Carter G Woodson

"We've chosen the path to equality, don't let them turn us around." - Geraldine Ferraro

"Legislators and revolutionaries who promise both equality and liberty are visionaries and charlatans." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Liberty, Humanity, Justice, Equality" - Susan B Anthony

"Equality is truly sweet." - Kristin Chenoweth

"Visibility is not equality." - Chelsea Manning

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." - Maximilien Robespierre

"Equality implies individuality." - Trey Anastasio

"I believe that there is a moral and constitutional equivalence between laws designed to subjugate a race and those that distribute benefits on the basis of race in order to foster some current notion of equality.... In my mind, government-sponsored racial discrimination based on benign prejudice is just as noxious as discrimination inspired by malicious prejudice." - Clarence Thomas

"People need to free their minds of racial prejudice and believe in equality for all and freedom regardless of race. It would be a good thing if all people were treated equally and justly and not be discriminated against because of race or religion or anything that makes them different from others." - Rosa Parks

"Choose the human race over the nuclear race. Bury the weapons and don't burn the people." - Jesse Jackson

"Life is not about winning the race. Life is about finishing the race." - Marc Mero

"Race hate isn't human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature." - Orson Welles

"We are delighted with today's State Supreme Court ruling allowing marriage equality in California. It is a true testament to advancing equality and to recognizing the right of all Californians to build a future with the person they love. We recently lost Mildred Loving, the woman whose marriage to a man of another race ushered in the Supreme Court ruling that made marriage colorblind. Today's ruling is another important reminder that love will overcome." - Karen Bass

"We are delighted with today's State Supreme Court ruling allowing marriage equality in California. It is a true testament to advancing equality and to recognizing the right of all Californians to build a future with the person they love. We recently lost Mildred Loving, the woman whose marriage to a man of another race ushered in the Supreme Court ruling that made marriage colorblind. Today's ruling is another important reminder that love will overcome." - Karen Bass

"You do not take a man who for years has been hobbled by chains, liberate him, bring him to the starting line of a race, saying you are free to compete with all the others, and still justly believe you have been completely fair...We seek not just freedom but opportunity...not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result." - Lyndon B Johnson

"I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is physical difference between the two which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position." - Abraham Lincoln

"The great paradox of the civil rights revolution is that instead of enforcing and expanding equality before the law, the revolution created differential rights based on race, gender and, any day now, sexual orientation. The great liberal revolution, centuries in the making, that brought forth equality in law has been overthrown. In its place we see rising a new feudal legal order of status-based rights." - Paul Craig Roberts

"I do not believe in race as such. Race is a fraud. All modern people are the conglomeration of so many ethnic mixtures that no pure race remains." - Albert Einstein

"Equality of opportunity is not enough. Unless we create an environment where everyone is guaranteed some minimum capabilities through some guarantee of minimum income, education, and healthcare, we cannot say that we have fair competition. When some people have to run a 100 metre race with sandbags on their legs, the fact that no one is allowed to have a head start does not make the race fair. Equality of opportunity is absolutely necessary but not sufficient in building a genuinely fair and efficient society." - Ha-Joon Chang

"Complete equality isn't compatible with democracy, but it is a agreeable to tolitarianism. After all the only way to ensure the equality of the slothful, the inept and the immoral is to suppress everyone else." - Iain Benson

"Whenever equality rights and religious rights collide, equality rights trump." - Vic Toews

"Equality of sexes does not mean equality of occupations." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Equality is a mortuary word." - Christopher Fry

"Equality begins with economic empowerment." - George H W Bush

"I believe in gender equality." - Demi Lovato

"The monkey is an organized sarcasm upon the human race." - Henry Ward Beecher

"No particular race is the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy." - George Lopez

"No horse named Morbid ever won a race." - Ernest Hemingway

"Reality is something the human race doesn't handle very well." - Gore Vidal

"Swift was the race, but short the time to run." - John Dryden

"Folly is perennial, yet the human race has survived." - Bertrand Russell

"I'm a tired runner in the human race." - Huey Lewis

"Pride of race is the antidote to prejudice." - Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

"Women are an alien race set down among us." - John Updike

"In the race for quality, there is no finish line" - David T. Kearns

"Kids are always the only future the human race has." - William Saroyan

"We must give Italians a sense of race." - Benito Mussolini

"The race for excellence has no finish line." - Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

"I've gotten in trouble with every race you can imagine." - George Lopez

"My photographs recall the memories of the human race." - John Coplans

"Running from your problems is a race you'll never win." - Kid Cudi

"When I was three years old, I had race-car wallpaper, a race-car bed, race-car toys. That was all I wanted. And nothing has changed. Except I don't have a race-car bed anymore.?" - Joey Logano

"You don't go to a race track to finish second." - Joey Logano

"Only a rat can win a rat race." - Michael Franti

"The human race will be the cancer of the planet." - Julian Huxley

"Selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race." - William Ewart Gladstone

"The human race knows enough about thinking to prevent it." - Celia Green

"History is a constant race between invention and catastrophe." - Frank Herbert

"That show, 'The Amazing Race' - is that about white people?" - Zach Galifianakis

"Poetry is the mother-tongue of the human race." - Johann Georg Hamann

"Race, to me, is a very blurry thing." - Monica Raymund

"Music has no race. It appeals to everybody." - Tinie Tempah

"Nobody has ever convinced me that race is real." - Alice Walker

"Race was thick in the O.J. Simpson case from the very beginning, but it wasn't evident. And I think the O.J. Simpson case revealed that there is subtle race, and there is sophisticated race, and there's evident and observable race." - Michael Eric Dyson

"Race always comes up in the conversation of Detroit." - Julie Mehretu

"Race is still the No. 1 determinant in every election." - Nate Silver

"We must go fast, because the race is against time." - Anna Held

"The human race has been telling stories since it began." - Doris Lessing

"If you teach the Negro that he has accomplished as much good as any other race he will aspire to equality and justice without regard to race. Such an effort would upset the program of the oppressor in Africa and America. Play up before the Negro, then, his crimes and shortcomings. Let him learn to admire the Hebrew, the Greek, the Latin and the Teuton. Lead the Negro to detest the man of African blood-to hate himself." - Carter G Woodson

"The race struggle is the primal one, and the class struggle secondary. The last dominating race is the German." - Moses Hess

"When a pagan race comes in contact with a Christian race, they are converted, absorbed, or exterminated." - Joseph Bartlett

"Democracy has not failed; the intelligence of the race has failed before the problems the race has raised." - Robert M Hutchins

"In the name of a race you cannot find any dignity in the contemptability of your race." - Khem Veasna

"A lot of the things I do deal with my race, but my race is who I am." - Wyatt Cenac

"Race, what is that? Race is a competition, somebody winning and somebody losing. Blood doesn't run in races! Come on!" - Beah Richards

"Very rarely do you have a perfect race, and it's about overcoming your mistakes in the race and remaining composed." - Allen Johnson

"We are a nation of many nationalities, many races, many religions, bound together by a single unity, the unity of freedom and equality. Whoever seeks to set one nationality against another, seeks to degrade all nationalities. Whoever seeks to set one race against another seeks to enslave all races. Whoever seeks to set one religion against another, seeks to destroy all religion." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"If ever America undergoes great revolutions, they will be brought about by the presence of the black race on the soil of the United States - that is to say, they will owe their origin not to the equality but to the inequality of conditions." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"The wisest among my race understand that agitations of social equality is the extremist folly, and that progress in the enjoyment of all privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing." - Booker T Washington

"Shooting in Orlando is a sobering reminder that attacks on any American, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, is an attack on all of us and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country. And no act of hate or terror will ever change who we are or the values that make us Americans." - Barack Obama

"I might think that equality has been achieved, there is no power relation going on in terms of class, race, or gender, I might just want to drink my latte and buy pretty shoes and write books about girls who marry, die, or go insane, then go get my nails done." - Lidia Yuknavitch

"I have to conclude, oh, the best people are all somebody other than my own race. So that's difficult. How do we interpret the Bible? Should we stress things like justice and that God is somebody who cares about equality of all people? Or is he a God of love and a God who's there to give me an afterlife?" - Michael Emerson

"I repose in this quiet and secluded spot not from any natural preference for solitude, but finding other cemeteries limited as to race by charter rules, I chosen this that I might illustrate in my death the principles which I advocated through a long life: EQUALITY OF MAN BEFORE HIS CREATOR." - Thaddeus Stevens

"If ever America undergoes great revolutions, they will be brought about by the presence of the black race on the soil of the United States; that is to say, they will owe their origin, not to the equality, but to the inequality of condition." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"The new religion will teach the dignity of human nature and its infinite possibilities for development. It will teach the solidarity of the race: that all must rise and fall as one. Its creed will be justice, liberty, equality for all the children of earth." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"I repose in this quiet and secluded spot not from any natural preference for solitude, but finding other cemeteries limited as to race by charter rules, I have chosen this that I might illustrate in my death the principles which I advocated through a long life: EQUALITY OF MAN BEFORE HIS CREATOR." - Thaddeus Stevens

"I can't explain exactly why it lives within me for so long and passionately. But race matters to me; racial equality matters to me, as does gender. There is something about these kinds of social injustices that go to the deep of me." - Sue Monk Kidd

"I think it is inevitable that leftist forces in the US would be divided, if not balkanized, to some extent. Among the full range of people who are committed to social and economic equality and ecological justice - i.e. to some variant of a leftist vision of a decent society - it will always be the case that some will be more focused on egalitarian economic issues, others around the environment and climate change, others on US imperialism, militarism and foreign policy, others on race and gender equality, and still others on sexual identity." - Robert Pollin

"Regarding the idea of race, .. no agreement seems to exist about what race means. Race seems to embody a fact as simple and as obvious as the noonday sun, but if that is so, why the endless wrangling about the idea and the facts of race. What is a race? How can it be recognized? Who constitute the several races?." - Jacques Barzun

"My thoughts before a big race are usually pretty simple. I tell myself: Get out of the blocks, run your race, stay relaxed. If you run your race, you'll win... channel your energy. Focus." - Carl Lewis

"Life is not about winning the race. Life is about finishing the race, and how many people we can all help finish this race. How we can start being kinder to each other" - Marc Mero

"The highest measure of democracy is neither the 'extent of freedom' nor the 'extent of equality', but rather the highest measure of participation." - Alain de Benoist

"Liberte, egalite, fraternite. Liberty, equality, fraternity. Watchword of French Revolution. And bold and hard adventures t' undertake, Leaving his country for his country's sake." - Charles Fitzgeoffrey

"It is the mark of the cultured man that he is aware of the fact that equality is an ethical and not a biological principle" - Ashley Montagu

"Liberty and equality are magical words." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"High school and equality are forever incompatible." - Sharyn McCrumb

"Every seeming equality conceals a hierarchy." - Mason Cooley

"I love liberty, I hate equality." - John Randolph of Roanoke

"Liberty and equality-lovely and sacred words!" - Giuseppe Mazzini

"I thought equality was non-negotiable." - Lady Gaga

"We deserve quality lives with equality." - Sarah Silverman

"Equality today means 'sameness', rather than 'oneness'." - Erich Fromm

"...without equality there can be no democracy." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Equality is never given, it is taken." - Jane Bryant Quinn

"Gender equality must become a lived reality" - Michelle Bachelet

"Equality today means "sameness", rather than "oneness"." - Erich Fromm

"There is no equality without coercion." - Gonzalo Fernandez de la Mora

"Freedom and equality are naturan born enemies." - Will Durant

"There cannot be friendship without equality." - Swami Vivekananda

"Perfect love cannot be without equality." - Proverbs

"Nothing is so unequal as equality." - Pliny The Elder

"The sole equality on earth is death." - Philip James Bailey

"Nobody really believes in equality anyway." - Warren Farrell

"In 1965, I marched for equality." - Alphonso Jackson

"What we need is equality without conformity." - Kim Stanley Robinson

"I just believe in equality for all." - Ashley Wagner

"Fairness is not about statistical equality." - John Bercow

"Marriage equality changed life for people." - Andrew Cuomo

"Socialism values equality more than liberty." - Dennis Prager

"Equality for women is progress for all." - Ban Kimoon

"The cry of equality pulls everyone down." - Iris Murdoch

"Equality for women is progress for all." - Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

"Too many escape into complexity these days. For it is an escape for persons to cry, when this question of the equality of peoples is raised in India or in our own South, 'Ah, but the situation is not so simple.' ... no great stride forward is ever made for the individual or for the human race unless the complex situation is reduced to one simple question and its simple answer." - Pearl S Buck

"What drives me is a sense of urgency. We live in frightening times. Progress towards gender equality and vital battles to end discrimination on grounds such as race, age, sexuality and disability are stalling and in some places, reversing. This is happening because of the collapse of trust in nearly all public institutions, and in particular in politics and media, and the inescapable feeling that the current system isn't working for most people." - Catherine Mayer

"I think it's important for us to recognize that although historically black communities have been very progressive with respect to issues of race and with respect to struggles for racial equality, that does not necessarily translate into progressive positions on gender issues, progressive positions on issues of sexuality and in the latter 1990s we have to recognize the intersectionality, the interconnectedness of all of these institutions and attitudes." - Angela Davis

"The great ideas of the West - rationalism, self-criticism, the disinterested search for truth, the separation of church and state, the rule of law, equality before the law, freedom of conscience, thought, and expression, human rights, and liberal democracy- quite an achievement, surely, for any civilization- - remain the best, and perhaps the only, means for all people, no matter of what race or creed, to reach their full potential and live in freedom." - Ibn Warraq

"Yes, (Bush is a) racist. We all knew that but the world is only finding it out now. As Texas's governor, Bush led a penitentiary system that executed more people than all the other U.S. states together. And most of the people who died from (the) death penalty were Afro-Americans or Hispanics. (Bush) promoted a Conservative program, designed to eliminate everything Americans had accomplished so far in matters of race and equality." - Danny Glover



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