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Race Cars Quotes


"You don't race cars, you race the rule book" - Smokey Yunick

"I had a lot of fun driving race cars, but it wasn't my No. 1 priority." - Caroll Shelby

"Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win." - Enzo Ferrari

"So much of my life is spent just focused on driving race cars." - Jeff Gordon

"I've been driving race cars professionally for a while: 200 mph types of things." - Antonio Sabato Jr

"If I weren't skateboarding, I'd love to race cars. I like anything that's fast and active." - Ryan Sheckler

"I had a lot of fun driving race cars, but it wasn't my No. 1 priority." - Carroll Shelby

"Boats are something I am very, very passionate about; cars are something I grew up with... I used to race cars since I was a child." - Gautam Singhania

"And the first three cars are all Escorts, which isn't surprising as this is an all Escort race." - Murray Walker

"You're safer in the race car than you are in cars going to and from the track." - Mario Andretti

"I just feel rejuvenated in such a big way because of these race cars I get to drive." - Jeff Gordon

"Race cars, no matter what size or shape they are, they do the same things. It is not complicated." - Tony Stewart

"Patience wins the race." - Bernard Barton

"During a race, it's like I become a machine and the machine becomes a man. I talk to my cars, baby them, shout at them, praise them." - Cale Yarborough

"Well, everybody does something, some people race cars, others collect stamps, I find tai chi to be philosophically, aesthetically, physically and spiritually fascinating." - Lou Reed

"Actually I think I have forgotten how it was back then. Or probably not - I didn't qualify. There were only 16 cars in the race." - Bernie Ecclestone

"Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car, and that was my ambition all along." - Caroll Shelby

"I've always wanted to race cars, ever since I was a young boy, as I think a lot of guys have." - Paul Walker

"Writers now are putting total faith in designers at Apple and Amazon. It's almost like a race-car driver having no input into how cars are designed." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car, and that was my ambition all along." - Carroll Shelby

"I started doing commercials in 2008 right after we released Death Race, and the reason was that I spent two years prepping Death Race and building all these custom rigs to shoot cars in the most dynamic and exciting way." - Paul W. S. Anderson

"Thank god there's no 48-hour race anywhere in the world, because chances are nobody could beat Porsche in a 48 hour race. They're probably the only cars in the world that would stand up for something like that." - Carroll Shelby

"I race historic muscle cars back in Australia, and that's my hobby. And I try to race home as soon as I've finished a movie but don't tell anyone." - Eric Bana

"We must shift the arms race into a 'peace race'." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Ants are a curious race" - Robert Frost

"Heroes are a mischievous race." - Jeremy Collier

"I love F1, the cars and the speed. I love the race in Monaco for example, because there's such a special atmosphere on the streets and also, the race is very technical. I'm a big racing fan in general, so I'd love to try the cars." - Michel Salgado

"I remember, as a young man, wanting to experience a car going at those speeds and being visually nourished by something which I loved so much. And I wanted to race fast cars and have a good time." - Dominic Cooper

"Some ways of using our thinking are really inspiring. There are people who use their thinking to race cars. People use their thinking to build rockets to the moon. It's all just a use of your thinking." - Michael Nesmith

"Running on different types of racetracks is challenging - not only for the drivers, but even more for the team members who have to make adjustments to the cars before each race." - Michael Andretti

"I have a real passion for driving. Earlier on in my life I wanted to be a race car driver. But I don't pay an extortionate amount of money for cars. I'm pretty frugal." - John Barrowman

"For me, personally, skiing holds everything. I used to race cars, but skiing is a step beyond that. It removes the machinery and puts you one step closer to the elements. And it's a complete physical expression of freedom." - Robert Redford

"Everybody was inspired by the drawings and the wind tunnels and the race cars - but no one wanted to work with me because I had a reputation for being an aerodynamic dictator!" - Luigi Colani

"I wanted to race cars. I didn't like school, and all I wanted to do was work on cars. But right before I graduated, I got into a really bad car accident, and I spent that summer in the hospital thinking about where I was heading. I decided to take education more seriously and go to a community college." - George Lucas

"As a kid, I loved my Matchbox cars, my Big Wheels, and the race cars on TV. When I laid eyes on my first go-kart when I was just five, it gave my desire for making things with wheels go fast a focus. This combined with the fact that I've been incredibly competitive since a young age made for the proper mix of passion and aggression to become a race car driver." - Andy Lally

"Poetry fettered fetters the human race." - William Blake

"Race prejudice is the devil unchained." - Charles W Chesnutt

"Artists are the antennae of the race." - Ezra Pound

"I race to win. That's the point." - Dathan Ritzenhein

"Gamsters and race-horses never last long." - George Herbert

"Mr. Jefferson meant the white race." - Andrew Johnson

"Slow and steady wins the race." - Robert Lloyd

"The Jews, a headstrong, moody, murmuring race." - John Dryden

"Germans make nice cars." - Jason Behr

"I hate cars." - Joseph Gordonlevitt

"I do love cars." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"Chrysler builds great cars." - Lee Iacocca

"The civility of no race can be perfect whilst another race is degraded." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Choose the human race over the nuclear race. Bury the weapons and don't burn the people." - Jesse Jackson

"Why I oppose the nuclear-arms race: I prefer the human race." - Edward Abbey

"Civilization is not a spontaneous generation with any race or nation known to history, but the torch to be handed from race to race from age to age." - Kelly Miller

"Styling cars sells cars and safety does not." - Lee Iacocca

"I love working on cars." - Angela Cope

"Hungry bellies have no cars." - Francois Rabelais

"Cars bring me sheer joy." - Evan Spiegel

"Electric cars are coal-powered cars. Their carbon emissions can be worse than gasoline-powered cars." - Vinod Khosla

"The artist is the antenna of the race." - Ezra Pound

"No particular race is the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy." - George Lopez

"Cities are the sinks of the human race." - Henri Rousseau

"Marketing is a race without a finishing line" - Philip Kotler

"If Honda does not race, there is no Honda." - Soichiro Honda

"The race of life is a marathon, not a sprint." - Tony Robbins

"Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to the race." - Margaret Sanger

"Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." - Margaret Sanger

"Folly is perennial, yet the human race has survived." - Bertrand Russell

"The race by vigour, not by vaunts, is won." - Alexander Pope

"Kids are always the only future the human race has." - William Saroyan

"Make your race a playground, not a proving ground." - Lauren Fleshman

"Etiquette requires us to admire the human race." - Mark Twain

"I have never understood the notion that we could continue to focus on race in order to get over race, that we have to be race conscious in order not to be race conscious." - Clarence Thomas

"And waste their music on the savage race." - Edward Young

"Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe." - H G Wells

"When a pagan race comes in contact with a Christian race, they are converted, absorbed, or exterminated." - Joseph Bartlett

"Democracy has not failed; the intelligence of the race has failed before the problems the race has raised." - Robert M Hutchins

"In the name of a race you cannot find any dignity in the contemptability of your race." - Khem Veasna

"No matter how old I get, the race remains one of life's most rewarding experiences. My times become slower and slower, but the experience of the race is unchanged: each race a drama, each race a challenge, each race stretching me in one way or another, and each race telling me more about myself and others." - George A Sheehan

"We judge others instantly by their clothes, their cars, their appearance, their race, their education, their social status. The list is endless. What gets me is that most people decide who another person is before they have even spoken to them. What's even worse is that these same people decide who someone else is, and don't even know who they are themselves." - Ashly Lorenzana

"You know, I was pretty comfortable where I was at. We had cars that could win races (at Roush). I know (Joe Gibbs Racing is) expecting me to perform and do my job. Before this year, I can't remember the last time I've ever been nervous at all inside of a race car." - Matt Kenseth

"We share information really well together âa?a? all the teams do âa?a? and we give each other racing room, ... It's fun to race with Matt and these other guys. Man, it's just unbelievable that our cars run this good." - Greg Biffle

"It's as if women are in a totally rigged race. A lot of men are driving souped-up, low-slung racing cars and we're running as fast as we can in tennis shoes we managed to salvage from a local garage sale." - Naomi Weisstein

"I have stood in a bar in Lambourn and been offered, in the space of five minutes, a poached salmon, a leg of a horse, a free trip to Chantilly, marriage, a large unsolicited loan, ten tips for a ten-horse race, two second-hand cars, a fight, and the copyright to a dying jockey's life story." - Jeffrey Bernard

"We share information really well together A&162;a&130;&172;a&128;&157; all the teams do A&162;a&130;&172;a&128;&157; and we give each other racing room, ... It's fun to race with Matt and these other guys. Man, it's just unbelievable that our cars run this good." - Greg Biffle

"It's as if we women are in a totally rigged race. A lot of men are driving souped-up low slung racing cars, and we're running as fast as we can in tennis shoes we managed to salvage from a local garage sale." - Naomi Weisstein

"Have you ever watched the jet cars race on the boulevard?...I sometimes think drivers do' know what grass is, or flowers, because they never see them slowly...If you showed a driver a green blur, Oh yes! He'd say, that's grass! A pink blur! That's a rose garden! White blurs are houses. Brown blurs are cows." - Ray Bradbury

"Have you ever watched the jet cars race on the boulevard?...I sometimes think drivers don't know what grass is, or flowers, because they never see them slowly...If you showed a driver a green blur, Oh yes! He'd say, that's grass! A pink blur! That's a rose garden! White blurs are houses. Brown blurs are cows." - Ray Bradbury

"We're just into toys, whether it's motorcycles or race cars or computers. I've got the Palm Pilot right here with me, I've got the world's smallest phone. Maybe it's just because I'm still a big little kid and I just love toys, you know?" - Catherine Bell

"My dad was very successful running midgets in Texas. Then, his two drivers ran into some bad luck. People started saying that Daddy had lost his touch. That it was the cars and not the drivers. I wanted to race just to prove all those people wrong." - A J Foyt

"Most people are defined by their titles, their cars, their house, where they came from, their color, their race, their religion. And so it's up to you to take control of your own life and define you. As long as you understand who you are and you have a solid foundation of understanding what your talents are, what your skills are." - Stedman Graham

"I always check my harness before I do a stunt; I test-drive the cars I have to race or explode; I'm present at all pyrotechnical rehearsals; and I walk through everything step-by-step. No man should put their life in someone else's hands unless they have covered their own safety from all angles." - Akshay Kumar

"The format of the race weekend is also very well thought out. We have enough practice time to get the cars well set-up and have a proper qualifying session where we can do as many laps as we like, which is great for the drivers and spectators." - Nigel Mansell

"The first race is really just something that we will all need to get through. Until people see the cars in action I don't think they will understand how quick they will be, which means they are going to be tiring to drive." - Nigel Mansell

"You wouldn't think such a place as San Francisco could exist. The wonderful sunlight there, the hills, the great bridges, the Pacific at your shoes. Beautiful Chinatown. Every race in the world. The sardine fleets sailing out. The little cable-cars whizzing down The City hills. And all the people are open and friendly." - Dylan Thomas

"Screw the dialogue, let's wreck some cars." - Hal Needham

"All American cars are basically Chevrolets." - Herb Caen

"I just keep my cars to myself." - T-Pain

"Nigeria will start exporting cars soon" - Goodluck Jonathan

"Cars don't cause pollution, trees do." - Ronald Reagan

"Dogs don't bark at parked cars." - Lynne Cheney

"Love cars, love people, love life." - Yutaka Katayama

"Cars would be safer on rails!" - P. J. O'Rourke

"Fast cars are my only vice." - Michael Bay

"I do YouTube my cars a lot." - Tpain

"I just keep my cars to myself." - Tpain

"I don't really know much about cars." - Ramon Rodriguez

"Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races" - Carroll Shelby

"Friends don't let friends jump cars." - John Schneider

"Modern cars I don't like so much." - Amber Heard

"I'm not that careful with cars." - Elizabeth Hurley

"Who buys French cars? Not me." - Karl Lagerfeld

"We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do... We believe also that the white race of South Africa should be the predominating race." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Civilization is not a spontaneous generation with any race or nation known to history, but the torch to be handed down from race to race from age to age." - Kelly Millar

"Jerry Springer Because isn't this interesting? Of all our 43 presidents, of the 43 presidents - Sean Hannity Don't bring up race. Do not bring up race. Do not bring up race. It is a constitutional requirement." - Sean Hannity

"Somehow we are supposed to be credits to our race. The mere fact that I'm still around makes me a credit to my race, which is the human race." - Whoopi Goldberg

"The complaint about modern steel furniture, modern glass houses, modern red bars and modern streamlined trains and cars is that all these objets modernize, while adequate and amusing in themselves, tend to make the people who use them look dated. It is an honest criticism. The human race has done nothing much about changing its own appearance to conform to the form and texture of its appurtenances." - E B White

"I love Death Race, it's one of my favorite films. I thought, "You know what? All that two years worth of work is now gong to be wasted because I'm highly unlikely to direct another car movie straight away," and I felt at that point there was no one who was kind of better at shooting cars, so I thought rather than let it go to waste I would explore the idea of doing commercials, and that's what I did." - Paul W. S. Anderson

"We're looking at a lot of race cars as inspiration for our starships. It's wonderful. It's surreal. I didn't want to be a writer. I wanted to be a Star Trek writer, so to be able to craft a new iteration of the show with new characters and a whole new adventure and whole new way of telling stories that you haven't been able to tell on Star Trek is honorable and it's a dream come true. It's hard to articulate that." - Bryan Fuller

"I wanted to be a car mechanic and I wanted to race cars and the idea of trying to make something out of my life wasn't really a priority. But the accident allowed me to apply myself at school. I got great grades. Eventually I got very excited about anthropology and about social sciences and psychology, and I was able to push my photography even further and eventually discovered film and film schools." - George Lucas

"The human race likes to give itself airs. One good volcano can produce more greenhouse gases in a year than the human race has in its entire history." - Ray Bradbury

"The great disadvantage of being in a rat race is that it is humiliating. The competitors in a rat race are by definition rodents." - Margaret Halsey

"I am going to go out a winner if I have to find a high school race to win my last race." - Johnny Gray

"To make your life a work of art, you must have the material to work with. The race, any race, is just such an experience." - George A Sheehan

"I'd rather run a gutsy race, pushing all the way and lose, than run a conservative race only for a win." - Alberto Salazar

"When runners win a big race these days, they get a car. When I won a big race, I got a ride." - Ron Delany

"The difference of race is one of the reasons why I fear war may always exist; because race implies difference, difference implies superiority, and superiority leads to predominance." - Benjamin Disraeli

"All is race; there is no other truth ,and every race must fall which carelessly suffers its blood to become mixed." - Benjamin Disraeli

"We are an unfortunate priest-ridden race and always were and always will be tell the end of the chapter.... A priest-ridden Godforsaken race." - James Joyce

"The human race is a race of cowards; and I am not only marching in that procession but carrying a banner." - Mark Twain

"The Daytona 500 is a career-winning race. It defines careers for drivers, crew members, crew chiefs and race teams. It has that power." - Jimmie Johnson

"One of the main techniques I used was focusing on the goal and visualising myself competing in the race before the race started." - Michael Johnson

"Sex is more fun than cars but cars refuel quicker than men." - Germaine Greer

"People in cars cause accidents and accidents in cars cause people." - Garrison Keillor

"I don't drive. No. Cars terrify me. I am really frightened of cars." - J K Rowling

"I love cars, I have two classic cars of my own." - Aaron Paul

"Cars and bumper cars are two very different things. NEVER sleep in a bumper car." - Craig Benzine

"Older cars tend to drive like older cars. That is not for me." - Robert Herjavec

"I've always been into cars. Cars are part of our genetic makeup. It's unavoidable." - Matthew Fox

"I know I'm not supposed to like muscle cars, but I like muscle cars." - Joe Biden

"Men like cars, women like clothes. Women only like cars because they take them to clothes." - Rita Rudner

"We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport." - Alberto Salazar

"I consider Christian theology to be one of the greatest disasters of the human race." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Whatever class and race divergences exist, top cats are tom cats." - Elizabeth Janeway

"Western man wrote "his" history as if it were the history of the entire human race." - John Oliver Killens

"That's one of the greatest curses ever inflicted on the human race, memory." - Ovid

"The earliest full-length account of a chariot race appears in Book xxiii of the Iliad." - Richard Arnold Epstein

"Sleep and death, two twins of winged race, Of matchless swiftness, but of silent pace." - Alexander Pope

"Heaven gave to woman the peculiar grace To spin, to weep, and cully human race." - Alexander Pope

"A man may be ungrateful, but the human race is not so." - John Milton

"[Liberty] is a choreand a long-distance race, quite solitary, quite exhausting." - Albert Camus

"There's a smile on my face for the whole human race." - Alan Jay Lerner

"I want to hear the chanting Around a heathen fire Of a strange black race." - Gwendolyn B. Bennett



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