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Quips And Comments Quotes


"Quips and Cranks and wanton Wiles, Nods and Becks and wreathed Smiles." - John Milton

"I have a lot of very close girlfriends and sisters - I'm from an all female family. My father often quips that even the cat was neutered!" - Shirley Manson

"I like quips. I like whiffs of cynicism and I think they can be witty. But I don't really know where wittiness is constructive." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"A JSON decoder MAY accept and ignore comments." - Douglas Crockford

"When code and comments disagree, both are probably wrong." - Norm Schryer

"I will accept comments and criticism about change." - Jimmy Haslam

"I think the Bible is hugely patriarchal. There are so many sexist comments and homophobic comments and comments that are not in keeping with nurturing and loving the human spirit." - Alanis Morissette

"We cannot tolerate comments of such hatred, such anti-Semitism, such intolerance. And these comments are all the more troubling given that we know of Iran's nuclear ambitions." - Pierre Pettigrew

"Obsolete comments are worse than no comments." - Douglas Crockford

"I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice." - Roald Dahl

"Yellen's comments suggest, and I agree, that we are in an asset bubble." - Carl Icahn

"Yellen's comments suggest, and I agree, that we are in an asset bubble." - Carl Icahn

"Comments that suggest that Muslims should be banned from the United States are offensive and unconstitutional." - Mike Pence

"We are uniting in condemning the comments of Donald Trump on Muslims and women." - Keir Starmer

"It's interesting when something's written about you, and there's comments after." - Alison Stewart

"It's hard to walk down the street without 'Entourage' comments, and that's all nice." - Kevin Dillon

"Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours." - Brian Koslow

"Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee Jest, and youthful Jollity, Quips, and Cranks, and wanton Wiles, Nods, and Becks, and wreathed Smiles, Such as hand on Hebe's cheek, And love to live in dimple sleek; Sport that wrinkled Care derides, And Laughter holding both his sides." - John Milton

"Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee Jest, and youthful Jollity, Quips, and Cranks, and wanton Wiles, Nods, and Becks, and wreathed Smiles, Such as hang on Hebe's cheek, And love to live in dimple sleek; Sport that wrinkled Care derides, And Laughter holding both his sides." - John Milton

"Time goes too quickly. This is the advice that my mother should have given me from her hospital bed. Instead of vague, unknowable quips like "Be careful what you wish for," she should have told me time slides away on a hillside of loose shale and takes everything in its path - dreams, opportunities, hopes. And youth. It takes that fastest of all." - Kristin Hannah

"Ralph Keyes calls quotation collectors "quotographers," the men and women who gather catchwords, watchwords, war words, winged words, maxims, mottos, sayings, and quips into books of a thousand pages. Through the centuries quotation collectors have saved quotations that would otherwise be lost." - Willis Regier

"One of my most often repeated quips was the one I made when former Presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon stood by each other at a White House event. 'There they are,' I said. 'See no evil, hear no evil, and . . . evil.'" - Bob Dole

"Ralph Keyes calls quotation collectors quotographers, the men and women who gather catchwords, watchwords, war words, winged words, maxims, mottos, sayings, and quips into books of a thousand pages. Through the centuries quotation collectors have saved quotations that would otherwise be lost." - Willis Goth Regier

"Ser Jaime?" Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman."I am grateful, were well away. Why come back?" A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. "I dreamed of you," he said." - George R R Martin

"Right at the core, the mainstream has it backwards. Warren Buffett often quips that the first rule of investing is to not lose money, and the second rule is to not forget the first rule. Yet few investors approach the world with such a strict standard of risk avoidance." - Seth Klarman

"For me, Twitter works best as a way of taking pictures of being stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. If people really want to read really funny quips about life, parenting, and pop culture, then by all means read Michael Ian Black's tweets." - Michael Showalter

"In France everything is a matter for jest. People make quips about the scaffold, about Napoleon's defeat on the banks of The Beresina, and about the barricades of our revolutions. So, at the assizes of the Last Judgment, there will always be a Frenchmen to crack a joke." - Honore De Balzac

"I pretty much read reviews and comments only looking for the negative. Literally, when I read positive comments, it's like a zero. I think the issue is if you agree with it or not." - Bob Odenkirk

"Rhetoric can be razor sharp, and just as one needs to take some comments seriously, others should not be." - Alexander Stubb

"These 3 topics will always generate 100+ comments of irrational/ridiculous people: Taxes, tipping, and spending on weddings." - Ramit Sethi

"We know now that Donald Trump's comments are actually being used to recruit and radicalize on the Internet." - Hillary Clinton

"I didn't (and still don't) have comments [in my blog]. It's about simply writing for an audience of One." - Ann Voskamp

"I try to visit stores because it's important to meet the teams and to hear the comments of the salespeople." - Delphine Arnault

"It's usually the funny comments which are the better ones - and they are good for the game." - Andrew Flintoff

"I have received nasty e-mails, messages on Twitter and ridiculous comments, not only about my size, but my family." - Ireland Baldwin

"I'm open to comments. I'm open to objective points of view, because I've been very narrow and very subjective." - Richard Donner

"I have this horrible, horrible habit of going on YouTube and checking out comments about what I do." - Rufus Wainwright

"I don't really read reviews and comments that much. There just isn't a lot to be gained from it." - Chris Hardwick

"My personal view is that until there is a disincentive to write lies and abusive comments it's going to continue." - Heather Mills

"If there's an article about sexual assault, if there's a video about feminism on YouTube, you're going to get the most horrible, disgusting comments ever. And sometimes the comments are pornographic, and sometimes the comments are really harassing. So I think that it's kind of a difficult place for women to write sometimes." - Jessica Valenti

"If you go to places like YouTube, it's a cesspool, and a lot of the comments are really horrifying and misogynist and harassing." - Jessica Valenti

"Ask your loyal customers for positive comments about your products and your service. Then post these testimonials where other customers and prospects can enjoy them." - Ron Kaufman

"Even when I'm trying to be straightforward and honest and my comments are innocent, inevitably they get turned into something sort of salacious." - Megan Fox

"When I post a selfie and someone comments, 'Oh, sure, go ahead and reclaim your sexuality, I got my rocks off,' that's not my problem." - Emily Ratajkowski

"How damaging is a habit that permits faultfinding, character assassination, and the sharing of malicious rumors! Gossip and caustic comments often create chains of contention." - Marvin J Ashton

"Just pick a political story at random and read the comments. There is no logic or reason on either side - only hypocrisy and hate." - Michael Arrington

"Let's be honest: we all watch the show at home and play 'armchair' 'Survivor,' inserting our opinions, comments and yelling at the TV screen." - Jenna Morasca

"I stay off the Internet, because I'm very sensitive to commentary. There could be 10 comments of 'Fabulous job!' and one 'She's horrible!' and it completely throws me." - Melissa Rosenberg

"I don't just post a video and then get offline. After uploading, I love to respond to comments, tweets, and messages about the video." - Bethany Mota

"This is an extraordinary illustrated collection of Chinese herbsaccompanied by concise and expert comments. Jing-Nuan Wu has succeeded incompiling this most unique and informative book." - Koji Nakanishi

"Today, I wanted to spend some time reading and responding to comments of fans on my Facebook page. Yes, there are great comments, but there are also a lot of people who are very opinionated and judgmental. So, initially, when I read these judgmental comments, I don't feel vulnerable, but rather I get defensive. But once I get past that anger, it sort of becomes hurt. It becomes pain." - Matisyahu

"Many books in popular psychology are a melange of the author's comments, a dollop of research, and stupefyingly dull transcriptions from interviews." - Carol Tavris

"If It's your passion and you want to do it for the rest of your life, why would comments stop you from doing that?" - Christina Grimmie

"I've stopped reading the comments below news articles and on gossip blogs because those are the ones that'll ruin your day in a second." - Taylor Swift

"Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred." - Lev Grossman

"We are all too often told by someone that we are too old, too young, too different, too much the same, and those comments can be devastating." - Sharon Salzberg

"One of the signs (you) displayed (said): QUESTION AUTHORITY. Comments or slogans of this nature cannot and will not be condoned." - C. L. Wilson

"Tea Party Republicans, in an effort to kill the farm bill will stereotype and make racial comments about food stamps - which is a big element to the program." - Eleanor Clift

"For me or a Bruce Springsteen to sit up in our ivory towers and make comments about racism, well, were not really in it, are we?" - John Mellencamp

"You have to excuse me because I AM a teenager, so I'm allowed to sound illiterate and make stupid comments like 'I'm not into hard-core feminism.'" - Christina Ricci

"Through EdgeRank, Facebook weighs likes, comments, and shares, but it currently does not give greater weight to click-throughs or any other action that leads to sales." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"I have to say, the other day I was reading some negative comments, and I was thinking they were really funny. So I guess they don't anymore." - Kate Upton

"A lot of my social media posts are about celebrating these women who wear our clothes, feel great in them and have comments." - Eva Mendes

"Donald Trump's insulting comments about women go hand in hand with his plans to defund Planned Parenthood and appoint Supreme Court justices who will end legal abortion." - Hillary Clinton

"His [Donald Trump ]comments are shocking, offensive and disturbing but I don't believe it merits a ban at this point in time." - Keir Starmer

"We must confront the reality that his [Donald Trump] comments have provoked, and consider whether we want to import such hatred to this country." - Tulip Siddiq

"The backlash to [Sarah] Palin`s comments was swift, with veterans and veterans` groups criticizing the apparent politicization of post-traumatic stress disorder." - Chris Hayes

"For He that is mighty hath done great things for me, and Holy is His Name (Luke 1:49). Luther comments:" - Martin Luther

"And he would listen, making only a few comments, always sympathetic, so that when I left him I had the distinct impression he had solved everything for me." - Anne Rice

"Just as many people that love me, hate me, too. I get really mean, mean, mean, mean comments on Twitter, and it just comes with the territory." - Keke Palmer

"I always separate myself from reviews, but tweets and Instagram comments, they go directly to my phone. It's hard to keep up." - Skylar Astin

"The statements of four witnesses of unquestioned integrity, traveling with me that day, attest that such comments were never made and confirm that it simply did not happen." - Paul Crouch

"Right after the assassination of Osama bin Laden, amid all the cheers and applause, there were a few critical comments questioning the legality of the act." - Noam Chomsky

"When you hear people making hateful comments, stand up to them. Point out what a waste it is to hate, and you could open their eyes." - Taylor Swift

"I don't compare myself to anyone else; I don't make comments about anyone else because they do what feels right for them, and that's okay by me." - Taylor Swift

"Sports broadcasting is very open now. In the beginning you did encounter more traditional attitudes and get comments. But I'm talking about 12 years ago." - Kirsty Gallacher

"Code never lies, comments sometimes do." - Ron Jeffries

"Make your links from blog comments genuine." - Matt Cutts

"I'm vulnerable reading people's comments on Facebook." - Matisyahu

"Comments are free but facts are sacred." - C P Scott

"My comments are reserved for reputable journalists." - Ward Churchill

"I got comments about being too small, too short, there haven't been any Asian players and who am I to go out there and turn pro before my 16th birthday? And that's all good and fine. People want to have their comments and their opinions. Ultimately, you do what you believe in your heart. I think for me, things turned out OK." - Michael Chang

"I don't pay attention. I don't read stuff or message boards because you definitely get affected. You can read a hundred great comments, amazing comments, and have one bad one and that is all you can focus on and it wrecks your day. It says something about negativity and how it draws us somehow." - Joan Jett

"It's interesting with my blog, because it feels to me less like a blog and more like a forum, because my readers are so funny and leave hysterical comments. And I'm not being humble when I say that very often, the comments are so much better than the post originally was." - Jenny Lawson

"You know, you have a lot of people - I've met a lot of people in the past, I've gone to private schools, you know, encountered different people who think that it's OK to make comments, insensitive comments about your race because they're joking. And think that if they're joking and they say it, you know, good-naturedly, that things will fly." - Issa Rae

"When I worked with Chevy Chase, Michael Ritchie would say, "Just ad lib and try to break me up. Just insult me. Anything." When we were doing his close-up, or when my back was to the camera, I would come up with jokes or quips or anything, to get a real reaction out of him. He was smart enough to know that was gold. So it was great fun working with him and Michael, and getting to see how the two worked together. I think Fletch and Clark Griswold were Chevy's two best roles. He's so incredibly talented and still vastly underused." - Tim Matheson

"If someone wears something you like, you make comments on it. And if someone wears something we don't like, we make comments on it, too. That's just what guys do, what teammates do. Besides that, we don't really compete in that space." - Dwyane Wade

"I don't mind comments saying things about me. I do mind them saying things about those young, brave men and women who have volunteered. That's offensive to me that people would say those kind of comments about Americans who have volunteered to take the fight to the enemy." - George W Bush

"Moveon is not a one-way broadcast media. The Internet, when used best, is a two-way media. We have a forum in which people can post comments and those comments can be rated. We get a sense of what people feel most passionately about." - Joan Blades

"I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me, because I have railed so long against marriage: but doth not the appetite alter? a man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age. Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of the brain awe a man from the career of his humour? No, the world must be peopled. When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married." - William Shakespeare

"I want to speak, show, see, and hear outrageously astute questions and comments. I want to be on the sides of pleasure and laughter and to disrupt the dour certainties of pictures, property, and power." - Barbara Kruger

"There were not fifteen people in the story department and twenty-five producers and stuff. And Roger had produced 1,000 movies and directed a couple of hundred, and their comments were always very, very specific." - John Sayles

"Sometimes I go and I'll look at people's comments and then responses, covers, choreography and fan videos and after a couple hours it's like, uhhh this is a little like...I'm like don't indulge in right now." - Jhene Aiko

"I joined Twitter and you read a lot of the comments. You're biting your lip and you want to reply but you know a headline will be made from it and you don't want to give people the satisfaction." - Michael J. Owen

"A well informed public opinion is essential to the growth of political and social awareness. Only he who is informed can comment intelligently on his nation's development and only by such comments can errors be corrected and progress stimulated" - Haile Selassie

"It's a mistake, you know. You have no idea what you'll be exposed to...the obscenities and lewd comments, the lecherous gazes, the groping and pinching...and that's just my house. Imagine what it would be like here." - Lisa Kleypas

"I did admire the comments and the music of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. And that didn't fly too well in the Deep South. It was not quite redneck enough." - Steve Young

"I value kindness in myself and others. I try to remain super-vigilant about my targets and make extra sure that my sometimes barbed comments are deserved and in response to genuine malefaction." - David Rakoff

"I've had the same, full-time assistant and typist for eight or nine years now. She's read everything I've written, she types everything and does a good job, translates it and makes comments." - Kevin J Anderson

"We're not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. And quite frankly, women have joined me in this effort, and so it's not about appearances. It's about effectiveness." - Katherine Harris

"I'd think of a topic and just rant on it and transfer it to the computer, upload it. It's such a quick thing. You post it on your website and after an hour, 10 people write comments." - Andy Milonakis

"I joined Twitter and you read a lot of the comments. You're biting your lip and you want to reply but you know a headline will be made from it and you don't want to give people the satisfaction." - Michael Owen

"Man you can define; but the true essence of any man, say, for instance, of Abraham Lincoln, remains the endlessly elusive and mysterious object of the biographer's interest, of the historian's comments, of popular legend, and of patriotic devotion." - Josiah Royce

"The most fundamental attack on freedom is the attack on critical thinking skills. Comments display our universal failure to teach and value critical thinking, leaving the possibility open that both everything and nothing could be true." - Travis Nichols

"You guys are so caught up in your polished images and your passive-aggressive comments that no one ever comes right out and says anything. Well, I'm going to." - Richelle Mead

"I think fantasy is best described as a kind of fiction that evokes wonder, mystery or magic, a sense of possibility beyond the ordinary world in which we live, and yet which reflects and comments upon that known world." - Kate Forsyth

"In all the co-temporary discussions and comments, which the Constitution underwent, it was constantly justified and recommended on the ground, that the powers not given to the government, were withheld from it." - James Madison

"This man (FreddieMercury) truly possessed the greatest voice in the history of rock. Journalists, culture experts and analysts have already made several hundred comments on this topic and nothing can be added here." - Brian May

"[Christians] practiced moderation and chastity in marriage, for example, and Galen was puzzled at how they were able to do so. His comments are a kind of back-handed compliment, I suppose." - Larry Hurtado

"This is the political culture of the United States, which one should accept as is. The United States is a great country and it deserves non-interference and no third-party comments." - Vladimir Putin

"Anderson [Cooper]first of all, in case anybody's wondering because they'll somehow read my mind after this broadcast ... I find those comments to be disgusting and reprehensible, and I'm really glad that he apologized." - Anderson Cooper

"I deeply regret the impact of my comments and apologise for not having weighed them more carefully... I was wrong to have spoken in a way that has resulted in an unintended signal of discouragement to talented girls and women." - Lawrence Summers

"Look at Mann's reading habits, his explicit comments on Nietzsche, and his copy of Birth of Tragedy, and it starts to seem doubtful that this work of Nietzsche's played much role in the gestation of the novella." - Philip Kitcher

"People don't understand that when I'm on the show I'm totally relaxed, hanging out, having a fun time, watching videos, and being goofy. Sometimes I say stupid comments, just being funny, and people think I'm a dumb person." - Chanel West Coast

"Anonymous blog comments, vapid video pranks and lightweight mash-ups may seem trivial and harmless, but as a whole, this widespread practice of fragmentary, impersonal communication has demeaned personal interaction." - Jaron Lanier

"I promoted myself on Twitter and Facebook as hard as possible, nonstop. People started realizing that if they commented on my videos, I'd reply to their comment, so I started getting a lot more views and comments." - Austin Mahone

"If Senator Kerry understands the nature of this threat and the need to take on terror, then he should immediately repudiate these troubling comments, and stop all efforts on behalf of his surrogates to blame America for these attacks." - Marc Racicot

"I see a lot of comments on Twitter and stuff about how ugly I am, how bad I am at the drums, how awkward I look, and I'm like, yeah, I agree with most of those things." - Patrick Carney

"The tenor of the comments as we got closer and closer to August got dominated by 'Wouldja please get this over with' and not let us go into default." - Nan Hayworth

"I have been 130 lbs. as well as 215 lbs. I have had blond, strawberry blond, green, pink and purple hair, and none of that has ever exempted me from having lewd comments flung at me in the street." - Beth Ditto

"I receive really powerful personal letters. I think that always takes the cake. It blows me away... some of the comments. Someone will come and I sense their whole tone and energy when they're handing me this letter." - Eliza Dushku

"They see me wheeling around in a beautiful gown, and they realize you can look elegant, and you can lead a happy life in a wheelchair. I know I've helped handicapped people, because I've received many comments." - Anna Lee

"It is often we come the closest to the essence of an artist... in his or her pocket notebooks and travel sketchbooks... where written comments and personal notes provide an intimate insight into the magical mind of a working artist." - Eugene Delacroix

"I use Google+, and I find the quality of the comments are very sophisticated because there is more trust inside of Google+ than there is inside of Twitter and Facebook, for example." - Eric Schmidt

"When I went to the Olympics, I had every intention of shaving the moustache off, but I realized I was getting so many comments about it - and everybody was talking about it - that I decided to keep it." - Mark Spitz

"I do not believe, given her past decisions and comments on the reasons to go to war in Iraq, that Dr. Rice will be able to represent the United States without a predetermined bias from the war." - Daniel Kahikina Akaka

"The Internet is manic. It's very strange. I don't think it's healthy. They should outlaw posting comments! It's a bummer to go somewhere to get information or buy tickets and you encounter profanity everywhere you go." - Sufjan Stevens

"Do you want my input or is this just an angry tirade you need to vent? (Acheron) Both! (Kat) Okay, you rant and I"ll add my comments at the end. (Acheron)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Do you want my input or is this just an angry tirade you need to vent? (Acheron) Both! (Kat) Okay, you rant and I'll add my comments at the end. (Acheron)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I feel that right from the start the players were prepared to experience catastrophic results with comments like: 'It's going to be tough and we are going to need time'." - Lilian Thuram

"I remember saying to someone when I got one of those 'don't do it' comments - I just remember hearing my voice being calm and saying, 'No, it's going happen. It's going to happen. I'm just letting you know.'" - T R Knight

"I always run the stories by Capcom. They read the scripts and give their comments. I would never want to kill a character that they really want to use in the next game." - Paul W. S. Anderson

"After Donald Trump's derogatory comments about immigrants, NBC has officially cancelled Celebrity Apprentice. Think about it: Donald Trump isn't even president yet, and he's already made America a better place!" - Conan O'Brien

"If anyone's comments affect anyone that much, I think it's more about their own security with themselves, because you can call me whatever, and I'm going to be good." - Jason Roy

"I like comedies, and my brain sort of spins in that direction. So I'm really happy to say there were several smartass comments that come from me [on Star Wars]." - Alan Tudyk

"But I'm still a work in progress. My mother calls me quite frequently with various critiques of my performance on TV and other public events. She's usually pretty severe with her comments." - John Mccain

"Donald Trump has been getting favorable comments from white supremacists, from American Nazis. And any explanation of Donald Trump`s rise that does not include those facts is a false analysis." - Lawrence O'Donnell

"We can skip through a lot of the stuff people might ask about the writing of the book, and so their comments always start well, well down into the nitty-gritty." - Chang-Rae Lee

"I can't explain why I don't read comments. Maybe because I worked at Time for so long and they don't have them, so I keep forgetting that they're there." - Joel Stein

"The time that I would spend revisiting my old Get Your War On strips is more profitably spent Googling myself and reading comments about how people hate my pencil-sharpening business." - David Rees

"To state the obvious, I thought it was wrong at the time... those statements and comments did not comport with the facts on the ground.... But do I blame for that specific banner? I can't blame him for that." - John Mccain

"The comments by the Leader of the Labour Party [Jeremy Corbyn] at the launch, however they were intended, are themselves offensive, and rather than rebuilding trust among the Jewish community, are likely to cause even greater concern." - Ephraim Mirvis

"I'd like to understand why it seems normal to look at astonishing achievements made by unapproachably ambitious, luminously pious, strangely obsessed artists, and toss them off with a few wry comments..." - James Elkins

"I do not mean to object to a thorough knowledge of the famous works we read. I object only to the interminable comments and bewildering criticisms that teach but one thing: there are as many opinions as there are men." - Helen Keller

"This hearing came about very quickly. I do have a few preliminary comments, but I suspect you're more interested in asking questions, and I'll be happy to respond to those questions to the best of my ability." - David Kay

"I do not believe, given her past decisions and comments on the reasons to go to war in Iraq, that Dr. Rice will be able to represent the United States without a predetermined bias from the war." - Daniel Akaka

"I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or even people that think you can't do it, I'm trying very hard to use it as motivation and to add to that chip on my shoulder." - Erin Andrews

"I have never read a review for anything I have ever done, be it for theater or movies, just because. I am really good about that. And YouTube comments. People will hide behind that." - Skylar Astin

"I'll miss the comments from the people on the street who love the show and who have felt its impact on the culture. I won't miss the shooting schedule, though!" - Dennis Franz

"I now rely on a scanner, which reproduces the passages I want to cite, and then I keep my own comments on those books in a separate file so that I will never confuse the two again." - Doris Kearns Goodwin



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