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Quickly Quotes


"Good & quickly seldome meete." - George Herbert

"Travel light, Arrive quickly." - Sathya Sai Baba

"I've mellowed quite quickly." - Colin Baker

"I spot detail quickly." - Millard Drexler

"Act quickly, think slowly." - Germaine Greer

"Theater dates very quickly." - Fiona Shaw

"I make decisions quickly." - Norbert Leo Butz

"Just go to bed, now. Quickly. Quickly and slowly." - J D Salinger

"Decisions made quickly were almost always regretted quickly." - Nora Roberts

"Life isn't moving quickly - time moves very quickly." - Robert Plant

"Beautiful hours move so quickly." - Irene Hunt

"Life goes quickly, doesn't it?" - Mitch Albom

"Painful things are quickly forgotten." - Janet Morris

"Good and quickly seldom meet." - George Herbert

"Great paines quickly find ease." - George Herbert

"Attitudes are changing very quickly." - Dale Jamieson

"My days are quickly spent." - Francois Villon

"Come quickly, I'm drinking stars." - Dom Perignon

"I can generate attention quickly." - Scott Ritter

"I judge people very quickly." - James Mcavoy

"Time is round, and it rolls quickly." - Nikos Kazantzakis

"The children of childish parents age quickly." - Mason Cooley

"Time moves slowly, but passes quickly." - Alice Walker

"When inspiration is silent reason tires quickly." - Roger Zelazny

"Bad thoughts quickly ripen into bad actions." - Beilby Porteus

"Go in quickly - Punch Hard - Get out!" - Adolph Malan

"Voters quickly forget what a man says." - Richard Nixon

"Please do not understand me too quickly." - Andre Gide

"we who determine how quickly time passes." - Paulo Coelho

"Quick-loving hearts ... may quickly loathe." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Sensationalism dies quickly, fear is long-lived." - Agatha Christie

"Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly." - Robert Doisneau

"... but food eaten quickly isn't food." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Hope is slowly extinguished and quickly revived." - Sophia Lee

"I'd much prefer to write more quickly." - John Mcgahern

"Learn your lessons quickly and move on." - Eileen Caddy

"He that gives quickly gives twice." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Pleasure of every kind quickly satisfies." - Edmund Burke

"A good Judge conceives quickly, judges slowly." - George Herbert

"Horror allowed me to quickly switch gears." - Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

"He who knows little quickly tells it." - Proverbs

"Tax reform should happen rather quickly." - Donald Trump

"People quickly forget that people are people." - Jack Tatum

"To Angola, quickly and with strength!" - Antonio de Oliveira Salazar

"A threefold cord is not quickly broken." - Bible

"No just person ever became quickly rich." - Menander

"One forgets so quickly one's own youth..." - Graham Greene

"A miser and a liar bargain quickly." - Proverbs

"One forgets so quickly one's own youth..." - Graham Greene

"Voters quickly forget what a man says." - Richard M. Nixon

"Nudity quickly becomes unremarkable when generally practiced." - Martha C. Nussbaum

"Perception is created and twisted so quickly." - Louis C K

"A good impression is lost so quickly..." - Claude Monet

"Nothing moves more quickly than scandal." - Livy

"Men grow old quickly on the battlefield." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Evolution - evolutionary change - does not happen quickly." - Jack Horner

"Water, fire, and souldiers, quickly make roome. [Water, fire, and soldiers quickly make room.]" - George Herbert

"I guess some people never change... Or, they quickly change and then quickly change back." - Homer

"Write quickly and you will never write well; write well, and you will soon write quickly." - Quintilian

"The party in power, like Jonah's gourd, grew up quickly, and will quickly fall." - Davy Crockett

"My parents had four children quickly, divorced quickly - when I was two - and my mother remarried quickly. We were suddenly in a different environment with a different father." - Anna Chancellor

"Love, that all gentle hearts so quickly know." - Dante Alighieri

"How quickly revolutions grow old; and, worse still, respectable." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Only that which is well done is quickly done." - Augustus

"Nothing puts things in perspective as quickly as a mountain." - Josephine Tey

"In a good house all is quickly ready." - George Herbert

"People got very wimpy about Scarface very quickly." - Steven Bauer

"Be careful how quickly you give away your fire." - Robert Bly

"Move too quickly and time will pass you by." - Al Barry

"True victory is self-victory; let that day arrive quickly!" - Morihei Ueshiba

"To stand still today is to go backwards...and quickly...!" - Richard Branson

"Six months go by very quickly when you're a genius." - Robert Plant

"It is dangerous to understand new things too quickly." - Josiah Warren

"For poems are like rainbows; they escape you quickly." - Langston Hughes

"Talk of nothing but business, and dispatch that business quickly." - Aldus Manutius

"Life is short. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly and love truly." - Mark Twain

"All things fade and quickly turn to myth." - Marcus Aurelius

"I've always been able to make erroneous decisions very quickly." - Herb Kelleher

"Many things can happen very quickly in times of crisis." - Wolfgang Schauble

"Time erodes gratitude more quickly than it does beauty!" - Mario Puzo

"Some injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving." - Nick Vujicic

"A fool and his money are quickly parted." - Jeff Bridges

"Care, admitted as guest, quickly turns to be master." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Unless you're continually improving your skills, you're quickly becoming irrelevant." - Stephen Covey

"Once the fight is on-strike quickly and often." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Nothing ages so quickly as yesterday's vision of the future." - Richard Corliss

"Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably." - James Dean

"What is done well is done quickly enough." - Augustus

"Oh, how quickly the world's glory passes away." - Thomas A Kempis

"Nothing fades so quickly as what is unchanged." - Nadine Gordimer

"Elephants are VERY BIG. Motor cars go quickly." - Wyndham Lewis

"The longest wave is quickly lost in the sea." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The status quo is leaving the building, and quickly." - Seth Godin

"Time quickly puts an end to artificial and accidental fame" - Samuel Johnson

"He doubly benefits the needy who gives quickly." - Publilius Syrus

"It's amazing how quickly people get used to bad quality." - Brian Eno

"If our mind is pure, our desires get manifested quickly." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically." - Dale Carnegie

"God, grant us our desires, and grant them quickly." - Catherine The Great

"Originality is never embraced as quickly as the commonplace." - Franklyn Ajaye

"John Major. He dresses so well. And so quickly." - Gyles Brandreth

"Unless you're continually improving your skills, you're quickly becoming irrelevant." - Stephen Covey

"Wealth that comes quickly, goeth the same way." - George S. Clason

"When we decide to do something, we do it quickly." - Carlos Slim

"Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick." - Alan Grayson

"The vow that binds too quickly snaps itself." - Alfred the Great

"I so admire great writing done quickly, with great detail." - Peter King

"We're in an environment where everyone gets compartmentalized very quickly." - Uma Thurman

"I think Donald Trump's going to quickly disappear from radar." - Gene Weingarten

"George W. Bush filled out his cabinet fairly quickly." - Kristen Welker

"I quickly realized that Patti [Smith] was somebody very special." - Steven Sebring

"The environment is going to change very quickly." - David Wilkerson

"Earning money has a way of increasing financial intelligence quickly." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Do something well, and that is quickly enough." - Baltasar Gracian

"Use new drugs quickly, while they still work." - Armand Trousseau

"The idea is to get the pencil moving quickly." - Bernard Malamud

"Staring into the dragon's maw, one quickly learns wisdom." - Steven Brust

"People quickly grow accustomed to being the slaves of mystery." - Guillaume Apollinaire

"Just kissing? How quickly you dismiss our love." - Cassandra Clare

"People got very wimpy about 'Scarface' very quickly." - Steven Bauer

"You can grow apart from people very quickly." - Rachael Leigh Cook

"When a story captures me, it comes quickly and easily." - Sylvia Day

"Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile." - Jean Giraudoux

"Passion can quickly slip to jealousy, or even hatred." - Arthur Golden

"When everything is easy one quickly gets stupid." - Maxim Gorky

"I don't write quickly, and I don't want to." - Jay Griffiths

"Those who play badminton well take decisions quickly." - Dmitry Medvedev

"Problems are good, as long as you solve them quickly," - Meg Whitman

"O how quickly passes away the glory of the earth." - Thomas A Kempis

"Often the hands grasp more quickly than the head." - Hans Arp

"Realize the value of putting down your first impression quickly." - Charles Webster Hawthorne

"I draft quickly and then revise, a lot." - Erin Morgenstern

"Geothermal can be a huge source of energy very quickly." - David Suzuki

"There's no reason you should write any novel quickly." - John Irving

"So many bright stars, bright in life, burn out quickly." - Jesse Jackson

"School districts in the US don't adopt technology very quickly." - Reed Hastings

"The mouse that hath but one hole is quickly taken." - George Herbert

"How quickly passes away the glory of this world." - Thomas A Kempis

"I love making a difference, and doing it quickly." - Greg Brenneman

"Ideas grow quickly when watered with the blood of martyrs." - Giuseppe Mazzini

"I think cynicism lasts. Sentimentality ages, dates quickly." - Alexander Payne

"Good people climb quickly - just like in a company." - Rolfdieter Heuer

"Drawing must seek interest, not admiration. Because admiration wears quickly." - John Howe

"I find that screen kissing wears very thin very quickly." - John Hughes

"I like to do things quickly because I'm easily bored." - Karl Lagerfeld

"By writing quickly we are not brought to write well, but by writing well we are brought to write quickly." - Quintilian

"How quickly a zek (a prisoner) gets cheeky-or, putting it in literary language, how quickly a man's requirements grow." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Money is a machine for doing quickly and commodiously what would be done, though less quickly and commodiously, without it." - John Stuart Mill

"She wondered if all the firsts in her life would go by so quickly, and be forgotten just as quickly." - Judy Blume

"The best founders work on things that seem small but they move really quickly. They get things done really quickly." - Sam Altman



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