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Quick Tongue Quotes


"Be slow of tongue and quick of eye." - Miguel De Cervantes

"You're young and dumb and quick at the tongue." - Kool Moe Dee

"Nothing shows the kind of fool you are as quick as your tongue." - Kate Langley Bosher

"It's going to be the year of the sharp elbow and the quick tongue." - George W Bush

"Quick. Name ten dead redheads." - Douglas Coupland

"Luckily I'm a quick healer." - Heather Mills

"Everyone's quick to blame the alien." - Aeschylus

"I'm pretty instinctive. I'm a quick learner." - Shannon Elizabeth

"Man is too quick at forming conclusions." - Edward E Barnard

"Caught between the tongue and the taste." - Anne Carson

"Contempt, thought Tyrion, the universal tongue." - George R R Martin

"If quick, I survive. If not quick, I am lost. This is death." - Sun Tzu

"Happy wife, happy life. I think every man learns that quick. Really quick." - Chad Kroeger

"I get mad quick and and go off at the handle quick." - Ja Rule

"Reluctance to begin is quick to befriend procrastination. . . ." - Kate Morton

"Pluck with quick hand the fruit that passes." - Ovid

"Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings." - Jane Austen

"Movie brawls tend to be bloodless and quick." - Chuck Palahniuk

"We didn't readjust our thinking or rebuild quick enough." - Wellington Mara

"We're just moving along as quick as possible." - Mark Russell

"Well, I love acting, and I love acting quick." - Ron Perlman

"A quick temper, sharp tongue, and restless spirit were always getting her into scrapes, and her life was a series of ups and downs, which were both comic and pathetic." - Louisa May Alcott

"All men will be Peters in their bragging tongue, and most men will be Peters in their base denial; but few men will be Peters in their quick repentance." - Owen Feltham

"Me? I'm just a literary girl gone wrong. Slow with the tongue. Quick with the pen. Undeniably cute. But, on the whole, ill-equipped for the privilege of living." - Koren Zailckas

"It reminded me of that tongue-in-cheek quick history of art I'd overheard...Used to be people couldn't draw very well, then they could, and now they can't again." - Charles De Lint

"Fear hurries on my tongue through want of courage." - Aeschylus

"A sparing tongue is the greatest treasure among men." - Hesiod

"All human organs eventually tire, only the tongue doesn't." - Konrad Adenauer

"The tongue of man is a twisty thing." - Homer

"But learn this custom from the flower: silence your tongue." - Rumi

"Whoever does not hold his tongue cannot understand his deen." - Hasan of Basra

"Do not let one's tongue outrun one's sense." - Chilon of Sparta

"The greatest test of a man's character is his tongue." - Oswald Chambers

"Language upon a silvered tongue affords enchantment enough." - Salman Rushdie

"It hurts not the tongue to give fair words." - William Shakespeare

"For God's sake hold your tongue, and let me love." - John Donne

"I am slow of speech and slow of tongue." - Moses

"I had always been the kind of boy who was quick to laugh and quick to cry." - Kevin Brockmeier

"Spurious fame spreads from tongue to tongue like the fog of the early dawn before the sun rises." - Rabindranath Tagore

"Killing is decreed by law but nature loves eternal youth. Whatever she does, however unconscious and unfeeling the act, she seems to cry out: 'Quick! Quick! Quick!' And the more she destroys, the more she is renewed." - Guy De Maupassant

"I feel like I'm a quick learner and I'm also very quick to forget. That's why I can't play an instrument because I can't bloody remember it." - Joss Stone

"Only a newspaper! Quick read, quick lost, Who sums the treasure that it carries hence? Torn, trampled under feet, who counts thy cost, Star-eyed intelligence?" - Mary C. Ames

"Kids, they are always hurting themselves. It's like, "Quick, get me to casualty quick!" while your doing something important like sitting down picking your ear." - Dylan Moran

"Take your time. Some of these fad diets and quick fixes, they might be quick, but you're going to crash and burn." - Julianne Hough

"The quick lesson that I learned is that none of the fame part is really real." - Carly Rae Jepsen

"Be quick without hurrying." - John Wooden

"Andy Johnson is quick, brave and strong and he will get goals," - Iain Dowie

"I always want to be as quick and decisive as I can be." - Rooney Mara

"Everybody likes pizza! It's a quick and easy clean-up meal" - Buddy Valastro

"In photography, you've got to be quick, quick, quick, quick...Like an animal and a prey." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack go under the limbo stick." - Chubby Checker

"Be quick to praise people. People like to praise those who praise them." - Bernard Baruch

"We are here today to make a choice between the quick and the dead." - Bernard Baruch

"The writer who cares about usage must always know the quick from the dead." - William Zinsser

"I don't want to be too stiff, because then my hands won't be as quick." - Albert Pujols

"I just play basketball. I'm athletic. Skinny but strong, tall but quick." - Chamique Holdsclaw

"I see things as they happen pretty quick, and I just go hit it." - Brian Urlacher

"It's quite quick for me to know if I want to play a character or not." - Juno Temple

"Two key ingredients in any successful chef: a quick learner and someone with a sharp brain." - Gordon Ramsay

"Technology sounds quick and easy, but it ends up taking up too much of your time." - Elaine Equi

"I've never really prided myself as being quick on my feet." - Max Lucado

"Software was changing so fast, so unbelievable, that that got very quick adoption." - Bill Gates

"Be quick to pray. Stop talking to yourself. Talk to Christ." - Max Lucado

"The pressure performing is something you have to get used to, really really quick." - Adam Cole

"Forever goes quick." - Joseph Heller

"I'm not a quick study, so I'm always struggling for my words right up until." - Sam Elliott

"I'm a huge fan of dance cardio because it goes by really quick." - Julianne Hough

"A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough." - Bruce Lee

"There it is again. Image. Once again. I get really tired of it quick." - Phil Anselmo

"I don't like rap that you can't understand. The youth is so quick and alert." - Roy Ayers

"Do you believe in fairies? Say quick that you believe. If you believe, clap your hands!" - James M Barrie

"Mindful meditation has been discovered to foster the ability to inhibit those very quick emotional impulses." - Daniel Goleman

"I suppose it's amazing how quick life goes by when you have children." - Steffi Graf

"Some habits of ineffectiveness are rooted in our social conditioning toward quick-fix, short-term thinking." - Stephen Covey

"Some songs go super-quick; some take a really long time." - Ryan Lewis

"A nice quick workout is the stairs; it takes me five minutes to do 24 floors." - Amy Jo Martin

"I love my country, but I believe that we are too quick to censor nudity." - Eva Mendes

"The advantage of the rain is that, if you have a quick bike, there's no advantage." - Barry Sheene

"I pray for miracles. I have always found prayer to bring quick results." - Martha Reeves

"An investigation may take six months. A quick interview, profile, a day." - Diane Sawyer

"Embrace good smells. No cost, no calories, no energy, no time - a quick hit of pleasure." - Gretchen Rubin

"Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger." - J R R Tolkien

"What is really a stretch to me is to make quick decisions." - Ang Lee

"I am still quick at 250 to 260 lbs and I am smarter." - Larry Holmes

"Stencils are good for two reasons; one - they're quick; two - they annoy idiots" - Banksy

"German is my mother tongue and as such more natural to me, but I consider Czech much more affectionate, which is why your letter removes several uncertainties; I see you more clearly, the movements of your body, your hands, so quick, so resolute, it's almost like a meeting." - Franz Kafka

"German is my mother tongue and as such more natural to me, but I consider Czech much more affectionate, which is why your letter removes several uncertainties; I see you more clearly, the movements of your body, your hands, so quick, so resolute, it's almost like a meeting." - Franz Kafka

"Jealousy had a taste, all right. A bitter and tongue-stinging flavor, like a peach pit." - Dolores Hitchens

"Reality, the oppressor's tongue." - Adrienne Rich

"One must turn the tongue seven times in the mouth before speaking." - Roland Barthes

"Nothing is more like a wise man than a fool who holds his tongue." - Saint Francis De Sales

"My mouth is a womb. My teeth are my children. My tongue is their babysitter." - Enya

"It's very rare that you get material that rolls off your tongue." - Pauletta Pearson Washington

"One that will not plead that cause wherein his tongue must be confuted by his conscience." - Thomas Fuller

"Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman's weapon is her tongue." - Hermione Gingold

"Genius does not need a special language; it uses newly whatever tongue it finds." - Edmund Clarence Stedman

"Now they're getting so politically correct you can't even stick your tongue out at somebody." - Richard Petty

"Before the tongue can speak, it must have lost the power to wound." - Peace Pilgrim

"I drink for the effect, because it loosens up the tongue a little bit." - Peter Steele

"Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip." - Richard Steele

"If my tongue were trained to measures, I would sing a stirring song." - Paul Tillich

"Hold your tongue; you won't understand anything. If there is no God, then I am God." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"It's so fun because Jason [Mantzoukas]'s one of the smartest people I've met in comedy. So unbelievably fast comedically - so he's quick with whatever, but it's fun to watch someone be so quick and so stupid simultaneously." - Jackie Schaffer

"I like to abide by the seasons and let the natural flavor in food speak for itself. I use quick cooking techniques of high heat with very little fat, such as quick saute or wok stir-frying." - Cat Cora

"Quick beleevers neede broad shoulders." - George Herbert

"Quick. Name ten dead redheads." - Doug Coupland

"You'll never get dressed as quick as when you wake up next to a naked dead chick" - Ron Bennington

"Quick, someone's coming! Look real!" - Terry Pratchett

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack sat on a candle stick, cause fire is the devil's only friend." - Don Mclean

"Quick believers need broad shoulders." - George Herbert

"Hitters are too big, too strong, and their bats are too quick. I have to go inside to have success." - Tim Hudson

"I am a child of the digital revolution. So what I love about digital content is the quick turnover rate." - Jason Silva

"A small pot boils quick. You can tell much about the depth of one's character by how quickly he 'boils'." - Joel Osteen

"I have a strong feeling about this quick movement and changing of society and populations growing - something scary." - Hiroshi Sugimoto

"Be quick, but don't hurry." - John Wooden

"There is no quick easy way to the body you want... commit yourself now to your workout and get started." - Tracy Anderson

"Caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: Do it and the child heals." - Martha Beck

"Chimps are very quick to have a sudden fight or aggressive episode, but they're equally as good at reconciliation." - Jane Goodall

"You need some quick wins in order to stay pumped enough to get out of debt completely." - Dave Ramsey

"At the end of 2000, most investors were optimistic that a return to quick gains could not be far off." - Alex Berenson

"When I'm called unkind... that really cuts to the quick. You can say anything else that you like about me." - Rachel Johnson

"I don't write a quick draft and then revise; instead, I work slowly page by page, revising and polishing." - Dean Koontz

"The audience is smart and catch on pretty quick when they are sold the same old thing." - Ehren Kruger

"And Seinfeld is so quick: we crank out one show a week, and the hours are very reasonable." - Julia Louisdreyfus

"I am dating, but it is hard to find someone quick enough and funny enough. I am quite demanding." - Anne Robinson

"Television is so dictated by time constraints that you have to make quick decisions and go with them." - Ted Shackelford

"My father was slower, but he was severer than my mother, who was quick but light and irregular in discipline." - Lincoln Steffens

"I've always been that way. I'm not very good at reading music but I'm pretty quick at picking things up." - Roy Wood

"The President has a quick and able mind, though not everybody gives him that, not by a long shot." - Herman Wouk

"Quick decisions are unsafe decisions." - Sophocles

"With the media, I could be quick and ugly and critical. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve." - Payne Stewart

"For my Vienna is as different from what they call Vienna now as the quick is different from the dead." - Erich Von Stroheim

"Quick enough, if good enough." - St Jerome

"The eye is a very quick instrument, much quicker than the ear. The eye gets it immediately." - Anish Kapoor

"Acting... was the biggest charge I ever had. What other artist has it so good? Approval so quick?" - Elia Kazan

"Writing is eternal, For therein the dead heart liveth, the clay-cold tongue is eloquent, And the quick eye of the reader is cleared by the reed of the scribe. As a fossil in the rock, or a coin in the mortar of a ruin, So the symbolled thoughts tell of a departed soul: The plastic hand hath its witness in a statue, and exactitude of vision in a picture, And so, the mind, that was among us, in its writings is embalmed." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"O Love! for Sylvia let me gain the prize, And make my tongue victorious as her eyes." - Alexander Pope

"He gossips habitually; he lacks the common wisdom to keep still that deadly enemy of man, his own tongue." - Mark Twain

"An auctioneer is a man who proclaims with a hammer that he has picked a pocket with his tongue." - Ambrose Bierce

"His face is livid, gaunt his whole body, his breath is green with gall; his tongue drips poison." - John Quincy Adams

"Ten doors are opened if one door be shut: the finger is the interpreter of the dumb man's tongue." - Saib Tabrizi

"When a tongue fails to send forth appropriate shafts, there might be a word to act as healer of these." - Aeschylus

"No eye to watch, and no tongue to wound us, All earth forgot, and all heaven around us." - Charles Lamb

"LECTURER, n. One with his hand in your pocket, his tongue in your ear and his faith in your patience." - Ambrose Bierce

"Never repeat a rumor before you have verified it. And if it is true, hold your tongue all the more." - Selma Lagerlöf

"Chess was Capablanca's mother tongue." - Richard Reti

"Facts are God's native tongue." - Michael Dowd

"Silence can ask all the questions, where the tongue is prone to ask only the wrong one." - Robin Hobb

"Facts are God's native tongue." - Michael Dowd

"A long tongue shortens life." - Anonymous



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