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Quick Success Quotes


"When asked how to achieve success more rapidly, came the quick reply, 'Double your failure rate'." - Thomas J Watson

"There are no quick wins in business - it takes years to become an overnight success." - Richard Branson

"If success is rare and slow, everybody knows how quick and easy ruin is." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"The quick success was a bit strange to get used to." - Fiona Apple

"I never understood the hit-single, quick-success, get-airplay mentality." - Nikki Sixx

"To get down to the quick of it, respect motivates me - not success." - Hugh Jackman

"Hitters are too big, too strong, and their bats are too quick. I have to go inside to have success." - Tim Hudson

"Success is no proof of virtue. In the case of a book, quick acclaim is presumptive evidence of a lack of substance and originality." - Walter Kaufmann

"I think if you come straight on honest as much as you can, eventually that turns into success. Maybe not as quick as you'd like." - Jennifer Warnes

"Impatience never commanded success." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"Details create success." - John Wooden

"Nothing recedes like success." - Walter Winchell

"Nothing fails like success." - Lincoln Steffens

"There are two things that a playwright can have. Success or failure. I imagine there are dangers in both. Certainly the danger of being faced with indifference or hostility is discouraging, and it may be that success - acceptance if it's too quick, too lightning-quick - can turn the heads of some people." - Edward Albee

"Success is sequential, not simultaneous" - Gary W. Keller

"Success without happiness is failure." - Tony Robbins

"Success without fulfillment is failure." - Tony Robbins

"Success is a poor teacher" - Robert Kiyosaki

"Our success comes from stability." - Bernard Laporte

"90% of success is failure." - Soichiro Honda

"Money does not guarantee success." - Jose Mourinho

"Everybody wants the quick fix, but it doesn't happen overnight. You have to be willing to put it out there. I call it 'the secret to being an overnight success,' which means there really isn't a such thing as an overnight success. ! The secret is you work really hard for 10 years, and then you become an overnight success." - Jon Gordon

"Take a strong wrestler, get them tired, and they aren't as strong. Take a quick wrestler, get them tired, and they aren't as quick. Take a technical wrestler, get them tired, and they aren't as technical. No matter what kind of wrestler, everyone is afraid of getting tired. It's those who learn to perform when they're tired that find success." - Jay Robinson

"Be quick without hurrying." - John Wooden

"In photography, you've got to be quick, quick, quick, quick...Like an animal and a prey." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Forever goes quick." - Joseph Heller

"A quick and sound judgment, good common sense, kind feeling, and an instinctive perception of character, in these are the elements of what is called tact, which has so much to do with acceptability and success in life." - Charles Simmons

"Success consists in felicity of verbal expression, which every so often may result from a quick flash of inspiration but as a rule involves a patient search... for the sentence in which every word is unalterable." - Italo Calvino

"As long as quick numerical growth remains the primary indicator of church health, the truth will be compromised. Instead, churches must once again begin measuring success not in terms of numbers but in terms of fidelity to the Scriptures." - Mark Dever

"Personally, I always find it especially piquant when cultural conservatives, usually quick to profess their devotion to the Free Market, rail against the success in said market of some product of which they disapprove." - Patrick Nielsen Hayden

"Some people think success is overnight. I suppose, considering I came from Australia, it has been pretty quick. But I have a background in stand-up and improv, so I've really had to prove myself." - Rebel Wilson

"Success is made of 99% failure." - James Dyson

"Don't be entitled - earn your success." - Mandana Dayani

"The foundation of success is intense desire." - Bill Phillips

"The key to success is radical generosity." - Agapi Stassinopoulos

"Happiness is the precursor to success." - Shawn Achor

"Success is ninety-nine percent failure." - Soichiro Honda

"Failure isn't fatal, and success isn't final." - Don Shula

"Success comes in cans, not can'ts." - Brian Tracy

"Success equals goals; all else is commentary" - Brian Tracy

"Success only hurts the first time." - R. K. Milholland

"Success has nothing to do with happiness." - Gillian Anderson

"Success results when preparation meets opportunity." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"Everything seems impossible until you see success." - Ron Willingham

"You can't increase prosperity by taxing success." - Calvin Coolidge

"Success and rest don't sleep together." - Og Mandino

"Success is being nothing but a quote." - Andy Partridge

"Visualize success, but don't believe your eyes." - A.C. Newman

"I don't even know what success is." - Simon Taylor-Davis

"Success breeds the excitement to continue going." - Annie Lennox

"(Natural Talent + Opportunity) Hard Work = Success" - Michael Johnson

"The secret of success is sincerity." - Jean Giraudoux

"Success tempts many to their ruin." - Phaedrus

"If you want success, be unique." - Natalie Massenet

"Quick beleevers neede broad shoulders." - George Herbert

"Quick. Name ten dead redheads." - Doug Coupland

"Quick, someone's coming! Look real!" - Terry Pratchett

"Quick believers need broad shoulders." - George Herbert

"Be quick, but don't hurry." - John Wooden

"Quick. Name ten dead redheads." - Douglas Coupland

"Luckily I'm a quick healer." - Heather Mills

"Quick decisions are unsafe decisions." - Sophocles

"Quick enough, if good enough." - St Jerome

"It is success that colours all in life, Success makes fools admir'd, makes villains honest." - D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

"Success always has a price; success, with integrity, is the real bottom line." - Denis Waitley

"Success comes when people turn what they've learned into the daily habits that breed success." - Tony Jeary

"You don't pay the price for success, you enjoy the benefits of success." - Zig Ziglar

"Government aid impedes success and creates dependence, while entrepreneurs create success and independence." - Cal Thomas

"Success breeds success." - Mia Hamm

"The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might and force of habit. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him-and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires." - J Paul Getty

"No exercise brings into play all the muscles of the body in a more thorough manner, and none is more interesting than wrestling. He will find no other exercise more valuable in the cultivation of faculties which will help him to success in agility, strength, determination, coolness, and quick exercise of judgement." - Hugh Leonard

"Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. They want quick success, and they are in such a hurry to get it that they cannot take time to be true to themselves. And when the madness is upon them, they argue that their very haste is a species of integrity." - Thomas Merton

"But it may be one of our best markets in the long term because when the Japanese society embraces a brand it is a very deep connection, so we're willing to make that investment knowing that it's not the quick route to success that might be in other countries." - Reed Hastings

"Recipe for success: Be polite, prepare yourself for whatever you are asked to do, keep yourself tidy, be cheerful, don't be envious, be honest with yourself so you will be honest with others, be helpful, interest yourself in your job, don't pity yourself, be quick to praise, be loyal to your friends, avoid prejudices, be independent, interest yourself in politics, and read the newspapers." - Bernard Baruch

"In a typical desperation for quick answers, easily understood, people had turned to primitive worship as the solution. With less than success. Not only had they died as quickly as the rest of the people, but they had died with terror in their hearts, with a mortal dread flowing in their very veins." - Richard Matheson

"The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might of the force of habit and must understand that practices are what create habits. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires." - J Paul Getty

"Book writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Anyone who decides to write a book must expect to invest a lot of time and effort without any guarantee of success. Books do not write themselves and they do not sell themselves. Authors write and promote their books." - Dan Poynter

"I often had to run very quickly to be on time, and from being a fleet runner was generally successful; but when in doubt I prayed earnestly to God to help me, and I well remember that I attributed my success to the prayers and not to my quick running, and marvelled how generally I was aided." - Charles Darwin

"I believe Picasso's success is just one small part of the broader modern phenomenon of artists themselves rejecting serious art- perhaps partly because serious art takes so much time and energy and talent to produce-in favor of what I call `impulse art': art work that is quick and easy, at least by comparison." - Marilyn Vos Savant

"Quick souls have their intensest life in the first anticipatory sketch of what may or will be, and the pursuit of their wish is the pursuit of that paradisiacal vision which only impelled them, and is left farther and farther behind, vanishing forever even out of hope in the moment which is called success." - George Eliot

"When you get quick fame and success and exposure, it makes you feel dizzy, and I didn't want to lose my balance 'cause that's something I've been struggling with for so many years. I'm not fond of the idea of making it in Hollywood. That's not my aim; otherwise, I would have settled down in Los Angeles." - Ludivine Sagnier

"If I'd just been interested in record sales, I would have taken one of the deals I was offered after 'Soapstar Superstar,' made a quick covers album and probably had some success for five minutes. I decided that wasn't for me." - Richard Fleeshman

"With my quick success, I didn't have time to learn the ropes of the music business. Because my first record was such a hit, I was terribly spoiled and I thought I couldn't do anything wrong. I was also desperate to make tons of money because of my responsibility to my daughter. And there was no longer any joy in making music." - Phoebe Snow

"Quick: noise made by a dyslexic duck" - Barry Cryer

"Quick!! Act as if nothing has happened!" - Dorothy Parker

"Civilization creates discontents; barbarism creates quick endings." - Mason Cooley

"Quick-loving hearts ... may quickly loathe." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Too quick a sense of constant infelicity." - Jeremy Taylor

"So quick bright things come to confusion.??????" - William Shakespeare

"Men of cold passions have quick eyes." - Nathaniel Hawthorne

"He's as quick as a hiccup." - Darrell Royal

"A quick cure is a quack cure." - Margaret Thatcher

"Who the heck is Don Quick-oats?" - Libba Bray

"Quick riches are more dangerous than poverty." - Napoleon Hill

"People are quick to jump to conclusions." - Lily Collins

"Be quick but do not hurry." - John Wooden

"So quick bright things come to confusion." - William Shakespeare

"So quick bright things come to confusion." - William Shakespeare

"Quick, name some towns in New Jersey" - James Thurber

"Everyone's quick to blame the alien." - Aeschylus

"I'm pretty instinctive. I'm a quick learner." - Shannon Elizabeth

"true apothecary thy drugs art quick" - William Shakespeare

"Man is too quick at forming conclusions." - Edward E Barnard

"A million years went by quick." - Carlton Fisk

"In Hollywood, you grow up quick." - Lauren Conrad

"I am very quick to judge." - Graham Norton

"Umpires sometimes have a quick trigger." - Joe Torre

"Success is all about consistency around the fundamentals." - Robin S. Sharma

"99 percent of success is built on failure." - Charles Kettering

"Success-something your friends will never forgive you." - Julian Tuwim

"Success is the process of not accepting failure." - Georgette Mosbacher

"Success means your thoughts are worthy of everyones consideration." - Julian Fellowes

"The wretchedness of failure is the great attraction of success." - Mason Cooley

"The realism of failure, the romance of success." - Mason Cooley

"Success is the result achieved when nobody answers." - Gertrude Stein

"Will opens the door to success, both brilliant and happy." - Louis Pasteur

"The journey towards success is not always easy or upwards." - Eugenie Bouchard

"Success is measured by the memories you create." - Thomas Keller

"Success is the progressive, timely achievement of your stated goals." - Charles J Givens

"Success is never an accident it's always on purpose." - T D Jakes

"Integrity is the human quality most necessary to business success." - John C Maxwell

"Success consists of being and doing, not simply accumulating." - B C Forbes

"Success is not a mystery. It is a science." - John Assaraf

"You can't imbibe someone's success by f*cking them." - Joanna Russ

"I have had a lot of success with failure" - Thomas A Edison

"I can undertake and persevere even without hope of success." - Jules Verne

"Success doesn't teach as many lessons as failure" - Jay Samit

"Inner happiness actually is the fuel of success." - John Hagelin

"There are no speed limits on the road to success." - David W. Johnson

"The first step toward success will be the biggest one." - Denis Waitley

"Success requires no explanations. Failure permits no alibis." - Napoleon Hill

"Outward failure may be a manifested variant of inward success." - Kenneth Lee Pike

"There is no such thing as failure, only partial success!" - Suzanne Yoculan

"To measure success with material things is failure!" - Tony Robbins

"You are only an attitude away from success!" - John C Maxwell

"If you arent focused on success, youre failing." - Ray Torres

"Your attitude will unlock the mystery of success you seek!" - Bill Walsh

"The road to success is wherever people need another road." - Robert Breault

"There is but one secret to success: never give up." - Ben Nighthorse Campbell

"Meet success like a gentleman; disaster like a man." - Winston Churchill

"Success as a result of industry is a peasant's ideal." - Wallace Stevens

"Love is the answer for the team's success." - Jon Gordon

"I've had great success in everything I've done." - Donald Trump

"There's no such thing as success on an isolated level." - Questlove

"I do not pray for success, I ask for faithfulness." - Mother Teresa

"Greatness has nothing to do with results or with success." - Georg Brandes

"Success is loving life and daring to live it." - Maya Angelou

"Success is falling down 7 times but getting up 8!" - Paulo Coelho

"The secret of my success is my hairspray." - Richard Gere

"Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil." - J Paul Getty



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