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Quick Recovery Quotes


"A fatal recovery from a promising illness" - Thomas Boston

"You can forget about recovery. There is no recovery - and there's not going to be any recovery. Recovery is an impossibility." - Bill Bonner

"While there is no quick fix for instant, pain-free creativity, creative recovery (or discovery) is a teachable, trackable spiritual process. Each of us is complex and highly individual, yet there are common recognizable denominators to the creative recovery process." - Julia Cameron

"Quick. Name ten dead redheads." - Douglas Coupland

"You survived the abuse, you're going to survive the recovery." - Mariska Hargitay

"Learning is about failure and recovery from failure." - Roger Schank

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." - Paul Theroux

"To call this a recovery is an insult to recoveries." - Mitch Mcconnell

"For schizophrenia, the recovery rate with drug therapy is under 15%. With nutritional therapy, the recovery rate is 80%." - Abram Hoffer

"Quick!! Act as if nothing has happened!" - Dorothy Parker

"Too quick a sense of constant infelicity." - Jeremy Taylor

"Men of cold passions have quick eyes." - Nathaniel Hawthorne

"He's as quick as a hiccup." - Darrell Royal

"A quick cure is a quack cure." - Margaret Thatcher

"So quick bright things come to confusion." - William Shakespeare

"So quick bright things come to confusion." - William Shakespeare

"I'm pretty instinctive. I'm a quick learner." - Shannon Elizabeth

"A million years went by quick." - Carlton Fisk

"In Hollywood, you grow up quick." - Lauren Conrad

"I am very quick to judge." - Graham Norton

"Umpires sometimes have a quick trigger." - Joe Torre

"We can't move quickly. You move quick out here and you die quick." - Cody Lundin

"Happy wife, happy life. I think every man learns that quick. Really quick." - Chad Kroeger

"Recovery is about making room for the real me to exist." - Jenni Schaefer

"The road to energy independence, economic recovery, and greenhouse gas reductions runs through the building sector." - Edward Mazria

"America needed recovery, not revenge. The hate had to be drained and the healing begun." - Gerald Ford

"Usually, sprinting is my main source of energy and recovery time because that's how I move." - Nonito Donaire

"Cost recovery is the polite way of saying, make families pay to educate their children." - Susan George

"The most important thing about recovery is to pass the message on." - Maurice Gibb

"My Sunday mornings are spent in a recovery meeting in Pacific Palisades." - Buzz Aldrin

"O, spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou!" - William Shakespeare

"Be slow of tongue and quick of eye." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Engagements - they are like a prayer before eating, best quick." - Elizabeth McCracken

"Anger is like ice, and also quick to melt" - Maxim Gorky

"Don't buy on tips or for a quick move." - Walter Schloss

"Quick guys get tired; big guys don't shrink." - Marv Harshman

"You sure got a quick trigger, Sienna," he teased..." - Nalini Singh

"General, get up dress quick you are a prisoner!" - John S. Mosby

"We are too quick to imitate depraved examples." - Juvenal

"What quick wit is found in sudden straits!" - Martial

"We bring forth weeds when our quick minds lie still." - William Shakespeare

"Pluck with quick hand the fruit that passes." - Ovid

"You're young and dumb and quick at the tongue." - Kool Moe Dee

"No man is quick enough to enjoy life." - Martial

"want won't kill you half as quick as worry will." - Zora Neale Hurston

"Neurotics are awfully quick to notice other people's mentalities ..." - Muriel Spark

"Be quick to make decisions, but slow to give up." - Tomonobu Itagaki

"To a quick question, give a slow answer." - Proverbs

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." - Anonymous

"That's right, you'd better step P.D.Q., pretty damn quick." - Benjamin E. Woolf

"No man is quick enough to enjoy life." - Marcus Valerius Martial

"But quiet to quick bosoms is a hell." - Lord Byron

"Quick sensitivity is inseperable from a ready understanding." - Joseph Addison

"Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope." - Aristotle

"Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings." - Jane Austen

"I don't have a very quick sense of humor." - Florenz Ziegfeld

"I had a quick ear and could pick up languages." - Diane Cilento

"Guilt has very quick ears to an accusation." - Henry Fielding

"We didn't readjust our thinking or rebuild quick enough." - Wellington Mara

"We're just moving along as quick as possible." - Mark Russell

"Well, I love acting, and I love acting quick." - Ron Perlman

"How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!" - Jane Austen

"I've started meditating, but I do have a quick temper." - Casey Wilson

"The quick Dreams, The passion-winged Ministers of thought." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"There's only 1 way to get rich, quick! But not through a get rich quick scheme. There's a difference." - Jordan Belfort

"I'm an instant responder. Somebody told me I'm a living Twitter. I'm quick to respond and quick to fill air." - Sheila Nevins

"When the addict gets recovery, his family gets recovery, right?" - Nikki Sixx

"Openness is the first step toward recovery... addiction remains a secret because of the overwhelming shame associated with it." - David Sheff

"Replace perfectionism with persistence. After all, in recovery and life, it's persistence that really pays off. Forget about perfection." - Jenni Schaefer

"It's a different kind of economic recovery. The kind where bankers steal trillions and you don't have a job." - Alex Jones

"Suffering isn't ennobling, recovery is." - Christiaan Barnard

"The government can help, but we need to make this transition now to a recovery led by private investment, private." - Timothy Geithner

"This illness made it impossible for me to give my best effort to our audience, but now that it's been identified, I'm looking forward to a complete, quick recovery and to get back out there with John as soon as possible." - Daryl Hall

"I played futsal growing up in Baurd. In futsal you need to think quick and play quick so its easier for you when you move to normal football." - Pele

"I feel like I'm a quick learner and I'm also very quick to forget. That's why I can't play an instrument because I can't bloody remember it." - Joss Stone

"Only a newspaper! Quick read, quick lost, Who sums the treasure that it carries hence? Torn, trampled under feet, who counts thy cost, Star-eyed intelligence?" - Mary C. Ames

"Kids, they are always hurting themselves. It's like, "Quick, get me to casualty quick!" while your doing something important like sitting down picking your ear." - Dylan Moran

"We have made some great strides in terms of treating various types of cancer with early detection. The success rate of recovery for many people today is better than it was a decade or two ago so we can't give up. Yes, we would all love a quick "cure all" but that is not reality. Until then, we all are in this together and we have to keep working towards more progress!" - Eva Larue

"Historically in every recovery, because the president rightly did inherit a recession. But historically, the lagging indicator always deals with employment." - Sean Hannity

"If thou least fallen into sin through violent temptations, seek speedily for repentance for it, recovery out of it, and reformation from it." - Vavasor Powell

"Recovery begins with embracing our pain and taking the risk to share it with others. We do this by joining a group and talking about our pain." - John Bradshaw

"Solitude is a necessary protest to the incursions and the false alarms of society's hysteria, a period of cure and recovery." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Narrative is the beginning of recovery." - Amanda Ripley

"We are all damaged goods in recovery." - Charles Spurgeon

"I've been doing a lot of yoga to help with my running, recovery, and mental clarity. It works great for me." - Angie Martinez

"The recovery of freedom is so splendid a thing that we must not shun even death when seeking to recover it." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"[After a poor prognosis for recovery from her doctor following her 1990 bus accident] I said if it is up to me, I'm going to be OK." - Gloria Estefan

"Survival is nothing more than recovery." - Dianne Feinstein

"Recovery begins from the darkest moment." - John Major

"Fiscal responsibility and government reform are going to be good themes for governing, well at any time, but particularly coming out of a recovery." - Bob Mcdonnell

"A night of sleep is as much preparation for the subsequent day's activity as it is recovery from that of the previous day." - J. Allan Hobson

"I usually use quick sketches that I accumulated from the figure drawing classes I once instructed." - Frank Bruno

"A good, quick, small team can beat a big, slow team any time." - Bear Bryant

"Be quick without hurrying." - John Wooden

"Executive: a man who makes quick decisions and is sometimes right." - Kin Hubbard

"Sports teach you how to be quick. Injuries teach you how to slow down." - Yao Ming

"Though friendship is not quick to burn it is explosive stuff." - May Sarton

"There is no get-rich-quick scheme equal to a poor girl marrying a rich man." - E W Howe

"I am shocked and slightly perturbed by his exuberance and quick wit. Knock Knock Channel 4" - Scott Capurro

"The quick and the dead are all the same. Everyone's just looking for home." - J.R. Ward

"If you are going to be rude, be quick about it." - Mason Cooley

"When a father is quick to lose his tempre, his sons are fools." - Nachman of Breslov

"Ben was a very simple straightforward man with a brilliant quick mind." - Walter Schloss

"Banks have a strong self-preservation instinct and are quick to adapt to new regulations." - Herve Falciani

"Andy Johnson is quick, brave and strong and he will get goals," - Iain Dowie

"We are quick to flare up, we races of men on the earth." - Homer

"The scolding voice is her own, so abrasive and quick, yet so powerless to move her." - Carol Shields

"I always want to be as quick and decisive as I can be." - Rooney Mara

"Having a camera is a really easy and quick way to indulge in your creative side." - Erin Davie

"When asked how to achieve success more rapidly, came the quick reply, 'Double your failure rate'." - Thomas J Watson

"The only people who have quick answers don't have the responsibility of making the decisions." - Clarence Thomas

"Everybody likes pizza! It's a quick and easy clean-up meal" - Buddy Valastro

"Children are very quick observers; very quick in seeing through some kinds of hypocrisy, very quick in finding out what you really think and feel, very quick in adopting all your ways and opinions. You will often discover that, as the father is, so is the son." - J C Ryle

"What were they thinking? 'It's an alien apocalypse! Quick, grab the beer!" - Rick Yancey

"An executive is a man who can make quick decisions and is sometimes right." - Elbert Hubbard

"They exchanged the quick, brilliant smile of women who dislike each other on sight." - Marshall Pugh

"Ann, Ann! Come! quick as you can! There's a fish that talks In the frying-pan." - Walter De La Mare

"A gentleman wishes to be slow to speak and quick to act." - Confucius

"And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness." - Albert Camus

"People are quick to make monuments of anything they live long enough to control." - Hilton Als

"The Missional church always thinks of the long haul rather than the quick fix" - Michael Frost

"Justice is not cheap. Justice is not quick. It is not ever finally achieved." - Marian Wright Edelman

"Lovely promise and quick ruin are seen nowhere better than in Gothic architecture." - George Santayana

"Just about anyone can pass if they have a home computer and are a quick study." - Larry Davis

"In photography, you've got to be quick, quick, quick, quick...Like an animal and a prey." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Thou knowst the oer-eager vehemence of youth,How quick in temper, and in judgement weak." - Homer

"Nothing shows the kind of fool you are as quick as your tongue." - Kate Langley Bosher

"For bees are captious folk / And quick to turn against the lubber's touch ..." - Vita Sackville-West

"There are two kinds of pedestrians... the quick and the dead." - Bill Vaughan

"Quick-circulating slanders mirth afford; and reputation bleeds in every word." - Charles Churchill

"We're so quick to point out our own flaws in others." - Julian Casablancas

"One quick way to destroy a society is through its music." - Vladimir Lenin

"As a farmer, you learn quick: You don't get anything that you don't work hard for." - Evan Thomas

"He's going to learn the hard way. Hopefully he changes his mentality quick." - Dwyane Wade

"Hopefully my hair grows really quick, I want it long again" - Miley Cyrus

"If success is rare and slow, everybody knows how quick and easy ruin is." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"In crisis management, be quick with the facts, slow with the blame." - Leonard Saffir

"The writer who cares about usage must always know the quick from the dead." - William Zinsser

"I don't want to be too stiff, because then my hands won't be as quick." - Albert Pujols

"I just play basketball. I'm athletic. Skinny but strong, tall but quick." - Chamique Holdsclaw

"I see things as they happen pretty quick, and I just go hit it." - Brian Urlacher

"I was taught the method for advancement is not quick or simple." - Marie Curie

"It's quite quick for me to know if I want to play a character or not." - Juno Temple

"Two key ingredients in any successful chef: a quick learner and someone with a sharp brain." - Gordon Ramsay

"When we are dead; rugs are no richer than a quick-thorn bed." - Theognis of Megara

"In my life, I often make so-called major decisions by very quick, immediate responses." - Ai Weiwei

"Be quick to pray. Stop talking to yourself. Talk to Christ." - Max Lucado

"One stroke of his almighty rod Shall send young sinners quick to hell." - Isaac Watts

"No man is quick enough to enjoy life to the full." - Proverbs

"When we are dead Rugs are no richer than a quick-thorn bed." - Theognis of Megara



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