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Questioning Beliefs Quotes


"Beliefs create reality" - Melody Beattie

"For reasons I can't remember, my family eventually stopped attending church, and I started questioning the Catholic Church's beliefs. I dabbled a little, but nothing stuck." - Ann Hood

"Usually people are questioning my athleticism more than my femininity!" - Gabrielle Reece

"Your beliefs about reality become your beliefs about yourself." - Steve Pavlina

"All beliefs are bald ideas." - Francis Picabia

"Your beliefs shape your attitudes!" - Andy Stanley

"Rather than constantly questioning and challenging our beliefs and being willing to think differently about the opportunities that are out there, we withdraw into what we've done before. And in a world that's rapidly changing, that's a formula for vulnerability." - John Hagel Iii

"Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts." - F. F. Bosworth

"Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs." - Robin S. Sharma

"Tomorrow's realities come from our beliefs today." - Tom Krause

"Kindness' covers all of my political beliefs." - Roger Ebert

"Changing behaviours begins with evolving beliefs." - Monica Lewinsky

"Do not act following customary beliefs." - Miyamoto Musashi

"Don't change beliefs. Transform the believer." - Werner Erhard

"Our beliefs are creating our reality." - Joe Vitale

"This show is our own personal beliefs." - Jon Stewart

"Superstitions are habits rather than beliefs." - Marlene Dietrich

"I've got no religious beliefs at all." - Martin Rees

"The important thing is to never stop questioning. Never lose a holy curiosity." - Albert Einstein

"The curious questioning eye, that plucks the heart of every mystery." - Grenville Mellen

"The second you stop questioning yourself is the second that you become the monster. -Merry" - Laurell K Hamilton

"Doubt is the middle position between knowledge and ignorance. It encompasses cynicism but also genuine questioning." - Vera Farmiga

"A Western upbringing tends to stress questioning authority, which is always asking why, why, why." - Amy Chua

"You should always be questioning your government, but do not become cynical." - Pete Visclosky

"Laughing at someone else is an excellent way of learning how to laugh at oneself; and questioning what seem to be the absurd beliefs of another group is a good way of recognizing the potential absurdity of many of one's own cherished beliefs." - Gore Vidal

"Questioning our own motives, and our own process, is critical to a skeptical and scientific outlook. We must realize that the default mode of human psychology is to grab onto comforting beliefs for purely emotional reasons, and then justify those beliefs to ourselves with post-hoc rationalizations." - Steven Novella

"Be willing to die for your beliefs, or computer printouts of your beliefs." - Don Delillo

"If the truth conflicts with my beliefs, I change my beliefs." - Brad Stine

"Ethical man accords his profession to his beliefs, instead of according his beliefs to his profession." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"Satire is dependent on strong beliefs, and on strong beliefs wounded." - Anita Brookner

"Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them." - Peter Ustinov

"A nation's institutions and beliefs are determined by it's character." - Herbert Spencer

"Our beliefs are, however, often contrary to fact." - Bertrand Russell

"Tolerating somebody else's beliefs is not failing to criticize them. It's not persecuting them for having those beliefs. That is absolutely important. You should not persecute people for their beliefs. It doesn't mean you can't criticize their beliefs." - Colin McGinn

"Our beliefs are the invisible ingredients in all our activities." - Wayne Dyer

"Passionate leaders driven by passionate beliefs draw passionate followers." - Albert Mohler

"[O]ld beliefs die hard even when demonstrably false." - E O Wilson

"In battle, one must adhere to one's beliefs." - Azai Nagamasa

"All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs." - Tony Robbins

"Photographs attract false beliefs the way flypaper attracts flies." - Errol Morris

"It's OK to have beliefs, just don't believe in them." - Guy Ritchie

"Beliefs and thoughts alter cells in your body." - Bruce H. Lipton

"Stop trying to change your behavior; instead, rethink your beliefs" - Martha Beck

"I have no beliefs of a religious kind." - Helen Clark

"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your beliefs." - Chace Crawford

"Quotations are useful in periods of ignorance or obscurantist beliefs." - Guy Debord

"You don't need to push your beliefs onto other people!" - Hilary Duff

"Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around." - Henry David Thoreau

"Other people's beliefs may be myths, but not mine." - Mason Cooley

"My political beliefs are my moral, quasi-religious framework." - Ken Livingstone

"We all have our beliefs or our agnosticism." - Nicolas Roeg

"I wanted to write about how people's beliefs shift." - Alexei Sayle

"Strong beliefs win strong men, and then make them stronger." - Richard Bach

"I've run my mouth pretty good about my beliefs." - Stephen Baldwin

"I don't endorse products, only actions and beliefs." - Julia Butterfly Hill

"Respect authority while questioning it." - Randy Pausch

"The day people around me stop questioning my character is the day my character begins to grow vulnerable." - John Ortberg

"Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. Believe in nothing." - Maynard James Keenan

"Our beliefs are what create our experiences. As we change our beliefs, we alter our perception, our version of reality." - Iyanla Vanzant

"The beliefs of your country mostly become your own beliefs! Not the reason but the empty tales shape you!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"We can tolerate great diversity in our aesthetic beliefs, but we can't tolerate much diversity in our moral beliefs." - Jonathan Haidt

"Choose beliefs that serve your soul - choose beliefs that serve the grander dream of who you choose to be." - Joy Page

"The price of seeking to force our beliefs on others is that someday they might force their beliefs on us." - Mario Cuomo

"If your beliefs are stressful and you question them, you come to see that they aren't true - whereas prior to questioning, you absolutely believe them. How can you live in joy when you're believing thoughts that bring on sadness, frustration, anger, alienation, and loneliness?" - Byron Katie

"Mutual reflection. Open and candid conversation. Questioning of old beliefs and assumptions. Learning to let go. Awareness of how our own actions create the systemic structures that produce our problems. Developing these learning capabilities lies at the heart of profound change." - Peter Senge

"The basic fault lines today are not between people with different beliefs but between people who hold these beliefs with an element of uncertainty and people who hold these beliefs with a pretense of certitude." - Peter L Berger

"Courtney Love said she once escorted Kerry to a concert. John Kerry once went out with Courtney Love and he's questioning Bush's judgment." - Jay Leno

"The thing is, not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein

"Questioning is the piety of thought." - Martin Heidegger

"Art is the questioning of culture" - Gerard Mortier

"I like to leave the movie theater and still be thinking about the film and questioning why the character did that." - Juno Temple

"Quit questioning God and start trusting Him!" - Joel Osteen

"Questioning authority is, I think, a great thing to instill in children. I just didn't have enough of that when I was little." - Amy Chua

"Warhol was questioning the capitalist society." - James Rosenquist

"Dangers lurk in all systems. Systems incorporate the unexamined beliefs of their creators. Adopt a system, accept its beliefs, and you help strengthen the resistance to change" - Frank Herbert

"I absolutely believe that people should show respect to everybody, regardless of their lifestyle, regardless of their beliefs, religious beliefs or any other kind of belief." - Rick Warren

"The Earth is not 6,000 or 10,000 years old. It's not. And if that conflicts with your beliefs, I strongly feel you should question your beliefs." - Bill Nye

"When our beliefs are based on our own direct experience of reality and not on notions offered by others, no one can remove these beliefs from us." - Nhat Hanh

"To enlighten people by reminding them the irrationality of their beliefs is an act more honest and more important than the act of praising and respecting people's beliefs!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Sometimes all it takes to change a life is to decide which beliefs do not serve you and to literally change your mind about those beliefs." - Joy Page

"I don't discuss my own beliefs in public, but I will say the beliefs I've given my characters do not necessarily represent what I myself believe." - Christopher Paolini

"The people we are in relationships with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs." - Shakti Gawain

"All of us should be on guard against beliefs that flatter ourselves. At the very least, we should check such beliefs against facts." - Thomas Sowell

"My libertarian beliefs have not always served me well. Like most people who hold strong ideological convictions, I find that, too often, my beliefs trump the scientific facts." - Michael Shermer

"But individuals and firms spend an enormous amount of resources acquiring information, which affects their beliefs; and actions of others too affect their beliefs." - Joseph Stiglitz

"[T]he essence of belief is doubt, the essence of reality is questioning. The essence of Time is Flow, not Fix. The essence of faith is the knowledge that all flows and that everything must change. The growing man is Man Alive, and his "philosophy" must grow, must flow, with him. . . . the man too fixed today, unfixed tomorrow - and his body of beliefs is nothing but a series of fixations." - Thomas Wolfe

"By doubting we come to questioning, and by questioning we perceive the truth," - Peter Abelard

"With the Jews, the questions are always open; we're always questioning. I love that questioning tradition." - Hanna Rosin

"We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others." - Barack Obama

"All religious beliefs seem weird to people not brought up in them." - Richard Dawkins

"Everybody's got whatever problems they have. I refuse to let somebody's mistaken beliefs affect my life." - O J Simpson

"I have no problem with people's religious beliefs. I just don't happen to have any." - Salman Rushdie

"The fact that somebody does good doesn't make their beliefs true." - Richard Dawkins

"Beliefs are the determinants of what one experiences. There are no external 'causes.'" - David Hawkins

"Trust your doubt. Always fight for your beliefs. That is the path beyond thought." - Steven Seagal

"Any man who lives by his beliefs is to be admired, not mocked." - Julie Garwood

"One thing evangelicals want is a reprieve from intolerance against their beliefs, values, and practices." - Ronald H. Nash

"Arguments hardly affect the faithful- their beliefs have an entirely different foundation." - Paul Feyerabend

"Your beliefs don't make you a better person. Your behavior does." - Tucker Max

"Do' feel your way into your beliefs; believe your way into your feelings." - J. D. Greear

"All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgements of probabilities, and not on certainties." - Charles W. Eliot

"All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties." - William Reddington Hewlett

"Our achievements are generally limited only by the beliefs we impose on ourselves." - Bear Grylls

"If you worry more for others' beliefs, then you will be their slave." - Laozi

"Examine what you believe to be impossible, and then change your beliefs." - Wayne Dyer

"You are given the gifts of the gods; you create your reality according to your beliefs." - Jane Roberts

"Live by your experience and do not let limited beliefs alter your life experience." - Bernie Siegel

"God give me the wisdom to see the truth however contrary to my established beliefs." - Robert Quillen

"Behavior shapes beliefs." - A J Jacobs

"It must be scary to stand up for beliefs also held by Eric Holder." - Jack Donovan

"When something comes up that attacks peoples beliefs, their first reaction tends to be fear." - J D Pardo

"Religious beliefs...should never be an excuse to treat people badly." - Zach Wahls

"The Alchemists' beliefs are my beliefs," I say quickly. She arched an eyebrow. "Are they? I would hope your beliefs would be your beliefs." I'd never thought about it that way before, but I suddenly hoped desperately that her words were true." - Richelle Mead

"Once a man is on hand, a woman tends to stop believing in her own beliefs." - Colette Dowling

"You ever want to see real witchcraft, you watch people protecting their comfort, their beliefs." - Peter S Beagle

"When we truly recognize that our beliefs are that powerful-we hold the key to freedom." - Bruce H. Lipton

"People's beliefs about their abilities have a profound effect on those abilities." - Albert Bandura

"All central beliefs on human matters spring from a personal predicament." - Isaiah Berlin

"Defend your beliefs with courtesy and with compassion, but defend them." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"Responsibility and respect of others and their religious beliefs are also part of freedom." - Horst Kohler

"Nowadays, you form your beliefs to fit your behavior, not the other way around." - Judith Martin

"All it takes is one person in any generation to heal a family's limiting beliefs." - Gregg Braden

"Suffering is our call to attention, our call to investigate the truth of our beliefs." - Tara Brach

"Integrity is a life where your beliefs and intentions are aligned with your words and actions." - Stephen Lovegrove

"Live for who and what you love and never compromise your beliefs for anything or anyone." - Zayn Malik

"Opportunity is all around us, but we have beliefs and habits that block it." - Paul Buchheit

"You should never die for your beliefs, because what if you're wrong?" - Richard Jeni

"The United States is a Christian nation founded upon Christian principles and beliefs." - George W Bush

"There is no actual stress or anxiety in the world, your thoughts create these false beliefs." - Wayne Dyer

"If you're not acting on your beliefs, then they probably are' real." - Edward Snowden

"The mark of a civilized man is his willingness to re-examine his most cherished beliefs." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"Our religious understanding and beliefs should evolve just like everything else." - James Cook

"It is very, very dangerous to come between a person and their beliefs." - Louise Penny

"Once a man is on hand, a woman tends to stop believing in her own beliefs" - Colette Dowling

"Whatever your beliefs are, you do not have to justify them to others." - Alexandra Stoddard

"If you were not reasoned into your beliefs, you cannot be reasoned out of them." - Jonathan Swift

"Beliefs have become unimportant to me. Faith as radical trust became even more important to me." - Barbara Brown Taylor

"Err, v.i. To believe or act in a way contrary to my beliefs and actions." - Ambrose Bierce

"Arguments hardly affect the faithful- their beliefs have an entirely different foundation." - Paul Karl Feyerabend

"You need conviction in your own beliefs, and the willingness to ignore others naysaying." - Sam Altman

"Beliefs that are good promote your potential and enhance your unique special qualities." - Deborah Day

"I'm not interested in your limiting beliefs, i'm interested in what makes you limitless." - Brendon Burchard

"The outer conditions of a person's life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs." - James Allen

"My religious beliefs teach me to feel as safe in battle as in bed." - Stonewall Jackson

"Some beliefs are so dangerous that it may be ethical to kill people for believing them." - Sam Harris

"Physical reality springs from the imagination, which follows the path of your beliefs" - Seth

"If you want to know what your true beliefs are- take a look at your actions." - Robert Anthony

"The opinions and beliefs of men follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds." - Thomas Jefferson

"The more we justify our beliefs, the more narrow-minded we become." - Lin Yutang

"Rational beliefs bring us closer to getting good results in the real world." - Albert Ellis



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