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Queen The Band Quotes


"The best band in the world is Queen, definitely." - Matthew Bellamy

"I have seen the future of pop music and it is a band called Queen." - Jac Holzman

"The Beatles were just a band that made it very, very big, that's all." - John Lennon

"From the beginning of Queen there was such momentum that I never had any time to do anything else. My energy was 95% focused on the band" - Brian May

"From the beginning of Queen there was such momentum that I never had any time to do anything else. My energy was 95% focused on the band." - Brian May

"There is nothing to keeping a band together. You simply have to have a gimmick, and the gimmick I use is to pay them money!" - Duke Ellington

"The Queen Seeker was back!" - Maria V. Snyder

"[Queen Elizabeth] is just the granny queen! She's our granny queen who shakes people's hands!" - Vanessa Kirby

"A lot of people think that fame is the Band-Aid that cures their ills. I'm no kid, and I knew long before I got famous that wasn't the deal. I'm the court jester, not the queen." - Sharon Stone

"If the Queen can reject the advice of a minister on a little thing like a postage stamp, what would happen if she rejected the advice of the Prime Minister on a major matter? If the Crown personally can reject advice, then, of course, the whole democratic facade turns out to be false" - Tony Benn

"He loves not well whose love is bold! I would not have thee come too nigh. The sun's gold would not seem pure gold Unless the sun were in the sky: To take him thence and chain him near Would make his beauty disappear. William Winter, Love's Queen. The unconquerable pang of despised love." - William Wordsworth

"I would not be a rose upon the wall A queen might stop at, near the palace-door, To say to a courtier, "Pluck that rose for me, It's prettier than the rest." O Romney Leigh! I'd rather far be trodden by his foot, Than lie in a great queen's bosom." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Mathematics is the queen of the sciences" - Carl Friedrich Gauss

"I'm the queen of the nerds." - Tori Amos

"Mathematics is the queen of the sciences." - Carl Friedrich Gauss

"To capture the pawn, threaten the queen." - Robert Charles Wilson

"The Queen is the ultimate dictator." - Steven Morrissey

"The mangosteen, queen of the tropical fruit." - David Fairchild

"Opinion is the queen of the world." - Blaise Pascal

"The Queen is the ultimate dictator." - Steven Patrick Morrissey

"I'm the queen of the independent video!" - Kari Wuhrer

"Great men, Till they have gained their ends, are giants in Their promises, but, those obtained, weak pigmies In their performance. And it is a maxim Allowed among them, so they may deceive, They may swear anything; for the queen of love, As they hold constantly, does never punish, But smile, at lovers' perjuries." - Philip Massinger

"That queen of secrecy, the violet." - John Keats

"Experimental science is the queen of knowledge." - Roger Bacon

"Black is the queen of colours." - Auguste Rodin

"Queen Elizabeth, she's the ultimate hypocrite!" - Chris Jericho

"Endurance is the queen of all virtues." - Saint John Chrysostom

"I'm the queen of outside speakers." - Jen Kirkman

"Insipid as the queen upon a card." - Alfred Tennyson

"I can't be the candy queen forever." - Katy Perry

"I'm not exactly the zeitgeist queen." - Jincy Willett

"Mathematics is the queen of science, and arithmetic the queen of mathematics." - Carl Friedrich Gauss

"I am definitely the queen. I definitely see myself as the queen." - Lil' Kim

"I don't want to be a queen. I want to be the queen." - George R R Martin

"A queen, devoid of beauty is not queen; She needs the royalty of beauty's mien." - Victor Hugo

"A queen, devoid of beauty is not queen; She needs the royalty of beauty's mien." - Victor Hugo

"The band geek has liquor?" - Jennifer Estep

"The band? No way! There ain't no band. The band is not 'the band' right now. It's just three guys." - James Hetfield

"My favorite band was The Band, and nobody compares in my mind with The Band." - Patti Lupone

"Queen and Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses - I had a huge rock-band mania. I play a little bit of drums." - Psy

"You could be the king but watch the queen conquer" - Nicki Minaj

"The maid screamed. The Queen gasped. Sophie waved." - Roald Dahl

"Architecture is the king or queen of the arts," - Gaetano Pesce

"Love is the queen of all the Christain graces." - Arthur W. Pink

"The job description for a queen changes with the times." - Queen Rania Of Jordan

"Whether the queen caused the period, or the period creates the queen, she fitted her time perfectly." - Florence Becker Lennon

"I'm the queen of festivities, that's all I can say." - Mariah Carey

"What a mysterious faculty is that queen of the faculties!" - Charles Baudelaire

"The only queen I ever dressed was Eva Peron." - Christian Dior

"Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"No such thing, the queen said, as too many sequins." - Mark Doty

"No, no! said the Queen. Sentence first - verdict afterwards." - Lewis Carroll

"The Queen is coming to reclaim her girls." - Marianne Williamson

"Now you're the Queen of Hardcore, but movies don't count!" - Chris Jericho

"Coming out's the hardest part, when you're Queen Elvis." - Robyn Hitchcock

"Great. Now the queen thought I was a misfit, too." - Kiera Cass

"Unspeakable, queen, are the pains you command me to renew." - Virgil

"Pretty is the queen that rules our land." - Carrie Latet

"And hail their queen, fair regent of the night." - Charles Darwin

"Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls." - Alfred Tennyson

"I am the queen of everything. Every woman is." - Karrine Steffans

"And hail their queen, fair regent of the night." - Erasmus Darwin

"There's only one Elizabeth like me and that's the Queen." - Elizabeth Arden

"Sure, I'd take the responsibility of queen any day." - Charisma Carpenter

"When the whole point of Queen was to be original." - Freddie Mercury

"The motorcycle black madonna Two wheeled gypsy queen." - Bob Dylan

"I didn't do anything at the Queen, whom I admire." - Vivienne Westwood

"When the Queen says 'well done,' it means so much." - Prince William

"To even be called the 'teen queen' is crazy." - Victoria Justice

"You don't forget crises and neither does the Queen." - John Major

"You're the queen, and it's the queen's house, and whatever Brigan may accomplish, he's highly unlikely ever to be queen." - Kristin Cashore

"Lady Queen," he said, "You've given me all I want. You're the queen a librarian dreams of." - Kristin Cashore

"Put your puppet on the throne." said Talathain. "You may make her Queen but she wo' be Queen for long." - Holly Black

"Put your puppet on the throne." said Talathain. "You may make her Queen but she won't be Queen for long." - Holly Black

"Mary Queen of Scots is the most 'normal' girl who became a queen that I have ever written about." - Kathryn Lasky

"People don't really call me a rapper. They call me Mr. 'Trap Queen'. The 'Trap Queen' Guy." - Fetty Wap

"It was my band. I organized the band and Dizzy was in the band. Dizzy was the first musical director with the band. Charlie Parker was in the band. But, no, no, that was my band." - Billy Eckstine

"The band is tight enough. Quit practicing!" - Billy Gibbons

"Today's imaginary band name: The Significan't." - Janina Gavankar

"I'm not naked, I'm in the band." - Steven Wright

"I opted out of the band." - Lou Gramm

"The Meatbats are a throwback band." - Chad Smith

"The Beatles were basically a vocal band." - Keith Richards

"Geffen was never supportive of the band." - Edie Brickell

"Every band should study Queen at Live Aid. If you really feel like that barrier is gone, you become Freddie Mercury. I consider him the greatest frontman of all time. Like, it's funny? you'd imagine that Freddie was more than human, but ... You know how he controlled Wembley Stadium at Live Aid in 1985? He stood up there and did his vocal warm ups with the audience. Something that intimate, where they realize, 'Oh yeah, he's just a f***ing dude." - Dave Grohl

"Sometimes the problem is not the people in the band, but the people around the band." - Roger Andrew Taylor

"Sometimes the problem is not the people in the band, but the people around the band." - Roger Meddows Taylor

"They [The Beatles] were the first band to not have a lead singer in the band." - Lemmy Kilmister

"What happens in the band room stays in the band room." - John Green

"Being in a band is about making the band the priority." - Adam Duritz

"When the band plays fast, you play slow; when the band plays slow, you play fast." - Miles Davis

"If you're a good band then the filter of the band is pretty strong." - Black Francis

"The band we have now on stage is the band I always wanted to be in." - James Young

"The first band I identified with from Chicago was the Muddy Waters band." - Eric Clapton

"REGARDING THE MARCHING BAND: How much more interesting it would be to see a creeping band." - Demetri Martin

"For me, it was a choice between band and drama - and I hated the band teacher." - Lucy Deakins

"I mean, come on, Beyonce's the queen of pop music. She's the queen. If you could run for queen... I would put her name in the suggestion box. She's incredible." - Darren Criss

"She is the rock 'n' roll queen. Weirdly enough, that is one of the things her reign will be remembered for. Queen Elizabeth I, we remember Raleigh; Queen Elizabeth II it's gonna be the Beatles." - Paul Mccartney

"Eerily, the coronation was kind of a reverse of Tatiana?s funeral. What was the old saying? The queen is dead. Long live the queen" - Richelle Mead

"Oh - who's the Queen?" "Her, of course. The White Queen. You're just like Alice, you know. Down the rabbit hole with the Mad Hatter." - Rachel Caine

"Eerily, the coronation was kind of a reverse of Tatiana's funeral. What was the old saying? The queen is dead. Long live the queen" - Richelle Mead

"The king died and then the queen died is a story. The king died, and then queen died of grief is a plot." - E M Forster

"So, we went from being an Athens band to being a Georgia band to being a Southern band to being an American band from the East Coast to being an American band and now we're kind of an international phenomenon." - Michael Stipe

"Don't be afraid, Queen... don't be afraid, Queen, the blood has long since gone into the earth. And where it was spilled, grapevines are already growing." - Mikhail Bulgakov

"Don't be afraid, Queen ... don't be afraid, Queen, the blood has long since gone into the earth. And where it was spilled, grapevines are already growing." - Mikhail Bulgakov

"I'm 60, and I did 60-year-old women songs. I'm not trying to be the Hip-Hop Queen, although I am the original Hip Hop Queen." - Patti Labelle

"All I've got on my iPod is every single Queen song and every single Judas Priest song. Queen were an incredible heavy metal band. I saw them on their first ever tour, at Birmingham Town Hall. They just blew me away." - Rob Halford

"I have named you queen. There are taller than you, taller. There are purer than you, purer. There are lovelier than you, lovelier. But you are the queen." - Pablo Neruda

"I do think of myself as a queen, but I don't think I'm the only queen. There's room for other queens. We reign over different kingdoms." - Madonna Ciccone

"I love Queen Latifah! Queen Latifah is so beautiful! Every time you see her, if it's in a cosmetics ad, or on the red carpet, she's always flawless." - Yvette Nicole Brown

"In the empire of desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen." - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"One does not greet the Queen of the Seelie Court with the barbarous human 'hello'..." - Cassandra Clare

"The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens." - Grace Kelly

"The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens." - Anonymous

"Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Money is the sovereign queen of all delights - for her, the lawyer pleads, the soldier fights." - Richard Barnfield

"The Queen is by much the most powerful of the forces." - Howard Staunton

"When it comes to health, diet is the Queen, but exercise is the King." - Jack Lalanne

"Love, your own witch-daughter, Queen of the Mirror and the Highest Protector of Irony" - Jostein Gaarder

"The difference between Everton and the Queen Mary is that Everton carry more passengers!" - Bill Shankly

"Well may we say 'God save the Queen', because nothing will save the Governor-General'." - Gough Whitlam

"Oh, don't mind me! Just the queen of the heavens, dying over here!" - Rick Riordan

"So the good prince was a murderer and the evil queen wasn't a witch after all." - Patrick Ness

"Power is the queen of the world, not opinion; but opinion makes use of power." - Blaise Pascal

"Mathematics is the queen of disciplines.... it will drive the nonsense out of your head!" - Leo Tolstoy

"If Claret is the king of natural wines, Burgundy is the queen." - Moliere

"I've nothing against the Queen personally: I had lunch at the Palace once upon a time." - Seamus Heaney

"Opinion is, as it were, the queen of the world, but force is its tyrant." - Blaise Pascal

"Every Saint belongs to the court of the Queen of All Saints." - John Eudes

"It will be like the end of time when the Queen dies." - Roy Strong

"Physiology is the stepchild of medicine. That is why Cinderella often turns out the queen." - Martin H Fischer

"I was only saying to the Queen the other day how I hate name dropping." - Douglas Fairbanks Jr

"The queen of virtues is the recognition of one's own flaws." - Jack Mcdevitt

"It's inappropriate for the queen of the dead to be afraid of ghosts." - MaryJanice Davidson

"I would like to sing for the Pope. And the Queen, and at Simon Cowell's wedding." - Jackie Evancho

"I have been overwhelmed by the response to 'The Queen of Zombie Hearts.'" - Gena Showalter

"Elvis may be the King of Rock and Roll, but I am the Queen." - Little Richard

"The Bishop and Knight, in contradistinction to the Queen and Rook, are called Minor Pieces." - Howard Staunton

"I've nothing against the Queen personally. I had lunch at the Palace once upon a time." - Seamus Heaney

"Every good band in the world was a cover band first. The Beatles were and the Stones were. Everybody was a cover band." - Alice Cooper

"The Beatles weren't like any other band. Everybody in the band sang, which is why you knew everybody in the band." - Gene Simmons

"Gray is the queen of colors, because she makes everyone else look good." - Helen Van Wyk

"Ford's last Fifth Queen novel is amazing. The whole cycle is a noble conception." - Ford Madox Ford

"It is outrageous that the Queen has invited royal tyrants to celebrate her diamond jubilee." - Peter Tatchell

"He is bound to you," said the Queen. "But does he love you?" - Cassandra Clare

"I don't mind foreigners. God save the queen!" he squeaked and ran." - Jeaniene Frost

"Be careful dear that you don't end up as the queen of a lonely kingdom" - Lisa Kleypas

"You are a Queen. Let mine be the joy of giving you your kingdom." - Katherine Mansfield

"The queen of night shines fair with all her virgin stars about her." - Thomas Otway

"[Rome] Widow of a King-people, but still queen of the world." - Gabriel Gilbert



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