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Quality Systems Quotes


"Quality is free, however - the Management Systems that proliferate it are not." - Jay Watson

"Quality requires your Presence." - Eckhart Tolle

"Quality starts in the boardroom." - W Edwards Deming

"Quality, service, cleanliness, and value." - Cavett Robert

"The public always picks quality." - Randy Jackson

"I started working on OpenBSD, and many earlier projects, because I have always felt that vendor systems were not designed for quality." - Theo De Raadt

"A cardinal principle of Total Quality escapes too many managers: you cannot continuously improve interdependent systems and processes until you progressively perfect interdependent, interpersonal relationships." - Stephen Covey

"Seek Not Every Quality In One Individual." - Confucius

"The supreme quality of leadership is integrity." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Amiability is the redeeming quality of fools." - Mary Elizabeth Braddon

"You can't trust the quality any more..." - Ken Kesey

"Intuition is a strong feminine quality." - Carolina Herrera

"People do eventually see something that's quality." - Robin Tunney

"Sustainable development is a process which enables all people to realise their potential and to improve their quality of life in ways which protect and enhance the Earth's life support systems" - Sara Parkin

"We have to shift our emphasis from economic efficiency and materialism towards a sustainable quality of life and to healing of our society, of our people and our ecological systems." - Janet Holmes a Court

"I started in the industry in Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Information Systems and furniture moving. I tried my hand in design and haven't looked back. I'm fond of hackysack, racquetball, BBQ grilling, hanging out with my wife and friends" - Dan Miller

"I started in the industry in Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Information Systems and furniture moving. I tried my hand in design and have' looked back. I'm fond of hackysack, racquetball, BBQ grilling, hanging out with my wife and friends" - Dan Miller

"I want to protect everyone in the world, and I believe the way to protect them is to stop the killing universally. Create opportunity and better systems of living and existing, quality of life to humanity all over the world." - Mandy Patinkin

"Health care in America, despite all you hear, still offers us citizens one of the most efficient and highest quality systems in the world. But it's expensive, and it's only getting worse." - David Harsanyi

"The challenges, the changes we're talking about often seem to them like unbelievable opportunities to deliver a product quicker, better. If you can improve the quality, lower the cost, and improve the turns - and you can do that because your information systems, your delivery systems, are better because of technology - well, you see that as a wonderful opportunity to gain market share." - Ken Moelis

"The best test of the quality of a civilization is the quality of its leisure." - Irwin Edman

"The quality of your play never counts as much as the quality of your effort." - Bud Wilkinson

"The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our action." - Jean-Baptiste Andre Godin

"I also think you have to be very careful. I mean, the heritage of our company is very strong, and building some of these businesses into leading players is extremely tough. You and I can both build a trading business, and it looks like you're doing OK, and it looks like I'm doing OK. But, really, I am, and you aren't. It comes down to the quality of clients, quality of systems, quality of risk controls." - Jamie Dimon

"Systems die; instincts remain." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"Our little systems have their day; They have their day and cease to be." - Alfred Tennyson

"What we hear is the quality of our listening." - Robert Fripp

"An award does not change the quality of a book." - Chris Van Allsburg

"The whole history of baseball has the quality of mythology." - Bernard Malamud

"Charm is that extra quality that defies description." - Alfred Lunt

"Quality is abundant. Time is the new scarcity." - George Gilder

"Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising." - Milton S. Hershey

"Superstition is a quality that seems indigenous to the ocean." - James F Cooper

"Slutiness is a very underrated quality in a girl." - Daniel Tosh

"Love is not a higher quality than truth." - Rajneesh

"Consistency is the quality of a stagnant mind." - John Sloan

"All Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care." - Christopher Dodd

"I think listeners are hungry to hear quality." - Patty Griffin

"Every child in America deserves high-quality health care." - Nancy Johnson

"Quality survives." - Leonard Maltin

"Agribusinesses should never dictate the quality of school meals." - Jared Polis

"High-quality food is better for your health." - Michael Pollan

"The most effective instruments do have a vocal quality." - Robert Wyatt

"The quality I most admire in a man is steadfastness." - David Mamet

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." - Charles Eames

"Gravitational systems are the ashes of prior electrical systems." - Hannes Alfven

"Systems are made by players rather than players making systems" - Theo Foley

"Systems run the business and people run the systems." - Michael Gerber

"Physicists analyze systems. Web scientists, however, can create the systems." - Tim Bernerslee

"Physicists analyze systems. Web scientists, however, can create the systems." - Tim Berners-Lee

"Motherhood goes back in history to a time when a father had no way of knowing his children. Fatherhood only became known when class patriarchal society had established itself and imposed monogamous marriage on women. Motherhood is like sun and rain and plants, a quality and product of nature which does not require laws or systems in order to exist." - Nawal El Saadawi

"Possibly the biggest issue, however, is that performance appraisals focus managers attention on precisely the wrong thing: individual people. As W. Edwards Deming, the father of the quality movement, taught a long time ago, company performance often results more from variations in systems than from the individuals doing the work." - Jeffrey Pfeffer

"We know that our bodies suffer from overwork and lack of leisure: anxiety, mental-health issues - we're not designed to work more than about 40 hours a week. Our systems wear out and the quality of the work suffers. After 50 hours, it crashes and burns." - Katrina Onstad

"The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development." - Oscar Wilde

"Better use of space, improving the insulation, getting more daylight into the buildings, reducing the energy consumption of the air conditioning and heating systems, making sure that the internal air quality is good, that we have increased natural ventilation opportunities in the mid seasons. You know these are some of the things we can do to become environmentally friendly." - Ken Yeang

"Talking about Apple v. Microsoft without mentioning the Internet and the browser is like talking about WWII without talking about the nuke. Framing the conversation just in terms of open v. closed operating systems, the quality of the hardware or software or who the CEO was, is silly." - Michael Arrington

"Cooperation for mutual benefit, a survival strategy very common in natural systems, is one that humanity needs to emulate." - Eugene Odum

"Religion is defined as social systems whose participants avow a supernatural agent or agents whose approval is to be sought." - Daniel Dennett

"Grid systems in graphic design" - Josef Muller-Brockmann

"Systems don't win, players do." - Marv Levy

"I don't like closed systems." - Jon Lech Johansen

"I don't like closed systems." - Jon Johansen

"The quality of your practice is ultimately measured by its effect on the quality of your life. In other words, mastery in yoga is mastery of life." - Rod Stryker

"Quality questions create a quality life." - Tony Robbins

"Life is a series of moments. The quality of attention and action that we bring to each moment determines the quality of our lives." - Dan Millman

"Sir, when two people have the extraordinary quality of this state, words are not necessary. Where that quality of love exists, words become unnecessary. There is instant communication." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"I hear people say, "It's not the quantity of time that's important; it's the quality." Well, technically that may be true, but quality doesn't happen in a hurry." - Gloria Gaither

"It's not the victories that count to me. It's the quality of how you deliver your losses and the quality of how you deliver your victories." - Greg Norman

"Where quality is the thing sought after, the thing of supreme quality is cheap, whatever the price one has to pay for it." - William James

"The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development. The error of Louis XIV was that he thought human nature would always be the same. The result of his error was the French Revolution. It was an admirable result." - Oscar Wilde

"Global thinking and local action both require understanding of ecological systems, but ecological management can be effective only if it takes into consideration the visceral and spiritual values that link us to the earth. Therefore ecological thinking must be supplemented by humanistic value judgments concerning the effect of our choices and actions on the quality of the relationship between humankind and earth, in the future as well as in the present." - Rene Dubos

"My mind, I know, I can prove, hovers on hummingbird wings. It hovers and it churns. And when it's operating at full thrust, the churning does not stop. The machines do not rest, the systems rarely cool. And while I can forget anything of any importance-this is why people tell me secrets-my mind has an uncanny knack for organization when it comes to pain. Nothing tormenting is ever lost, never even diminished in color or intensity or quality of sound." - Dave Eggers

"Christmas is a mood, a quality, a symbol. It is never merely a fact." - Howard Thurman

"You need to surround yourself with quality human beings that are intelligent and have a vision." - Vince Mcmahon

"Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other." - Brian Tracy

"What we do about our feelings determines the quality of our relationship with ourselves." - Cheri Huber

"Strong line quality, composition and form are more crucial although even this is loosely done." - Frank Bruno

"Humility counts for much, but it may be that vanity does not dispossess that admirable quality." - Walter J. Phillips

"Restfulness is a quality for cattle; the virtues are all active, life is alert." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"New!Loyalty is a fine quality, but in excess it fills political graveyards." - Neil Kinnock

"All communication begins with an intention, and your intention determines the quality of your life." - Danielle LaPorte

"I have come to realize it's not the QUANTITY of LOVE but instead the QUALITY" - Shannon Elizabeth

"Success is not a destination that you ever reach. Success is the quality of your journey." - Jennifer James

"Your success will be determined by the quality of your relationships with people." - Danielle LaPorte

"I consider an intimate knowledge of the Bible an indispensable quality of a well educated man." - Robert Andrews Millikan

"The quality of your life is a function of who you go through life with." - Peter Diamandis

"The underlying aim of practice . .is to create certainty through the development of high-quality listening." - Howard Snell

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles." - Steve Jobs

"Envy is blind, and has no other quality but that of detracting from virtue." - Livy

"Self-denial is the quality of which Jesus Christ set us the example." - Ary Scheffer

"We ought to regard amiability as the quality of woman, dignity that of man." - Cicero

"I have no qualm about the quality of the contemporary repertory," - John Bonham

"We ought to regard amiability as the quality of woman, dignity that of man." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Learning to let things go is key for a good quality of living." - Christina Perri

"a manufactured interest has no staying quality - especially if it involves any hard work." - Margaret Deland

"The value and quality of any love is determined solely by the lover himself." - Carson Mccullers

"True courage, in the face of almost certain death, is the rarest quality on earth." - Christopher Pike

"You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that." - Jeannette Walls

"Focus on quality and ease of movement, not on the age a milestone is accomplished." - Magda Gerber

"Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world." - Barack Obama

"When everything gets turned upside down, it only leads to better quality stuff." - John Krasinski

"I know it sounds odd, but I want to make a Rolex-quality screwdriver." - Tim Allen

"Quality thoughts will turn their back on you if you don't treat them with respect." - Dov Davidoff

"We will never enjoy life unless we make a quality decision to do so." - Joyce Meyer

"Purpose is the quality we choose to shape our lives around." - Richard Leider

"After a good quality dinner one will be able to forgive anybody, still one's own relations." - Oscar Wilde

"The quality of striving after the ideal, that is, the quality which makes men reformers, and the quality of so striving through practical methods- the quality which makes men efficient. Both qualities are absolutely essential. The absence of either makes the presence of the other worthless or worse." - Theodore Roosevelt

"A country can be judged by the quality of its proverbs." - Proverbs

"I hold ambition of so light a quality that is is but a shadow's shadow." - William Shakespeare

"Quality begins on the inside... and then works its way out." - Bob Moawad

"That irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand." - Willa Cather

"The quality and spirit of our own society must justify and support our efforts abroad." - John F Kennedy

"There is definitely a fuck-you quality to the characters I choose." - Keira Knightley

"An egoless acceptance of stuckness is a key to an understanding of all Quality." - Robert M Pirsig

"I consider it top priority to improve water quality and increase water quantity in my community." - Joe Baca

"Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic." - Charles Eames

"If you want a quality, act as if you already had it." - William James

"While I've spent a lot of quality time with my children, perhaps it's not been enough." - Jesse Jackson

"I hate cynicism - it's my least favorite quality and it doesn't lead anywhere." - Conan Obrien

"Audrey Hepburn is someone I've always admired. She has that untouchable star quality." - Lisa Ohare

"Intuition is truly a feminine quality, but women should not mistake rash conclusions for this gift." - Minna Antrim

"I'm absolutely delighted if people think of me as a reliable purveyor of quality period stuff." - Andrew Davies

"It's almost like, it's often the bad recording quality of things which makes them interesting." - Danielle Dax

"Quality is everyone's responsibility." - W Edwards Deming

"Chronic pain can be very lonely. It can have a shame-based quality." - Jennifer Grey

"One cannot develop taste from what is of average quality but only from the very best." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Quality is a direct experience independent of and prior to intellectual abstractions." - Robert M Pirsig

"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer." - Rick Pitino

"The first truth for special operations is that quality is more important than quantity." - Hugh Shelton

"Modesty is a quality in a lover more praised by the women than liked." - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

"Honesty is the quality I value most in a friend. Not bluntness, but honesty with compassion." - Brooke Shields

"Quality is the Buddha." - Robert M Pirsig

"It's quantity, not quality." - Dean Ween

"Women of quality are so civil, you can hardly distinguish love from good breeding." - William Wycherley

"When all actions are mathematically calculated, they also take on a stupid quality." - Theodor Adorno

"There is more difference in the quality of our pleasures than in the amount." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"One cannot develop taste from what is of average quality but only from the very best." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

"I love the feel of good quality Italian black lace that feels delicate and really feminine." - Nicole Trunfio

"When you don't come from struggle, gaining appreciation is a quality that's difficult to come by." - Shania Twain

"My favourite quality workout is 6 X 5 minutes with 1 minute rest between each." - Jonathan Brown

"Twice a week I'll run fast quality workouts either on the track or road." - Jonathan Brown

"The quality of our journalism will make or break our industry, not the recession." - Rebekah Brooks

"Whatever I do, I hope it's quality, I hope it's something that's class." - Garth Brooks

"You're a hundred percent correct about our show being tops in quality." - Vic Morrow

"We want a system that will improve consistency and steadiness in the quality of government." - Ferdinand Mount

"Instead of needing lots of children, we need high-quality children." - Margaret Mead

"Few scientists acquainted with the chemistry of biological systems at the molecular level can avoid being inspired. Evolution has produced chemical compounds exquisitely organized to accomplish the most complicated and delicate of tasks. Many organic chemists viewing crystal structures of enzyme systems or nucleic acids and knowing the marvels of specificity of the immune systems must dream of designing and synthesizing simpler organic compounds that imitate working features of these naturally occurring compounds." - Donald Cram

"A cardinal principle in systems theory is that all parties that have a stake in a system should be represented in its management." - Malcolm Knowles

"Do not be idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory, or ideology, even Buddhist ones. All systems of thought are guiding means; they are not absolute truth." - Nhat Hanh

"If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow." - Stephen Covey



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