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Quality Of Care Quotes


"So much for Obama's promise of 'quality, affordable health care.'" - Deroy Murdock

"I care about my quality of life and money." - Paula Creamer

"The quality of health care in Canada is excellent." - Michael Douglas

"Americans of all ages deserve quality end-of-life medical care." - Bill Nelson

"The lack of affordable, quality child care is a ticking time bomb." - Melanne Verveer

"Because of the president's leadership, every American will have access to affordable, quality health care." - Rahm Emanuel

"Day care poses no risk for children, provided that it is high quality.... Poor quality day care is risky for children everywhere.... The cost of poor quality day care is measured in children's lives. High quality day care costs only money." - Sandra Scarr

"When we take care of ourselves like we would take care of someone we love, the quality of our living and our giving goes up." - Bill Crawford

"American healthcare faces a crisis in quality. There is a dangerous divide between the potential for the high level of quality care that our health system promises and the uneven quality that it actually delivers." - Risa Lavizzomourey

"We need a cost-effective, high-quality health care system, guaranteeing health care to all of our people as a right." - Hillary Clinton

"Fortitude: That quality of mind which does not care what happens so long as it does not happen to us." - Elbert Hubbard

"The best indicator of quality day care is the kid wants to go there, and doesn't want to go home." - Edward Zigler

"If you care for the quality of life in our American democracy, then you have to be for censorship." - Irving Kristol

"I don't care about the quality of the film as a whole, but I loved 'Salt.' I loved it!" - Danai Gurira

"A considerable share of the world's population still cannot afford comfortable housing, education and quality health care." - Vladimir Putin

"Pouring espresso is an art, one that requires the barista to care about the quality of the beverage." - Howard Schultz

"My whole professional life has been dedicated to improving access, affordability, quality and choice of health care." - Glenn Thompson

"Access to basic quality health care is one of the most important domestic issues facing our nation." - Ed Pastor

"We know that babies develop as well in nonmaternal as in maternal care, as long as the care is of good quality. The issue is not who gives the care but the quality of that care,... The guilt trip is, in my view, a hangover of another era and of unacknowledged tactics to keep women in their proper place-at home full-time." - Sandra Scarr

"The government does not have some magic wand that can 'bring down the cost of health care.' It can buy a smaller quantity or lower quality of medical care, as other countries with government-run medical care do." - Thomas Sowell

"The national debate on health care once centered on improving access to quality care, yet the effect of Obamacare will be the exact opposite, resulting in the shameful degradation of care for the neediest individuals." - Fred Upton

"We can only imagine what would happen to our health care and to the quality of our health care here in North Dakota if we took the federal government out of health care." - Heidi Heitkamp

"All Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care." - Christopher Dodd

"Every child in America deserves high-quality health care." - Nancy Johnson

"Strategies for research and policy development must simultaneously address people's needs, the capacity of programs to provide good quality of care, and the range of technological options available." - Ruth Simmons

"It doesn't do much good to have a quality image, whether it's with the facility or whether it's with the merchandise, if you don't have real quality people taking care of your customers." - James Sinegal

"I don't really care about audio quality. If people saw some of the ways that I record stuff, they'd see I don't care in that respect. I obviously care about things sounding good, but I think quality exists through other things like emotionally connecting with a lyric or a feeling, or whatever." - Dev Hynes

"I'm an advocate for buying few, but very good quality pieces of clothing, and if you do that you need to take care of them." - Patrick Grant

"The current lack of a national standard for operators of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment poses a hazard to American patients and jeopardizes quality health care." - Charles W Pickering

"Reform of the medical liability system should be considered as part of a comprehensive response to surging medical malpractice premiums that endanger Americans' access to quality medical care." - Lincoln Chafee

"While closing our innovation gaps won't solve all our problems, we have some very real opportunities to improve the quality of care that's delivered to millions of Americans." - Kathleen Sebelius

"It's your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life." - Tony Robbins

"If you believe in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself." - Frank Perdue

"It's your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life." - Anthony Robbins

"One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees..." - Leo Tolstoy

"Without greater support for childcare, parents of young children may be forced to choose cheaper, poor quality care for their children or fail to provide it entirely." - Tim Johnson

"Access to quality, affordable health care is particularly important here in Maine, where many of us own small businesses or are self-employed." - Chellie Pingree

"I now believe that major labels can only work with people who care more about fame and money than the quality of the art they produce." - Malcolm Wilson

"Obviously, it's a big problem how do we provide quality care to the maximum number of people. And it's not an easy problem to solve." - Dick Cheney

"The vast majority of doctors really do try to take the money out of their minds. But to provide the best possible care requires using resources in a way that keeps you viable but improves the quality of care." - Atul Gawande

"The CARE bill is an important piece of patient-care legislation. It will improve the quality of radiologic procedures performed throughout the United States as well as assist in reducing the cost incurred by the Federal government for these procedures." - Charles W Pickering

"Nurses are on the front lines of our care. And they need to be at the foundation of health care reform. Let's get health care done - and done right - by ensuring the amount of nurses we need to provide quality care for all." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"Care and Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who's bound to have some characteristic of quality." - Robert M Pirsig

"Care and Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who's bound to have some characteristic of quality." - Robert M Pirsig

"Care and Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who's bound to have some characteristic of quality." - Robert M Pirsig

"Unlike traditional nursing homes, Green House homes provide elders with a high quality of life and quality of care in a setting that feels like a real home. By altering the facility size, interior design, staffing patterns and service-delivery method, the Green House model provides residents better, safer and more personalized care." - Risa Lavizzomourey

"The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action." - Andre Godin

"Quality is pride of workmanship." - W Edwards Deming

"A genuine quality of life comes from consistent, quality questions." - Tony Robbins

"Truly affordable but high-quality health care tools and services are the only means by which quality health care can be provided to all." - Muhammad Yunus

"I have a robust plan to help make quality child care more affordable. It will include an exclusion from taxes of the average amount paid for child care, including a long-overdue recognition of the contributions of parents who stay home to provide care." - Donald Trump

"Security is still the most important issue facing Washington state residents and millions of Americans - the security of having a job, of access to affordable health care, of a quality education, and of protecting our homeland and defending our nation." - Patty Murray

"Look at other countries that have tried to have federally controlled health care. They have poor-quality health care. Our health-care system is the envy of the world because we believe in making sure that the decisions are made by doctors and patients, not by officials in the nation's capital." - George W Bush

"I have profoundly mixed feelings about the Affordable Care Act. What I love about it is its impulse. It attempts to deal with this intractable problem in American health care life, which is that a significant portion of the population does not have access to quality medical care." - Malcolm Gladwell

"The most important issue is clearly not the quality of treatment and care of these prisoners; rather it is the perplexing issue of what we now do with them." - Charles Foster Bass

"All of us can improve the quality of our lives if we practice the art of self-care and train our minds to think thoughts that make us feel good." - Louise Hay

"I compose most of my tweets with care, as if they were aphorisms - they are not usually dashed-off. Sometimes I'm surprised by the high, poetic quality of Twitter - it lends itself to a surreal sort of self-expression." - Joyce Carol Oates

"The most important issue is clearly not the quality of treatment and care of these prisoners; rather it is the perplexing issue of what we now do with them." - Charles Bass

"We must solve the problem in health care by curbing out-of-control costs that erode paychecks for working families and push quality coverage out of reach for millions of Americans." - Paul Ryan

"Being a wine enthusiast means you care more about quality than quantity." - Jean-Claude Carriere

"If you don't care about quality, you can meet any other requirement." - Gerald Weinberg

"Stay focused and don't try to do too many things at once. Care about execution quality." - Sam Altman

"Every American has a right to affordable, high-quality health care." - Max Baucus

"Along with a livable wage, many parents are desperate for quality affordable child care." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"Each and every day health centers provide high-quality primary and preventive care to our constituents." - Jan Schakowsky

"Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction, homelessness, a weapon of mass destruction... racism, a weapon of mass destruction, fear, a weapon of mass destruction. We must disarm these weapons and renew our commitment to quality public schools and dedicated teachers and good housing and quality health care and decent jobs and stronger neighborhoods." - Dennis Kucinich

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." - Marcus Aurelius

"I appreciate health care that gets to the root cause of our symptoms and promotes wellness, rather than the one-size-fits-all drug-based approach to treating disease. I love maintaining an optimal quality of life - naturally." - Suzanne Somers

"I believe the most important aspect of Medicare is not the structure of the program but the guarantee to all Americans that they will have high quality health care as they get older." - Ron Wyden

"I think there are people who really always have and always will care about the quality of music in general, about the sound of the music, things like that." - Daryl Hall

"We have a chance here to prove that [Rwanda], a country that almost slaughtered itself out of existence, can practice reconciliation, reorganize itself, focus on tomorrow and provide comprehensive, quality health care with minimal outside help." - William J Clinton

"Learn your craft well. Take care of your own business. Success (popularity) is fleeting for most, but longevity lies in a quality craft with integrity. Oh, and don't take yourself too seriously." - Oleta Adams

"Ebola has not yet come into contact with modern medicine in West Africa. But when protocols for the provision of high quality supportive care are followed, the case fatality rate for Ebola may be lower than 20 percent." - Paul Farmer

"I focus on supporting high quality early childhood health care and education. By betting my resources on very young children, I know I'm making an investment that pays guaranteed dividends with a high rate of return." - J.B. Pritzker

"A discourse for broad-based political change is crucial for developing a politics that speaks to a future that can provide sustainable jobs, decent health care, quality education and communities of solidarity and support for young people." - Henry Giroux

"The forces that have worked hard to stoke populist anger against reform are the very ones that benefit from a health system which puts profits ahead of quality care for its patients." - Jerrold Nadler

"Today the demands are for even higher standards in the quality of care, for greater flexibility and convenience in treatment times, and for more prevention through screening and health checks." - Lucy Powell

"I focus on supporting high quality early childhood health care and education. By betting my resources on very young children, I know I'm making an investment that pays guaranteed dividends with a high rate of return." - J B Pritzker

"The good news is, Americans know firsthand the benefits of a free market - more choices, lower prices, higher quality - and there is no reason why we cannot help them see these same benefits in health care." - John Shadegg

"Health care in America, despite all you hear, still offers us citizens one of the most efficient and highest quality systems in the world. But it's expensive, and it's only getting worse." - David Harsanyi

"The people of South and Central Texas and the Coastal Bend need jobs, they need health care, they need water infrastructure improvements, they need a quality education, and they need the resources to keep our borders safe and secure." - Ruben Hinojosa

"If politicians were serious about day care for children, instead of just sloganizing about it, nothing they could do would improve the quality of child care more than by lifting the heavy burden of taxation that forces so many families to have both parents working." - Thomas Sowell

"The quality of mercy is not strained" - William Shakespeare

"The supreme quality of leadership is integrity." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Popularity is not an indication of quality." - Vanna Bonta

"Amiability is the redeeming quality of fools." - Mary Elizabeth Braddon

"Obsess about the quality of the product." - Sam Altman

"Solitude is an essential quality of wilderness." - Robert Lucas, Jr.

"Popularity is not a gurantee of quality." - Indira Gandhi

"Blood is a juice of rarest quality." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"An essential quality of beauty is aloofness." - Austin O'Malley

"What is the quality of your intent?" - Thurgood Marshall

"Uncontrolled variation is the enemy of quality." - W Edwards Deming

"The quality of health care in Germany is not as good as people sometimes believe it to be. We have problems with chronic diseases. The German system allows too many hospitals and specialists to treat chronic diseases. We do not have enough volume in many institutions to deliver good quality, and we do have fairly strict separations ... between primary physicians, office specialists and hospital specialists. But I think the quality problems can be solved in the next couple of years, and we have made major progress in diabetes, coronary artery disease and pulmonary disease care." - Karl Lauterbach

"If the 1,990-page House Health Care Bill becomes law, the average American will receive worse health care, American physicians will decline in status and income, American medical innovation will dramatically slow down and pharmaceutical discoveries will decline in number and quality. And, of course, the economy of the United States will deteriorate, perhaps permanently." - Dennis Prager

"I want to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to all those who care and love my family and myself, and our situation, especially the American people who show their care about the quality of justice as a universal value and I'm very grateful to all of you." - Chen Guangcheng

"Quality is subjective. There are quality blockbusters; there are quality versions of every genre and it doesn't necessarily mean money." - Rufus Sewell

"There is a quality of murky grandeur we give ourselves in having our own feelings, recoiling, separate from other things... To feel that we can care for ourselves without seeing our feelings as objects, and liking them as objects, is to be wrong about our care for ourselves." - Eli Siegel

"What I want veterans to know is that VA is here to care for them. VA is a good system - health care wise, safety wise - highly comparable to any other system out there. Our oversight reviews tell us that. I'm very comfortable in the quality of our system." - Eric Shinseki

"The best test of the quality of a civilization is the quality of its leisure." - Irwin Edman

"Nothing is more valuable to people than health care, and by paying, they feel less like beggars and more like customers who can and should demand quality care." - Muhammad Yunus

"Thailand has good medical care and even though I haven't tried it, Singapore is said to have high quality care also." - Doug Rice

"We want to make sure that we incentivize the health care system to be designed to provide you the best quality health care possible." - Valerie Jarrett

"Nothing is more valuable to people than health care, and by paying, they feel less like beggars and more like 'customers' who can and should demand quality care." - Muhammad Yunus

"Over and over again, I hear from Oregonians that we need real health care reform that provides every American with access to quality, affordable care." - Jeff Merkley

"The quality of your play never counts as much as the quality of your effort." - Bud Wilkinson

"The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our action." - Jean-Baptiste Andre Godin

"The quality of one's life is directly related to the quality of questions one asks oneself." - Tony Robbins

"The quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our future" - Edward De Bono

"The quality of my life was the quality of my questions." - Tony Robbins

"The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships." - Tony Robbins

"The quality of leaders matters less than the quality of citizens." - George Scialabba

"The quality of the pass leads directly to the quality of the shot" - Pete Carril

"Abundance is the quality of life you live and quality of life you give to others." - J K Rowling

"The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your personal character." - Grenville Kleiser

"The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people's thinking." - Nancy Kline

"The quality of democracy and the quality of journalism are deeply entwined." - Bill Moyers

"The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life." - A. R. Bernard

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts." - Robin S. Sharma

"Mere allocation of huge sums of money for quality will not bring quality." - W Edwards Deming

"The quality of our questions determine the quality of our lives." - Tony Robbins

"The quality of your life is the quality of your communication." - Anthony Robbins

"The quality of your life ultimately is shaped by the quality of your choices and decisions." - Robin S. Sharma

"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships." - Anthony Robbins

"The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our minds." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"The quality of a play is the quality of its ideas." - George Bernard Shaw

"The quality of one's life depends on the quality of attention." - Deepak Chopra

"Quality of work is directly related to the quality of a person's character." - Orrin Woodward

"The quality of your life is the quality of where you live emotionally" - Tony Robbins

"The quality of an education system can never exceed the quality of its teachers." - Andreas Schleicher

"How do you humiliate and demean someone and then expect him or her to care about product quality." - Tom Peters

"Giving a veteran a flag is not a substitute for giving our vets the quality health care they were promised" - Dick Durbin

"I am impressed with the natural health programs at Nature Care College. Their dedication to quality education is truly inspiring." - Deepak Chopra

"Quality child care, health insurance coverage, and training make it possible for former welfare recipients to get, and keep, jobs." - Mel Carnahan

"There are many women with children under five who want to work and who lack affordable, high-quality child care." - Harriet Harman

"When women earn more, families are stronger, and children have better access to quality health care and education." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"It is imperative that women have quality affordable day care available to them because without it, families suffer." - Sander Levin

"We believe in government involvement that leads to independence: good schools, quality roads and the best health care." - Rick Perry

"Any artist who has that quality of timelessness has that quality because they tell the truth." - Fran Lebowitz

"The health of a society is truly measured by the quality of its concern and care for the health of its members . . . The right of every individuals to adequate health care flows from the sanctity of human life and that dignity belongs to all human beings . . . We believe that health is a fundamental human right which has as its prerequisites social justice and equality and that it should be equally available and accessible to all." - Sadullah Khan

"I care more about the fans in general, just making sure they enjoy what I do. And then also I kind of had this kind of ideal of the kind of music I want to make and what I'm aiming for kind of creatively and just the quality of the music that I'm trying to make. And I have that in my head." - John Legend

"During the current period of health care development in our country, improvement of the management quality is becoming increasingly important. This is due to many processes, including new ones, such as increase in the number of financial resources used to implement the state guarantees program, the need for more efficient spending of funds, rearrangement of cash flows, single-channel financing" - Veronika Skvortsova

"If we're going to be able to provide access to quality, affordable health care to every American - we need to have the trained health care professionals inside hospitals to provide that care." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other." - Matthew Moy

"A central notion in the Affordable Care Act was we had an inefficient system with a lot of waste that didn't also deliver the kind of quality that was needed that often put health care providers in a box where they wanted to do better for their patients, but financial incentives were skewed the other way, we don't need to reinvent the wheel - you're already figuring out what works to reduce infections in hospitals or help patients with complicated needs." - Barack Obama

"Writing recently in the New York Times, David Brooks noted correctly if belatedly that conservatives disdain for liberal intellectuals had slipped into disdain for the educated class as a whole, and worried that the Republican Party was alienating educated voters. I couldn't care less about the future of the Republican Party, but I do care about the quality of political thinking and judgment in the country as a whole." - Mark Lilla

"...quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture. Values are what constitute true quality of life, the supreme quality of life, even above food, shelter and clothing." - Fidel Castro

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. The quality of your business is no different." - Harvey Mackay

"Take care of each other." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Take care of this moment." - Mahatma Gandhi



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