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Quality In The Workplace Quotes


"In one decade, women had gotten more protection against offensive jokes in the workplace than men had gotten in centuries against being killed in the workplace." - Warren Farrell

"Dads in the family are even more important than women in the workplace: The workplace benefits from women, but the family needs dads." - Warren Farrell

"The quest for peace begins in the home, in the school and in the workplace." - Silvia Cartwright

"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace." - Douglas Conant

"Communication is vital when it comes to excelling in the workplace and in your personal relationships." - Chelsea Krost

"The main way to reduce stress in the workplace is by picking the right people." - Jesse Schell

"It's a great dynamic. The dynamic between men and women in the workplace is really interesting." - Elizabeth Moss

"It's a great dynamic. The dynamic between men and women in the workplace is really interesting." - Elisabeth Moss

"We need to start talking about child-rearing in the workplace." - Sheryl Sandberg

"I think identity issues have their place in the workplace, less so personal behaviors." - Steven Petrow

"Sexual harassment in the workplace confuses rewards for performance with rewards for attractiveness and sexual availability." - Warren Farrell

"It's time for people in business to take steps to recharge the workplace." - Chuck Martin

"I have now spent over a year trying to figure where in the workplace I belong." - Paulina Porizkova

"Ensuring fairness in the American workplace should be a cornerstone of our economic policy." - Tim Scott

"Every company wants to know how to find and keep highly talented women in the workplace." - Marcus Buckingham

"Make your workplace into showcase that can be understood by everyone at a glance. In terms of quality, it means to make the defects immediately apparent. In terms of quantity, it means that progress or delay, measured against the plan, and is made immediately apparent. When this is done, problems can be discovered immediately, and everyone can initiate improvement plans." - Taiichi Ohno

"In two-parent households, women have increasingly entered the workplace, and in single-parent households, there is even more of a need for the adults to work. That means parents do not fully control their own schedule and have to scramble to find high-quality after-school options." - Geoffrey Canada

"It is important that women support each other. Most of us will at some point get married and have children, and how you balance that really depends on the quality of your friends and whether your friends are there for you. It also depends on what the policies are in your workplace." - Hillary Clinton

"Quality starts in the boardroom." - W Edwards Deming

"I have actually had to ask my supervisors not to curse in meetings or in general in the workplace." - Monica Johnson

"Workplace romances or even the illusion of a workplace romance can carry many ramifications and consequences." - Judy Smith

"Men in particular need to speak more about their personal reasons for wanting diversity in the workplace." - Jane Silber

"I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace." - Billy Graham

"Inclusion and fairness in the workplace . . . is not simply the right thing to do; it's the smart thing to do." - Alexis Herman

"The best antidote to poverty remains simple - a paycheck. Policies like paid family leave, workplace flexibility and affordable quality childcare can make the difference for two-parent or single-parent working families who struggle to make ends meet." - Madeleine M Kunin

"There's rampant sexism, of course there is! It just goes without saying. Every woman in the workplace knows this; [every woman] in the workplace has to work harder than a man to prove themselves." - Nancy Grace

"Never read Who Moved My Cheese in the workplace when you can read The Joy of Not Working." - Barack Obama

"Why fear feedback? Why stigmatize failure in the workplace when it's bringing you closer to achieving your organizational goals." - Kevin Kelly

"Every Christian can witness to God in the workplace, not only with words, but above all with an honest life." - Pope Francis

"I like that sense of family in my workplace, having the same pair of eyes to look into." - Julianne Moore

"Let's face it: men do a lot of things in the workplace that women just don't do." - Warren Farrell

"In digital, you can maintain the quality." - Oliver Stone

"I think I have made an impact in the workplace and I do believe that will prevail over any of the other things in the end." - Paula Jones

"Euphemism in the workplace does not end with job descriptions. It reaches a pusillanimous peak at the other end of the work process - in dismissal." - Nigel Rees

"We all experience power struggles in our lives - at the workplace, with our friends, in our love lives. In a way, we're all politicians." - Beau Willimon

"The workplace revolution that transformed the lives of blue-collar workers in the 1970s and 1980s is finally reaching the offices and cubicles of the white-collar workers." - Tom Peters

"The only women who don't believe that sexual harassment is a real problem in this country are women who have never been in the workplace." - Cynthia Heimel

"Not using social media in the workplace, in fact, is starting to make about as much sense as not using the phone or email." - Ryan Holmes

"People talk of the new economy and of reinventing themselves in the workplace, and in that sense most of us are less secure." - Daniel Kahneman

"It sometimes feels like the workplace is immune from social upheaval. We go to work and do the best we can, and at the end of the day, we return to our lives. We don't abandon who we are, however, when we begin and end our workday. Who we are shapes how we are perceived in the workplace and, in turn, how we perform in the workplace." - Roxane Gay

"Succeeding in business and failing at home is a cop-out. For no success in the workplace will ever make up for failure at home." - Howard G. Hendricks

"We still have tremendous work ahead of us to ensure that women have equal opportunities in the workplace and in our society." - Blanche Lincoln

"We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives." - Les Brown

"Radical feminists have been making the pitch that justice demands that men and women be given an equal opportunity to make it to the top in the workplace." - Rick Santorum

"Sex appeal is in the workplace every day of the week. I'm not saying that's the only calling card, but it's a whole crayon box." - Barbara Corcoran

"My role was to bring about fairness in the workplace. All I did was implement the laws that were currently on the books." - Hilda Solis

"We have to think creatively about changes that need to be made in the workplace to accommodate the growing demands on the work force." - Valerie Jarrett

"The truth is women in the workplace don't have to fight nearly as hard for opportunities, or to dispel stereotypes, as they did before." - Suze Orman

"We can no longer allow multi-nationalists to parade as agents of progress and democracy in the newspapers, even as they subvert it at the workplace." - John Sweeney

"We can no longer allow multinationals to parade as agents of progress and democracy in the newspapers, even as they subvert it at the workplace." - John J. Sweeney

"I want to say to anyone who works in a drone workplace, raise the bar! There's no reason why you have to dress to the lowest common denominator." - Tim Gunn

"It may not be a reality, but perception does become reality in the workplace. You have to own what the issue is." - Judy Smith

"Obviously, there is much similarity among the challenges of transgender people and all women - from health care to harassment to discrimination in the workplace." - Gloria Steinem

"The emotional magnets beneath home and workplace are in the process of being reversed. Work has become a form of 'home' and home has become 'work.'" - Arlie Russell Hochschild

"Women are really demanding more flexibility in the workplace. Control is the new currency.. Forty-six percent of women want to start their own small businesses." - Celinda Lake

"Bill Gore from Goretex was a very strong influence because he was one of the first larger companies to experiment with freedom in the workplace." - Ricardo Semler

"We can no longer allow multinationals to parade as agents of progress and democracy in the newspapers, even as they subvert it at the workplace." - John Sweeney

"People respond better to kindness than cruelty. Why, it's even caught on in the workplace, that bastion of self-hatred and disrespect." - Cheri Huber

"Don't fall into the trap of thinking about politics in your workplace too much. Just work hard, be cheerful, ignore distractions." - Mindy Kaling

"I think that equality needs to be broadened to include equal access to comprehensive healthcare, equal access to jobs, and equal rights in the workplace." - Jill Stein

"Nowadays, most women just assume they have a right to be in the workplace, and any kind of discrimination they suffer is sort of more creeping." - Romola Garai

"Clearly, there aren't enough positive moments or interactions happening in the workplace. As a result, our economy suffers, companies suffer, and individual relationships suffer." - Tom Rath

"There's nothing wrong with looking like a woman and going in the workplace and doing everything a man can do but looking 1,000 percent like a lady." - Rachel Roy

"In the workplace, employees should be judged on their merit and hard work and not on aspects that are irrelevant to their performance." - Paul Singer

"A soul-based workplace asks things of me that I didn't even know I had. It's constantly telling me that I belong to something large in the world." - David Whyte

"The first major issue you need to consider when focusing on today's workers: You have to know what motivates them. If you think it's primarily money, think again. The biggest single change in the workforce of the entrepreneurial age is the list of priorities workers bring to the job. Except paycheck there are new considerations: impact, freedom, quality of life. Employees today have higher expectations; they are looking for what I call "psychic equity". Make your workplace more entrepreneurial and flexible or find your workers fleeing to launch enterprises of their own." - Linda Rottenberg

"What really matters in a workplace, what helps an employer if you've got a unionised workforce is if your shop stewards know the rules of the game, if your safety reps are taught to be able to examine situations to make sure the workplace is more safety. Better informed delegates, better workplace safety saves companies money. Unions are very good at safety. We are good at teaching delegates how to resolve disputes." - Bill Shorten

"The GDR people found love at the workplace, and the West is always telling stories about finding love when work is over and you have your free time and your leisure time. That's when you fall in love. But in the Communist state, you fall in love in the workplace, because that's mainly where you are." - Nina Hoss

"The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships." - Tony Robbins

"A lot of women will be sort of 'competitive like a guy' in the workplace, but then when they go home, they realize that's not fully authentic for them. They would like to have a more expansive or more authentic relationship in the workplace around competition." - Michael Gurian

"Joan's a dream to play - she's not always prancing around the office. There's that side to it, which is really fun, but there's nitty-gritty. She's what makes the workplace so fun - in a workplace that can be so dark and so much tension, Joan gives some levity. And the wonderful thing is she still has these darker moments among the fabulous highs." - Christina Hendricks

"The most essential quality in the game is passion" - Philipp Lahm

"Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to ensure fair pay for women in the workplace. In addition, he succeeded in getting a measure passed to end discrimination against gays in the military." - Kitty Kelley

"Just as women needed the help of the law to enter the workplace in the 20th century, men will need the help of the law to love their children in the 21st century." - Warren Farrell

"I strongly believe that you can't win in the marketplace unless you win first in the workplace. If you don't have a winning culture inside, it's hard to compete in the very tough world outside." - Douglas Conant

"...quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture. Values are what constitute true quality of life, the supreme quality of life, even above food, shelter and clothing." - Fidel Castro

"In the race for quality, there is no finish line" - David T. Kearns

"The rarest quality in an epitaph is truth." - Henry David Thoreau

"The quality of health care in Canada is excellent." - Michael Douglas

"The original quality in any man of imagination is imagery." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"The quality I most admire in a man is steadfastness." - David Mamet

"Everybody's got brain matter in their hair, and somehow that makes it a very happy workplace." - Bruce Campbell

"In the new workplace, with its emphasis on flexibility, teams and a strong customer orientation, this crucial set of emotional competencies is becoming increasingly essential for excellence in every job in every part of the world." - Daniel Goleman

"The story doesn't begin with grown women being massacred in the workplace or in the press. It begins with innocent little girls who become convinced, for whatever reason, that the girl within them isn't good enough." - Marianne Williamson

"Quality is made in the board room. A worker can deliver lower quality, but she cannot deliver quality better than the system allow." - W Edwards Deming

"I think most people can identify with the hierarchy of the workplace." - Simon Baker

"The prevailing system of management has crushed fun out of the workplace." - W Edwards Deming

"The great thing about 'The Office' and it being single-camera and the documentary style is that it's mostly a comedy, but 10 percent of it is, we get to show the existential angst that exists in the American workplace." - Rainn Wilson

"There are 25 differences in the way women and men behave in the workplace. These 25 differences lead to men receiving higher pay and women having better lives-or at least more balanced lives." - Warren Farrell

"We have an epidemic of sexual predators following our children, whether it be on the computers, whether it be in our public parks, whether it be in the workplace, or even our schools." - Jon Porter

"There are 25 differences in the way women and men behave in the workplace. These 25 differences lead to men receiving higher pay and women having better lives or at least more balanced lives." - Warren Farrell

"For example, UNICEF works with governments to change legislation such as in India where a law was passed raising the age of compulsory school completion to keep children in school and away from the workplace for longer." - Carol Bellamy

"Just as there is a wage gap between men and women in the workplace, there is a 'leisure gap' between them at home. Most women work one shift in the office or factory and a 'second shift' at home." - Arlie Russell Hochschild

"Short naps are good. Given modern workplace demands, this is not possible for many people - but if you have the option, try napping for ten to twenty minutes in the afternoon, preferably lying down in a darkened room." - Andrew Weil

"Leaders who want to increase joy and success in the workplace must learn to take most of their personal satisfaction from the achievements of the people they lead, not from the power they exercise." - Dennis Bakke

"To earlier feminists who had fought for the vote and for fair treatment in the workplace, it had seemed obvious that the ready availability of abortion would facilitate the sexual exploitation of women." - Mary Ann Glendon

"As is often the case with children, the rule of 'monkey see, monkey do' plays out in the workplace. It's hard to be good role model, and it's one of the greatest challenges of leadership." - Leon F. "Lee" Ellis

"So, the three qualities of a workplace that would develop people would be information sharing, investing in the training of the workforce, and giving employees the ability to use their training and information to make decisions." - Jeffrey Pfeffer

"The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't." - Bob Sutton

"The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Is'." - Bob Sutton

"You cannot have an advanced economy while holding women back from the workplace." - Stephen Marche

"What we know is the workplace is more demanding than ever before." - Margaret Spellings

"Quality is the Buddha." - Robert M Pirsig

"Whether in the workplace or in personal relationships, success belongs to those who are willing to take responsibility for attaining their desires-those who respond to life actively rather than passively." - Nathaniel Branden

"advocating women's rights and greater opportunity for women in the workplace and in every avenue of public life is inconsistent with an insistence on mother taking care of children and housework." - Mary Frances Berry

"Snohetta promotes a more democratic workplace atmosphere than most other architectural offices. This may merely reflect prevalent employment practices in Scandinavia, but Snohetta places a stronger emphasis on group participation in the design process than typical high-style firms." - Martin Filler

"The battle to find a workplace that's wheelchair accessible is a feat in itself, let alone an employer who's going to be cool about employing someone with a disability in a job you actually want to do." - Stella Young

"We must seek to persuade member states and institutions that better regulation in Europe does not mean cutting health and safety in the workplace, nor does it mean dismantling social standards." - John Hutton

"The quality of our life depends on the quality of the seeds that lie deep in our consciousness." - Nhat Hanh

"The quality of our life depends on the quality of the seeds that lie deep in our consciousness." - Nhat Hanh

"Evil in the Third Reich had lost the quality by which most people recognize it-the quality of temptation." - Hannah

"When big-time blunders occur in any workplace, the boss or bosses usually are at fault, not clerks or secretaries or salespeople. Not reporters, the buck stops with the boss." - Al Neuharth

"Abraham Lincoln once said that if you are a racist, I will attack you with the north. And those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace." - Michael Scott

"Educational equality doesn't guarantee equality on the labor market. Even the most developed countries are not gender-equal. There are still glass ceilings and 'leaky pipelines' that prevent women from getting ahead in the workplace." - Michelle Bachelet

"On paper, being good sounds great but a lot depends on the atmosphere of the workplace or community we live in. We tend to become good or bad depending on the cues sent out within a particular space." - Alain De Botton

"These small indignities and minor cruelties take a toll. They add to the burden of stress and fatigue that is already present in the workplace and they have real consequences on the every day lives of workers." - P. M. Forni

"Why does the UK government ignore workplace bullying? Our system of democracy - government and law - is based on the adversarial model. To be successful in these fields, bullying behaviour is almost a prerequisite." - Tim Field

"Positive reinforcement generates more behavior than is minimally required. We call this discretionary effort, and its presence in the workplace is the only way an organization can maximize performance." - Aubrey Daniels

"Community colleges are one of Americas great social inventions a gateway to the future for first time students looking for an affordable college education, and for mid-career students looking to get ahead in the workplace." - Barbara Mikulski

"The rules of workplace democracy are founded in solidarity and mutual trust. They are at the core of a historic process which promises to introduce a new economy, and thereby a new society, after capitalism." - Seymour Melman

"Why should how I act in my workplace be any different from how I interact with my family at home? It's making sure the company runs on feminine principles where the major ethic is care." - Anita Roddick

"If I wasn't doing SportsCenter, I'd still be on the couch watching my favorite teams play. I have such passion, and I've always tried to keep that passion even in the workplace." - Linda Cohn

"As a professor, millennials intrigued me. I see them as engagement ready - plug-n-play if you will. They want to contribute in the classroom, the workplace and to society." - Chip Espinoza

"You're right to want to minimize your compulsive physical behavior in the workplace before it bothers your co-workers, but I hope very much you can also give yourself credit for the work you're already doing." - Mallory Ortberg

"When we think about the workplace, people think about hard skills being dominant, but they're not. The employer realizes knowledge will shift quickly, and there's a half-life to knowledge in this world." - Gerald Chertavian

"Your kids are going to do well in the workplace of the future if they can bring creativity, if they can bring some innovation, if they can bring some entrepreneurialism." - Dalton Mcguinty

"Community colleges are one of America's great social inventions a gateway to the future for first time students looking for an affordable college education, and for mid-career students looking to get ahead in the workplace." - Barbara Mikulski

"No matter how casual the workplace, in today's litigious environment, one has to be careful what they say and what kind of jokes they laugh at - especially when the conversation carries a sexual overtone." - Judy Smith

"Women face enough pressures and challenges in a workplace that is still depressingly biased against a female's success. Add to that, the fact that the very thing many women I know find most rewarding (having kids) is now frowned upon." - Mika Brzezinski

"My messaging is not just to empower women, it's actually more directed at men because I think it's important for the men on college campuses to hear a women's perspective on how you shouldn't behave in the workplace." - Gretchen Carlson

"Unless you work at the Republican National Committee or some other conservatively affiliated organization, people's personal political preferences should not be a criterion for employment or comfort in the workplace." - Emily Yoffe

"There is a quality of life which lies always beyond the mere fact of life; and when we include the quality in the fact, there is still omitted the quality of the quality." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Organizations have to come to grips with the fact that tests of adaptive capability aren't always pleasant. Learning can be a powerful emotional event, and organizations have to be cognizant of that. They must understand that those who complete high-quality executive education programs are going to see the organization with fresh eyes after they return. Those who re-enter the workplace filled with new enthusiasm and new ideas often find a chilly response on the part of their supervisors." - Warren G. Bennis

"These children should be enrolled in Independent Living programs designed by state and local governments to prepare them to enter the workplace, or attend college, and successfully manage their lives." - Charles Foster Bass

"I read recently that women still make 30% less than men in the workplace. Which I think is fine, cause if we didn't make 30% more, you guys would marry each other." - Mike Birbiglia

"What I've done as a union leader and what literally thousands of other union representatives do, is make sure that we have co-operation in the workplace. What I get is that where employees are well treated, employers do well." - Bill Shorten

"These children should be enrolled in Independent Living programs designed by state and local governments to prepare them to enter the workplace, or attend college, and successfully manage their lives." - Charles Bass

"Education is important because, first of all, people need to know that discrimination still exists. It is still real in the workplace, and we should not take that for granted." - Alexis Herman

"Perhaps writers should never be allowed to get together in a workplace context. It's not like studying computer science, after all. The emotions are at large, and are shared and are questioned. There is a vulnerability." - Graham Joyce

"I'm a big proponent of young women dressing appropriately in the workplace to get ahead. We need to demand respect as women, and part of that involves how we present ourselves." - Rachel Roy

"If you don't take enough math classes or science classes or writing intensive classes, you're not going to be prepared to compete in college or the workplace - no matter what your diploma says." - Rod Blagojevich

"The holy angels live and qualify in the light, in the good quality wherein the Holy Ghost reigneth. The devils live and reign in the fierce wrathful quality, in the quality of fierceness and wrath, destruction or perdition." - Jakob Bohme

"Make no compromise in quality." - Henry E. Steinway

"Quality is always in style." - Robert Genn

"Play with your physical workplace in a way that sends positive "body language" to employees and visitors." - Tom Kelley

"I like workplace shows and White House was a very glamorous workplace to set a show in; it appealed to a sense of romanticism and idealism that I have." - Aaron Sorkin

"Let's respect women for the value - let's respect everyone, men and women, for the value they bring to the workplace." - Nancy Pelosi

"There's a kind of dynamic quality about theater and that dynamic quality expresses itself in relation to, first of all, the environment in which it's being staged; then the audience, the nature of the audience, the quality of the audience." - Wole Soyinka

"The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action." - Andre Godin

"I think we need to embrace feminism, we need to embrace all of the gifts women bring to the workplace." - Mary Portas



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