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Quality Health Care Quotes


"So much for Obama's promise of 'quality, affordable health care.'" - Deroy Murdock

"All Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care." - Christopher Dodd

"The quality of health care in Canada is excellent." - Michael Douglas

"Every child in America deserves high-quality health care." - Nancy Johnson

"Truly affordable but high-quality health care tools and services are the only means by which quality health care can be provided to all." - Muhammad Yunus

"Every American has a right to affordable, high-quality health care." - Max Baucus

"Because of the president's leadership, every American will have access to affordable, quality health care." - Rahm Emanuel

"Each and every day health centers provide high-quality primary and preventive care to our constituents." - Jan Schakowsky

"We want to make sure that we incentivize the health care system to be designed to provide you the best quality health care possible." - Valerie Jarrett

"We need a cost-effective, high-quality health care system, guaranteeing health care to all of our people as a right." - Hillary Clinton

"We can only imagine what would happen to our health care and to the quality of our health care here in North Dakota if we took the federal government out of health care." - Heidi Heitkamp

"Giving a veteran a flag is not a substitute for giving our vets the quality health care they were promised" - Dick Durbin

"I am impressed with the natural health programs at Nature Care College. Their dedication to quality education is truly inspiring." - Deepak Chopra

"Quality child care, health insurance coverage, and training make it possible for former welfare recipients to get, and keep, jobs." - Mel Carnahan

"When women earn more, families are stronger, and children have better access to quality health care and education." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"We believe in government involvement that leads to independence: good schools, quality roads and the best health care." - Rick Perry

"A considerable share of the world's population still cannot afford comfortable housing, education and quality health care." - Vladimir Putin

"My whole professional life has been dedicated to improving access, affordability, quality and choice of health care." - Glenn Thompson

"Access to basic quality health care is one of the most important domestic issues facing our nation." - Ed Pastor

"If we're going to be able to provide access to quality, affordable health care to every American - we need to have the trained health care professionals inside hospitals to provide that care." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"Nothing is more valuable to people than health care, and by paying, they feel less like beggars and more like customers who can and should demand quality care." - Muhammad Yunus

"Nothing is more valuable to people than health care, and by paying, they feel less like beggars and more like 'customers' who can and should demand quality care." - Muhammad Yunus

"Over and over again, I hear from Oregonians that we need real health care reform that provides every American with access to quality, affordable care." - Jeff Merkley

"American healthcare faces a crisis in quality. There is a dangerous divide between the potential for the high level of quality care that our health system promises and the uneven quality that it actually delivers." - Risa Lavizzomourey

"We will establish a new system that makes high-quality health care available to every American in a dignified manner and at a price he can afford." - Richard M. Nixon

"My top three priorities for my first term in Congress are growing our economy; providing for quality, affordable health care; and keeping our nation and communities safe." - Cathy McMorris

"The current lack of a national standard for operators of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment poses a hazard to American patients and jeopardizes quality health care." - Charles W Pickering

"By giving every American access to quality, affordable health care, they will create a more competitive, a stronger and more secure America!" - Tom Allen

"Access to quality, affordable health care is particularly important here in Maine, where many of us own small businesses or are self-employed." - Chellie Pingree

"My top three priorities for my first term in Congress are growing our economy; providing for quality, affordable health care; and keeping our nation and communities safe." - Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers

"The government does not have some magic wand that can 'bring down the cost of health care.' It can buy a smaller quantity or lower quality of medical care, as other countries with government-run medical care do." - Thomas Sowell

"The national debate on health care once centered on improving access to quality care, yet the effect of Obamacare will be the exact opposite, resulting in the shameful degradation of care for the neediest individuals." - Fred Upton

"Look at other countries that have tried to have federally controlled health care. They have poor-quality health care. Our health-care system is the envy of the world because we believe in making sure that the decisions are made by doctors and patients, not by officials in the nation's capital." - George W Bush

"I get terrific health care." - Noam Chomsky

"I received free health care." - J K Rowling

"Nurses are on the front lines of our care. And they need to be at the foundation of health care reform. Let's get health care done - and done right - by ensuring the amount of nurses we need to provide quality care for all." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"Republicans do actually care about health care. They just don't care about government-run health care." - Greg Gutfeld

"The health of a society is truly measured by the quality of its concern and care for the health of its members . . . The right of every individuals to adequate health care flows from the sanctity of human life and that dignity belongs to all human beings . . . We believe that health is a fundamental human right which has as its prerequisites social justice and equality and that it should be equally available and accessible to all." - Sadullah Khan

"If the 1,990-page House Health Care Bill becomes law, the average American will receive worse health care, American physicians will decline in status and income, American medical innovation will dramatically slow down and pharmaceutical discoveries will decline in number and quality. And, of course, the economy of the United States will deteriorate, perhaps permanently." - Dennis Prager

"Our challenge, our opportunity is to pass common-sense solutions ... that repeal ObamaCare and replace it with patient-centered reforms that will help our constituents have better access to high-quality health care in America." - John Boehner

"We have a chance here to prove that [Rwanda], a country that almost slaughtered itself out of existence, can practice reconciliation, reorganize itself, focus on tomorrow and provide comprehensive, quality health care with minimal outside help." - William J Clinton

"We know how to punish retailers and manufacturers that don't provide quality and value. But we're lousy at fighting effectively for what we really need - reliable insurance policies; affordable health care; safe, healthy food." - Shoshana Zuboff

"Humanitys greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity. Whether through democracy, strong public education, quality health care, or broad economic opportunity, reducing inequity is the highest human achievement." - Bill Gates

"I focus on supporting high quality early childhood health care and education. By betting my resources on very young children, I know I'm making an investment that pays guaranteed dividends with a high rate of return." - J.B. Pritzker

"A discourse for broad-based political change is crucial for developing a politics that speaks to a future that can provide sustainable jobs, decent health care, quality education and communities of solidarity and support for young people." - Henry Giroux

"The forces that have worked hard to stoke populist anger against reform are the very ones that benefit from a health system which puts profits ahead of quality care for its patients." - Jerrold Nadler

"When mothers earn their fair share, young children have greater access to quality health care, educational opportunities, and safe communities. By ending the wage gap, we will help ensure that every child can achieve his or her God-given potential." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"Today the demands are for even higher standards in the quality of care, for greater flexibility and convenience in treatment times, and for more prevention through screening and health checks." - Lucy Powell

"I focus on supporting high quality early childhood health care and education. By betting my resources on very young children, I know I'm making an investment that pays guaranteed dividends with a high rate of return." - J B Pritzker

"From cell phones to computers, quality is improving and costs are shrinking as companies fight to offer the public the best product at the best price. But this philosophy is sadly missing from our health-care insurance system." - John Shadegg

"The good news is, Americans know firsthand the benefits of a free market - more choices, lower prices, higher quality - and there is no reason why we cannot help them see these same benefits in health care." - John Shadegg

"We must solve the problem in health care by curbing out-of-control costs that erode paychecks for working families and push quality coverage out of reach for millions of Americans." - Paul Ryan

"I appreciate health care that gets to the root cause of our symptoms and promotes wellness, rather than the one-size-fits-all drug-based approach to treating disease. I love maintaining an optimal quality of life - naturally." - Suzanne Somers

"I believe the most important aspect of Medicare is not the structure of the program but the guarantee to all Americans that they will have high quality health care as they get older." - Ron Wyden

"Health care in America, despite all you hear, still offers us citizens one of the most efficient and highest quality systems in the world. But it's expensive, and it's only getting worse." - David Harsanyi

"Security is still the most important issue facing Washington state residents and millions of Americans - the security of having a job, of access to affordable health care, of a quality education, and of protecting our homeland and defending our nation." - Patty Murray

"The people of South and Central Texas and the Coastal Bend need jobs, they need health care, they need water infrastructure improvements, they need a quality education, and they need the resources to keep our borders safe and secure." - Ruben Hinojosa

"Our health care is rationed by wealth." - Noam Chomsky

"I believe in health care reform." - Joe Manchin

"Capitalism can't deliver decent health care." - Timothy Noah

"My background is in health care." - Bobby Jindal

"Health care should be affordable for everyone." - Ed Pastor

"High-quality food is better for your health." - Michael Pollan

"I have profoundly mixed feelings about the Affordable Care Act. What I love about it is its impulse. It attempts to deal with this intractable problem in American health care life, which is that a significant portion of the population does not have access to quality medical care." - Malcolm Gladwell

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan." - Barack Obama

"I'm not saying we don't need health care reform. We do need health care reform." - Jim Renacci

"I don't have any health problems, but to keep your health improves your quality of life." - Mary J Blige

"Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction, homelessness, a weapon of mass destruction... racism, a weapon of mass destruction, fear, a weapon of mass destruction. We must disarm these weapons and renew our commitment to quality public schools and dedicated teachers and good housing and quality health care and decent jobs and stronger neighborhoods." - Dennis Kucinich

"To protect our country's economic future and the health and well being of all Americans, we must find a way to rein in out-of-control costs, provide quality, affordable health care choices to all, and make outrageous insurance industry abuses a thing of the past." - Michael Bennet

"The idea that somehow you're going to tax the 'rich' enough to pay for quality health care for every American who doesn't have it, can't afford it or stands to lose it, not to mention for all of the undocumented aliens who receive it for free now and presumably will continue to in Obama health land, is almost laughable." - Susan Estrich

"Successful health reform must not just make health insurance affordable, affordable health insurance has to make health care affordable." - Elizabeth Edwards

"Whether it's making sure that families have access to quality health care and child care, or making sure that our children receive the best educational opportunities we can give them, we must remain committed to these needs because our children are our future." - Blanche Lincoln

"What I want veterans to know is that VA is here to care for them. VA is a good system - health care wise, safety wise - highly comparable to any other system out there. Our oversight reviews tell us that. I'm very comfortable in the quality of our system." - Eric Shinseki

"I care about my quality of life and money." - Paula Creamer

"The quality of health care in Germany is not as good as people sometimes believe it to be. We have problems with chronic diseases. The German system allows too many hospitals and specialists to treat chronic diseases. We do not have enough volume in many institutions to deliver good quality, and we do have fairly strict separations ... between primary physicians, office specialists and hospital specialists. But I think the quality problems can be solved in the next couple of years, and we have made major progress in diabetes, coronary artery disease and pulmonary disease care." - Karl Lauterbach

"We're all gonna be gay if we get health care!" - Bill Maher

"General Motors spends more on health care than steel" - Kathleen Sebelius

"We should be worrying about Wall Street - run health care." - Wendell Potter

"Health care is a right, not a privilege." - Edward Kennedy

"The market alone can't solve our health-care woes." - Barack Obama

"The patient is the nucleus of the health care system." - Paul Ryan

"Health care costs are eating the Defense Department alive." - Robert M Gates

"We will have health care reform in America." - Dick Durbin

"I believe health care is a civil right." - Dennis Kucinich

"Frankly, health care and politics are 'inextricably intertwined.'" - Angela Braly

"Whole Foods has a good health care plan." - John Mackey

"I believe in campaigning for health care, not warfare." - Mimi Kennedy

"General Motors spends more on health care than steel." - Kathleen Sebelius

"The consumer is really underutilized in health care." - Anne Wojcicki

"Make health care a right, not a privilege." - Ed Pastor

"I believe we ought to subsidize some health care for the poor, but Medicare subsidizes everyone's health care" - James Q Wilson

"In order to have good health care you need a patient and you need a health care provider." - Benjamin Carson

"Health care - we need health care for our people. We need a good - Obamacare is a disaster." - Donald Trump

"The health care is going to be less money, and we're going to have much better health care." - Donald Trump

"I believe we ought to subsidize some health care for the poor, but Medicare subsidizes everyone's health care." - James Q Wilson

"If we take care of our mental health like our dental health; we'll be ok." - Howie Mandel

"Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I'm not selling insurance." - Dennis Kucinich

"The quality of health care continues to improve, and people are living longer, but these developments mean that we're likely to eventually find ourselves in a situation in which we're forced to make difficult choices about our parents, other loved ones, or even ourselves that ultimately boil down to calculations of worth and value." - Sheena Iyengar

"If you want quality service, you have to pay for it. You don't buy into waste. I have great misgivings about the amount of advertising that we see in the health care field, some by hospitals, a lot by drug companies." - David Obey

"As a matter of principle, we believe patients should be able to see the right doctor at the right time. As a matter of principle, we believe nothing should interfere with that doctor-patient relationship. As a matter of principle, we believe all Americans deserve affordable, available, and reliable quality health care." - Bill Frist

"During the current period of health care development in our country, improvement of the management quality is becoming increasingly important. This is due to many processes, including new ones, such as increase in the number of financial resources used to implement the state guarantees program, the need for more efficient spending of funds, rearrangement of cash flows, single-channel financing" - Veronika Skvortsova

"I have been working with the World Health Organization since 1989 in an effort to redefine approaches to contraceptive introduction. This has given me the opportunity to insist that strategies for research and policy development must simultaneously address people's needs, the capacity of programs to provide good quality of care, and the range of technological options available." - Ruth Simmons

"Our practical purpose is to facilitate expansion of service innovations on a larger scale to improve access to, and the quality of reproductive health care. We are very grateful to have received support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue our work." - Ruth Simmons

"If you want quality service, you have to pay for it. You don't buy into waste. I have great misgivings about the amount of advertising that we see in the health care field, some by hospitals, a lot by drug companies." - Dave Obey

"As a single-payer advocate, I believe that at the end of the day, if a state goes forward and passed an effective single-payer program, it will demonstrate that you can provide quality health care to every man, woman and child in a more cost-effective way." - Bernie Sanders

"My mother-in-law, Nanny, spent her working years as a bookkeeper at a medical office in Columbus, Ohio. Like so many Americans, she worked hard and paid into Medicare, knowing that one day she could count on having high-quality health care when she needed it most." - Ann Mclane Kuster

"In our experience at Safeway, we're confident that we can actually improve the quality of health care while taking costs down and using the savings to help finance coverage of low-income people who are clearly going to need help to pay for insurance." - Steven Burd

"I don't know of a Democrat - whether they're a conservative, a centrist or a liberal Democrat - that doesn't think that it's important to have quality jobs that pay decent wages so that families can support themselves, so that they can have the dignity of being able to afford health care, put money aside for pension, buy a home." - Tom Vilsack

"Today there are people trying to take away rights that our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers fought for: our right to vote, our right to choose, affordable quality education, equal pay, access to health care. We the people can't let that happen." - Kerry Washington

"I have young kids. The fiscal burden that will be imposed on them is going to depend primarily on whether we tackle this looming problem in our health care system - with rising costs that don't seem, by the way, to be necessarily associated with higher quality. That is the key burden that they will face." - Peter Orszag

"President Obama is also standing up for women in North Carolina and across our country. He has helped women fight for equal pay for equal work; he has fought to guarantee that women have access to quality, affordable health care, including making sure that insurance plans cover birth control with no out-of-pocket cost." - Bev Perdue

"As we get closer to the end of this Congress, we should be addressing the urgent needs of the American people - the war in Iraq, affordable health care, a sensible energy policy, quality education for our children, retirement security, and a sound and fair fiscal policy." - Chris Van Hollen

"A central notion in the Affordable Care Act was we had an inefficient system with a lot of waste that didn't also deliver the kind of quality that was needed that often put health care providers in a box where they wanted to do better for their patients, but financial incentives were skewed the other way, we don't need to reinvent the wheel - you're already figuring out what works to reduce infections in hospitals or help patients with complicated needs." - Barack Obama

"Health and fitness are totally a choice for a better quality of life." - Chris Powell

"... class differences in health represent a double injustice: life is short where its quality is poor." - Richard G. Wilkinson

"The absence of high-quality friendships is bad for your health, spirits, productivity, and longevity." - Tom Rath

"Everyone should have the opportunity to get affordable, quality health coverage." - Magic Johnson

"Health care costs are on the rise because the consumers are not involved in the decision-making process. Most health care costs are covered by third parties. And therefore, the actual user of health care is not the purchaser of health care. And there's no market forces involved with health care." - George W Bush

"Last night, John McCain said that under the Democratic health care plan, a bureaucrat would stand between you and your doctor, as opposed to the Republican health care plan, where an accountant would stand between you and your health care." - Jay Leno

"Reducing health costs and increasing access to health care are worthy goals that every Member of Congress should support." - Jim McCrery

"Under President Obama's new health care law, Medicaid will become a very different health coverage program than first envisioned." - Fred Upton

"Health care for everybody, by making it illegal not to have health care. It's so simple, why didn't we think of this before?" - Tim Slagle

"I don't believe in all this public-funded health care, we can't afford it. If you want health care, you pay for it." - Rob Ford

"The Federal role in overcoming barriers to needed health care should emphasize health care financing programs-such as Medicare and Medicaid." - Gerald R Ford

"If you like your doctor or health care provider, you can keep them. If you like your health care plan, you can keep that too." - Barack Obama

"I do' believe in all this public-funded health care, we ca' afford it. If you want health care, you pay for it." - Rob Ford

"I believe health care is a basic right. If education - you're entitled to an education, why wouldn't you be entitled to adequate health care? Period." - Joe Biden

"If we greatly expanded primary health care, lower the cost of prescription drugs, we take a giant step forward in lowering health care costs in America." - Bernie Sanders

"Health care for all Americans is the most pressing domestic issue today. It's far past time for the President and Congress to deliver health care to everyone." - Russ Feingold

"I don't think it's government's job to find health care for people. I think it's the individual's job to find health care." - Ted Cruz

"If the goal of health-care reform is to provide comprehensive, universal health care in a cost-effective way, the only honest approach is a single-payer approach." - Bernie Sanders

"If the government controls your health care, the government controls you. Obamacare was never about health care. It was about government power, dependency, and control." - Monica Crowley

"As Congress focuses on comprehensive health care reform, one thing needs to be clear: We cannot fix health care if we do not address America's nursing shortage." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"I believe we can incentivize more affordable health care in general by better regulating insurance and creating meaningful competition for health care services." - Amy Klobuchar

"To argue that universal health care would wreck the U.S. lead in cancer survival, you'd have to argue that universal health care would wreck the entire U.S. economy." - Timothy Noah

"Discussions of health care in the U.S. usually focus on insurance companies, but, whatever their problems, they're not the main driver of health-care inflation: providers are." - James Surowiecki

"True health care reform cannot happen in Washington. It has to happen in our kitchens, in our homes, in our communities. All health care is personal." - Mehmet Oz

"After political crusades for 'affordable housing' ended up ruining the housing market and much of the economy with it, many of the same politicians are now carrying on a crusade for 'affordable health care.' But what you can afford has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of producing anything. Refusing to pay those costs means that you are just not going to continue getting the same quantity and quality - regardless of what any politician says or how well he says it." - Thomas Sowell

"Progressive visions pale and are smashed next to the normalization of market-driven government policies that wipe out pensions, eliminate quality health care, punish unions, demonize public servants, raise college tuition, and produce a harsh world of joblessness - all the while giving billions and huge bonuses, instead of prison sentences... to those bankers and investment brokers who were responsible for the 2008 meltdown of the economy and the loss of homes for millions of Americans." - Henry Giroux

"Being a wine enthusiast means you care more about quality than quantity." - Jean-Claude Carriere

"Day care poses no risk for children, provided that it is high quality.... Poor quality day care is risky for children everywhere.... The cost of poor quality day care is measured in children's lives. High quality day care costs only money." - Sandra Scarr

"The lack of affordable, quality child care is a ticking time bomb." - Melanne Verveer

"If you don't care about quality, you can meet any other requirement." - Gerald Weinberg

"Stay focused and don't try to do too many things at once. Care about execution quality." - Sam Altman

"Americans of all ages deserve quality end-of-life medical care." - Bill Nelson

"Along with a livable wage, many parents are desperate for quality affordable child care." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"I naturally gravitate toward the big picture which isn't necessarily advantageous when you go on to a career in research because successful researchers usually choose a pretty narrow channel. So having tunnel vision actually helps you stay where you are supposed to stay. The big picture in medical care was looking at the underlying causes of all of this pathology. I really wanted to do something about that and play a meaningful role in changing the trajectory of people's lives and their health and by changing their health, changing the quality of their lives." - David Katz

"What we have in the United States is not so much a health-care system as a disease-care system." - Edward Kennedy

"With more than 1,300 sites of care, VA operates the largest integrated health care system in the county" - Bob Filner

"What we have in the United States is not so much a health-care system as a disease-care system." - Ted Kennedy



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