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Quality Family Time Quotes


"I don't think quantity time is as special as quality time with your family." - Reba Mcentire

"Television's contribution to family life has been an equivocal one. For while it has, indeed, kept the members of the family from dispersing, it has not served to bring them together. By its domination of the time families spend together, it destroys the special quality that distinguishes one family from another, a quality that depends to a great extent on what a family does, what special rituals, games, recurrent jokes, familiar songs, and shared activities it accumulates." - Marie Winn

"Deliberately seeking solitude-quality time spent away from family and friends-may seem selfish. It is not. Solitude is as necessary for our creative spirits to develop and flourish as are sleep and food for our bodies to survive." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"July 4 is the perfect day to relax. It also provides a very good chance to spend quality time with friends and family since everyone is able to get away from the hassles of every day life, such as work." - Colin Chapman

"A number of rare or newly experienced foods have been claimed to be aphrodisiacs. At one time this quality was even ascribed to the tomato. Reflect on that when you are next preparing the family salad." - Jane Grigson

"Family time is the best time." - Carmelo Anthony

"Let's provide family leave that is paid and access to affordable, high-quality childcare." - Hillary Clinton

"There is nothing so important in the family as the sacred quality of the meal." - Henri Nouwen

"Lectures should go from being like the family singing around the piano to high-quality concerts." - Bill Gates

"Quality is abundant. Time is the new scarcity." - George Gilder

"I daydream all the time, and I like that quality." - Shirley Henderson

"Women were seldom given quality assignments or adequate air time." - Jessica Savitch

"Time control directly influences the quality of play." - Boris Spassky

"Sometimes the personality or just the particular process of a director can really affect your quality of life as a composer in terms of how much time you spend away from your family or the amount of time you spend doing the type of work that you maybe don't consider as fun to do as other type of work." - Christophe Beck

"When I'm on tour, I'll just fly the family out, I'll put 'em on the bus with me. They don't have to be there the whole time, but if I'm gone a certain amount of time, you know I'm definitely gonna fly them out. And then a lotta times when I'm home, I do spot dates and stuff on the weekends, because I always want spend quality time with the family. Family at the end of the day is everything, and I value that." - E-40

"In time of test, family is best." - Proverbs

"Family time is really important to me." - Chad Smith

"The Forsytes were resentful of something, not individually, but as a family; this resentment expressed itself in an added perfection of raiment, an exuberance of family cordiality, an exaggeration of family importance, and the sniff. Danger so indispensable in bringing out the fundamental quality of any society, group, or individual was what the Forsytes scented; the premonition of danger put a burnish on their armour. For the first time, as a family, they appeared to have an instinct of being in contact, with some strange and unsafe thing." - John Galsworthy

"On 3 things in his bucket list: On my bucket list... Uhm, the question is totally catching me by surprise. Some more travel, spending quality time with my family and just getting the most I can out of my wife and daughter." - Gabriel Macht

"The problem was with construction and retail, you have to be able to shut things off at night and spend quality time with yourself and family. I couldn't do it. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to give 100% to my passion if I held on to them." - Drew Waters

"I've been involved with Fantasy Football for more than 10 years now, and I'll keep competing each year as long as I'm still having fun. I like to play sports, and I like to compete, but I also have a wife and three daughters. This lets me stay involved with the sport I love and still spend quality time with my family too." - Stevie Richards

"We have to make it easier to be good workers, good parents and good caregivers all at the same time. That's why I've set out a bold vision to make quality, affordable child care available to all Americans and limit the cost to 10 percent of family income." - Hillary Clinton

"I toured for about 2 1/2 years on twentythree and then I took about a year off. I really just spent some good quality time by myself at my house, cooking, watching movies, hanging with my friends, and family. I just really needed a chance to get away from the music for a minute and decompress." - Tristan Prettyman

"I have been able to have a family and to dedicate quality time to my two sets of twins and my husband, as well as to serve on the boards of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and Montefiore Medical Center." - Karen Finerman

"Over the years, I've learnt how to strike a balance between both my lives and give quality time to my passion as well as to my family. Yes, it is tiring at times, and every working woman goes through the phase." - Malaika Arora Khan

"Like many children of the rich and famous, Paris Hilton didn't always get to spend quality time with her parents, especially her mother. A socially ambitious young woman, Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino Richards Hilton, who had married into the celebrated Hilton Hotel family, was often out and about." - Jerry Oppenheimer

"The choices that you make with your family today will determine the quality of life in your family tree for generations to come." - Steve Farrar

"There are countless studies on the negative spillover of job pressures on family life, but few on how job satisfaction enhances the quality of family life." - Albert Bandura

"It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family." - Philip Green

"We will invest in our people, quality education, job opportunity, family, neighborhood, and yes, a thing we call America." - Dan Quayle

"I'm not saying I'm a family guy, but maybe that's what people see in me: some kind of paternal quality." - Joel Edgerton

"I always feel that it is quality of time not quantity of time." - Alberto Del Rio

"There's no such thing as quality time; there's only quantity time." - Steve Schirripa

"The family is the basis of society. As the family is, so is the society, and it is human beings who make a family-not the quantity of them, but the quality of them." - Ashley Montagu

"A key ingredient in authentic Christianity is time. Not leftover time, not throwaway time, but quality time. Time for contemplation, meditation and reflection. Unhurried, uninterrupted time." - Bill Hybels

"Before Community started up again for the season, we had the chance to go on a long family vacation where we drove for ten days down the coast. I was like wow, look at these people that I am related to and am actually spending some quality time with! So it was great to be with them, but now my schedule is really difficult so I have to take what I can get." - Joel Mchale

"I love spending time with my dog, my niece and my family. I'm very family-oriented." - Lil' Kim

"You can't have a high-quality relationship without time and without trust." - Cornel West

"Courage is a self-inflicted quality that gains momentum every time you try it." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"The lack of affordable, quality child care is a ticking time bomb." - Melanne Verveer

"Time is measured by the quality and not the quanity of sensations it contains." - Algernon Blackwood

"The quality of our lives is diminished every time we lose a great artist." - Steven Van Zandt

"Flexibility in a time of great change is a vital quality of leadership." - Brian Tracy

"Being too consumed in fear all the time will result in poor quality of life" - Marie De France

"While I've spent a lot of quality time with my children, perhaps it's not been enough." - Jesse Jackson

"Over time, quality work will lead to an audience for your work." - Nicholas Sparks

"I don't go out unless I'm working. My quality time is when I'm doing nothing." - Nas

"Every Maryland family wants financial security, schools that work, quality healthcare, safer neighborhoods, and ever-expanding economic opportunity. These are the building blocks of a superior quality of life." - Robert. L. Ehrlich

"Every Maryland family wants financial security, schools that work, quality healthcare, safer neighborhoods, and ever-expanding economic opportunity. These are the building blocks of a superior quality of life." - Bob Ehrlich

"God is not calling us to win the world and, in the process, lose our families. But I have known those who so enshrined family life and were so protective of "quality time" that the children never saw in their parents the kind of consuming love that made their parent's faith attractive to them. Some have lost their children, note because they weren't at their soccer games or didn't take family vacations, but because they never transmitted a loyalty to Jesus that went deep enough to interrupt personal preferences." - David Shibley

"I hear people say, "It's not the quantity of time that's important; it's the quality." Well, technically that may be true, but quality doesn't happen in a hurry." - Gloria Gaither

"Age, with shamefaced relief, has learned the solvent quality of Time. It is this quality which makes possible the contemplation of certain embarrassing heavenly reunions ..." - Margaret Deland

"The quality of artistry is the capacity to assume innocence at will, the quality of experiencing innocence as if for the first time." - Robert Fripp

"Jesse Jackson was spending time with his family, or families." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Working full-time should mean enough to support a family." - Barack Obama

"What will always remain is love, passion and family time." - Mario Batali

"My time with my family is a priority." - Nick Faldo

"I absolutely love spending time with my family." - Kevin Alejandro

"I want to spend more time with my family." - Kenny Chesney

"My first priority is time with my family." - Tom Selleck

"My family was all musicians. We jam all the time." - Tyler Hilton

"It's quantity of time at home and quality of time at work that counts; don't mix them up!" - Brian Tracy

"What does immortality mean to me? That we all want more time; and we want it to be quality time." - Joan D Vinge

"I use no Porter ... in my family, but such as is made in America: both these articles may now be purchased of an excellent quality." - George Washington

"Affection is the most important thing. And the quality of affection - with your friends, your lovers, your family. But particularly for your own generation." - Allen Ginsberg

"Women are more focused on the development of the quality of life in their countries. They are more involved in social and family policies, childcare, and poverty reduction." - Dalia Grybauskaite

"Nebraskans are known for giving of themselves and that quality is part of what makes our state such a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family." - Dave Heineman

"She's not forgiven me, but we have a wonderful life from our family and that's the nature and quality of that woman that she can say that." - John Prescott

"Quality survives." - Leonard Maltin

"Family time is sacred time and should be protected and respected." - Boyd K. Packer

"The only luxury is time. The time you get to spend with your family." - Kanye West

"I took a long time off to have my baby and spend time with my family." - Kelly Preston

"All of us use art and literature as an escape from time to time, but if it's any good, it has a healing quality - a quality that enlarges our human spirits." - Katherine Paterson

"It takes a lot of courage as an actor to take time off for family. But family is everything." - Shari Sebbens

"Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time." - Marabel Morgan

"Beauty, my first girlfriend said to me, is that inner quality often associated with great amounts of leisure time." - Dorothy Allison

"With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax; for quality of life," - Carlos Slim

"I'll let you and Zia have some quality time," she told me. "Just the two of you and your coat." - Rick Riordan

"Victories come when their time comes. Often later than you wish. Patience is an essential quality of a coach's profession." - Viacheslav Platonov

"I think it's a false trade-off to say quality time versus quantity - you have to have both." - Hillary Clinton

"Most pastors have a hard time grasping a vision. But vision is the indispensable quality of a leader." - John C Maxwell

"Until we can sense a sacred quality in time we will not begin to have a fuller understanding of it." - Lawrence Fagg

"Money has lost its narrative quality the way painting did once upon a time. Money is talking to itself." - Don Delillo

"In their search for quality, people seem to be looking for permanency in a time of change." - John Naisbitt

"I like the idea of downshifting for a moment and getting some quality time with my lady." - Mahershala Ali

"A lonely day is God's way of saying that he wants to spend some quality time with you." - Criss Jami

"Time is valuable, and telework is a viable component to help improve quality of life in many ways." - Rob Wittman

"To me, it's very important to have time at the restaurant but also time with family and time for myself." - Eric Ripert

"Pure Flix makes evangelistic films, but we also make family films. I think the viewer wants to see quality entertainment that the whole family can watch, and many nonbelievers watch our films because they can watch with their family and young kids." - David A R White

"Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man." - Marlon Brando

"It is not shortage of time that should worry us, but the tendency for the majority of time to be spent in low-quality ways." - Richard Koch

"The quality of events surrounding you in any given moment in time may be reflecting specific beliefs that you hold in that moment of time." - Gregg Braden

"We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in." - Arianna Huffington

"Only your customers can define quality, because it's meeting your customers' expectations the first time every time. Simply put, it's performance to the standards of the customer." - Ed Robertson

"Quality and perfection are achieved with time. You do not create a perfect painting or a perfect poem by hurrying. Time is always coming." - Satish Kumar

"If I could do anything over, I'd have spent more time with my first set of children. I would have taken more quality time with them, for sure." - Lee Trevino

"Schools stifle family originality by appropriating the critical time needed for any sound idea of family to develop - then they blame the family for its failure to be a family." - John Taylor Gatto

"Of the four project development variables - scope, cost, time and quality - quality isn't really a free variable. The only possible values are "excellent" and "insanely excellent", depending on whether lives are at stake." - Kent Beck

"High quality water is more than the dream of the conservationists, more than a political slogan; high quality water, in the right quantity at the right place at the right time, is essential to health, recreation, and economic growth." - Edmund Muskie

"Tolstoy may not be showing that much of Russia at that time even. It's hard to tell. You tend to associate the quality of the period with what's lasted - what's still good. And that quality becomes the whole period." - Donald Judd

"The quality of life depends upon the ability of society to teach it's members how to live in harmony with their environment-def ined first as family, then the community, then the world and its resources." - Ellen Swallow Richards

"Almost any problem, whether it's telling a family story, or telling a network-quality story, or answering a network note, becomes essentially instantly solvable, because you have a bunch of brains sitting in a room." - Loren Bouchard

"The best antidote to poverty remains simple - a paycheck. Policies like paid family leave, workplace flexibility and affordable quality childcare can make the difference for two-parent or single-parent working families who struggle to make ends meet." - Madeleine M Kunin

"By measuring the proportion of children living with the same parents from birth and whether their parents report a good quality relationship we are driving home the message that social programmes should promote family stability and avert breakdown." - Iain Duncan Smith

"Providing patients and consumers with solid information on the cost and quality of their healthcare options can literally make the difference between life or death; and play a decisive role in whether a family or employer can afford healthcare." - Timothy Murphy

"It's more than just high quality food for the family table; it's growing the food in a way that does not harm the environment. That gives me emotional well-being that is important to me." - Robert Patterson

"The other thing is quality of life; if you have a place where you can go and have a picnic with your family, it doesn't matter if it's a recession or not, you can include that in your quality of life." - Jim Fowler

"Quality questions create a quality life." - Tony Robbins

"Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family." - Robert Foster Bennett

"You need to make time for your family no matter what happens in your life" - Matthew Quick

"Valuing time with your family does not mean you've lost your ambition. Define success for yourself." - Claire Shipman

"A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man." - Mario Puzo

"The most socially subversive institution of our time is the one-parent family." - Paul Johnson

"Christmas: the one time of year when you ca' avoid the nuts in your family muesli." - Charles Stross

"A family is one of nature's solubles; it dissolves in time like salt in rainwater." - Pat Conroy

"Strangers take a long time to become acquainted, particularly when they are from the same family." - Marijane Meaker

"The perfect family board game is one that can be played each time with fewer pieces." - Robert Breault

"In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"Christmas: the one time of year when you can't avoid the nuts in your family muesli." - Charles Stross

"One time my whole family played hide and seek. They found my mother in Pittsburgh!" - Rodney Dangerfield

"Anyone who knows our family knows this: we eat ALL the time!" - Daphne Oz

"The perfect family board game is one that can be played each time with fewer pieces." - Robert Brault

"The family unit is the most important organization in time or in eternity." - Bruce R. McConkie

"My priorities are my family and my job. I have little time for much else." - Doug Davidson

"Having family time to reflect on your day is the best." - Buddy Valastro

"Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family." - Bo Bennett

"Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you grounded." - Jennifer Ellison

"I'm lucky I've been able to spend a lot of time with my family." - James Fox

"They stayed by my side the whole time - my teammates, family and all the fans." - William Green

"I just like being able to spend time with my family." - Paula Creamer

"There's the job and then there's my family. There's very little time beyond that for friends." - Dalton Mcguinty

"I will always put family first. Every time I haven't, I have regretted it and apologised." - Andrew Forrest

"And it is time for those who talk about family values to start valuing families." - John F Kerry

"I've said my piece. My time now is entirely focused on family." - Randy Pausch

"I have a big family, and I spend a lot of time with them." - Mitt Romney

"Of course I regret not having been able to spend time with my family." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"I built a jail in my closet and I would incarcerate my family from time to time." - Will Ferrell

"Until you have enough money accumulated, sacrifice luxury. Sacrifice TV, time out, and even time with your family and friends." - Ryan Blair

"Weekends are sacred for me. They're the perfect time to relax and spend time with family and friends." - Marcus Samuelsson

"Spend time with your family and try to spend time doing things that you enjoy doing other than basketball." - Elena Delle Donne

"Now, most of the time you couldn't be too sure of the quality of the drug. Although, in my experience the stuff was always of a very high quality, because back then we didn't have business majors peddling lower-quality stuff in an effort to increase profits." - Lewis Black

"We cannot rely on mass inspection to improve quality, though there are times when 100 percent inspection is necessary. As Harold S. Dodge said many years ago, 'You cannot inspect quality into a product.' The quality is there or it isn't by the time it's inspected." - W Edwards Deming

"I cook and I really believe in the family dinner, I think that's a nice time to bring the family together." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"I like to hike and play with my dogs and spend time with my family. We go out to family dinners a lot." - Gabby Douglas

"'Billy Elliot' prides itself on being a family show, and it made sense to specifically cater to a family audience with an earlier evening curtain time." - Eric Fellner

"Being from Oakland, you see a lot of thing. You see friends turn on friends all the time. You see family turn on family." - Marshawn Lynch

"You're always going to miss your daily eating spots, your daily hangouts with your friends, family. I miss my family like crazy, all the time." - D-Pryde

"It is very difficult to sustain a high-quality relationship that has the kind of mutual intensity, that has a kind of mutual respect, without putting in time." - Cornel West

"I am of the opinion that there is more high-quality television being produced than at any time in the history of television." - Michael Schur

"There's a cinematic quality that happens in my mind when I hear something that really lands. An album is just a journal of a life moving through time." - Ben Gibbard



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