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Quality And Cost Quotes


"Cost is more important than quality but quality is the best way to reduce cost." - Genichi Taguchi

"The surest foundation of a manufacturing concern is quality. After that, and a long way after, comes cost." - Andrew Carnegie

"High-quality software is not expensive. High-quality software is faster and cheaper to build and maintain than low-quality software, from initial development all the way through total cost of ownership." - Capers Jones

"Expensive quality work doesn't cost more - it pays." - Louis C K

"When you can't compete on cost, compete on quality." - James Dyson

"Greening school design provides an extraordinarily cost-effective way to enhance student learning, reduce health and operational costs and, ultimately, increase school quality and competitiveness." - Gregory Kats

"The costs of poor quality are tangible; they will cost you customers and money, and ultimately affect the success of your business." - Subir Chowdhury

"At the tail end of the great global boom, their old richer consumers are behaving more like new poorer ones, also increasingly concerned about cost, quality, and safety." - Andrew Curry

"Contractors always pursue large profit, the customer - a high-quality end product in due time and at a lower cost. This struggle never ends, but this is natural." - Vladimir Putin

"Note that ANSI standards also cost way too much compared to toilet paper, and they're pretty bad quality as toilet paper goes, too." - Erik Naggum

"There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible." - Henry Ford

"While I support initiatives to improve quality and efficiency in Medicare, I do not believe that these efficiencies should come at the cost of patient well being." - Shelley Berkley

"When goods are digital, they can be replicated with perfect quality at nearly zero cost, and they can be delivered almost instantaneously. Welcome to the economics of abundance." - Erik Brynjolfsson

"Of the four project development variables - scope, cost, time and quality - quality isn't really a free variable. The only possible values are "excellent" and "insanely excellent", depending on whether lives are at stake." - Kent Beck

"The cost of quality is the expense of doing things wrong." - Phil Crosby

"I'm one of the most durable and fervent advocates of space exploration, but my take is that we could do it robotically at far less cost and far greater quantity and quality of results." - James Van Allen

"First and most obvious, bring out the three old warhorses of competition - cost, quality, and service - and drive them to new levels, making every person in the organization see them for what they are, a matter of survival." - Jack Welch

"Providing patients and consumers with solid information on the cost and quality of their healthcare options can literally make the difference between life or death; and play a decisive role in whether a family or employer can afford healthcare." - Timothy Murphy

"If we can reduce the cost and improve the quality of medical technology through advances in nanotechnology, we can more widely address the medical conditions that are prevalent and reduce the level of human suffering." - Ralph Merkle

"My father taught us that to thrive, excellence in technology, quality, and customer service along with cost competitiveness is a prerequisite. His contribution to business, the economy, and society at large can never be underscored enough." - Kumar Mangalam Birla

"The fact of the matter is right now politicians and insurance companies are making decisions. We're saying we want doctors to be making decisions. And I think that will lead to a higher-quality, lower-cost system over time." - Peter Orszag

"We can do better in higher education. And it is more than just technology. It's also an attitude on the part of faculty. We need to think through how we can produce a better quality product at less cost." - Roy Romer

"Quality is free. It's not a gift, but it's free. The 'unquality' things are what cost money." - Phil Crosby

"The biggest cost of poor quality is when your customer buys it from someone else because they didn't like yours." - W Edwards Deming

"The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way." - Bernie Sanders

"Pity cost nothing and ain't worth nothing." - Josh Billings

"Features have a specification cost, a design cost, and a development cost. There is a testing cost and a reliability cost. ... Features have a documentation cost. Every feature adds pages to the manual increasing training costs." - Douglas Crockford

"Quality, service, cleanliness, and value." - Steve Ross

"Quality, service, cleanliness, and value." - Cavett Robert

"Vague promises of savings from cutting waste, enhancing prevention and wellness, installing electronic medical records and improving quality are merely lipstick cost control, more for show and public relations than for true change. Savings will require changing how doctors think about their patients. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, as an imperative to do everything for the patient regardless of the cost or effects on others." - Ezekiel Emanuel

"A bag of quality marijuana in Minnesota will cost you 400 bucks, in Colorado it'll cost you 100 and a quarter. Medical Marijuana, a pill that you've got to pay for - which, it's allowed in Minnesota, but it's so restricted - costs $600 a month. If you live in Colorado you can get the same medical marijuana for $30 a month. See why it needs to be legalized across the board?" - Jesse Ventura


"There are many who subscribe to the convention that service is a business cost, but our data demonstrates that superior service is an investment that can help drive business growth. Investing in quality talent, and ensuring they have the skills, training and tools that enable them to empathize and actively listen to customers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences." - Jim Bush

"Older people are not going to evaporate from the face of the Earth for two years. They're going to have medical need and they're going to have to be attended to. And the earlier intervention for it, the less the cost will be and the better the quality of life." - Nancy Pelosi

"The challenges, the changes we're talking about often seem to them like unbelievable opportunities to deliver a product quicker, better. If you can improve the quality, lower the cost, and improve the turns - and you can do that because your information systems, your delivery systems, are better because of technology - well, you see that as a wonderful opportunity to gain market share." - Ken Moelis

"We have to make it easier to be good workers, good parents and good caregivers all at the same time. That's why I've set out a bold vision to make quality, affordable child care available to all Americans and limit the cost to 10 percent of family income." - Hillary Clinton

"I believe it is an important project, it makes the cost of doing business lower and they will make us more competitive at the same time, it will also provide some satisfaction to the people who demand services for them of the quality they want and also quickly." - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

"The Internet rewards scale; by trading higher up-front costs for lower marginal cost, market leaders can invest in better technology and service. As a result, there is nothing online that is both great in quality and small in scale. Amazon wasn't originally a better bookstore than the small shops we mourn, but it is now." - John Katzman

"As a single-payer advocate, I believe that at the end of the day, if a state goes forward and passed an effective single-payer program, it will demonstrate that you can provide quality health care to every man, woman and child in a more cost-effective way." - Bernie Sanders

"One of the myths about the Internet of Things is that companies have all the data they need, but their real challenge is making sense of it. In reality, the cost of collecting some kinds of data remains too high, the quality of the data isn't always good enough, and it remains difficult to integrate multiple data sources." - Chris Murphy

"To treat programming scientifically, it must be possible to specify the required properties of programs precisely. Formality is certainly not an end in itself. The importance of formal specifications must ultimately rest in their utility -in whether or not they are used to improve the quality of software or to reduce the cost of producing and maintaining software." - Jim Horning

"President Obama is also standing up for women in North Carolina and across our country. He has helped women fight for equal pay for equal work; he has fought to guarantee that women have access to quality, affordable health care, including making sure that insurance plans cover birth control with no out-of-pocket cost." - Bev Perdue

"Thus those reformers, who look for a remedy by creating artificial carrying-costs for the money through the device of requiring legal-tender currency to be periodically stamped at a prescribed cost in order to retain its quality as money, or in analogous ways, have been on the right track; and the practical value of their proposals deserves consideration." - John Maynard Keynes

"We need a cost-effective, high-quality health care system, guaranteeing health care to all of our people as a right." - Hillary Clinton

"Quality control starts and ends with training." - Kaoru Ishikawa

"Quality is determined by accuracy and completeness." - Larry Sanger

"Quality combines people power and process power." - Subir Chowdhury

"Day care poses no risk for children, provided that it is high quality.... Poor quality day care is risky for children everywhere.... The cost of poor quality day care is measured in children's lives. High quality day care costs only money." - Sandra Scarr

"We build roads and they cost two and three and four times what they're supposed to cost." - Donald Trump

"Cost is the father and compensation the mother of progress." - J. G. Holland

"Little journeys and good cost bring safe home." - George Herbert

"Books should cost less and they should be digital." - Walt Mossberg

"Anything acquired without effort, and without cost is generally unappreciated." - Napoleon Hill

"Teach us to give and not count the cost." - Ignatius Of Loyola

"You build on cost and you borrow on value." - Paul Reichmann

"Teach us to give and not to count the cost." - Ignatius Loyola

"Girls are a distraction and can easily cost points." - Boris Becker

"Teach us to give and not to count the cost." - Ignatius Of Loyola

"Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is a cost." - Peter Drucker

"We would fight against terrorism and win at any cost." - Ameer Haider Khan Hoti

"Kind words are worth much and they cost little." - Proverbs

"Teach us to give and not to count the cost." - Saint Ignatius

"Experience teaches slowly, and at the cost of mistakes." - James Anthony Froude

"Good words are worth much, and cost little." - George Herbert

"What Obamacare does is decreases choices and drives up cost." - Ted Cruz

"Quality is subjective. There are quality blockbusters; there are quality versions of every genre and it doesn't necessarily mean money." - Rufus Sewell

"When you invest in high-quality brands, it pays off with high-quality audiences and, ultimately, high-quality advertising rates." - Jim Bankoff

"Cost does not equal value... and low cost parts decrease brand equity for a very long time." - Tom Peters

"The cost of energy is directly related to the cost of hiring workers and running a business." - Martha Roby

"Presidential leadership needn't always cost money. Look for low- and no-cost options. They can be surprisingly effective." - Donald Rumsfeld

"The creatives, they want to connect with people. These artists, the clothing designers, they want to connect with people the same way that music gets to connect with people. But the cost of silk is too expensive. And they won't lower their quality levels. So I can spend $2 million on a record and give it out in a democratic way. They could spend all their time making the greatest dress in the world, and it's just impossible to hand-make that many." - Kanye West

"After political crusades for 'affordable housing' ended up ruining the housing market and much of the economy with it, many of the same politicians are now carrying on a crusade for 'affordable health care.' But what you can afford has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of producing anything. Refusing to pay those costs means that you are just not going to continue getting the same quantity and quality - regardless of what any politician says or how well he says it." - Thomas Sowell

"You have a job but you don't always have job security, you have your own home but you worry about mortgage rates going up, you can just about manage but you worry about the cost of living and the quality of the local school because there is no other choice for you.rankly, not everybody in Westminster understands what it's like to live like this and some need to be told that it isn't a game." - Theresa May

"The U.S. has a system that does have a poor cost-benefit ratio. I mean, 40 million people lack insurance; another 30 million or so are underinsured. The people who are insured do have to worry whether they are able to pay the bills. People become bankrupt because they cannot pay the medical bills, and there are vast differences in the quality of care depending on how much you are prepared and able to pay. I think the system is not working well." - Karl Lauterbach

"If music in general is an imitation of history, opera in particular is an imitation of human willfulness; it is rooted in the fact that we not only have feelings but insist upon having them at whatever cost to ourselves. The quality common to all the great operatic roles, e.g., Don Giovanni, Norma, Lucia, Tristan, Isolde, Br?nnhilde, is that each of them is a passionate and willful state of being. In real life they would all be bores, even Don Giovanni." - W H Auden

"If music in general is an imitation of history, opera in particular is an imitation of human willfulness; it is rooted in the fact that we not only have feelings but insist upon having them at whatever cost to ourselves. The quality common to all the great operatic roles, e.g., Don Giovanni, Norma, Lucia, Tristan, Isolde, Brunnhilde, is that each of them is a passionate and willful state of being. In real life they would all be bores, even Don Giovanni." - W H Auden

"Abundance is the quality of life you live and quality of life you give to others." - J K Rowling

"The quality of democracy and the quality of journalism are deeply entwined." - Bill Moyers

"The quality of your life ultimately is shaped by the quality of your choices and decisions." - Robin S. Sharma

"The CARE bill is an important piece of patient-care legislation. It will improve the quality of radiologic procedures performed throughout the United States as well as assist in reducing the cost incurred by the Federal government for these procedures." - Charles W Pickering

"The government does not have some magic wand that can 'bring down the cost of health care.' It can buy a smaller quantity or lower quality of medical care, as other countries with government-run medical care do." - Thomas Sowell

"...quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture. Values are what constitute true quality of life, the supreme quality of life, even above food, shelter and clothing." - Fidel Castro

"Nothing gained without cost is valued. Freedom has a cost, and all will bear it so all will value and preserve it." - Terry Goodkind

"The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality." - George Bernard Shaw

"The difference between Fashion and Style is Quality" - Giorgio Armani

"Dedication to quality, community, and originality without exception." - Zach Klein

"My attention determines the depth and quality of my experience." - Karen Kingston

"Quality is my principle and qualified is my attitude." - Laverne Cox

"The difference between style and fashion is quality." - Giorgio Armani

"I care about my quality of life and money." - Paula Creamer

"I daydream all the time, and I like that quality." - Shirley Henderson

"Everybody will have lower rates, better quality, and better access." - Nancy Pelosi

"One must strike the right balance between speed and quality." - Clare Short

"Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours." - Rich Mullins

"We talk about the quality of product and service. What about the quality of our relationships and the quality of our communications and the quality of our promises to each other?" - Max De Pree

"It will cost you everything to follow the Lord. And it will cost you even more to be His man for this hour." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"As I travel around Idaho and visit with seniors, I hear almost universal concern about the rising cost of health care, particularly the cost of prescription drugs." - Michael K Simpson

"My main concern is quality and I think there is quality to be found in all categories of filmmaking." - Brad Pitt

"Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." - Anthony Robbins

"There is a difference between standard of living and quality of life. Quality of life is more important." - Zig Ziglar

"I'd like to be doing quality acting in a quality role and making as many people as possible happy." - John Larroquette

"There is a quality of life which lies always beyond the mere fact of life; and when we include the quality in the fact, there is still omitted the quality of the quality." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Revolt and terror pay a price, Order and law have a cost." - Carl Sandburg

"Revolt and terror pay a price. Order and law have a cost." - Carl Sandburg

"The extraction of oil, coal and minerals brought, and still brings, a cost to the environment." - Bono

"Washington is a place where men praise courage and act on elaborate personal cost-benefit calculations." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Pleasure that is obtained by unreasonable and unsuitable cost must always end in pain." - Samuel Johnson

"Understand the acute difference between the cost of something and the value of something." - Robin S. Sharma

"Excuses cost a dime and that's why the poor could afford a lot of it." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Every step forward is made at the cost of mental and physical pain to someone." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"We have to speak the truth always, at any cost, and no matter what." - Samael Aun Weor

"Adherence to dogmas has destroyed more armies and cost more battles than anything in war." - J F C Fuller

"And one game, as we know, can cost you a lot." - Tony Dungy

"Elegance in objects is everybody's right, and it should' cost more than ugliness." - Paola Antonelli

"In all things seek to know God's Will and when known obey at any cost." - Jonathan Goforth

"Pleasure that is obtained by unreasonable and unsuitable cost, must always end in pain." - Samuel Johnson

"The better work men do is always done under stress and at great personal cost." - William Carlos Williams

"The pleasures of spring are available to everybody and cost nothing." - George Orwell

"Elegance in objects is everybody's right, and it shouldn't cost more than ugliness." - Paola Antonelli

"You must be willing to protect yourself and what you cherish, no matter what the cost." - Christopher Paolini

"There is no point in developing anything at the cost of exploiting and abusing animals." - Kat Von D

"The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys." - Anonymous

"The ultimate cost reduction is eliminating atoms entirely and dealing only in bits." - Chris Anderson

"The middle of the universe is tonight, is here, And everything behind is a sunk cost." - Marina Keegan

"The fashion of the world is to avoid cost, and you encounter it." - William Shakespeare

"We'll make our voices heard loud and clear on the importance of cost-based power." - Maria Cantwell

"Build into each budget the cost of hiring and don't lump yourself with capital investment." - Ann Macbeth

"Not worrying about the cost of materials and tools extends my artistic freedom." - Jim Rowe

"It really doesn't cost anything to be nice, and the rewards can be unimaginable" - Bear Bryant

"The American is wholeheartedly for love and romance at any cost." - Leslie Caron

"Solar power is clean, renewable and cost effective, but it also needs time to develop." - J D Hayworth

"I think the American people believe in stopping and preventing terrorism pretty much at any cost." - Monica Crowley

"We work very cost effective and I sell my movies in 100 territories on my own." - Uwe Boll

"The much greater crimes of the Soviet Gulags occurred over decades and cost millions of lives." - Jean-Marie Le Pen

"LISP programmers know the value of everything and the cost of nothing." - Alan Perlis

"The cost of living is going up and the chance of living is going down." - Flip Wilson

"An underground hit didn't make any money and it cost a dollar to get in." - John Waters

"With high trust, success comes faster, better, and at lower cost." - David Neeleman

"The much greater crimes of the Soviet Gulags occurred over decades and cost millions of lives." - Jeanmarie Le Pen

"Gun violence has cost us too many political leaders, and hardly ever the worst ones." - P J Orourke

"Quality survives." - Leonard Maltin

"Leadership is a choice to protect the person to the left of us, and protect the person to the right of us, and sometimes that may come at a cost. It may cost us our benefits, it may cost us our comfort, it may sometimes cost us our perks, whatever it is, credit." - Simon Sinek

"Life without balance can cost you your relationships. Life without balance can cost you your health. Life without balance can cost you your spirituality. Life without balance can cost you your wealth and your happiness. So find things to motivate you from all areas of life. Your success depends on it." - Jim Rohn

"Civilization comes at a cost of manliness. It comes at a cost of wildness, of risk, of strife. It comes at a cost of strength, of courage, of mastery. It comes at a cost of honor. Increased civilization exacts a toll of virility, forcing manliness into further redoubts of vicariousness and abstraction." - Jack Donovan

"On the Internet, there are an unlimited number of competitors. Anybody with a Flip camera is your competition. What makes it even worse is that YouTube is willing to subsidize the cost of your bandwidth. So anybody can create and distribute for free basically, but the real cost is marketing. And that's always the big cost - how do you stand out and what's the cost of standing out? And there's no limit to that cost." - Mark Cuban

"Fair words cost nothing." - John Gay

"Civility cost nothing." - Mary Wortley Montagu

"Always count the cost." - Proverbs

"Joy, has no cost." - Marianne Williamson

"The holy angels live and qualify in the light, in the good quality wherein the Holy Ghost reigneth. The devils live and reign in the fierce wrathful quality, in the quality of fierceness and wrath, destruction or perdition." - Jakob Bohme



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