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I moved up beside Jamie.

"I moved up beside Jamie."I have to go." She frowned at me. "Where?" I pressed a hand to the bottom of my belly. "My bladder.It-" Ah." She gave a small laugh. "We interrupt this life-or-death situation for a pregnancy pee break. Don't see that in the movies, do you?"
Kelley Armstrong

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At the Right Hand, After the Break Up, I Have to Pee, Accepting the Situation, Being At the Bottom, Starting At the Bottom, Interrupt, At the End, And At the End of the Day, Ah, Angry At the World, At the Same Time, Ability to See, Bottom of the Barrel, In the Beginning, In the Box, In the Congregation, In the Dark, In the End, In the Jordan, In the Light, In the Moment, In the Morning, In the Now, In the Past, In the Sack,