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I said you lie, knave!

"I said you lie, knave!" shouted Beaumains, drawing his sword. "And for telling such craven falsehoods, you must die!" The knight looked plaintively at Roger. "What's wrong with this fellow?" He was dropped on his head when he was a baby," answered Roger."
Gerald Morris

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Telling I Love You, I Care for You, I Pray for You, Doing What You Must, After You Die, Before You Die, When You Die, What's Important to You, You and I, I Fell in Love with You, I Want to Be with You, I Will Wait for You, Telling How You Feel, Telling What You Feel, Proving You Wrong, Family Doing You Wrong, Telling a Lie, Telling Lie, Be with You, Done with You, Dreams with You, Future with You, Happiness with You, Happy with You, Morning with You, Provide You with,