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You won't hurt me. I know you won't.

"You won't hurt me. I know you won't." Logan said. "How can you be so sure?" I whispered. "Because you're that Gypsy girl, and I'm the bad-boy Spartan. And I think it's time we were finally together, don't you?"
Jennifer Estep

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You Don't Know Me, I Know You Love Me, I Know You, I Hurt You, I Love You Because, If You Don't Like Me, You Think You Know, I Think of You, You and I, I Won't, I Don't Believe You, I Don't Like You, I Don't Love You, I Don't Need You, I Don't Trust You, You Know I Love You, Can I Trust You, You Can Be, You Hurt Me, You and Me, I Won't Give Up, I Love You So Much, I Miss You So Much, I Don't Love You Anymore, I Don't Want to Lose You, If You Hate Me,