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Public Libraries Quotes


"Public libraries are the last vestige of public free space." - Joshua Prince-Ramus

"Access to public libraries also affects how much children read." - Stephen D. Krashen

"I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure." - Virginia Woolf

"In my view, investing in public libraries is an investment in the nation's future." - Bill Gates

"Boys like him didn't die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries." - Maggie Stiefvater

"The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries." - Kurt Vonnegut

"In my world there would be as many public libraries as there are Starbucks." - Henry Rollins

"As a big user of public libraries, I deplore the cutbacks they have had to sustain." - Jill Abramson

"A society - any society - is defined as a set of mutual benefits and duties embodied most visibly in public institutions: public schools, public libraries, public transportation, public hospitals, public parks, public museums, public recreation, public universities, and so on." - Robert Reich

"Health information is just about the number one thing that people go into public libraries and connect to public libraries for. They're also looking for information about things that can make their lives better. It's a great equalizer." - Carla Hayden

"Now, public libraries are most admirable institutions, but they have one irritating custom. They want their books back." - Cecil B Demille

"Much have I travelled in the realms of gold for which I thank the Paddington and Westminster Public Libraries." - Peter Porter (poet)

"Much have I travelled in the realms of gold for which I thank the Paddington and Westminster Public Libraries." - Peter Porter

"What is also strange to me is that public libraries have always been in the forefront of opposing censorship." - Matthew Lesko

"I want the public as well as libraries and schools to enjoy unlimited access to public-domain books. This means no charges for these kind of texts themselves." - Tom Peters

"Public libraries have been a mainstay of my life. They represent an individual's right to acquire knowledge; they are the sinews that bind civilized societies the world over. Without libraries, I would be a pauper, intellectually and spiritually." - James A Michener

"We like to say the Internet is the ultimate library. But libraries are libraries because people come together and fund them through taxes. Libraries actually exist, all over the country, so why is it such a reach to imagine and to someday build a public institution that has a digital aspect to it? Of course the problem is that libraries and other public services are being defunded and are under attack, so there's a bigger progressive struggle this plays into." - Astra Taylor

"Throughout my formal education I spent many, many hours in public and school libraries. Libraries became courts of last resort, as it were. The current definitive answer to almost any question can be found within the four walls of most libraries." - Arthur Ashe

"The founding of libraries was like constructing more public granaries, amassing reserves against a spiritual winter which by certain signs, in spite of myself, I see ahead..." - Marguerite Yourcenar

"If you get down about the state of American culture, just remember there are still more public libraries in this country than there are McDonalds." - David Mccullough

"Did it ever occur to anyone that if you put nice libraries in public schools you wouldn't have to put them in prisons?" - Fran Lebowitz

"There were two free public libraries within walking distance of my home; I remember taking six books home from every visit, the limit set by the library." - Martin Lewis Perl

"I find it incredible and outrageous that public and school libraries are being forced to close - we'll all pay the price in the long term." - Anthony Browne

"Children have to have access to books, and a lot of children can't go to a store and buy a book. We need not only our public libraries to be funded properly and staffed properly, but our school libraries. Many children can't get to a public library, and the only library they have is a school library." - Katherine Paterson

"No libraries, no progress." - Willard Scott

"invaders always destroy libraries." - Storm Jameson

" our dreams." - Nikki Giovanni

"Libraries are our friends." - Neil Gaiman

"Libraries raised me." - Ray Bradbury

"I have always had a special affinity for libraries and librarians, for the most obvious reasons. I love books. (One of my first Jobs was shelving books at a branch of the Chicago Public Library.) Libraries are a pillar of any society. I believe our lack of attention to funding and caring for them properly in the United States has a direct bearing on problems of literacy, productivity, and our inability to compete in today's world. Libraries are everyman's free university." - John Jakes

"NC LIVE has the potential to give citizens across North Carolina immediate access to the rich array of information resources housed by the libraries on UNC's 16 campuses. It will allow unprecedented collaboration and sharing of resources among sister UNC institutions, the community colleges, and the state's public libraries." - Molly Corbett Broad

"Public office is a public trust." - Daniel S. Lamont

"If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries." - John F Kennedy

"By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labors, we may turn the public mind which way we will." - Adam Weishaupt

"Public libraries are our great teachers and storytellers, and are a vital adjunct to our schools. In this day of standardized and homogenized education, a library offers individual and personalized learning opportunities second to none." - Julie Andrews

"The reflections and histories of men and women throughout the world are contained in books.... America's greatness is not only recorded in books, but it is also dependent upon each and every citizen being able to utilize public libraries." - Terence Cooke

"I think most people would like that: probably comes in about ninety percent. They see their public works crumbling, services inadequate, they have libraries and schools and bridges and highways that have not been repaired." - Ralph Nader

"My experience with public libraries is that the first volume of the book I inquire for is out, unless I happen to want the second, when that is out." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"I don't do casinos or prisons; I like to do projects that enhance the lives of everyday people, like campus buildings, libraries, museums and government buildings. That's why I love working in the public sector." - Philip Freelon

"As it is she will probably turn out to be one of these acid-faced virgins that sit behind little desks in public libraries and stamp dates in books." - Raymond Chandler

"What do we, as a nation, care about books? How much do you think we spend altogether on our libraries, public or private, as compared with what we spend on our horses?" - John Ruskin

"Well-run libraries are filled with people because what a good library offers cannot be easily found elsewhere: an indoor public space in which you do not have to buy anything in order to stay." - Zadie Smith

"Libraries are public treasuries. They're ways in which well-meaning societies leave the wealth of the past arranged A to Z so that anyone walking past can find it." - Francis Spufford

"Support your libraries... or else!" - Margaret Atwood

"I think the public library system is one of the most amazing American institutions. Free for everybody. If you ever get the blues about the status of American culture there are still more public libraries than there are McDonald's. During the worst of the Depression not one public library closed their doors." - David Mccullough

"The public be damned." - William Henry Vanderbilt

"I claim that this bookless library is a dream, a hallucination of on-line addicts; network neophytes, and library-automation insiders...Instead, I suspect computers will deviously chew away at libraries from the inside. They'll eat up book budgets and require librarians that are more comfortable with computers than with children and scholars. Libraries will become adept at supplying the public with fast, low-quality information. The result won't be a library without books-it'll be a library without value." - Clifford Stoll

"Our culture's tolerance wears thin when religion intrudes on the public discourse... Our schools, courtrooms, and libraries set the tone for the entire society. The message they currently communicate is harsh and unambiguous: religion is offensive and should be kept out of public view." - Ralph E. Reed, Jr.

"It may be primarily property taxes in the case of a public library, or state taxes and tuition in the case of an academic library at a public university, but the funding sources of most libraries continue to have a strong geographic component." - Tom Peters

"The librarian of today, and it will be true still more of the librarians of tomorrow, are not fiery dragons interposed between the people and the books. They are useful public servants, who manage libraries in the interest of the public . . . Many still think that a great reader, or a writer of books, will make an excellent librarian. This is pure fallacy." - William Osler

"In America there is a public library in every community. How many public libraries are there in Africa? Every day there are new books coming out and new ideas being discussed. But these new books and ideas don't reach Africa and we are being left behind." - George Weah

"I've got libraries in my blood." - Charlaine Harris

"Meek young men grow up in libraries." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"With enough libraries, all content is free." - Jessamyn West

"Libraries are the wardrobes of literature." - George Dyer

"The richest minds need not large libraries." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"Libraries are the future of reading." - Courtney Milan

"... bums on the outside, libraries inside." - Ray Bradbury

"Libraries are the pride of the city." - Amy Tan

"Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul." - Saying

"Libraries are where it all begins." - Rita Dove

"Libraries are not made, they grow." - Augustine Birrell

"Libraries can take the place of God." - Umberto Eco

"The American public is a very specialized public." - Sergio Leone

"Avoid any specific discussion of public policy at public meetings." - Quintus Tullius Cicero

"You don't choose your public; your public chooses you." - Carine Roitfeld

"I am a public library" - Tony Benn

"Freedom is a public library." - Paula Fox

"Public credit is suspicion asleep." - Thomas Paine

"I owe the public nothing." - J P Morgan

"I'm a horrible public speaker." - Bill Condon

"The public is always right." - Cecil B Demille

"The public seldom forgive twice." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"Public Speaking is very easy." - Dan Quayle

"My art became very public." - Joey Skaggs

"The public always picks quality." - Randy Jackson

"The public are not stupid." - Pete Waterman

"The public is always good." - Franz Liszt

"Every man speaks of public opinion, and means by public opinion, public opinion minus his opinion." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"I do not know how wicked American millionaires are, but as I travel about and see the results of their generosity in the form of hospitals, churches, public libraries, universities, parks, recreation grounds, art museums and theatres I wonder what on earth we should do without them." - William Lyon Phelps

"So the America I loved still exists, if not in the White House or the Supreme Court or the Senate or the House of Representatives or the media. The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries." - Kurt Vonnegut

"I could not do what I do without the kindness, consideration, resourcefulness and work of librarians, particularly in public libraries. What started me writing history happened because of some curiosity that I had about some photographs I'd seen in the Library of Congress." - David Mccullough

"I cannot sufficiently celebrate the glorious liberty that reigns in the public libraries of the twentieth century as compared with the intolerable management of those of the nineteenth century, in which the books were jealously railed away from the people, and obtainable only at an expenditure of time and red tape calculated to discourage any ordinary taste for literature." - Edward Bellamy

"At the 1894 ALA conference it was fairly well agreed that the primary goal of the public library must be to teach good citizenship. Libraries recognized that such "Americanization" could be achieved through literacy. Thus, teaching immigrants to read was not just a benefit in and of itself; literacy would also serve the interests of democracy." - Kevin Mattson

"Fact is Our Lord knew all about the power of money: He gave capitalism a tiny niche in His scheme of things, He gave it a chance, He even provided a first installment of funds. Can you beat that? It's so magnificent. God despises nothing. After all, if the deal had come off, Judas would probably have endowed sanatoriums, hospitals, public libraries or laboratories." - Georges Bernanos

"Public libraries are the sole community centers left in America. The degree to which a branch of the local library is connected to the larger culture is a reflection of the degree to which the community itself is connected to the larger culture." - Russell Banks

"This is an extremely foolish and stupid and idiotic kind of attitude - to expect theatres to make money. Do the public schools make money? Do libraries make money? Does the zoo make money? D o the sewers make money? It's a community service." - John Hirsch

"It's a public library. If you don't like the book, magazine, CD-ROM or film, put it down and pick up something else. Libraries provide choice. Our responsibility is to have in our collection a broad range of ideas and information." - Judith Krug

"I will protect your tax money! It won't be spent on Prime Minister and Governor houses. InshALLAH the day PTI government comes in power these walls of governor houses will be brought down. We will break these walls and make libraries and playgrounds for the public to use" - Imran Khan

"Even in life [Sinclair Lewis] was fully alive only in his writing. He lives in public libraries from Maine to California, in worn copies in the bookshelves of women from small towns who, in their girlhood, imagined themselves as Carol Kennicotts..." - Dorothy Thompson

"Libraries, whether my own or shared with a greater reading public, have always seemed to me pleasantly mad places, and for as long as I can remember I've been seduced by their labyrinthine logic, which suggests that reason (if not art) rules over a cacophonous arrangement of books." - Alberto Manguel

"Libraries have a PR problem - or at least that's what they call it when no one under the age of 40 walks through the door. To bring in a younger crowd, the paper pushers have turned to tech to bring in the public. DVDs, CDs and, yes, even videogames are hitting the shelves of your local library." - Rob Manuel

"Now, many public libraries want to lend e-books, not simply to patrons who come in to download, but to anybody with a reading device, a library card and an Internet connection. In this new reality, the only incentive to buy, rather than borrow, an e-book is the fact that the lent copy vanishes after a couple of weeks." - Scott Turow

"For an academic to launch a public conversation about journalistic integrity, the role of religion in society, scholarship and faith is a dream come true. These are the kinds of things that we sit around talking to each other about in our dusty libraries. To see these conversations take place in popular culture is the best thing that could have ever happened." - Reza Aslan

"...I spent many, many hours in...libraries. Libraries became courts of last resort, as it were." - Arthur Ashe

"We English majors...need to promote public libraries as a tool in the war against terror. How many readers of Edith Wharton have engaged in terroristic acts? I challenge you to name one...Do we need to wait until our cities lie in smoking ruins before we wake up to the fact that a first-class public library is a vital link in national defense?" - Garrison Keillor

"I photograph in public and semi-public spaces that date from various epochs. These are spaces accessible to everyone. They are places where you can meet and communicate, where you can share or receive knowledge, where you can relax and recover. They are spas, hotels, waiting rooms, museums, libraries, universities, banks, churches and, as of a few years ago, zoos. All of the places have a purpose, as for the most part do the things within them." - Candida Hofer

"If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries. These libraries should be open to all - except the censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty." - John F Kennedy

"If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries. These libraries should be open to all-except the censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty." - John F Kennedy

"When you have no real power, go public - really public. The public is where the real power is." - Elizabeth Warren

"I belong to the public. The public made me. The public can break me. I owe them my life." - Mickey Rooney

"Public control of the political process requires public financing. The restoration of our American Democracy depends upon public financing." - Dennis Kucinich

"The public can tolerate a Nazi America." - Jack Kevorkian

"Going public is not a business plan." - Henry Kravis

"That cruelest of tyrants - public opinion." - H. P. Blavatsky

"Private sincerity is a public welfare." - C. A. Bartol

"The law is the public conscience." - Thomas Hobbes

"The noblest motive is the public good." - Virgil

"In America, public opinion is the leader" - Frances Perkins

"The British public sees with blinding clarity." - Michael Heseltine

"Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians." - Homer

"The public doesn't care about figures." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Culture is public, because meaning is" - Clifford Geertz

"A good king is a public servant." - Ben Jonson

"Confidence is the public face of competence," - Ron Suskind

"The public doesnt particularly care for advertisements." - John C Malone

"Public financing would fix campaign donor problems." - Hillary Clinton

"Public school system status quo is indefensible." - Barack Obama

"Public commentary absolutely influences my work." - Peter Clewes

"I am a totally public person." - Ann Patchett

"Hillary Clinton is an experienced public figure." - Nancy Pelosi

"I'm definitely a fan of public humiliation." - Moby

"The Public is merely a multiplied "me." - Mark Twain

"A public is a necessary fiction." - Rowan D. Williams

"Public opinion is the whore among opinions." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"An actor should refine public taste." - Aristophanes

"The Public is merely a multiplied 'me.'" - Mark Twain

"You can't have public health without working with the public sector. You can't have public education without working with the public sector in education." - Paul Farmer

"I was born into public service." - Janice Hahn

"I hated being a public company CEO." - John Katzman

"I like Public Enemy a great deal." - Randy Newman

"Handguns are a public health issue." - Joycelyn Elders

"The public always wants to be told." - Edwin Lefevre

"Public opinion is a second conscience." - William R Alger

"I enjoy not being a public company." - Marc Andreessen

"The public doesn't particularly care for advertisements." - John C Malone

"Public opinion is a second conscience." - William Rounseville Alger

"I have had so much public support." - Heather Mills

"I'm a very big public school advocate." - Cynthia Nixon

"A public is a necessary fiction." - Rowan Williams

"All actors should experience public failure." - Olivia Wilde

"Morals are private. Decency is public." - Rita Mae Brown

"Ridicule is a public confession of fear." - Vanna Bonta

"The public doesn't want new music." - Arthur Honegger

"I make my mistakes in public." - Shirley Maclaine

"I have a very small public." - V S Naipaul

"What are the libraries of science but files of newspapers?" - Henry David Thoreau

"It's wrong for libraries to have limited budgets." - Jo Walton

"Ordinary people have big TVs. Extraordinary people have big libraries." - Robin S. Sharma

"Libraries really are the gates to the future." - Neil Gaiman



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