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Project Manager Quotes


"I'm a project manager, not a magician. Magicians have way cooler hats." - Merlin Mann

"A manager sets objectives - A manager organizes - A manager motivates and communicates - A manager, by establishing yardsticks, measures - A manager develops people ." - Peter Drucker

"Whenever something good comes up that sounds like I could be part of the project, my manager and my agents send me in on it." - Tyler Posey

"We originally developed 'The Client List' along with Lifetime as a TV movie - my manager and I became partners on the project. Then, we brought in Howard Braunstein on the project and produced it along with Lifetime." - Jennifer Love Hewitt

"The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it." - Warren G. Bennis

"The days of the 'intuitive' manager are numbered." - Peter Drucker

"If a manager can't control his costs, fire them." - Kevin Oleary

"What we project, we get back." - Tony Clark

"We were developing an innovative Personal Information Manager called Chandler but a couple years ago I took off from that to do a project writing down my memoirs essentially, reminiscing about the development of the Macintosh." - Andy Hertzfeld

"The future is needed as a space to project your desires. To project, future is needed." - Rajneesh

"One of an actor's fears is that your current project could be your last project." - Katharine Ross

"I'll tell you what makes a great manager: a great manager has a knack for making ballplayers think they are better than they think they are." - Reggie Jackson

"It's nothing. A school project. My go-to answer for anything. Staying out late? School project. Need extra money? School project." - Jay Asher

"The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why." - Warren G. Bennis

"There's a big difference between a decisive manager and a tyrant." - Mary Kay Ash

"I was once asked what it takes to be a great response? Great players." - Casey Stengel

"For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe." - Anonymous

"Donna (Karan), you have huge jugs, you could totally be a manager at Hooters!" - Kathy Griffin

"An investor doesn't have a prayer of picking a manager that can deliver true alpha." - Eugene Fama

"Success is a project that's always under construction." - Pat Summitt

"The project you are most resisting carries your greatest growth." - Robin S. Sharma

"no project is completed until its objective has been achieved." - Paulo Coelho

"True success is not a project but a journey." - Myles Munroe

"A consultant is only as good as their last project." - Jon Taffer

"Find a happy person, and you will find a project." - Sonja Lyubomirsky

"The road is long fro the project to its completion." - Moliere

"It is a fact that you project what you are." - Norman Vincent Peale

"It's important in any project to remain focused." - Jehane Noujaim

"Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan." - Katherine Tate

"Who cares and who doesn't care about a project, is going to shape the project in a significant way." - Jesse Schell

"There's always a moment that tilts the scales of the project, and it's always different in every project." - Tavares Strachan

"I have the attention span of a 2-year-old. I like to jump from project-to-project." - Reba Mcentire

"My work is one of my passions, so I want to treat it with great importance, whatever the project or role. As any motorcycle enthusiast can probably attest to, getting your motorcycle looking and riding the best certainly holds a high rating of importance. And if I don't finish the Lego city with my son, then I meet the wrath of an extremely assertive four-year-old project manager." - Danielle Cormack

"No job is more vital to our society than that of the manager. It is the manager who determines whether our social institutions serve us well or whether they squander our talents and resources." - Henry Mintzberg

"Do' be a time manager, be a priority manager..." - Denis Waitley

"An unsuccessful manager blames failure on his obligations; the effective manager turns them to his own advantage. A speech is a chance to lobby...a visit to an important customer a chance to extract trade information." - Henry Mintzberg

"I have a contract and I refused a lot of opportunities to be the manager of important clubs because I want to stay here. I like this job. I like to be the England manager." - Fabio Capello

"Don't be a time manager, be a priority manager..." - Denis Waitley

"He (Frank Robinson as Manager) can step on your shoes, but he doesn't mess up your shine." - Joe Morgan

"When I go to a restaurant I always ask the manager, "Give me a table near a waiter."" - Henny Youngman

"As a manager you're paid to be uncomfortable. If you're comfortable, it's a sure sign you're doing things wrong." - Peter Drucker

"One of the most important tasks of a manager is to eliminate his people's excuses for failure." - Robert Townsend

"You've got a good manager." - Phil Brown

"If a manager spends more than 10 percent of his time on human relations the group is probably too large." - Peter Drucker

"The manager has his eye on the bottom line; the leader has his eye on the horizon." - Warren G. Bennis

"-A manager sets objectives-A manager organizes-A manager motivates and communicates-A manager, by establishing yardsticks, measures-A manager develops people." - Peter Drucker

"Everything in life should be approached as a project. Every project can be broken down into just three things: Action Steps, Backburner Items, and References." - Scott Belsky

"Always have some project underway an ongoing project that goes over from day to day and thus makes each day a small unit of time." - Lillian Troll

"Generally there are always a few things that get left off for some reason or other, although the criteria for inclusion vary from project to project." - Bent Saether

"Success on one project does not necessarily mean success in the next project. You've got to be prepared in everything you do." - Helmut Jahn

"I spoke to Tom's [Hardy] manager and said, "While we're talking about Taboo, do you mind if I also mention this film project that I've got, which is called Locke, and I need Tom to play the lead." And we spoke about both in that meeting and in the end the deal was that I would do Taboo if he did Locke and vice versa." - Steven Knight

"People project all sorts of emotions onto their cats, and cats like it that way." - Lisa Scottoline

"How to manage a project: Limit it in scope. Make it simple. Get success. Then iterate." - Auren Hoffman

"The average human's fundamental project is to find someone else to blame for their problems." - Jim Goad

"One can't dull a project better than by discussing it repeatedly." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Project Runway' was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nursing." - Debra Messing

"Life is a do-it-for-others, do-it-yourself project." - Denis Waitley

"Never worry about the facts. Just project an image to the public." - Diana Vreeland

"Suppose we blasted all politicians into space. Would the SETI project find even one of them?" - Erik Naggum

"Don't wait for someone to green light your project, build your own intersection." - Tyler Perry

"You always project on the outside how you feel on the inside." - Denis Waitley

"We do. Or re-create the ones we have, and project. My whole life is projection." - James Ellroy

"Taken is a really difficult project because it was a big surprise for everybody." - Olivier Megaton

"God has made us study partner. We need to talk about our project." - Isaac Marion

"For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme, Nor take her tea without a stratagem." - Edward Young

"User-centered design means working with your users all throughout the project." - Donald A. Norman

"The West is not in the West. It is a project, not a place." - Edouard Glissant

"I actually built a tiny computer as a junior high school project." - Mitchell Kapor

"Making movies can be a creative exciting project for director and rest of staff." - Philip Kaufman

"The best way to get a project done faster is to start sooner" - Jim Highsmith

"Writing a novel is not so much a project as a journey, a voyage, an adventure." - Tom Robbins

"Has given me no choice but to advocate for the termination of this project." - Greg Nickels

"Imaginative writers often project their own monsters and meanings on basic facts." - Christopher Bram

"The role of the painter . . . is to project that which sees itself in him." - Max Ernst

"You should've seen my big hair in the 80's, that was a real project." - Mariska Hargitay

"The ideal project does not exist, each time there is the opportunity to realize an approximation." - Paulo Mendes da Rocha

"Brilliant. The Ontology Project is a post-graduate course in card magic." - Jim Steinmeyer

"Every project has its own challenges and rewards. If it's not challenging, why do it?" - Howard Berger

"When you're a producer or director, there's so much sweat that goes into any given project." - Joseph McGinty Nichol

"I wouldn't take on the project unless I could have complete creative control in casting." - Craig Brewer

"[When I photograph] I project what I'm not. What I would like to be." - Lillian Bassman

"Expect to get more than you expected [from Crash Landing project]. Expect more than a mixtape." - Kid Ink

"What you don't see and don't acknowledge in yourself, you project onto someone else." - Gary Zukav

"We've allowed our military to decay, and we project weakness on the international stage." - Rick Scott

"It is a little bit science project-y sometimes, and we talk about it that way." - Hosain Rahman

"I think that I'm always open to any kind of project." - Katie Holmes

"She cannot love, nor take no shape nor project or affection, she is so self-endeared." - William Shakespeare

"Don't do a project where you don't think you'll learn something on the way." - Jim Coudal

"A bad habit never disappears miraculously; it's an undo-it-yourself project." - Abigail Van Buren

"World peace is one project that we have to do together." - Yoko Ono

"We project our ideas about ourselves into the heavens and call them ideas about God." - Richard Curtis

"The Mozilla project is big in terms of lines of code and complexity." - Mitchell Baker

"When you start a new project, you wonder whether it's the right choice." - Jamie Bamber

"You appear to have a good project... we wish you well in this endeavor." - David Packard

"I coach young people. I have a group called BTP - Broadway Theatre Project." - Ben Vereen

"I don't try to project any image at all, other than the person that I am." - Tracy Chapman

"No matter what it is, pick yourself up and go on to the next project." - Shelley Duvall

"Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project." - Sam Elliott

"I would prefer to direct without also starring in the same project." - Julie Ann Emery

"For all of us, self-briefing before going out or starting a project sharpens artistic wit." - Robert Genn

"When I've finished one project, I start thinking about the next." - Mike Rutherford

"I definitely love fantasy and would want to be in a fantasy project." - Lupita Nyongo

"Every film I do, I'm involved with from the very conception of the project." - Irwin Winkler

"I'm spending all my time and energy on the project at hand." - Eric Bana

"You do as much research as you can for any project." - Chiwetel Ejiofor

"If a film project were available and the timing was right, I might be interested." - Yann Martel

"Men, through the ideas they have, project a field of attention that limits women." - Frederick Lenz

"User-centered design means working with your users all throughout the project." - Donald Norman

"My dad was always my manager as far as I was concerned, even when I had another manager. At times he let me go with someone else who he thought could take me to another level when he couldn't, and he was right. But they were in it for another reason. He was in it because he wanted to see me succeed no matter what, and he made decisions based on being a dad as opposed to a manager." - Tanya Tucker

"Time is like an enterprising manager always bent on staging some new and surprising production, without knowing very well what it will be." - George Santayana

"The international manager reconciles cultural dilemmas" - Fons Trompenaars

"If you are an effective manager of your self, your discipline comes from within; it is a function of your independent will." - Stephen Covey

"Toughest thing for me as a young manager is that a lot of my players saw me play. They know how bad I was." - Tony La Russa

"In order to become a big-league manager you have to be in the right place at the right time. That's rule number one." - Leo Durocher

"The manager administers; the leader innovates." - Warren G. Bennis

"A computer will not make a good manager out of a bad manager. It makes a good manager better faster and a bad manager worse faster." - Edward Esber

"Everybody has his own theatre, in which he is manager, actor, prompter, playwright, sceneshifter, boxkeepeer, doorkeeper, all in one, and audience into the bargain." - A.W. Hare

"No manager ever won no ballgames." - Sparky Anderson

"Everybody has his own theater, in which he is manager, actor, prompter, playwrite, sceneshifter, boxkeeper, doorkeeper, all in one, and audience into the bargain." - Julius Charles Hare

"Who is his manager? Milton Bradley." - Edge

"Manager solves problems, leader prevents them." - Albert Einstein

"As a manager the important thing is not what happens when you are there, but what happens when you are not there." - Ken Blanchard

"This whole creation is essentially subjective, and the dream is the theater where the dreamer is at once scene, actor, prompter, stage manager, author, audience, and critic." - Carl Jung

"A manager may be tough and practical, squeezing out, while the going is good, the last ounce of profit and dividend..." - Robert Menzies

"I found that competition was supposed to be a menace and that a good manager circumvented his competitors by getting a monopoly by artificial means." - Henry Ford

"A manager doesn't hear the cheers." - Alvin Dark

"A baseball manager is a necessary evil." - Sparky Anderson

"I should have just become a manager." - Drea De Matteo

"My manager always preaches golf comes first." - Bubba Watson

"To be a manager requires more than a title, a big office, and other outward symbols of rank. It requires competence and performance of a high order." - Peter Drucker

"Every good leader is part manager and every good manager is part leader." - Condoleezza Rice

"I'll tell you what makes a great manager: A great manager has a knack for making ballplayers think they are better than they think they are. He forces you to have a good opinion of yourself. He lets you know he believes in you." - Reggie Jackson

"I've decided I don't want to be a manager. Every time you try to be responsive to your employees, they say you're being reactive and not proactive. And when you try to be proactive, they accuse you of being capricious and arbitrary. So I don't wanna be a manager..." - Larry Wall

"The agenda should be crafted by the employee who reports to the manager not the manager." - Keith Rabois

"The ambition of an England manager should be to become England manager" - Graham Taylor

"I'm not the manager because I'm always right, but I'm always right because I'm the manager." - Gene Mauch

"One thing I've found in any project is almost universally about three quarters of the way through - or maybe a little father, maybe seventh eighths on the way through - any project will explode." - Steven Pressfield

"If a project has not achieved a system architecture, including its rationale, the project should not proceed to full-scale system development. Specifying the architecture as a deliverable enables its use throughout the development and maintenance process." - Barry Boehm

"I don't really feel pressure. I'm so distracted by what we're doing; I'm doing this four-acre project, it's just absorbing all my attention. Before you know it we're onto the next project, and so on and so forth." - Tavares Strachan

"I tend to overuse the word "project" only because "book" is terrifying while I'm still in the middle of something. A project can fail. I don't want a book to fail." - Rigoberto Gonzalez

"The state of Israel is a project of Jewish nationalism that is as legitimate as any other national project. But Israel as a state is not perfect and cannot be above criticism in democratic societies, including practical criticism." - Juan Cole

"If I abandon this project I would be a man without dreams and I don't want to live like that: I live my life or I end my life with this project." - Werner Herzog

"There is a healthy fraternal rivalry, but nothing serious and we both have been looking for a project to do together. I guess he may direct me in a project some day." - Mackenzie Astin

"The common erotic project of destroying women makes it possible for men to unite into a brotherhood; this project is the only firm and trustworthy groundwork for cooperation among males and all male bonding is based on it." - Andrea Dworkin

"I'm an old school actor in the sense. More and more now, I play myself as I get older. Even as a writer, I never got typecast. I've always bounced from project to project or initiated my own things." - Jim Piddock

"Every project has challenges, and every project has its rewards." - Stephen Schwartz

"I guess confidence is the only thing that I take from project to project, but I'm always open to learning everybody's style - the director, the actor I'm working with." - Freida Pinto

"Every time you work on a project, it's a little vacation from the project you're working on the other 23 hours. That's the thing - it replenishes you to do something else." - Joss Whedon

"We must each achieve greater individual consciousness and self-knowledge, and project mindful kindness toward everything and everyone." - Bryant H Mcgill

"Getting a project started is like moving a ship. It takes a lot of energy to build up momentum." - Susan Collins



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