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Praying For Health Quotes


"Leave not off praying to God: for either praying will make thee leave off sinning; or continuing in sin will make thee desist from praying." - Thomas Fuller

"Praying for revival equates to blaming God for the condition of your local church." - Andy Stanley

"Whatever this feeling is - this is what I have been praying for. And this is also what I have been praying to." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain." - Mark Twain

"Always remember that somebody is praying for the opportunity that you have." - Adrienne Bailon

"I've never thought there was anything I could hope to get by praying for it." - Julianna Baggott

"For me writing has always felt like praying even when I wasn't writing prayers." - Marilynne Robinson

"The biggest enemy to prayer is praying for something you already have." - Bill Johnson

"Praying for the end of time, so I can end my time with you." - Meat Loaf

"When God intends great mercy for his people, he first of all sets them praying." - Matthew Henry

"Cerevisiam Bibat! (drink beer for health)" - Hildegard of Bingen

"You cant take good health for granted." - Jack Osbourne

"Good friends are good for your health." - Irwin Sarason

"Praying is begging for an unseen deity to alter the laws of nature for someone admittedly unworthy." - George Carlin

"I can tell that you been crying all night, drinking all summer, praying for your happiness, hope that you recover" - Drake

"If I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room, I would not fear a million enemies." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"Little praying is a kind of make believe, a salve for the conscience, a farce and a delusion." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"When the Goths are at the gates, forming study groups and praying for deliverance is not effective defense." - G. Edward Griffin

"And as it turns out, if one person is praying for you, buckle up. Things can happen." - Anne Lamott

"When praying for the Lord's will about something questionable, don't give up if you don't receive clear leading after one prayer; just keep on praying until God makes it clear." - Curtis Hutson

"We should not be afraid, when praying to God, to give expression to a definite desire, even though we are in doubt at the time we are praying whether it is really the right thing to pray for or not." - Ole Hallesby

"When you're worrying you're not praying. Stop worrying start praying." - LeCrae

"It is impossible to pray for someone without loving him, and impossible to go on praying for him without discovering that our love for him grows and matures." - John Stott

"We must not be contented however with praying, without exerting ourselves in the use of means for the obtaining of those things we pray for." - William Carey

"God gave us family so that when we have a hard time praying for ourselves, we have others who will pray for us." - James Potter

"Anger, hatred, fear, is very bad for our health" - Dalai Lama

"Laughing in full abandonment is very good for your health." - Dalai Lama

"Living close to nature is wonderful for your mental health." - Ishmael

"I give thanks for ever increasing health, youth and beauty." - Catherine Ponder

"So much for Obama's promise of 'quality, affordable health care.'" - Deroy Murdock

"For life is only life when blessed with health." - Martial

"We read of preaching the Word out of season, but we do not read of praying out of season, for that is never out of season." - Matthew Henry

"There is nothing to be valued more highly than to have people praying for us; God links up His power in answer to their prayers." - Oswald Chambers

"Just because they say they're praying for you in your face, doesn't mean they aren't laughing at your struggle behind your back." - Trent Shelton

"It is good to pray for the repair of mistakes, but praying earlier would keep us from making so many. When puzzled, go to prayer and listen." - J. C. Macaulay

"Prayer isn't where we change God, but He changes us. Instead of praying for OUR desires, let's pray He burden us with HIS." - LeCrae

"When I was praying there was a Presence - I saw nothing and yet Our Lord Crucified seemed present for a few instants." - Mary Potter

"We do our work for Jesus and with Jesus. It's not a matter of praying some times and working others. We pray the work." - Mother Teresa

"I believe the enemy has numerous tactics to keep us from praying because he knows that it is the greatest way for the kingdom of God to expand." - K.P. Yohannan

"Sometimes we think we are too busy to pray. That is a great mistake, for praying is a saving of time." - Charles Spurgeon

"My praying friend, continue to make known your desires to God in all things. ... Let Him decide whether you are to receive what you ask for or not." - Ole Hallesby

"Praying, is recognizing yourself to be that which you desire to be, rather than begging God for that which you desire." - Neville Goddard

"My lesbianism is an act of Christian charity. All those women out there praying for a man, and I'm giving them my share." - Rita Mae Brown

"True praying has the largest results for good. Poor praying the least. We cannot do too much of real praying. We cannot do too little of the sham. If we would learn the wondrous power of prayer, we must not give a fragment here and there - A little talk with Jesus, as the tiny saintlets sing - but we must demand and hold with an iron grasp the best hours of the day for God and prayer, or there will be no praying worth the name." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"I think that was when the headmaster realized he had lost; he realized then that he was finished. Because, what could he do? Was he going to tell us to stop praying? We kept our heads bowed; and we kept praying. Even as awkward as he was, the Rev. Mr. Merrill had made it clear to us that there was no end to praying for Owen Meany." - John Irving

"Grasp your opportunities, no matter how poor your health; nothing is worse for your health than boredom." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"No judge can stop us from praying for our country and I pray that on May 6, millions of Americans will join me in praying for our President, all of our elected leaders, and even for this unjust judge and all those who rule from the bench - that God would guide them and give them wisdom." - Franklin Graham

"We do not pray for the sake of praying, but for the sake of being heard. We do not pray in order to listen to ourselves praying but in order that God may hear us and answer us. Also, we do not pray in order to receive just any answer: it must be God's answer." - Thomas Merton

"Prayer is action. By it we step out in advance of all other results . . . Praying is an activity upon which all others depend. By prayer we establish a beachhead for the kingdom among peoples where it has never been before. Prayer strikes the winning blow. All other missionary efforts simply gather up the fruits of our praying." - David Bryant

"Non-praying is lawlessness, discord, anarchy." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"She died praying that she might die." - Mary Chesnut

"The secret of praying is praying in secret. A sinning man will stop praying, and a praying man will stop sinning." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Helping hands are better than Praying Lips" - Mother Teresa

"Theory is good for the intellect, but action is good for the soul. It's also good for your mental health, your physical health, and your pocketbook." - Robert Ringer

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish." - Benjamin Disraeli

"If I were running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory not only for [Barack] Obama but also for the Democrats." - John Howard

"If you don't pray often, you won't gain a love for praying. Prayer is work, and therefore it is not very appealing to our natural sensibilities. But the simple rule for prayer is this: Begin praying and your taste for prayer will increase. The more you pray, the more you will acquire the desire for prayer, the energy for prayer, and the sense of purpose in prayer." - Leslie Ludy

"Travelling is good for your health and necessary for your amusement." - Thomas Jefferson

"The poorest man would not part with health for money, but the richest would gladly part with all their money for health." - Charles Caleb Colton

"When a man has found the Lord, he no longer has to use words when he is praying, for the Spirit Himself will intercede for him with groans that cannot be uttered." - John Climacus

"Although God certainly knows all our needs, praying for them changes our attitude from complaint to praise and enables us to participate in God's personal plan for our lives." - Ray Stedman

"If you're praying, you're not worrying, and if you're worrying, you're not praying!" - Ruffin McNeill

"When a believer has crossed into the domain of the spiritual he daily ought to maintain a combat attitude in his spirit, praying therewith for the overthrow of all the works of Satan done through the evil powers." - Watchman Nee

"When a Christian shuns fellowship with other Christians, the devil smiles, When he stops studying the Bible, the devil laughs. When he stops praying, the devils shouts for joy." - Corrie Ten Boom

"The possibilities of prayer are found in its allying itself with the purposes of God, for God's purposes and man's praying are the combination of all potent and omnipotent forces." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"Praying gives sense, brings wisdom, and broadens and strengthens the mind. The prayer closet is a perfect schoolteacher and schoolhouse for the preacher. Thought is not only brightened and clarified in prayer, but thought is born in prayer." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"Those of us who follow Jesus Christ must seriously commit to praying for our leaders, never forgetting that even our greatest heroes are flawed individuals who need Jesus Christ, just like the rest of us." - Jonathan Falwell

"Picture me inside the misery of poverty, no man alive has ever witnessed struggles ive survived, praying hard for better days promised to hold on me and my dogs aint have a choice but to hold on." - Tupac Shakur

"All our life is like a day of celebration for us; we are convinced, in fact, that God is always everywhere. We work while singing, we sail while reciting hymns, we accomplish all other occupations of life while praying." - Clement of Alexandria

"Any church may have a mighty man of God for its pastor, if it is willing to pay the price, and that price is not a big salary, but great praying." - R. A. Torrey

"And so I urge you: carry on an ongoing conversation with God about the daily stuff of life, a little like Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. For now, do not worry about "proper" praying, just talk to God." - Richard J. Foster

"Homer was wrong in saying, "Would that strife might pass away from among gods and men!" He did not see that he was praying for the destruction of the universe." - D H Lawrence

"Prayer is the greatest power God has put into our hands for service - praying is harder than doing, at least I find it so, but the dynamic lies that way to advance the Kingdom." - Mary Slessor

"Meanwhile, some people are dying of sad laughter at the absurdity of man, who kills so easily and so violently, and once a year sends out cards praying for "Peace on Earth."" - David C. Coates

"Audacious faith is not passive. Neither is audacious prayer. Every aspiration you have in prayer needs an accompanying action. Otherwise you're not really praying. You're just pontificating. You do the natural. Trust God for the super." - Steven Furtick

"The great Howard was so fully engaged in works of active benevolence, that, unlike Baxter, whose knees were calcined by prayer, he left himself but little time to pray. Thousands were praying for him." - Charles Caleb Colton

"Health care for everybody, by making it illegal not to have health care. It's so simple, why didn't we think of this before?" - Tim Slagle

"The first draught serveth for health, the second for pleasure, the third for shame, the fourth for madness." - Walter Raleigh

"Mental health: having enough safe places in your mind for your thoughts to settle." - Alain De Botton

"2,074 pages isn't nearly enough to cover health care for America." - Dennis Kucinich

"Health and fitness are totally a choice for a better quality of life." - Chris Powell

"Health is not a commodity to be bargained for. It has to be earned through sweat." - B.K.S. Iyengar

"The quest for meaning is the key to mental health and human flourishing" - Viktor E Frankl

"For the great benefits of our being- our life, health, and reason-we look upon ourselves." - Seneca the Elder

"Militarism is in direct competition with people's needs for food, health care, and environmental protection." - Petra Kelly

"Gratitude is the great multiplier, so say thank you for your health every single day." - Rhonda Byrne

"It is probable that the lemon is the most valuable of all fruit for preserving health." - Maud Grieve

"Respecting and honoring the pigness of the pig is a foundation for societal health." - Joel Salatin

"We don't come here for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves." - Prince Philip

"Chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort." - Kelly McGonigal

"[The Democrats'] vision for the future: socialized medicine and Washington-run health care." - Pete Sessions

"A little rebellion now and then... is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government." - Thomas Jefferson

"Ben's tongue is like sunscreen...It's good for your health and should be applied liberally." - John Green

"Health: thank the universe for your own healing. Laugh, stress free happiness will keep you healthy." - Rhonda Byrne

"Dame Nature gave him comeliness and health, And Fortune (for a passport) gave him wealth." - Walter Harte

"I'm doing boy detox. Like a diet, only for my emotional health." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"I write at high speed because boredom is bad for my health." - Noel Coward

"I don't believe in school prayer. I think it's total nonsense...who is the teacher there that is going to have them pray? And is the teacher going to be Catholic or Mormon or Episcopalian or what? It just causes all sorts of problems. And what are the kids praying about anyway? Does it really matter, does praying in school...what are you doing it for? The whole thing just opens up all sorts of elements of discussion. I think it's crazy." - Charles M Schulz

"None but praying leaders can have praying followers. A praying pulpit will beget praying pews. We do greatly need pastors and evangelists who will set the saints to this business of praying. We are not a generation of praying saints. Who will restore this breach? The greatest will he be of reformers who can set the Church to praying." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"I'm praying for a misdemeanor" - Bobby Bowden

"I'm praying for a misdemeanor" - Bobby Bowden

"If the wicked flourish and thou suffer, be not discouraged. They are fatted for destruction; thou art dieted for health." - Thomas Fuller

"Straight praying is never born of crooked conduct." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"A Christian who isn't praying, is only playing!" - Leonard Ravenhill

"Keep praying, even if you have only a whisper left." - Yasmin Mogahed

"Beware of the guy praying loudest in the amen corner." - Harry S Truman

"The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary." - Saint Francis De Sales

"This is heaven. You can stop praying now." - Jhonen Vasquez

"...An honest conversation with anyone is a form of praying." - Kate Jacobs

"No one has failed who keeps trying and keeps praying." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"We can learn more in an hour praying, when praying indeed, than from many hours of rigorous study." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"Thou canst not pray to God without praying to Love, but mayest pray to Love without praying to God." - Richard B. Garnett

"If we do not feel like praying, then we should pray until we do feel like praying." - Ezra Taft Benson

"If I were as good at praying as I am at not praying I'd be really holy." - Mark Hart

"The character of our praying will determine the character of our preaching. Light praying makes light preaching." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"The reduction in a number of pregnancies is - compensates for the cost of contraception. ... Providing contraception as a critical preventive health benefit for women and for their children reduces health care." - Kathleen Sebelius

"There is no health without mental health." - David Satcher

"Our Bodies, Ourselves is the bible for women's health-It has served as a way for women, across ethnic, racial, religious, and geographical boundaries, to start examining their health from a perspective that will bring about change." - Byllye Avery

"Health and disease are the same thing-vital action intended to preserve, maintain, and protect the body. There is no more reason for treating disease than there is for treating health." - Herbert M. Shelton

"All your restlessness is out of your desire for stillness Just desire restlessly, then, love will fill and still you. All your unhealthiness is out of your desire for health, Just abandon health, then, even poison will heal you..." - Rumi

"Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to a good conscience; for health is the second blessing that money cannot buy; therefore value it, and be thankful for it." - Izaak Walton

"Doesn't anything socialistic make you want to throw up? Like great public schools, or health insurance for all?" - Kurt Vonnegut

"Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth. The worst!" - T Harv Eker

"Wth subtly developed body awareness, it is possible for the individual to become the conscious orchestrator of health." - Jean Houston

"The health and vigor necessary for the practice of what is good, depend equally on both mind and body." - Diogenes

"Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well. Why, nature is but another name for health." - Henry David Thoreau

"If Africa seeks prosperity, it must provide for the health and nutrition of all - including the poorest." - Bill Gates

"I give a portion of my time to helping others. It is good for my own health." - Louise Hay

"The secret of health for both mind and body the present moment wisely and earnestly." - Gautama Buddha

"The outpouring of support from health professionals who want to volunteer for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts has been tremendous," - Calvin Johnson

"Doing good to others is not a duty. It is a joy, for it increases your own health and happiness." - Zoroaster

"Indulge yourself in pleasures only in so far as they are necessary for the preservation of health." - Baruch Spinoza

"If we have no heretics we must invent them, for heresy is essential to health and growth." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

"Real love is love for love's sake. I do not ask health or money or life or salvation." - Swami Vivekananda

"This craving for health, wealth, long life, and the like - the so - called good - is nothing but an illusion." - Swami Vivekananda

"The more you worry, the more you throw off the delicate balance of hormones required for health." - Andrew Bernstein

"I've spent too many years at war with myself, the doctor has told me it's not good for my health." - Sting

"I used to work at a health food store. I got fired for drinking straight Bosco on the job." - Steven Wright

"Giving a veteran a flag is not a substitute for giving our vets the quality health care they were promised" - Dick Durbin

"Every Christian would agree that a man's spiritual health is exactly proportional to his love for God." - C S Lewis

"Doing good to others is not a duty, it is a joy, for it increases our own health and happiness." - Zoroaster

"In passing around the holy aged house (Kaa'bah), and crossing the Safa and Marwa lanes, in prayer inside the Ka'bah, in bowing and prostration, Kuwait was a prayer throbbed in my heart and uttered by my tongue.. Praying for God to protect us from the evils of ourselves and our bad deeds, Praying for God to keep blessing the people of Kuwait with the grace of unity, not to be torn by a difference, and the grace of love not to be destroyed by disputes, and the grace of progress not to be hampered by prejudices." - Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

"[C]entralized, health dictatorship." - Newt Gingrich

"Health requires healthy food." - Roger Williams

"Health makes good propaganda." - Naomi Wolf

"A man must not stop listening any more than praying when he rises from his knees. No one questions the need of times of formal address to God, but few admit in any practical way the need of quiet waiting upon God, gazing into His face, feeling for His hand, listening for His voice." - Charles Brent

"We should pray when we are in a praying mood, for it would be sinful to neglect so fair an opportunity. We should pray when we are not in a proper mood, for it would be dangerous to remain in so unhealthy a condition." - Charles Spurgeon

"Hate no one, no matter how much they've wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life is. Give much, even if you've been given little. Keep in touch with the ones who have forgotten you, and forgive who has wronged you, and do not stop praying for the best for those you love." - Ali Ibn Abi Talib

"'For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them' (Mt. 18:20). I reverence even two or three praying together, for in accordance with the Lord's promise He Himself is in the midst of them." - John of Kronstadt

"As they climbed into their saddles, Myron bowed his head and muttered a soft prayer. "There," Hadrian told Royce, "we've got Maribor on our side. Now you can relax." "Actually," Myron said sheepishly, "I was praying for the horses. But I will pray for you as well," he added hastily." - Michael J. Sullivan



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