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Praying Couple Quotes


"Couple stares, couple texts, couple dates. Couple 'I think that we're ready's couple 'I think we should wait's" - Drake

"After the first couple of years recording I did a lot of praying. I said, 'Lord, please give me a hit.' I want one so bad." - George Jones

"After the first couple of years recording, I did a lot of praying. I said, 'Lord, please give me a hit.' I want one so bad." - George Jones

"Praying is sending an SOS to the heavenly unknown." - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Thou canst not pray to God without praying to Love, but mayest pray to Love without praying to God." - Richard B. Garnett

"You have work at being a couple." - Vanessa Paradis

"He prays best who does not know that he is praying." - Anthony of Padua

"I gave up on cussing - I'd run out of words filthy enough - and just started praying." - Sarah Monette

"When man is with God in awe and love, then he is praying." - Karl Rahner

"The biggest enemy to prayer is praying for something you already have." - Bill Johnson

"Praying for the end of time, so I can end my time with you." - Meat Loaf

"The only way you can fail is if you stop praying" - Mark Batterson

"Stop praying. Start thinking." - Marilyn Manson

"I danced out my pain...It felt like praying, like flying." - Christie Watson

"When you're worrying you're not praying. Stop worrying start praying." - LeCrae

"We should not be afraid, when praying to God, to give expression to a definite desire, even though we are in doubt at the time we are praying whether it is really the right thing to pray for or not." - Ole Hallesby

"A sinning man stops praying; a praying man stops sinning." - Leonard Ravenhill

"The secret of praying is praying in secret." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Praying men stop sinning and sinning men stop praying." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Out-of-balance praying leads to no praying at all!" - Bill Hybels

"Every couple has ups and downs, every couple argues, and that's the thing-you're a couple, and couples ca' function without trust." - Nicholas Sparks

"I'm praying for a misdemeanor" - Bobby Bowden

"I am also praying for you, my beloved partner. God has a miracle breakthrough for your life." - Mike Evans

"I'm praying for a misdemeanor" - Bobby Bowden

"Abiding fully means praying much." - Andy Murray

"No praying, it spoils business." - Thomas Otway

"So lets knock a couple back and make some noise" - Oscar Wilde

"Monogamy, monotony. There's only a couple of letters..." - Richard Linklater

"For desert, maybe we can split a couple of crumbs." - Nicholas Sparks

"A couple hundred people around, and I'm shaking." - Pete Sampras

"Jay Sebring cut my hair a couple of times." - Truman Capote

"I've sung background for a couple of bands." - Randy Jackson

"I've had a couple of pinch-me moments." - Emily Vancamp

"He's a couple sandwiches short of a picnic." - Lance Bass

"Yes, I've already done a couple of guest voices." - Gary Cole

"I've been married a couple of times and survived!" - Pamela Anderson

"I love being one half of a romantic couple." - Julianna Margulies

"Before trying a novel I wrote a couple of plays." - James Merrill

"My mum and my dad are the sweetest couple." - Rita Ora

"I haven't physically attacked anyone in a couple of years." - John Malkovich

"One day I would love to have a couple children." - Jenna Bush

"I've worked with Robert Altman a couple of times too." - Matthew Modine

"If I move one way, I lose a couple votes. If I move another way, I lose a couple votes." - Charles Grassley

"Both sides have scored a couple of goals, and both sides have conceded a couple of goals." - Peter Withe

"The separation of a childless couple is dramatic, but the separation of a couple with children is always tragic." - Louis Garrel

"Every couple of years - no, that's every couple of weeks - I think I'm going to give up acting." - Aidan Gillen

"If I move one way, I lose a couple votes. If I move another way, I lose a couple votes." - Chuck Grassley

"If there is a substantial difference between a gay couple and a childless heterosexual couple, I'm unable to see it." - Daniel Keys Moran

"Instead of waiting until crisis problems develop which result in panic praying for others, we need to trust God to protect them as we pray Spirit-led, thoughtful, caring prayers before the problems overwhelm them, and they are unable to cope. We need to engage in major battles, not just minor skirmishes, moving from surface praying to in-depth praying. We need to pray both defensively and offensively." - Bruce Willis

"Just because they say they're praying for you in your face, doesn't mean they aren't laughing at your struggle behind your back." - Trent Shelton

"Non-praying is lawlessness, discord, anarchy." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"My praying friend, continue to make known your desires to God in all things. ... Let Him decide whether you are to receive what you ask for or not." - Ole Hallesby

"She died praying that she might die." - Mary Chesnut

"The secret of praying is praying in secret. A sinning man will stop praying, and a praying man will stop sinning." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Helping hands are better than Praying Lips" - Mother Teresa

"I am still praying for revolution." - Ani Difranco

"Seek by reading and you will find by meditating. Knock by praying, and it will be opened to you in contemplation." - John of the Cross

"I got my own way of praying." - Tom Petty

"Praying Christians know nothing of their friends" - Leonard Ravenhill

"The key to prayer is simply praying." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"When you are weary of praying, and do not receive, consider how often you have heard a poor man calling, and have not listened to him." - Saint John Chrysostom

"We must not pull away from our children. We must keep trying, keep reaching, keep praying, keep listening. We must keep them within the clasp of our arms." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"Happiness is a way of praying." - Jose Bernardo

"Praying solves the problems of prayer." - Samuel Chadwick

"Why is it when we talk to God we're said to be praying - but when God talks to us, we're said to be schizophrenic?" - Jane Wagner

"She died praying that she might die." - Mary Boykin Chesnut

"I don't believe in praying to win." - John Wooden

"Praying doesn't mean repeating a prayer." - Juanes

"The Indian race are waiting and praying." - Chief Joseph

"He didn't mind if she hated him. They were never going to be a cute romantic couple like Sam and Astrid. Clean-cut, righteous, all that. The perfect couple. He and Diana were the imperfect couple." - Michael Grant

"To see a young couple loving each other is no wonder; but to see an old couple loving each other is the best sight of all." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"A couple drinks. A couple aspirin. Repeat." - Chuck Palahniuk

"A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences." - Dave Meurer

"I have to have energy because I have a lot of expenses. A couple of cars, couple of dogs and a big estate." - Don Rickles

"If you're praying, you're not worrying, and if you're worrying, you're not praying!" - Ruffin McNeill

"Satan tries to limit your praying because he knows your praying will limit him." - Rick Warren

"Praying for freedom never did me any good til I started praying with my feet." - Frederick Douglass

"The key is to practice praying - and to practice praying regularly, privately, sincerely and specifically." - Bill Hybels

"God is going to supply a million dollars, somebody is praying right now, right this second, you're praying for a million dollars and God said, "I have heard your prayer, I know your need, and I'm going to supply the need that you requested," it's done, in Jesus' name." - Pat Robertson

"Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground." - Henry David Thoreau

"Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it." - Terry Pratchett

"This is a couple that actually loves, respects & appreciates each other." - Tracee Ellis Ross

"Our virtues and vices couple with one another, and get children that resemble both their parents." - Sir George Savile, 8th Baronet

"I want whoever has the title in a couple of months." - Carlos Condit

"I tried self-sacrifice a couple of times in my youth." - Mason Cooley

"and then I decided I was a lemon for a couple of weeks." - Douglas Adams

"If you want a thing done well, get a couple of old broads to do it." - Bette Davis

"Several years before birth, advertise for a couple of parents belonging to long-lived families." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Give me a dozen such heartbreaks, if that would help me lose a couple of pounds." - Colette

"Saint Valentine is past. Begin these woodbirds but to couple now?" - William Shakespeare

"A deaf husband and a blind wife are always a happy couple." - John Florio

"Its easier to feel a little more spiritual with a couple of bucks in your pocket." - Craig Ferguson

"Perfect good sense shuns all extremity, content to couple wisdom with sobriety." - Moliere

"Only a couple of times have I ever been to church and felt enlightened by it" - Lynn Johnston

"[On husband Gavin Rossdale:] We're a perfect couple. He cooks, and I eat." - Gwen Stefani

"I give NFL quarterbacks a lot of leeway for a couple of years," - Steve Young

"I could be a housewife... I guess I've vacuumed a couple of times." - Debbie Harry

"I have a couple of guys to do my laundry. Just because I'm lazy and rich." - Kid Rock

"You don't have to shoot the film in the first couple days of principal photography." - Seamus McGarvey

"I could be a housewife... I guess I"ve vacuumed a couple of times." - Debbie Harry

"The greater the trust within the couple, the greater the opening to share in love." - John Friend

"I ran away for a couple years just to prove I've hever been free." - Aaron Bruno

"I'm lucky a couple of filmmakers have seen beyond what you're saying." - Sarah Silverman

"I've been in a couple with different races like Latino, white, Middle Eastern." - Sanaa Lathan

"I think one of the sexiest things a couple can share is laughing." - Catherine O'Hara

"I would like to leave you with a couple of thoughts:" - Yanni

"Sister to sister we will always be, A couple of nuts off the family tree." - Anonymous

"I always give my grandkids a couple of quarters when they go home. It's a bargain." - Gene Perret

"A couple of years later I would marry her for a little while." - Michael Chabon

"I get a couple cups of coffee into me and weird things just start to happen." - Gary Larson

"I like that in my audiences, there's a lesbian couple sitting next to a Mormon family." - Jim Gaffigan

"Do you spend a couple of hours every day in your studio?" - Kay WalkingStick

"The big steel wheels creaked a couple times, then started moving." - Christopher Paul Curtis

"I tested for a couple of pilots, but they said I was too tall." - Adam Baldwin

"Graduate school is a place to hide for a couple of years." - Michael Eisner

"I play keyboards and sing. I've written a couple of songs too." - Corey Haim

"I always need a couple of highlights to really spark the passion for a project." - Lasse Hallstrom

"I actually was the accompanist for a couple of the musicals I was in growing up." - Kirsten Nelson

"Did you sleep well?" "No, I made a couple of mistakes." - Steven Wright

"I look back, and I've got a couple of films, and I'm happy." - Jeanmarc Vallee

"I never drank except a couple sips of wine at Thanksgiving." - Carol Alt

"A couple of years ago I ran in the LA Marathon." - Joan Van Ark

"There were a couple of years where I was skating and acting at the same time." - Julie Benz

"I eat five to seven meals a day and a couple of protein shakes." - Casper Van Dien

"You can enjoy stargazing just by going out and learning a couple constellations with your kids." - Timothy Ferriss

"Just losing a couple pounds takes so much stress off your joints. Your body feels better." - Larry Fitzgerald

"You spend a couple million dollars running for Congress, people get tired of seeing your face." - Louie Gohmert

"I could be a housewife... I guess I've vacuumed a couple of times." - Debbie Harry

"The past couple years training with Kurt have really brought inspiration into my skating." - Kristi Yamaguchi

"I spent a couple of years doing American films. I did a few." - Donnie Yen

"Those two are a fastidious couple. She's fast and he's hideous." - Henny Youngman

"Every couple of years, we could dispatch people from Earth to Mars." - Buzz Aldrin

"For there to be communication within a couple, it is enough for there to be only one person who communicates or who really wants to communicate. Even though a couple consists of two people, if one of the people in a couple puts all their effort into moving a couple along they will move along." - Pedro Almodovar

"The Shades never recorded anything, Little Daddy and the Bachelors recorded a couple of records, ya." - Tommy Chong

"In the last couple of years, fashion's gotten a lot safer. People are really pulling back." - Steven Cojocaru

"Keeping a guy in prison costs 50,000 bucks a year. Executing one costs a couple million." - John Grisham

"If you start throwing hedgehogs under me, I shall throw a couple of porcupines under you." - Nikita Khrushchev

"I will write a couple of books and become a millionaire." - Stieg Larsson

"There are seldom more than a couple of students in any workshop who seem natural writers." - James Lasdun

"I worked offshore as an oil worker for a couple of years." - Richard Linklater

"I think when a couple stays together, it's because of compromises they've both made." - Alice Lowe

"I was a barefoot earth child for a couple of years." - Isabel Lucas

"A couple of flop plays, a death in the family, and it could all collapse." - Patrick Marber

"God forbid we keep a couple secrets in this day and age!" - Joey Mcintyre

"A couple of people thought I looked familiar, but it was like, No." - Pras Michel

"I generally travel with my laptop, a couple of great books, and my iPod." - Orlando Bloom

"I've been in jail a couple times. I've been caught shoplifting." - Diplo

"I'd say a good couple of my closest male friends are directors." - Imogen Poots

"I have tried therapy a couple of times, but it hasn't worked." - Gail Porter

"You do a show to be a hit and hopefully run a couple of years." - Harold Prince



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