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Peer Recognition Quotes


"The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself." - Helen Schucman

"Don't work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Recognition of function always precedes recognition of being." - Rita Mae Brown

"Women tend to have recognition and peer group support - recognition from friends and family that this has to be a big issue in their lives. They're more comfortable expressing the need for support and receiving it." - James Levine

"I am not a reluctant peer but a persistent commoner" - Tony Benn

"Pride the first peer and president of hell." - Daniel Defoe

"Recognition is the greatest motivator." - Gerard C. Eakedale

"Profound changes to how children access vast information is yielding new forms of peer-to-peer and individual-guided learning." - Sugata Mitra

"There was a great deal of peer recognition to be gained in elementary school by being able to draw well. One girl could draw horses so well, she was looked upon as a kind of sorceress." - Chris Van Allsburg

"Love is the recognition of beauty." - John Welwood

"Power is the recognition of necessity." - Abraham Rotstein

"Freedom is the recognition of contingency." - Richard Rorty

"Freedom is the recognition of necessity." - Friedrich Engels

"Jenny, she's aw weet, peer body, Jenny's like to cry; For she hes weet her petticoats In gangin' thro' the rye, Peer body." - Susanna Blamire

"What kind of recognition do I deserve? I don't deserve any recognition." - Vincent Donofrio

"For Lycidas is dead, dead ere his prime, Young Lycidas, and hath not left his peer." - John Milton

"Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behavior, and they are classic excuses." - Andrew Lansley

"But he whom reason, not anger, animates is a peer of the gods." - Claudian

"The best prophets lead you up to the curtain and let you peer through for yourself." - Frank Herbert

"I look at the world and peer into products and think, 'What's wrong with these products?'" - Tony Fadell

"I consider that my best performance ever was as Peer Gynt." - Leo Mckern

"In the recognition of loving lies the answer to despair." - Audre Lorde

"Recognition is one of the three big elements of comedy." - Bill Maher

"The first step towards amendment is the recognition of error." - Seneca the Younger

"Television is the quickest form of recognition in the world." - Lucille Ball

"The best laughs are on the recognition of truth." - Keith Johnstone

"Prayer is a recognition of the greatness of our God." - Timothy Keller

"The only thing that happens overnight is recognition. Not talent." - Carol Haney

"The results were clear: the new environment inhibited recognition." - Elizabeth Loftus

"The first step towards amendment is the recognition of error." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Respect, recognition, and reward flow out of performance." - N. R. Narayana Murthy

"Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all." - Marianne Williamson

"The recognition of sin is the beginning of salvation" - Martin Luther

"Admiration, n. Our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves." - Ambrose Bierce

"Graffiti is a pathetic attempt at anonymous recognition." - Randall Dale Adams

"Most painters want recognition, especially by their peers." - Bob Ross

"Man shall find his anchorage in self-recognition." - Louis Sullivan

"Nobody has ever built a reliable peer-to-peer service, where people can really access all the music they want in one location,... Once I got it into my head, I couldn't imagine the media space without one." - Shawn Fanning

"I am a believer in the adage - performance leads to recognition, recognition leads to respect and respect leads to power." - N. R. Narayana Murthy

"Blame it on Peer Pressure." - John Marsden

"Hermits have no peer pressure." - Steven Wright

"That kind of peer learning, that peer teaching, that peer evaluation, and then administration of insight." - Michael Eric Dyson

"Of all my prosecutorsnot one is my peer, but each and all are my political sovereigns; and had your honor submitted my case to the jury, as was clearly your duty, then I should have had just cause of protest, for not one of those men was my peer; but, native or foreign born, white or black, rich or poor, educated or ignorant, sober or drunk, each and every man of them was my political superior; hence, in no sense, my peer." - Susan B Anthony

"Christian Science ... is the direct denial both of science and of Christianity, for Science rests wholly on the recognition of truth and Christianity on the recognition of pain." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"I have to say, taking photographs is such an instantaneous act. The recognition and the acting on the recognition, depending on your equipment, is close to instantaneous." - Joel Meyerowitz

"Integrity is the recognition of the fact that you cannot fake your consciousness, just as honesty is the recognition of the fact that you cannot fake existence." - Ayn Rand

"In the perception of the incongruous stimuli, the recognition process is temporarily thwarted and exhibits characteristics which are generally not observable in the recognition of more conventional stimuli." - Jerome Bruner

"And I will pu' the pink, the emblem o' my dear, For she's the pink o' womankind, and blooms without a peer." - Robert Burns

"If you are building a culture where honest expectations are communicated and peer accountability is the norm, then the group will address poor performance and attitudes." - Henry Cloud

"I definitely think some of my older female peer group are deeply beautiful women. They have this thing that radiates from them." - Julia Roberts

"Peer pressure is just that: pressure." - Jerry Spinelli

"Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence." - Gary Zukav

"There are many ways to the recognition of truth, and Burgundy is one of them." - Isak Dinesen

"To stimulate creativity one must develop childlike inclination for play and the childlike desire for recognition." - Albert Einstein

"Abundance is not a number or acquisition. It is the simple recognition of enoughness." - Alan Cohen

"The very first step toward giving to others is grateful recognition of our own assets." - Nancy Brinker

"Zen is based on the recognition of two incompatible types of thought: rational and intuitive." - Tom Hoover

"Religion is the recognition that all things are manifestations of a Power which transcends our knowledge." - Herbert Spencer

"Plain spoken people get most of the recognition because folks are afraid of them." - Kin Hubbard

"Both of us were quiet with the recognition that something was ending, and something was beginning." - Lisa Kleypas

"The ego needs recognition. The spirit does not need to thank itself." - Stuart Wilde

"When information overload occurs, pattern recognition is how to determine truth." - Marshall Mcluhan

"If we pick recognition over influence we'll be known for all the wrong stuff." - Bob Goff

"Recognition of one's fellows is distorted when money is prioritized as value itself." - Vanna Bonta

"The two best predictors of early reading success are alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness." - Marilyn Jager Adams

"The intuitive recognition of the instant, thus reality is the highest act of wisdom." - D.T. Suzuki

"PR is performance recognition" - Douglas Smith

"Clem (Clementa Pinckney) understood that justice grows out of recognition of ourselves, in each other." - Barack Obama

"I don't need the recognition and I did not expect it." - Terrell Owens

"We should care, not so much about being recognized, as about being worth recognition." - Maltbie Davenport Babcock

"Recognition of the genocide is a triumph of human conscience and justice over intolerance and hatred." - Serzh Sargsyan

"No one is exempt from the rule that learning occurs through recognition of error." - Alexander Lowen

"Love can change us beyond recognition, we become love-sick, soft-eyed jelly-bellied fools." - Cecelia Ahern

"In the recognition of beauty, the eye takes the most delight in color." - Joseph Addison

"Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat." - Paul J Meyer

"My style is basically trend following, with some special pattern recognition and money management algorithms." - Ed Seykota

"It's so ironic. When you finally achieve recognition, you hide behind dark glasses." - Madhuri Dixit

"I am a lesbian, and it was a later in life recognition of that fact." - Meredith Baxter

"True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition." - Frederick Herzberg

"Perfect discipline requires recognition of infallibility. Infallibility requires the observance of discipline." - George F Kennan

"The greatest reward lies in making the discovery; recognition can add little or nothing to that." - Franz Ernst Neumann

"Nothing adds such dignity to character as the recognition of one's self- sovereignty." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

" recognition of his work on vascular suture and the transplantation of blood-vessels and organs." - Alexis Carrel

"I have many unrecognized talents, but my faults have somehow succeeded in securing wide recognition." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"History is like self-reflection through the medium of language propelling itself into self-recognition." - Terence Mckenna

"I love any kind of recognition because as an actor I'm very hard on myself sometimes." - Michael Welch

"Recognition of the Supreme Being was the first - the most basic - expression of Americanism." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"One arrives at a recognition that one needs to be distracted." - Shirley Geok-lin Lim

"I do think the reality is, there is a general recognition of what I've accomplished." - Hugh Hefner

"Everyone has a different route to success, recognition, and peace. Don't be afraid to move instinctually." - Aeriel Miranda

"A definite forgiveness would mean a definite recognition of our strength." - Mahatma Gandhi

"You earn the right to expect recognition by giving it! It's that simple" - Eric Harvey

"Leaders don't look for recognition from others, leaders look for others to recognize." - Simon Sinek

"The beginning of philosophy is the recognition of the conflict between opinions." - Epictetus

"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition." - Abraham Lincoln

"Ever since I started to get recognition I've picked out certain fans and reverse-stalked them." - Jim Carrey

"There are two things people want more than sex and money... recognition and praise." - Mary Kay Ash

"Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one's own past failings." - Cary Grant

"I suppose the shock of recognition is one of the nastiest shocks of all." - Donna Tartt

"The queen of virtues is the recognition of one's own flaws." - Jack Mcdevitt

"It's so ironic - when you finally achieve recognition, you hide behind dark glasses." - Madhuri Dixit

"Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent." - Phil Donahue

"I think it takes people to get to know you and the recognition comes over time." - Steffi Graf

"Capital punishment is our society's recognition of the sanctity of human life." - Orrin Hatch

"Knowledge is recognition of something absent; it is a salutation, not an embrace." - George Santayana

"I'm in a great position now where I've got recognition. I'm not recognized too much." - Kyle Chandler

"I get a lot of recognition for my voice. That always surprises me." - Moira Kelly

"To have the recognition of your colleagues is great. The public attention is a mixed blessing." - Joshua Lederberg

"Recognition of belligerency as an expression of sympathy is all very well." - Henry Cabot Lodge

"Growing up in Vermont, no matter what I did, I didn't get much recognition." - Keegan Bradley

"The Rockies and Diamondbacks are both very exciting teams who are fighting for recognition." - Curtis Granderson

"... men want recognition of their work, to help them believe in themselves." - Dorothy Richardson

"Any good practical philosophy must start out with the recognition of our having a body." - Lin Yutang

"Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom." - Theodore Isaac Rubin

"We are moving toward recognition of the first Australians in the Australian constitution." - Kevin Rudd

"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition." - Alexander Smith

"But there is only one surefire method of proper pattern recognition, and that is science." - Michael Shermer

"Religion is the recognition of all our duties as divine commands." - Immanuel Kant

"You need characters who want things. They want love, they want recognition, they want happiness." - Candace Bushnell

"You can have your titular recognition. I'll take money and power." - Helen Gurley Brown

"To offset a depersonalized society, consumers crave recognition of their individuality." - Faith Popcorn

"I have a very low level of recognition, which is fine by me." - Dylan Moran

"Love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality." - Eckhart Tolle

"If you attack a mathematical problem directly, very often you come to a dead end, nothing you do seems to work and you feel that if only you could peer round the corner there might be an easy solution. There is nothing like having somebody else beside you, because he can usually peer round the corner." - Michael Atiyah

"Never give in to peer pressure, especially if the peer is not attractive." - Eugene Mirman

"If people are going to do post-publication peer review, they need to abide by the same rules as they abide by for pre-publication peer review: not being ad hominem, being respectful, giving the author a chance to respond in a reasonable way." - Susan Fiske

"People just don't realize how much peer pressure, the desire for peer acclamation, influences them." - Frederica Mathewesgreen

"Veganism is the application of the principle of abolition in your own life; it represents your recognition that animals are not things. Veganism is the recognition of the moral personhood of nonhuman animals." - Gary L Francione

"But the problem remains two fold: the need for recognition that low thyroid function very often can provoke menstrual problems, and the need for recognition, too, that hypothyroidism may be present despite laboratory tests suggesting it is not." - Broda Otto Barnes

"When the people of the world all know beauty as beauty, There arises the recognition of ugliness. When they all know the good as good, There arises the recognition of evil." - Laozi

"Booze, pot, too much sex, failure in one's private life, too much attrition, too much recognition, too little recognition. Nearly everything in the scheme of things works to dull a first-rate talent. But the worst probably is cowardice." - Norman Mailer

"In our opposed forms of loneliness and self-recognition and recognition of the other, we touched each other often as we spoke; and on shore in explorations of the past, we strolled with our arms linked..." - Harold Brodkey

"I've been very lucky. There are guys I know who are really terrific in this business of stand-up who have not gotten the recognition they deserve. And it's nice, if you've put in the time, to achieve that recognition." - Lewis Black

"I'm very, very happy with my recognition/lack of recognition in England in terms of my life. In terms of household name-age. The public's memory is very short, luckily." - Rufus Sewell

"The whole path of American music has been so much about the recognition of stylistic diversity, and the recognition of the importance of music which was from one of the vernacular traditions." - Michael Tilson Thomas

"There's one advantage to being 102. There's no peer pressure." - Dennis Wolfberg

"Is there a parson much bemused in beer, a maudlin poetess, a rhyming peer, a clerk foredoom'd his father's soul to cross, who pens a stanza when he should engross?" - Alexander Pope

"Pride, the first peer and president of Hell." - Daniel Defoe

"You're important," Nicholas interrupted quietly catching her face and turning her to peer at him. "You're the most important thing in the world to me Jo. I love you. Let me have this moment." - Lynsay Sands

"If facts, logic, and scientific procedures are all just arbitrarily "socially constructed" notions, then all that is left is consensus-more specifically peer consensus, the kind of consensus that matters to adolescents or to many among the intelligentsia." - Thomas Sowell

"In these unfiltered, un-moderated social media posts people are speculating about others' motivations. And you could no more put that in a peer review for a journal than you could fly." - Susan Fiske

"If you are doing a peer review of somebody's paper before publication, the editor would not allow you to speculate about the person's motives, about their place in the hierarchy. It's not scientifically relevant." - Susan Fiske

"Chaplin you got to go with. Chaplin is a man whose talents is such that you have to gamble. First off, comedy is his backyard. He's a genius, a cinematic genius. A comedic talent without peer." - Marlon Brando

"Oh many a peer of England brews Livelier liquor than the Muse, And malt does more than Milton can To justify God's ways to man. Ale, man, ale's the stuff to drink For fellows whom it hurts to think." - A E Housman

"She herself is a haunted house. She does not possess herself; her ancestors sometimes come and peer out of the windows of her eyes and that is very frightening. from "The Lady of the Haunted House" - Angela Carter

"I love science. I hate supposition, superstition, exaggeration and falsified data. Show me the research, show me the results, show me the conclusions - and then show me some qualified peer reviews of all that." - Claire Scovell Lazebnik

"A more important reason is that the bands will intuitively trust someone they think is a peer, and who speaks fondly of the same formative rock and roll experiences." - Steve Albini

"The humblest is the peer of the most powerful." - John Marshall Harlan

"Initially, it was about kids at the bottom rung of the social ladder, due to their looks and their class background. But they're also outsiders in terms of their peer group." - Jim Mckay

"Government research has to go through peer review." - Peter Diamandis



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